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Erik looks up at him for a few moments longer before clearing his throat, pulling himself together. “So.”

“So,” Charles echoes.

“Charles Xavier,” Erik says, keeping his voice low but holding Charles’ gaze steadily. Subconsciously, endearingly, Charles is biting his lower lip and more than once Erik has seen his thighs twitch, struggling not to squirm where he sits. “Would you like to go out on a date with me?”

Charles smiles, brighter and fuller than all the ones before, and his eyes have gone soft as he leans down in the chair, his hand on Erik’s cheek sliding up to run gently through his hair. “It is all I have ever wanted,” he admits warmly, a quiet confession against Erik’s lips before they kiss, mouths sliding together softly.

Erik leans up into the kiss as best as he can from where he’s still crouched, a novel experience as he’s usually the one leaning down. Charles has both hands in his hair now, scraping his scalp lightly with his nails as they kiss slowly, lips parted and tongues sliding together with wet warmth. Erik bites down gently on Charles’ lower lip before leaning up more, pouring all of himself into a second kiss that lasts a golden, blissful eternity because there’s no rush, no reason to hurry, not when they have all the time in the universe.

I’m sorry, he tries to convey as their noses brush gently, tracing the inside of Charles’ mouth in slow, steady circles with his tongue, I’m sorry I made you wait this long for me. I love you.

And he must get through, because Erik is sure he can feel Charles’ response in the way Charles kisses him back, fingers twisting gently in his hair and holding on tightly: I know.

turtletotem  asked:

Charles Xavier, millionnaire playboy, center of a Bachelor-type reality show where women compete for his affection (and money). Erik Lehnsherr, that invisible creature whose presence in a reality show is crucial, but whose existence can never be acknowledged: the cameraman.

small disclaimer: I’ve never watched The Bachelor or anything in my life haha


The camera pans up slowly. Carefully. Intimate detail is paid to pressed black slacks, fitting neatly over long legs and strong, solid thighs that taper up to a trim, fit waist. The dinner jacket is tailored flawlessly, silky material gleaming in the set lights and accenting broad but contained shoulders, highlighting a toned, compact body that would fit perfectly against—

“Lehnsherr,” the executive producer Sebastian Shaw hisses from somewhere behind him, “the viewers would like to see the girls sometime today.”

Erik holds in a sigh, even though none of the mics are near enough to pick up on any noise he might make. Still, he finishes his shot, panning all the way up to Charles Xavier’s face, which needs no help at all from the makeup department to be absolutely stunning, with bright blue eyes like sunlight dancing across water, and sinfully red lips, redder even than the tray of four perfect roses that he holds with both hands. Erik wishes they hadn’t dusted over the galaxy-splay of freckles on his cheeks and nose.

Charles glances over at him out of the corner of his eye, a brief flicker that the viewers at home probably won’t even notice, and winks at him.

Pretending not to notice either, Erik shifts the camera smoothly over to the line of four women who stand waiting for Charles’ decision, and wills himself not to care.

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writing tip: if you feel bad about your writing, imagine it's one of the only surviving pieces of literature and alien teenagers are forced to learn about it and professors worship it

“Please access your data chips and open unit 2349578.9. Today our lesson is on the homo sapiens of the planet Earth. Homo sapiens, or humans, were a violent, backwards race and have been extinct for 115 cycles, or ever since their Milky Way galaxy collided with the Andromeda galaxy.

"Not much is known about them as their entire planet was annihilated, but our researchers were able to preserve scraps of data from what they called the World Wide Web from remnants of their primitive satellites. The passage we will be reading today is the only complete work of human literature known in the universe, and from it we can glean many interesting habits about this ill-fortuned race. For example, in this work, we will read an extremely detailed account of a human male considered to be physically attractive being fucked in the ass by tentacles.”

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have you seen any articles about birds being able to 'see' earth's magnetic field because I'm just imagining Erik hovering around doing his dramatic stuff and a bunch of birds being drawn to him because he's messing with the field lines or whatever


Erik tries to do something Evil and Diabolical that involves a massive amount of his power and instead he ends up getting all tangled up in the magnetic field and seriously wrangles it 

so all birds. in the world. go on their yearly migrations.




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Cherik vampire au where Charles is the sweet vamp and Erik is a grumpy human

oh yeah: I took ‘grumpy human’ to only mean ‘not a vampire’


Erik takes one look at Charles Xavier, welcome to the building and how do you do, and slams the door shut in his face.

He knows a vampire when he sees one. They stand out to him, in his sixth sense of metal, because at any given point of time a vampire is bound to be far fuller of iron-rich blood than the normal, average human or mutant, so they’re sort of like torches to Erik amongst the general population. He’s been able to sense this one all day, pinging on his radar while he hauled up furniture and boxes of all his worldly possessions (five boxes in total, he’s never been very sentimental) so he’s actually been waiting for this all day.

And true to form, the vampire had knocked on his door as soon as the last sliver of the setting sun sank down below the horizon.

“It’s the jello, isn’t it?” the vampire calls amiably through the door as Erik walks away. “It’s too much. Well, I’ll let you get settled and try again later!”

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aseadeepspace  asked:

;__; Michael Fassbender as a paper boy gif set. Makes me think of an AU where Erik is a paper boy to raise money for his school/university while being a new immigrant family in America. But he notices the one boy at his college/uni who goes past him and hopes Charles doesn't recognize him from uni/coll. (so much cherik it hurts my heart)

(in reference to this gifset)

yes but of course Charles notices him, because Charles notices everybody, from the university president to the chemistry building night janitor, so of course he notices Erik, and how Erik doesn’t really seem to be fitting in anywhere or making any friends - half by choice and half by his residual awkwardness left over from childhood, because he was always the tall, quiet mama’s boy

but Charles notices him, and his brilliant brilliant mind that flares up like a bonfire amongst candles, and he thinks he’d like to get to know Erik better because he doesn’t care whether Erik is a paperboy or a CEO - there’s so much potential there, and he knows Erik will go on to do great things one day - but also because also oh no, he’s hot

aseadeepspace  asked:

So the funny thing is when they were younger Erik and Charles would have sex a lot and Charles is usually the one who initiates it or has to on a constant basis. However in their old age, Charles is really kinda tired and really lazy about it while Erik with all this free time now is a pervy old man towards Charles.

“Hey Charles. Charles. Charles. Hey Charles. Charles. Charles. Charles Charles Charles. Charles. Chaaaaarles. Charles Francis Xavier. Charles. Charlessssssss. Char–”

What, Erik? I’m busy.”

“I’d just like to point out that beautiful has a U in it.”

“Really, Erik? I’m trying to get some grading done.”

“But quickie has U and I together.”

(cue Erik waggling his bushy silver eyebrows at Charles suggestively while Charles stares at him flatly)

star-whores-the-force-awakens  asked:

If it's not too much trouble, I'd love an au where Erik is playing baseball with a few friends around the neighborhood when he hits a home run and the ball crashes through someone’s window, so he goes to apologize and meets a paralyzed or terminally ill Charles confined to his bed. And cue the friendship that turns into more than just a friendship while Erik helps Charles with things he can’t do because of said disability/sickness

I cannot write terminal illness because it hits a little too close to home for me, so thank you in advance for understanding~


It’s Erik’s fault. The bat Azazel dug out of his garage is metal, so when Erik takes a swing at the ball Seb has pitched to him, he adds a little strength to it with his powers, connecting to the baseball with a loud THWACK and sending it whistling through the air, far faster than he anticipated. It soars all the way across the street, going right over Janos’ head, and crashes through one of the windows of the big, old house that looms there with a shatter of glass.

Because his friends are all jerks, they scatter instantly, taking off running to hide behind Azazel’s house, Seb yelling over his shoulder, “You’d better get my ball back, Lehnsherr!” It would sound vaguely threatening, as a lot of things Seb says tend to do, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s currently hightailing it like a coward.

Either way, Erik is still left standing alone in the front yard, staring at the broken window across the street. The ball had arced down at the end of its flight, so the window is mercifully on the first floor out of an intimidating three, so technically Erik might be able to sneak in, grab the ball, and get out. For how fancy the house looks, he can’t hear any sort of alarm going off, and so far there isn’t anyone shouting, either, so maybe nobody’s home.

Sneaking in is probably his best bet, he decides, squaring his shoulders and marching off across the street. He can always leave an apologetic, anonymous note on the doorstep with no one the wiser that it’s his fault. Like his mother.

Erik shudders. Especially his mother.

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rozf  asked:

Charles and Erik are a geology professor and something else. They flirt badly.

*cracks knuckles*  in some places, they call me Pungea.


The rock grinder is Erik’s favorite piece of equipment in the lab, because while it is so damned loud that he can barely hear himself think, it is also so damned loud that he can’t hear anyone speak. This is, as far as he’s concerned, the best thing ever.

Other professors in the department prefer to foist off rock grinding to chipper undergrads who are eager as puppies to get into a lab and make themselves look good, especially if they’re hoping to get into grad school. Erik sees this as a terrible waste of a valuable resource that is perfect for avoiding people.

Undergrads stop by? Oops, it’s time to grind some samples. Grad students stick their head in the door? Oops, here are three stacks of exams for you to look over and also look at the time, it’s time to grind some samples. Department chair stops by? Oops, it’s time to grind up every single rock in sight and possibly every single rock on campus. For science.

Charles Xavier walks in? Turn off the machine. Immediately.

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