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So sorry to do this, but I’m trying to do all I can. Currently my situation is looking pretty shitty; I live with my uncle and my aunt and her two kids. I have been renting a room for the past two months. He gets into a lot of arguments with her and two nights ago, he got aggressive and ended up violently shoving me and her, and police had to be called. Now, he’s forcing us all to leave his house. As much as she would love to take me with her, she cant. So I currently am in a predicament. I’m extremely low on cash and have to find a new place to live, so to save up money to do so, I am asking for your help!

I currently have 6 commissions in my to-do list. I am hoping to rush through them to finish them all. If anyone would like to help me, it would mean a lot. I have my commission info listed here, so if you could give it a look or even just spread this around, it would be a great help. Anything is helpful at this time. Thank you guys so much for your support and love, it means the world to me.


So I actually have 6 commissions right now in my to do list, one of which i am almost done. I plan to work my ass off trying to get as much as I can done within this week, but I just really need the extra money; I owe a lot of money and I also need money for food. So I know how hard it is for people to just donate their money to some stranger, so I can take on another commission or two instead. Though do please keep in mind I have 6 in my list, and I am going to try to push them out as fast as i can. With that in mind, if anyone is interested, it would help me a LOT. My commission info is as listed here. Send me a message if you are interested, or signal boost. I am willing to do anything, please. Thank you guys so much.