shut up nati

no but seriously hear me out imagine matt burnie and geoff in the same vicinity with their kids and some imps (or trolls) come out of nowhere and end up hurting their kids (not bad just like knocking them over or smthng idk)

and they just

go fucking kanaya on them

like burnie’s fistkind (horse puncher anyone) so he just punches one of them in the face so hard they do that vriska thing where they slid across the floor and matt’s fucking taking no shit and he kicks ass too and geoff just grabs his pistol and is like bITCH PLS

man pls let this be a thing that happens in rtstuck


hey guys it’s nati and this is my post limit

anyways ive been writing this burnie/joel rt high school au (riddled with other pairings too) and ive been pouring my heart and soul into it, so much so that ive gotten like three thousand words down and i only have two chapters to speak of and im not even fully finished with the first chapter, which is clocking in at a good 1000 words so far (and joel hasnt even been introduced wop, hell, the school day just started, plus theres little throws to rvb fans and by little i mean huge \m/) 

what im afraid of is posting it and not getting any response from you guys and having written all that for nothing. i really want yall to read it and i even made a fanmix for it but i dont want to have posted it only to have it not be read.

so this poses the question:

if i posted it would you all read it?

if so ill finish off the first chapter and give you guys a preview and then post it when i’ve got a solid amount of chapters already pre-completed.

if not, then it’ll just sit there and i’ll send it to whoever does want to read it i guess.