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Hi! This is my first ever entry for the Boyfriend!NCT series! God, it’s been ages since I’ve posted something in here. I’m still sad about what happened to my laptop tho (I have lots of nct drafts there lol) but anyways, I’m starting off with LEE TAEYONG! Enjoy! 

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Request:  ( I just need some Carisi or barba fluff (like if his SO had just had surgery, was in my situation) in my life. Thanks!


“Finally awake?” You heard someone say through the half unconscious faze.


 “I’m here Doll.”

 “What happened?” You asked groggily

 “You had to have surgery, remember?” He said as he softly stroked the top of your head with his hand. “Everything’s goin’ to be ok.”

 Smiling you said “I love you” before falling back asleep.


It had been a week since your surgery and Sonny had been there for you every step of the way. He took a couple of weeks off work so he could stay with you at your apartment. He cooked all the foods “Mama” made him when he was sick as a kid, he cleaned, he watched all your favorite movies with you…even the one’s he didn’t like. It was all to make you happy and make sure you got better as soon as possible. It drove him a little insane to see you so weak and helpless. It brought out his protective side and as much you loved how protective he was…he was starting to drive you a little crazy…because…well because that pillow did not need to be fluffed again nor the counters washed again. You just wanted him to sit for goodness sake.

 “Sonny…sit down. You’ve been going all day.”

 “I will as soon as I mop the kitchen floor.”

 “You mopped it this morning and last night and yesterday morning.”

 “It needs to be mopped again.”

 “No…it really doesn’t.”

 “Yes it…”

 “Sonny” you cut him off. “I need you.”That made him freeze in his tracks. Turning to look at you he saw the look of gentle pleading on your face.

 “Come on.” You said patting the spot beside you on the couch.

 “Alright…just for a little bit.”

 Coming to sit by you, he took you in his arms and kissed the top of your forehead.

 “I love you” He muttered in your hair.

 “I love you, too.” You said as you snuggled deeper into his side.

 “You know…I really do need to mop…”

 “Shut up.” You cut him off. “Snuggle me, love me, and if you really need something to do…you can give me oral later.”

 Sonny’s brows shot up and he looked at you out of the corner of his eyes. “Yes ma’am.” He said with a sly grin on his face, sliding from the couch and getting on his knees.

 “I said later.” You laughed. “As in after the movie.”

 “(Y/n), I’ve watched this movie with you three times since the surgery. I need something to do and this is a lot more fun than mopping the floor again.” He said as he proceeded to keep himself busy for the rest on the movie.

here’s another fan character because yay

a Sparklecare Hospital character! 

Brumanda Mopp

Any pronouns

some sort of owl

Became a janitor for Sparklecare but soon realized there’s no way a single janitor could keep up with an entire hospital’s mess, much less Sparklecare’s, and hes decided to just Exist.

Imagine waking up having camped out in the impala with the Winchesters...

“Damn. Sleepy beauty finally awakens!” Dean laughed from where he was, propped up in the front seat. Groggily looking around, you struggled to get a grip on the time, but the brothers had clearly been up a while.

“Where’s Sam?” You said, rubbing your eyes.

“Answering his call to the wilds.”

“Charming.” You scoffed, sitting upright and straightening your hair out in the rear view mirror. “What time is it?”

“It’s breakfast time, that’s what it is. I’m starving.” Dean mumbled, but was cut off by Sam wandering back, toothbrush in hand and, perhaps more surprisingly, already in clean clothes.

“Morning, Y/N.” He said, trying not to spit out his toothpaste.

“Why do you have to be so organised? You make the rest of us look bad.” Dean rolled his eyes as Sam opened the boot and threw a bag in.

“Have you ever considered that maybe you’re just sloppy?” Sam tried to smile, but in doing so, a small bit of toothpaste dribbled out.

“Yeah, look who’s talking, Sammy!” Dean grinned.

“Shut up!” Sam grumbled, mopping the minty foam off of his chin.

“You’re the one dribbling like a bulldog, I just call it as I see it.”

“Now, now, children, play nice.” You muttered with a smirk.