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YGO Actor AU

- Kaiba’s actor is actually the one who makes the most mistakes/bloopers
- Ishizu’s actress tends to space out a lot during shoots but no one says anything about it since it perfectly matches her ‘mysterious fortune-teller character’
- the directors have Yami’s actor tanned for a while in preparation for season five
- the actors actually enjoy it when the fans tell them about their ships
- Yugi’s actor tends to just laugh awkwardly to Yami’s actor whenever people try to imitate their “aibou” moments
- no one is more invested in the shippings than Marik’s actor
- Marik’s actor made it his mission to update the fans of anything shippy around the set via Twitter. The fans love him for it.
- none of the actors portraying the Ishtars are actually related. Doesn’t stop them from having family nights during weekends tho
- Marik’s actor claims that the Ishtar family night outs actually help them understand their characters more
- surprisingly, Anzu’s actress actually adore the dramatic scenes the most

some creators might be asexual, underage, or just! don’t want you to sexualize their OCs! there are nicer & better ways to say you find a character attractive, than saying ‘I would totally bang that’ or w/e

I’m probably-hopefully preaching to choir here. but it’s really important to consider how your words & actions are gonna affect other people

consent comes in many forms, in many contexts

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Clintasha, "Stay away from me!"

“Stay away from me!” There’s panic in her voice as she backs up. Natasha bites her bottom lip as she grabs the item closest to her, a pillow, and Clint just crawls forward. There’s a smirk on his face and a glint of something playfully evil as he takes another step closer.

“Come here, Tasha,” he coos, motioning with his finger for her to come closer. She responds by raising the pillow with a defensive stance.

“Hell no!”

“Oh, come on! You’re ticklish!”

“Shut up!”

“And you giggle!”

“O bozhe moi, shut up!”

“And you even snort when you laugh!”

“Fuck you!” With a snarl, she starts hitting Clint with the pillow again and again. The archer falls onto the bed, laughing as he’s pummeled with feathers.

“That’s so cute!”

She whaps him again with the pillow. “Shut the fuck up!” Whap. “You’re mean, pretending to hug me just to tickle me!” Whap. “If you say a word, no one’ll ever believe you.” Whap.

“I know, I know!” He finally holds his hands up, though his laughter doesn’t stop. “I’m the only one that gets to see you like that- well, this. That’s pretty awesome.”

After another minute, her blows down die and the two catch their breath. Though there’s a blush on both their cheeks from laughing and smiling and embarrassment, neither of them mind. As he pointed out, it’s just between them.

To end the mini-feud, Clint sits up and gently kisses her. “I mean it, though. It really is cute.”

“Thanks.” It’s her turn to smirk as she starts to tickle his sides. “Let’s see how cute you are now!” Clint howls with laughter as he squirms under her touch. He should have seen her sudden, but inevitable betrayal coming, but he doesn’t care. She can see him laugh and snort just as she did. It’s only between them.

The ML fandom:

-avoiding Tumblr and Instagram
-a lot of crying
-more crying
-“I dedicated my life to M rated Ladynoir fanfics.”
-saw a spoiler now screaming for help
-“my left eye cries over the umbrella scene, the right one over the fact that I haven’t watched the new episode yet”
-“do you have the sheets for the umbrella scene music??”
-refreshing ThePowers3000’s page every 5 seconds
-“you’ve had enough emotions for today, go to your room”
-*tries to pun but ends up crying*
-*decides to read reveal fanfics while waiting for new episode*
-gabriel is hawkmoth… right?
-he knows.

-break dance au let’s make this a list and keep adding stuff okay? Okay. Update: -only a few months till season 2… now what?

-I hate Volpina but I love Volpina

-#savenooroo2k16 -purrfect, nya, meowch…
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