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ok so out of curiosity and because i like to suffer, i looked up news on sleepy hollow season 4 (it’s something i’ve been avoiding, i don’t like thinking abt it, it’s like that ex that rlly rlly let u down and u never really recovered)

but anyway, i saw one of the articles say some shit like “AFTER THE ABBIE MILLS ARC”, season 4 looks promising. 

i’m sorry? 

did you say Abbie Mills arc? 

She was one of the LEADS, one of the MAIN characters, are you kidding me? i didn’t expect to be so infuriated by that, but let’s get real and understand that Abigail Mills was a hero, a warrior, a witness, a badass–

and most definitely not a mere arc.

Captain Soulmate (Steve x Reader)

Hey guys!! It’s my second fic! Yay! This has been a long time coming. I was meant to put up another one, but I’m horribly clumsy with technology, so I accidentally deleted it. Either way, it’s up and I hope you guys enjoy it! Also, the medical terms may not all be accurate so please don’t take my word for it. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’m taking requests, so feel free to send some in. Bye, munchkins!

Oh, and if anyone is interested, here’s a link to my first fic:


It had all happened so fast. One second you were trying to get a quick bite of some lousy sandwich, and the next, you were sprinting to the operating room, with a small group of fellow surgeons following. Dr. Cho was one of them.

“Who are we operating on? What’s the reason?” You barked out, hastily putting on the standard plastic gloves after having washed your hands.

“That would be Captain Steve Rogers. While he was saving a female from a collapsing building, he got trapped under the fallen bricks, and with the weight, his ribs broke and punctured his lungs severely,” Dr. Cho quipped, moving around as she brought all of the necessary tools to a nearby table.

The group seemed to pause for a second. As if reading everyone’s mind, Dr. Cho spoke again.

“Even a super soldier can only take so much,” she muttered, before the bustle of the room returned and the operation began.

For almost two hours, only quick quips of whatever tool was needed–“Scalpel!”–and the beeps of the heart monitor were heard. For those two hours, everything went smoothly. Two hours and one minute later, though, you made a mistake.

“Wait!” One of the male assistants practically shouted. “Don’t cut that! That’s a pulmonary vein! It’s blue. You need to make a small incision through one of the bronchial tubes. That’s the grayish white tube above the one you’re trying to cut.”

At the sound of his roaring voice, everyone had jumped–major hazard–but realizing why he had caused such an interruption at all quickly became forgivable. Had he not said anything, the patient could’ve been killed from a misplaced incision. After all, he was the only one in the room that could see colors.

For centuries the phenomenon of color was something everyone found intriguing. A person would go however long it took for them to touch their soulmate in a world of black and white, but the second the pair touched, color immediately flooded into the rest of their lives together.

Luckily, the hospital had a good handful of people who had found their soulmates. Without them, situations like cutting the wrong tube would be a lot more common. Even being one of the best surgeons in the hospital couldn’t amount to how important they were.

And so as you stood looking in shock at the differently shaded grays of the tubes, you couldn’t help but wince at the realization of what could’ve happened had he not been there. With a heavy sigh, you raise your eyes to the man as you point at the proper tube for confirmation. When he nods, you sigh again, and the operation continues for the remaining hour and a half.

By the time the procedure had finished, you were absolutely exhausted. Trudging out of the OR, you slowly make your way to the patient’s room to check up on him.

When you finally found yourself in his room, he was fast asleep, seemingly peaceful. At the sight, you approached and gratefully settled into the chair next to his bed. After allowing yourself to get comfortable in the seat, you eventually grabbed the clipboard with his papers and slowly began scanning the information to make sure everything was in order. Happy with what you saw, you flash a small smile.

“Looks like you’re all good, Captain Rogers,” you mumble, placing the clipboard down.

Standing to leave, you glance one last time at the patient, furrowing your brow as you lock in on his overly messy hair. It was almost attractive….

Before the thought could fully develop in your mind, your eyes had already widened in shock. You always had a mindset of keeping it professional at all times, no matter what. If a patient was even remotely good looking, you hardly cared unless it somehow affected outcome of the operation. But with him….

You squash that thought immediately.

Glancing back to Captain Rogers, you finally reach out to move his hair from his face. Growing paranoid with yourself, you try to avoid making actually contact with his skin, but before long, the pads of your fingers graze softly across his warm skin. At the simple touch, a sharp pain suddenly sparks through your eyes. Keeling over, your hands press firmly into your sockets as you grunt at the intense surge of pressure.

Finally, pain subsiding, you let your hands fall from your eyes and to your sides; when the throbbing eventually stops, you force your eyes to open. You immediately throw yourself against the the closed door in shock because now…

Now, you were looking at what you could only assume to be…color.


“YOU’RE SOULMATE IS CAPTAIN AMERICA?!” Your coworker and best friend, Nadalee, screamed.

Without any sign of hesitation, the palm of your hand connects with her lips as a means to quiet her. You were at work, and the last thing you wanted was for the hospital to use this new piece of information as their newest addition to the gossip mill.

“Shut up!” You hissed, looking around for any indication that someone had heard. Finding none, you removed your hand.

“I’m sorry!” She cooed excitedly. “It’s just so fascinating! You’re fated to be with a superhero! A superhero!”

“Were you always this much of a hopeless romantic?” You grumble, writing mindlessly in a new patient’s file.

She only chuckled before pausing for all of a second.

“I think you should visit him,” she finally states firmly.

She looked completely comfortable with saying it. You, on the other hand, had almost fallen out of your seat.

“I can’t just go see him!”

Nadalee couldn’t help but look at you as if you were dumb. Sighing, she spoke again.

“I’m going to say this slowly so you can understand. You’re. His. Doctor… Of course you can see him! You performed surgery on him for crying out loud. I’m sure he’s dying to meet you,” she countered.

“Meet the surgeon who almost killed him? Unlikely,” you offered, bemused as you looked over some paperwork and moved it aside.

Nadalee rolled her eyes. “You were exhausted, (Y/N). You had already been working for 10 hours, and you had done two other surgeries. Plus, Kent was there and caught the error before it could be done.”

“Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” you snapped.

Her gaze softened at your tone. “But it also doesn’t mean that you should hold it against yourself. You have four and a half hours of good work seen by four other doctors. Don’t let the minute that almost caused a mishap to be the one you focus on.”

For what felt like hours, silence settled on you both as your fingers worked rapidly to finish up the last of your paper work. As you worked, your mind wondered to your best friend’s words.

Mistakes were something you always took hard, especially in your line of work. One wrong move and it could mean the end of a life. A life that had been in your hands. But maybe she was right. The job had been done, and besides that one moment, it had went smoothly. Maybe that was all you could really ask for.

“I still think you should go see him,” Nadalee interjected, breaking you from your thoughts.

You wanted to disagree but the stern look she gave quickly shut you up. At the sight of you giving in, Nadalee cheered quietly.

“Awesome!” She cooed, looking away to grab her purse from a nearby shelf. “Tell me how it goes tomorrow. My shift just ended.”

Slowly, your head bobs in a nod.

“Okay… Tell Kayla I said ‘hi’!” You tease, watching as her cheeks instantly darken–so that’s what a blush looks like.

A tiny smile overcomes her face at the mention of her soulmate. They had found each other two years ago, and Nadalee still got giddy over the simply mention of her name. It was something to be admired.

“Will do,” she responded, already making her way to the elevator.

As she pressed the button, she glances back at you. When the ding of the door indicates it’s opening, a knowing smile replaces her tiny love-sick one.

“It’s amazing, you know?”

Your eyebrows furrow. “What is?”

She smiles wider. “Finding your soulmate.”

And with that, she left.


For almost forty minutes, you tried to avoid going to Captain Rogers’s room. You had already come to terms with having to go see him, but that didn’t ease your nerves enough to do it all gung-ho.

And so you stalled. You did paperwork, grabbed a snack, chatted with some of the other surgeons and then more paperwork. But your period of avoidance was quickly shattered by a voice.

“Captain Rogers would like to speak to you,” a younger nurse called as you turned a corner on his floor.

You visibly flinched at his name.

“Oh? Do you know why?”

Her brows scrunched slightly in thought.

“To thank you for doing the operation. And something he wouldn’t tell me. Just that he wanted to see you,” she finished.

With a slow nod, you reply, “Okay, I’ll head over there now.”

The nurse gave a bright smile before turning on her heels and heading back to work.

As soon as she was out of sight, a heavy sigh breaks past your lips. There was no avoiding it now, and with another slight wince, you finally head to his room.


“Captain Rogers, it’s good to see you’re finally awake,” you say, walking towards his bedside to grab the clipboard for means of a distraction.

At the sound of your voice, his head immediately rises to catch your gaze. Like you, his eyes flitted meaningfully across your frame as he took in the different colors that made you up. As he finally settled on focusing on your eyes, you wondered if he was just as shocked as you were that so much could be hidden by a world of black and white.

“And it’s nice to finally meet you, Doctor (Y/L/N),” he replied, stretching out his arm for you to shake his hand.

With a shake and a nod, you pause, debating whether or not to speak what was in your mind. Captain Rogers speaking up cuts your thoughts short.

“I actually wanted to ask you something,” he mumbles, eyebrows crinkled in thought. “It’s about the operation.”

Your chest tightened immediately at his words, but you forced yourself to hum a sound of encouragement.

“I hope I don’t come off as crude,” he started, his eyes softening. “But when I was first admitted into this hospital, I didn’t….”

You watched as his face faltered in his hesitation. Taking a second to think, he finally looked you in the eye.

“Can I be blunt with you, ma'am?”

Your eyes widened at the sudden thickness of his voice as you nod again.

“I couldn’t see in color before I got here,” he immediately cleared up.

Your mouth falls agape slightly.

"I needed to talk to you because all of the nurses and a few of the other surgeons said they hadn’t touched me directly. But they also said they were certain you hadn’t during the operation, either,” he continued.

"I don’t understand how this pertains to me then, Captain,” you lied.

"Call me Steve,” he interjected. “I just wanted to know if maybe you did. Or if you know if someone did.”

Your voice hitched as you replied, "No, I don’t think so.”

His eyes locked onto yours, scanning your reaction. Slowly, he nodded, though the spark that flashed quickly in his eyes didn’t go unnoticed by you.

"Okay…,” he mumbles. “Thank you. For doing the operation.”

You nod gently. “It was no problem. Just doing my job.”

"Well, I greatly appreciate it nonetheless,” he counters kind heartedly.

At his tone of voice, you can’t help the small smile that graced your face.

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Ca–Steve, but I must get back to work,” you explain, moving closer to the door before stopping at the frame. “I…I’ll be sure to come back and check on you before you get discharged.”

And check on him you did. Three times in two days, you checked on him, feeling as if the mere spirit of Steve was drawing you in. You found him to be so refreshing, with his personality always seeming to be on the brighter side despite his line of work. That, along with his admirable moral compass and compassion, you could almost feel yourself growing attracted to him. Platonically and romantically.

That attraction was quickly falling short as you watched him signing the necessary paperwork to discharge.

"Go talk to him!” Nadalee griped, elbowing you gently as you glanced at Steve for the eighth time in five minutes.

You sigh in exasperation. “I can’t. He’s getting ready to leave.”

"That’s exactly why–” her voice faltered suddenly. “They’re looking at you… They’re looking at you!”

You’re eyebrows furrowed, turning to look in the direction she was indicating only for your eyes to widened when they immediately met Steve’s. Shrinking in on yourself, your gaze flows to the man next to him. James, you recalled from when you ran into him as he left Steve’s room the day before.

As your gaze met with James’s, a slow smirk graced his lips as he nudged Steve to focus on what you could only assume to be his paperwork.

Turning back around, your cheeks began to burn as you felt the teasing gaze of Nadalee.

"Ooooh,” she cooed. “Captain Rogers has the hots for you!”

Your cheeks only burned more, but before you could argue, a smooth voice cut you off.


Perking up immediately, you turn to find Steve standing just outside the door of the break room. You stand to cross the room to draw nearer to him, trying desperately to block out your best friend’s incessant teasing.

“Steve, how can I help you?”

For a mere second, he stands there only staring at you before he brings a hand up to rub the back of his neck.

"I just wanted to give you this,” he mumbles sheepishly.

In his hand was a folded sheet of paper, and though confused, you grab it from his hand. Just as you go to open it, his rushed explanation cuts you short.


"Who?” You ask, confusion plainly in your tone.

"James,” he says correcting himself. “James gave me some ideas on what to write, and he’s a bit of a romantic; that’s why it probably sounds really weird, but it’s the gist of what I’m trying to say.”

Each word seemed to pique your interest, but rather than open it, you nod gently towards James as he gestures to Steve.

"Well, I appreciate it,” you say. “But it would seem to be time for you to get going. It was a pleasure to meet you, Steve.”

Steve smiled kindly. “The pleasure was mine.”

For a moment, you two could only smile at each other before James calling for Steve broke the moment and time began again.

Walking back to the table where Nadalee was waiting, you couldn’t fight a small smile.

Immediately, Nadalee began another wave of teasing began, but your mind easily blocked her out as you focused on pulling open the note that was firmly in your grasp. Eagerly, your eyes flitted across the page, soaking up the words on it.


Thank you for making these few days comfortable. I’ve never been a fan of hospitals, but with you, I was completely at ease.

Thank you for being a friend rather than just a doctor. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t just trying to see if my vitals were all in order.

Most of all, though, thank you for being the one to bring color into my life. And no, you’re denying it didn’t throw me off from knowing it was you. Nice try though.

Maybe we’ll meet again. Hopefully.


Captain Soulmate

After reading the note three times, your shock was evident by the dropped jaw and wide eyed gaze. You couldn’t tell whether it was because he had known all along that you were allegedly his soulmate or because of the cheesy sign off. Either way, as your eyes skirted across the page one last time, the shocked expression quickly turned into a bubbly smile.

He knew. And he wasn’t disappointed.

Suddenly, a voice over intercom called for a code blue, and without hesitation, you stuffed the note into the pocket of your scrubs as you rushed out into the hall. But as you wove your way to the gurney flying down the wing, you couldn’t help but notice how hard it was to stop your heart from fluttering at the final sight of Steve leaving. And this time, you were perfectly okay with it.

Swanqueen week: Day 02 Jelousy
  • Emma: *closes her eyes trying to get trough everything that she's just found out* no, no, I can't, she CAN'T be your and Maleficent's daughter! I can't stand that. I can't stand the thought of you and her, and a bed, no I can't.
  • Regina: I know that finding out that your childhood best friend is our son's halfsister is not easy to acept.
  • Emma: *ignores her* You knew better than to trust blondes... NOW I get it! Oh my fucking god, you ment you and her, Maleficent and you, you... You're still together, aren't you? Fuck, I'm so stupid! I thought that you... that I... that we kinda had a thing
  • Regina: I'm not with her anymore, and for what it matter you're the one I want to be with.
  • Emma: Me? Really Regina? oh god I can't be with my ex's mom, and my ex is my son's sister...
  • Regina: Your ex? I thought that you and Lily were only friends
  • Emma: *ignores her and keeps rambling* All this fucking fairytale stuff is getting me crazy, flustered, directionless, baffled, confused, torn.
  • Regina: I'm pleased to notice that you do have a vocabulary Miss Swan
  • Emma: oh just shut up mayor mills
  • Regina: or what Sheriff Swan?
  • Emma: or I'll make you
  • Regina: *kisses her* Remember a Queen doesn't share, not even with her daughter

This moment really touched me, maybe more than the breakup (and this one hurt me badly), because when Robin wakes up, he sees Regina and her attention is directed to him too, but he immediately turns his head and ask if Marian is okay, and you can see at this exact moment Regina turning her head away, she just don’t want to see that, she refuses to see the man she loves with another woman, she hates it, she hates this situation because he should be with her, she knows it, and he knows it too, and I think she’s also really frustrated by that. Yes, she’s his wife and he has honor & everything and that’s why I love him, but Regina sees things differently, Robin is supposed to be hers, and vice versa. And I just want to add something, when the pixie dust brought her to Robin, Marian already existed in the world, she was there, so there’s no “Robin and Marian are an iconic couple, and they are destined to be together, they are meant to be”. No… absolutely not, Robin and Regina are destined to be together, It’s been prophesized (yes, I’m using Lana’s words).
And then, there’s this moment when she’s leaving, she looks at him and you see that she’s hurt but then, she starts looking at him with contempt, but that’s because she’s hurt, and also because she opened up to him, and he saw her at her best, he saw her happy, which is a weakness for her, to be happy. I mean, during their picnic she was saying stuff like “I just never thought I’d have this” or “I was too scared to approach you”, she trusted him, she had faith in him, so I think, although she deeply loves him and tries to get him back, she feels betrayed. So yeah, this moment was important for me, but after seeing this scene, I think they’re going to avoid each other as much as they can, but I’m not worried because they are fated to be together, so fate will brought them back together over and over again.


i’m not stopping you

120/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Continuation of this.

For lillie-grey who asked so very nicely for a sequel that I simply could not refuse.  I hope you like it Em! :)

Regina rushes out of the ballroom, and as soon as the doors close behind her she runs, runs away from the Thief and his gentle stare and understanding eyes.  

She can’t bear to see him. He makes her feel things that she has no business feeling, things she isn’t even sure if she understands, and it unnerves her.  So she runs until she arrives to her chambers and shuts the door behind her, leaning against it and breathing out a deep sigh of relief.

She makes her way to her balcony, resting her hands on the railing and breathing in the chilly air to calm her nerves.  Get a grip Regina.  He isn’t supposed to mean anything to her, and she definitely isn’t supposed to care about him.  She doesn’t care about him, she firmly reminds herself.  Liar, a voice in her head chides, and she scrunches her eyes closed and shakes her head.  She does not have feelings for him, absolutely not.  

It doesn’t matter really. Surely he must’ve seen the error of his ways, realized that he almost kissed the Evil Queen and come back to his senses.  Yes, of course he did.  They can simply put this all behind them and pretend as if it never happened.

Except she can’t. Because no matter how much she wills herself to not think of Robin, he always inevitably finds his way into her thoughts.  Damn thief.  God, why does he have to be so…him?  He’s an outlaw; a dirty, filthy backwoodsman who smells like forest.  

No, she isn’t supposed to care, but oh how she does.

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