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Soooo guess who just bought a ticket to see The Shape of Water next month?

That’s right. It’s me.

Now I just have to figure out how the hell I’m going to get there…

ok so out of curiosity and because i like to suffer, i looked up news on sleepy hollow season 4 (it’s something i’ve been avoiding, i don’t like thinking abt it, it’s like that ex that rlly rlly let u down and u never really recovered)

but anyway, i saw one of the articles say some shit like “AFTER THE ABBIE MILLS ARC”, season 4 looks promising. 

i’m sorry? 

did you say Abbie Mills arc? 

She was one of the LEADS, one of the MAIN characters, are you kidding me? i didn’t expect to be so infuriated by that, but let’s get real and understand that Abigail Mills was a hero, a warrior, a witness, a badass–

and most definitely not a mere arc.

Captain Soulmate (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Hey guys!! It’s my second fic! Yay! This has been a long time coming. Either way, it’s up and I hope you guys enjoy it! Also, the medical terms may not all be accurate, so please don’t take my word for it. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’m taking requests, so feel free to send some in. Bye, munchkins!

Summary: When Captain America ends up in your operating room, what are you to do? Besides realize he’s your soulmate, of course. (Color Soulmate AU)

Warnings: Maybe cursing? Incorrect medical terminology. (Let me know if there is anything you need to be tagged. I want you to feel comfortable reading my work.)

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Swanqueen week: Day 02 Jelousy
  • Emma: *closes her eyes trying to get trough everything that she's just found out* no, no, I can't, she CAN'T be your and Maleficent's daughter! I can't stand that. I can't stand the thought of you and her, and a bed, no I can't.
  • Regina: I know that finding out that your childhood best friend is our son's halfsister is not easy to acept.
  • Emma: *ignores her* You knew better than to trust blondes... NOW I get it! Oh my fucking god, you ment you and her, Maleficent and you, you... You're still together, aren't you? Fuck, I'm so stupid! I thought that you... that I... that we kinda had a thing
  • Regina: I'm not with her anymore, and for what it matter you're the one I want to be with.
  • Emma: Me? Really Regina? oh god I can't be with my ex's mom, and my ex is my son's sister...
  • Regina: Your ex? I thought that you and Lily were only friends
  • Emma: *ignores her and keeps rambling* All this fucking fairytale stuff is getting me crazy, flustered, directionless, baffled, confused, torn.
  • Regina: I'm pleased to notice that you do have a vocabulary Miss Swan
  • Emma: oh just shut up mayor mills
  • Regina: or what Sheriff Swan?
  • Emma: or I'll make you
  • Regina: *kisses her* Remember a Queen doesn't share, not even with her daughter

anonymous asked:

One of you create an award for the other (but no negativity)

Atlas: Ugg that takes all the fun out of it, i give Mark the “i’m smarter than you award” i’m not gonna explain it cuz it violated the rules

Mark:Well you get the “Sherlock Poser award, but jk i actually have emotions even though I act like i don’t”

Atlas: shut up

Mills:I’d give Mike “The sweetest killer ever “

Mike:XD thanks Mills you get “ The most willing to help”

Columbus: “Fast and the Furious” thats all

Nick: Why thankyou “ Most nervous but also can kill you in your sleep” You guys don’t know how columbus really is , please he’s holding my family hostage

Columbus:…wait what is going on right now? 

Simon: I’d give Nicholas “ too adorable for his own good”

NIcholas: Thankyou, I think you need the  “ Always needs a hug”

Lex: “ Loyal to death award”

Charlie: Oh, wow i didn’t expect you to be so nice. I’d give you the “Most Successful” 

Eli:Hey what about me???

Amy: I’ll give you one

Eli: oh boy

Amy: uhhh The Nerdy genius award ^w^

Eli: you get the “ You shouldn’t be here right now award”

Amy: harsh…but fine


This moment really touched me, maybe more than the breakup (and this one hurt me badly), because when Robin wakes up, he sees Regina and her attention is directed to him too, but he immediately turns his head and ask if Marian is okay, and you can see at this exact moment Regina turning her head away, she just don’t want to see that, she refuses to see the man she loves with another woman, she hates it, she hates this situation because he should be with her, she knows it, and he knows it too, and I think she’s also really frustrated by that. Yes, she’s his wife and he has honor & everything and that’s why I love him, but Regina sees things differently, Robin is supposed to be hers, and vice versa. And I just want to add something, when the pixie dust brought her to Robin, Marian already existed in the world, she was there, so there’s no “Robin and Marian are an iconic couple, and they are destined to be together, they are meant to be”. No… absolutely not, Robin and Regina are destined to be together, It’s been prophesized (yes, I’m using Lana’s words).
And then, there’s this moment when she’s leaving, she looks at him and you see that she’s hurt but then, she starts looking at him with contempt, but that’s because she’s hurt, and also because she opened up to him, and he saw her at her best, he saw her happy, which is a weakness for her, to be happy. I mean, during their picnic she was saying stuff like “I just never thought I’d have this” or “I was too scared to approach you”, she trusted him, she had faith in him, so I think, although she deeply loves him and tries to get him back, she feels betrayed. So yeah, this moment was important for me, but after seeing this scene, I think they’re going to avoid each other as much as they can, but I’m not worried because they are fated to be together, so fate will brought them back together over and over again.


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120/365 Days of Outlaw Queen