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ok so out of curiosity and because i like to suffer, i looked up news on sleepy hollow season 4 (it’s something i’ve been avoiding, i don’t like thinking abt it, it’s like that ex that rlly rlly let u down and u never really recovered)

but anyway, i saw one of the articles say some shit like “AFTER THE ABBIE MILLS ARC”, season 4 looks promising. 

i’m sorry? 

did you say Abbie Mills arc? 

She was one of the LEADS, one of the MAIN characters, are you kidding me? i didn’t expect to be so infuriated by that, but let’s get real and understand that Abigail Mills was a hero, a warrior, a witness, a badass–

and most definitely not a mere arc.


i’m not stopping you

120/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Continuation of this.

For lillie-grey who asked so very nicely for a sequel that I simply could not refuse.  I hope you like it Em! :)

Regina rushes out of the ballroom, and as soon as the doors close behind her she runs, runs away from the Thief and his gentle stare and understanding eyes.  

She can’t bear to see him. He makes her feel things that she has no business feeling, things she isn’t even sure if she understands, and it unnerves her.  So she runs until she arrives to her chambers and shuts the door behind her, leaning against it and breathing out a deep sigh of relief.

She makes her way to her balcony, resting her hands on the railing and breathing in the chilly air to calm her nerves.  Get a grip Regina.  He isn’t supposed to mean anything to her, and she definitely isn’t supposed to care about him.  She doesn’t care about him, she firmly reminds herself.  Liar, a voice in her head chides, and she scrunches her eyes closed and shakes her head.  She does not have feelings for him, absolutely not.  

It doesn’t matter really. Surely he must’ve seen the error of his ways, realized that he almost kissed the Evil Queen and come back to his senses.  Yes, of course he did.  They can simply put this all behind them and pretend as if it never happened.

Except she can’t. Because no matter how much she wills herself to not think of Robin, he always inevitably finds his way into her thoughts.  Damn thief.  God, why does he have to be so…him?  He’s an outlaw; a dirty, filthy backwoodsman who smells like forest.  

No, she isn’t supposed to care, but oh how she does.

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