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omg i hope u dont mind me asking but since ur art is what mainly got me interested in reading x-men whatre ur recs? and also whats on yr pull list in general? lmao id ask for everything uve ever read basically but u must be busy.. ty for yr time!!

OH BOY ANON GET READY BECAUSE I LOVE TO TYPE sorry im replying to this kind of late, i typed up half of it and then got busy with life and then typed up the rest like weeks later…

also disclaimer: i havent even been into x-men for a year yet so my opinions and recs may be noobish and/or objectively wrong. im gonna start with like..the marvel NOW lineup lmaoo whatever oh well

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thats a really tough request because i dont know how to draw faces?? i made a video though, mind you this took like 4min irl, i just sped it up to 30sec bc i cant stand watching myself draw for four whole minutes

if you really want to know how to draw faces i also can provide HOT TIPS (by hot tips i mean things 2 study lmao)

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Mariel it’s gay watch it right now

as if i didnt know it was gay haha literally the gay part is the only part thats been spoiled for me THANKS TUMBLR see normally i would be chasing after my daily dose of shipping but john egbert hugged both karkat and dave in canon last night so ha! korrasami can wait