shut up meru


Archangel: Once there was 107 species and half no longer exist. Our rule prevents the subversion of the world.
Meru: That’s wrong. ‘Cuz there were species that were stamped out during the Winglies’ domination!
Archangel: They were meant to be extinct from the beginning.
Meru: You liar!! You destroyed them because they rebelled against the Winglies!!
Archangel: Meru! A heretic like you disturbs our ordered world.
Meru: Shut up!! You are not real! You are an invented god so they can justify themselves, Archangel.

I love Humans! I adore Dart, Shana, and the others! This is real!!

thats a really tough request because i dont know how to draw faces?? i made a video though, mind you this took like 4min irl, i just sped it up to 30sec bc i cant stand watching myself draw for four whole minutes

if you really want to know how to draw faces i also can provide HOT TIPS (by hot tips i mean things 2 study lmao)

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anonymous asked:

hey, i saw this john you did a while ago (did somebody say hurricane one) , and i was wondering how you did the lines so sketchy and loose without making it look scribbly and gross. is there a technique or you just kinda do it??

oh my god anon this post?? i drew that literally three years ago sobs….so old… your question seems really specific though so ill try to answer it

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