shut up meow

Saeran: …Saeyoung already took care of it.

Saeran: I didn’t bother telling him that it’ll all wash off in a few days.

As for actually fixing it, well…*sighs* There’s not really much I can do about it. I just try not to think about it too much.

Imagine if they made novelizations of every MCU film … but the twist is that Darcy Lewis narrates them all.

Iron Man 3: which was when the Iron Man suit broke down, and he was stranded. So .. I guess he’s just Man now, or Tony. Whatever. I bet Aldrich turns out to be the Mandarin- woops :p 

The Dark World: and so, when all else had failed, Darcy picked up Meow Meow (shut up Jane that’s how I’m spelling it) and became supreme goddess of Doodleheim. What do you mean that’s not one of the nine realms? And that IS how it happened I WAS THERE! :3

Winter Soldier: and so they hatched a plan to destroy the helicarriers. You guys know the Hulk probably isn’t that far away right? Or Iron Man? Hawkeye? There’s really no reason for you to do this alone O.o

Guardians of the Galaxy: I had a dream about a talking tree and a racoon once, it was pretty great. Is Thanos EVER going to get out of his chair? Geez I could probably beat him at this rate. And then the guy who is so totally my type flirts with She-Hulk. Oh is She-Hulk not in this one? My bad :/

Age of Ultron: I know Jane was busy but I’m very offended that Thor didn’t invite me to that swanky Avengers party. J.A.R.V.I.S is hot now? I like it. But why are he and the Maximoffs Avengers already when I applied MONTHS ago?! Also is it wrong that I’m laughing at Ultron’s jokes? What?! He’s funny :) 

In which there’s a cat lady having a bad day, which leads to powers to turn people into cats, which leads to Marinette being a cute kitty cat. Chat Noir takes a moment to adore his Princess before he goes back to the fight.

“You make a pawsitively adorable kitten, Marinette!”

*…rrrr-meow.* (Shut up, Chat Noir.)

Has this been done or…?

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