shut up lyza

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WHERE IS THE GOOD LEXARK SMUT. Alicia is definitely a bottom. Elyza is top. Elyza is super consent-conscious. Alicia likes it rough but Elyza is super gentle. Let's get on this guys.

jesus okay elyza likes taking it rough with alicia and she definitely calls alicia by her last name in bed bc she knows it infuriates her (”mmm someone’s feeling a little frisky today, huh, clark?” “shut up and fuck me, ‘lyza”) and there’s nothing soft and slow about the way they have sex - they fuck and they do it well and elyza may be the Queen of snark and and alicia may be seemingly uncaring approximately 100% of the time but there’s always feeling behind it - when elyza teases alicia in bed, bringing her to the edge and then stopping, alicia, red faced and near-begging, asks “why did you stop” and her voice is little more than a breathy moan. elyza grins from between her legs and reaches up to grab alicia’s hand, twining their fingers together. “you’re cute when you’re desperate, clark” is all she responds before her tongue is on alicia again and alicia’s coming hard against her mouth

anyways 90% of their relationship is snarky banter plus feelings i love it send me lexark sin <3