shut up lyn!

Percy Jackson in the Crown of Ptolemy
  • Annabeth and Carter: *come up with a plan to save their lives and destroy a crazy magician who wants to absorb the gods*
  • Percy:
  • Percy:
  • Carter: were you listening?
  • Percy: no I was just imagining how amazing mine and Annabeth's future daughter will be

yo I know I call her Robin “smol daughter” Cross but you know what? I hope she’s a fucking titan. 5′10″ at the least, maybe 6 feet or more. I hope she walks into restaurants with Andrew and Neil and they keep talking to her like “must be tough with two younger brothers.” I hope she’s there to scare people who try to fuck with Neil. I hope she lifts Andrew up when he needs to see over crowds. 

And then when people think they can fight her I want Neil to just walk up from behind her like SEEMINGLY OUT OF NOWHERE (neil fucking hiding in robin’s shadow) steps in and fucking roasts the son of a bitch like not this time punk. People so busy looking up at Robin that they don’t notice Andrew just walk up and punch them in the sternum. Protect the tol daughter.