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I'm so sick of people saying how Harry and Hermione "changed time"

They didn’t change time.
They didn’t bring Sirius and Buckbeak back to life.
Sirius never died.
Nor did Buckbeak.

They had already gone back in time. Hermione almost fucked up and saw her future self in the forest behind Hagrid’s. Harry saved himself, and assumed it was his father because he was always told how much he looked like James.

These events were the same in both timelines. Neither were different.

All Dumbledore did was send Harry and Hermione back in time to make sure the events actually happened and the timeline was fulfilled.
J.K. Rowling - HP 0 - Harry Potter Prequel.pdf

Remember that stolen prequel of Harry Potter? I found a PDF of it… What did I do to deserve this😭 What? Im not crying someone is just cutting onions in front of me.

Just Friends - Remus Lupin

Requested by anonymous. Marauders-Era Remus.

“Hey, Remus,” you said, running through the crowd of people to reach him. You grabbed onto his forearm and stopped him in his tracks. He smiled at you and shook his arm free, before bunching up the sleeves of his sweater.


“My parents just sent me this new rock record, you have to listen with me.”

“Yeah?” he asked, ruffling his hair.

“Yeah. Stop by Hufflepuff common room, tonight?” you asked, nervously fidgeting with the piercing in your nose.

“Of course. I’ll see you tonight.”

“See you tonight,” you said, backing away from Remus, nearly knocking into two Ravenclaw girls on their way to class. Remus walked the other way and almost did the same thing. Except instead of two Ravenclaw girls, he almost ran into his best friends.

“Walk much?” James asked, pushing Remus off of him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. They spun him around and kept walking with him. James put his arm around him and smiled widely.

“So, do you have any plans tonight?” Peter asked, batting his eyelashes at him.

“Maybe with the girl of your dreams?” Sirius chimed in. Remus rolled his eyes.

“If you mean Y/N, yes we’re hanging out tonight. But I wouldn’t call her the girl of my dreams. We’re just friends.”

“Are you planning on wearing that?” James asked, tugging on the old sleeve of Remus’s jumper.


“How are you suppose to win her over with that?” Sirius asked.

“Win her over? What are you going on about? I’m going over to listen to a new album, and that’s it.” The boys all laughed and Remus tried to walk away, before Sirius grabbed onto his arm.

“Come on, you know there’s something there between you two. Everyone sees it. You constantly fiddle with her piercings, you’re always ‘sharing albums’“, he said with a smirk.

“We do share albums. Don’t make it sound like something it’s not.”

“It could be something it’s not,” Sirius said.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Remus said, shaking his head. James slapped Sirius shoulder and looked up at Remus, who was almost a foot taller than the rest of them.

“We know you’re just friends for now, but think of what you could be,” James said, throwing his arm around his shoulder.

“What? Something like you and Lily?” James blushed severely and shook his head.

“No, something real,” Peter added. They all laughed while James shoved Peter playfully.

“Look, we’re gonna be late for Potions, and I really don’t want to have to be partnered with Severus again. Can you just drop it?”

“Fine,” they each said hesitantly as they followed Remus down to the dungeons.

When Remus walked into the Hufflepuff common room later that night, he was greeted with the scent of warm bread, and a honeycomb candle. He saw you sitting on one of the benches lining the wall, next to the open window. Outside, the sun was setting, making a shade of pink fall over the entire room.

He walked over to the bench and sat across from you. You smiled up at him, closing your book.

“Yay, I’m glad you’re here,” you said. Remus smiled and ran his hands through his hair nervously.

“Me too. So, what did your parents send you?”

“This new record,” you said, handing him the sleeve as you started the music quietly playing through the common room. “I had never heard of them, but you know how my dad has great taste in music? He picked this one up for me and said he has loads more, he just doesn’t want to part with them all at once.”

Remus laughed and bobbed his head along to the music. As the music played, you naturally felt yourself pulled towards Remus, and you moved to the other side of the bench, so that your shoulders were touching.

He looked down at you and smiled nervously, making you blush slightly.

Remus’s thoughts were suddenly brought back to the conversation that he had with his friends earlier, and he blushed deeper than you already were. He tried to push it from his mind, and just listen to the music. However, the next thing he knew, you were leaning against his chest, and Remus was playing with the hoop in your ear.

“Uh, oh, I’m sorry,” he said, sitting up stiffly.

“For what?” you asked, tugging on the hem of your jumper. He ran his hands through his hair and shrugged.  He sat up and looked down at you.

“Nothing, it was just something that my friends said earlier today.”

“What?” you asked.

“They just kept teasing me about you. They think we’d be perfect together. You know, as a couple.” You laughed, which was apparently not the reaction that Remus was looking for, because his face turned a bright shade of red. “I mean, it’s completely-”

“No, I’m laughing because my friends do the same thing. They’re always talking about how cute we’d be as a couple.”


“Yeah, it’s weird that everyone thinks that.”

“Yeah,” he said, the conversation now falling silent, the music playing the only sound in the room. “I mean, maybe it’s not that weird.”

“What do you mean?” you asked, looking at him quickly. He blushed again and laughed nervously, fidgeting with the sleeves of his sweater. “You’ve got to stop doing that.”


“Just take it off,” you said. Remus raised an eyebrow at you, but obliged. He pulled the balled up, gray sweater over his head, making his hair messier than it already was. For not the first time, you thought about running your hands through his messy brown locks.

“That’s better,” he said. You nodded, and felt your eyes trail down to his scrawny chest, and noticed some scratches along his neck and arms.. Remus must have noticed, because he folded his arms across his dark blue t-shirt.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s not weird.”

“You think so?” he asked.

“I mean, we do get along really well.”

“Yeah, we like the same music, same books, and classes. On paper-”

“Will you two shut up and just kiss already?” You both looked up and at the couch in front of you, a dark haired Hufflepuff girl you didn’t recognize was looking at you. You opened your mouth to argue, but before you could, hands were grabbing your face.

Your face turned quickly, and your lips were met with Remus’s. You clutched the hem of his t-shirt to keep yourself from falling into his chest. He pulled away a moment later, and shrugged at you as he wiped your dark lipstick off of his face.

“I figured we had to get it out of the way at least once.” You laughed and nodded.

“Happy now?” you yelled, talking to the girl a few feet in front of you.

“A little.” Remus laughed nervously and ran his hands through his hair again.

“You know,” you said, putting your hands in his hair, “It would be less messy if you could keep your hands out of it.” He closed his eyes softly and tilted his head back a little bit at your touch. “So,” you said, dropping your hand.


“Do you think everyone was right?” He smiled, and before he could answer, you put your hand on his knee and leaned up to kiss him. “So do I.” The girl in front of you two looked back and rolled her eyes.

“Hey, let’s get out of here,” he said quietly. “To be honest, I haven’t heard anything we’ve listened to since we touched. Mostly just ringing in my ear.” You laughed and took his hand as he stood up. He walked out of the Common Room, and led you to a broom cupboard down the hall.

“Too much?” he asked as he pulled it open. Something fell to the floor inside of the cupboard as you looked inside.

“No, I think it’s great,” you said, pulling him inside. He shut the door behind him, and you grabbed onto his waist, pulling him closer. “We can never tell anyone that they were right.”

“Never,” he said, kissing you. His hands were in your hair, holding you close. You held onto his t-shirt as you continued to make out. When you pulled away for some much needed air, you looked up at him with a smile.

“For the record, I like when you played with my earrings.” He laughed and kissed you again, this time keeping his hands close to your ears so he could still fiddle with your earrings.

“For the record,” he said, pulling away. “I like when we bump noses.” You giggled and pulled him close again, he backed you up until your hit a rack, and even though it jammed into your spine, you didn’t care.

The next day, as you were getting dressed, you realized that Remus had left his sweater. When you gathered up all of your things from the Common Room, you hadn’t even noticed you picked up his sweater. Although it was about midnight, so you couldn’t entirely blame yourself.

The sweater was so soft, and fuzzy, you couldn’t help but put it on. You’d give it back to Remus when you saw him next.

You walked with your friend down to breakfast, and fought off the smile that grew on your face when you walked past Remus’s table. You sat down, with your back to Remus’s. You started in on your pancakes when someone tapped your shoulder.

“What?” you asked, turning around to face Sirius and James’s smug faces. Remus on the other hand, was red hot again, looking very uncomfortable while Peter laughed next to him.

“Isn’t that Remus’s jumper?” James asked.

“No,” you said, trying not to give anything away. “I think it’s just the same.”

“You know, I’d believe that,” Sirius said with a smooth grin, “If James and I hadn’t caught you making out in the broom cupboard last night.”

You nearly fell out of your chair. You tried to shush them, while your friends tried to listen carefully.

“How-What- You know what,” you said, looking them dead in the eye. “I don’t know how you saw us, but I’ve got a couple of things to say to you. First of all, you guys are too close, and know too much about each other and it’s a little weird. Second,” you said, getting close to their faces, “If you spy on Remus and I again, I’ll jinx you into The Great Lake.”

“She’s perfect,” they said, looking back at Remus who grinned but shook his head.

“Thanks, guys. Now will you shut up?”

jily fic recs

since i love spreading that jily love™ here’s a list of some fics (in no particular order) i’ve fallen in love with and a bonus wolfstar fic because the characterisations in it are bomb. (btw these are mostly oneshot, non magical, modern aus) (also, there’s no surprise two of these are fake dating aus)

The Art of Deception by welcometonerdworld

Lily didn’t really plan on falling for James whilst pretending to date him to get back at her sister, but she supposes that’s all part of the art of deception.

A Sun in Lily’s Stomach by jiilys

Sometimes, if you screw up your eyes and breathe through your nose, you can remember a lot of green. […] But thinking about the accident makes your head hurt, so you try not to, because your head hurts enough already.

What A Beautiful Wedding by a_lrightevans

‘Sneaking away… from your sister’s wedding… for a snog…’ said James breathlessly between kisses. ‘Classy Evans -’ She shut him up by kissing him harder, knocking his glasses askew and tangling her hands in his hair.

Psh…“ she muttered as his lips moved to her neck. ‘This is what weddings were invented for.’

laisser derrière tout ce qui est perdu by padfootdidit

They meet accidentally, string entangling together beneath the ink of Paris’ night. In the lamplight she is a ghost, hair on fire. James goes to her and the stars turn his backpack into dusty wings.

when the tide comes in (we’ll go out with it) by padfootdidit

marauders au where they (all) live

Key Limes by fetchalgernon

In which Academy Award winner Lily Evans discovers the periphery of internet fandom and the mysteries’ of Prince James’ gold start system.

i would’ve kept the world like this by jiilys

didn’t they have dreams? the little children that marched off to war, how they bled, how they wished for better.

Bonus: Hard to find by accioromulus

The air conditioning is already broken, Sirius’s back has been effectively glued to the leather seat via sweat, and this road trop may have been a Very Bad Idea.

you can also find most of these on my lovely fic recs page

cassius-warrinqton  asked:

(my apologies about earlier) so here it is, drarry or snupin?

Hi! Sorry for the long wait. I’ll be doing Snupin <3

  • Regulus watched in horror as Greyback bit his friend. He was paralyzed for an instant. When he rushed forward, Greyback already left, though his laughter was still lingering, and it gave Regulus chills.
  • He quickly realized that if he didn’t do something soon, Severus would die.
  • At this point, the greatest chance of survival was probably to have another werewolf turn Severus, instead of letting Severus die of the bite.
  • It was not an ideal option, but when the other option was death, they probably couldn’t afford to be picky about their choices.
  • Regulus had actually suspected his brother’s friend Remus Lupin was a werewolf for a while. There were signs, and Regulus was sharp enough to realize them. And Severus had been waxing theories for ages, and then suddenly stopping to do so about two years back, was also reeked of suspicion.
  • Regulus didn’t know if Lupin would help them, but it was the only chance, and he had to try to save his friend.
  • The only thing was, he didn’t know how to contact Lupin. Or even Sirius. Sirius had not told his family where he was going to after his departure, and Regulus, hurt by this, hadn’t bothered to ask.
  • He supposed that Sirius might be with Potter. The problem was, Regulus didn’t know where Potter lived either.
  • He felt frustrated, before remembering another person. Lily Evans, Severus’s ex-friend, seemed also quite friendly with Lupin as well. He knew Evans lived quite near Severus, because the two of them had met during childhood.
  • “Severus,” Regulus said urgently, “give me Evans’s address. I’ll apparate us there.”
  • Severus’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief, his face still contorted in pain as he kept losing blood. “I – why do you need –”
  • “I have a plan, please. Just give me the address.”
  • Lily Evans’s eyes narrowed slightly when they first showed up on her doorstep, and then widened in horror as she saw Severus’s state. While they were no longer best of friends, it evidently still pained her to see him in such a state.
  • It was the first time Regulus had seen Evans this up close, and he had to admit that she seemed rather beautiful. But he quickly pushed that thought away and focused on the current crisis.
  • “I – I need your help. Please. Do you know where Lupin lived?”
  • “Why –” her green eyes were confused.
  • “He’s the only one who might be able to save Severus right now,” Regulus said, urgently. “Look, I know you and Severus are no longer speaking, but, if we don’t get Lupin right now, Severus is going to die.”
  • Evans gulped, and hesitated a moment before nodding. She ushered them into her living room, saying that her family wasn’t home right now, and ran to her room to get something. Regulus felt slightly relieved. He was glad that Evans wasn’t wasting more time asking questions.
  • A minute later, Evans brought back a parchment and started writing on it. Regulus glanced at it curiously, and she explained to him while she scribbled. “I made this myself. Our group of friends each had a piece of this parchment, and can transmit message to each other.”
  • She glanced at Severus again, before adding, “I’ve just asked Remus. I’m not sure how the others would react to Severus …”
  • Smart girl, Regulus thought. “I appreciate that.”
  • “Reg, what the fuck –” Severus rasped out. “Lupin?!
  • “Shut up, don’t waste your energy talking, I’m trying to save you here,” Regulus snapped. He glanced at the clock, a bit nervous about how much time they had left, and let out a sigh of relief when Lupin arrived by apparition.
  • “I need you to bite him,” Regulus said bluntly, wasting no time to cut directly to the point. Lupin stared at him in shock, and Regulus added. “Please. He’s been bitten and will die soon. This is the only way.”
  • What?” Evans asked, frowning in confusion.
  • Lupin looked torn, and Severus muttered something like “I’d rather die.” Regulus ignored Severus and looked directly at Lupin. “Please. I’m begging you.”
  • “Bitten by what?” Evans asked again.
  • Regulus grimaced, debated internally of what to reveal to her. But she’d already known too much at this point, and would probably figure out soon anyway. “A werewolf. Fenrir Greyback, to be precise.”
  • Lupin tensed, “I’ll do it.”
  • “Thank you,” Regulus whispered.


  • Severus woke up, feeling odd and exhausted, and unfamiliar with his body.
  • He opened his eyes and realized that he was unfamiliar with his surroundings, too. He was lying on a small, unrecognizable bed.
  • “You’re awake,” a voice said, and Severus’s eyes zoomed into focus and realized it was Lupin. Memories immediately came rushing back, and Severus tensed.
  • “I told Regulus to leave you with me at my house,” Lupin explained slowly, hesitantly, as if afraid of how Severus would react. “There might be some symptoms at first, and I know how to deal with them.”
  • Severus stared at Lupin for a long time, feeling complicated. He wondered what would the rest of his life be like. He wondered if death would really be better, or worse.
  • “Thank you,” he finally croaked out, even if reluctantly. Still, Lupin had saved his life, after all.
  • Lupin gave him a small, wistful smile, as he murmured, “We’re on the same boat now.”
  • With a pang in his heart, Severus realized that they indeed were.

finishing up the 500mmc asks

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do you think james and sirius just… sit there, behind remus in class… just… growing his ear larger and larger… one millimetre at a time… to see how long it takes him to notice


They do this it is fact. All so james can ‘fix’ it and practice his transfiguration. His proudest moment is the time he turned his ear into an entire birds nest, complete with chirping baby birds.

“If anyone ever asks who has the worst friends, it’s me. I do. They’re terrible and awful and I’m putting them up for adoption. Free to any home, doesn’t have to be good, because it won’t be after they arrive. I’m going to go live in girls’ dormitory with Marlene and Evans.”

Black Plague: Part 3

Remus: *walks in and sits down next to James* *stares at Sirius, his breath catching* He’s still asleep?  

James: He woke up for a minute, but he was completely delirious… He thought I was Regulus.

Remus: *swears under his breath* 

Madam Pomfrey: *rushing around the room, her face strained as she mutters to herself* How on earth did he contract…? *snaps at James and Remus, her face flushed* Did you lot sneak out into the forest?   

James: *caught off-guard* Wha- No! … No we didn’t.

Madam Pomfrey: *doesn’t wait for James’ response, muttering to herself* This doesn’t make sense… I’ve only seen symptoms like this in canines.

James: *goes rigid* 

Remus: *pales* 

Madam Pomfrey: *frustrated* It simply doesn’t make sense… How long has he been ill? 

Remus: S-since yesterday?

Madam Pomfrey: *sighs with relief* Well I don’t know how he contracted this, but thank Merlin, we’ve caught it early. 

Madam Pomfrey: *glances at the two boys staring back at her, unsure how to respond* …If I can work quickly enough.  

Madam Pomfrey: Now boys, I need you both out. 

James: *frantic* Can’t we stay?

Madam Pomfrey: *shakes head* This isn’t a pleasant process, and I don’t want anyone underfoot. I’ll let you return if… when he’s stable. *firmly* Out. 

Remus: *gently places a hand on James’ shoulder as James opens his mouth to protest* Thank you Madam Pomfrey. 

James: *sighs in frustration* *mutters* Thank you. 

*Remus and James rise slowly from their seats, casting one more look at Sirius, then leave* 

*Later that night*

Madam Pomfrey: I’m telling you Minerva, all the symptoms point to it.

Madam Pomfrey: I don’t know how on earth… he’s so young. 

McGonagall: Or with a mother like that… perhaps she made both of her children illegal animagi. 

Madam Pomfrey: Should we tell…?

McGonagall: *quietly* No. We don’t know for certain. This boy’s been through enough. I’ll deal with this Poppy. 

Madam Pomfrey: *sighs* Very well Minerva *mutters* I’m just the nurse… I clean my hands of this. 

You may want to leave, this isn’t going to be pleasant. 

Sirius: *tries to break through the haze in his mind, his vision blurry and ears muffled* *watches as shadowy figures pace around him* *spots the outline of a woman* 

Sirius: *a wave of fear crashes over him*  Walburga? 

*suddenly feels white hot pain erupt from behind his eyes and sear through his skull*

Sirius: *registers hands holding him down to the bed and struggles against them, panic taking over* *screams as the pain spreads with agonizing slowness through the rest of his body* *everything goes black*

*The Next Morning* 

Madam Pomfrey: *tsks at Remus and James, who rushed to the hospital wing first thing in the morning and knocked at her office for ten minutes until she answered* Foolish boys. 

Sirius: *breathes steadily, his eyes still closed*

Remus: *stares, anxious* Please… wake up Pads.

Sirius: *glances around* … The fuck?

Sirius: What happened?

James: You almost died, you asshole.

Sirius: I…. what?

Remus: You were sick… actually sick. 

Sirius: ….. Oh…  Well then… *slowly sits up, wincing* 

Sirius: *casts Remus a self-satisfied smirk* Guess now you guys will listen to me when I tell you I’m dying… *grins broader* Looks like I DID catch the “black plague”.

Remus: … You goddam idiot.

Sirius: *smirks* Aw… nice to know that all it took was a near death experience to show how much you guys love me. 

Remus & James: Shut up Pads. 



Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Summary: You and Remus are just friends. Clearly, just platonic. No romantic feelings whatsoever. It’s perfectly normal for friends to smell each other when they smell love potion, right?

A/N: This is pretty short, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Hope you like it!

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

(Not my gif)

“I think that’s everything,” said Remus, scanning the Potions textbook lying open on the desk between the two of you. “We can’t have missed anything.”
“Let me see?” You shifted closer to see the book, too busy reading to notice the blush spreading across your work partner’s cheeks. He smiled softly at the way you bit your lip in concentration, your brow furrowed as you studied the page titled “Amortentia”. He had to fight the urge to fix the stray strand of hair that kept falling across your eyes.
“It looks like we’ve done everything right,” you confirmed. Remus opened his mouth to reply, but the Potions professor came bustling over at that moment.
“Miss (L/N), Mr Lupin, finished, are we?” Slughorn asked cheerfully. “I must say, this looks very good. What does the potion smell like?”
“Ladies first,” Remus smiled. You stood on tiptoe to see over the edge of the enormous black cauldron in front of you, taking a deep breath and closing your eyes.
“It smells like…chocolate, old books…something like a dog?” you frowned in confusion. “And…I dunno what else that is. It’s like someone’s cologne or something.”
Remus’ face fell. If you could smell a dog in the potion, that must mean you like Sirius, not him.
“Remus? Remus?” You waved your hand in front of his face to get his attention. “What do you smell?”
He cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to hide his disappointment and leaning over the cauldron.
“I smell chocolate…someone’s perfume, I dunno whose…and ink, I think.”
He moved away from the cauldron quickly, trying to hide his reddening face. He knew exactly whose perfume he could smell, and she was standing right next to him.
Slughorn looked between the two of you knowingly, smiling slightly. “Well, congratulations, you two. Good work.”
As he moved away to another desk, you nudged your friend gently.
“You alright? You look kinda out of it.”
“Uh, yeah, I’m fine. Do you think it’s accurate?” he asked, gesturing to the book. “Like does it really make you smell your favourite things? Or just stuff you’ve smelt recently?”
You frowned. “Well, I haven’t been around any dogs recently, and I still smelt that. Although…”
You shook your head slightly. “It wasn’t a dog…it was different, somehow. Maybe an animal like a dog, like a wolf or something.”
You looked away quickly, realising how that must have sounded. You could feel your cheeks turning scarlet; you knew exactly what you’d smelt. You’d smelt a werewolf, and the soft cologne he wore, the smell that engulfed you when you hugged him. The smell that you’d ever so slightly fallen in love with.
“Yeah, it’s probably not accurate.”

It was accurate, alright.

As you sat in the common room a few months later with your head resting on Remus’ shoulder, his arms wrapped around your waist, you breathed in slowly. That familiar smell of chocolate and cologne overwhelmed you, and a smile settled on your lips.
“You look happy,” he commented, looking down at you with kind eyes. You smiled again.
“I am. I am really happy that I took Potions this year.”
He chuckled, confused. “What? You always complain about that class. Are you feeling alright?” he joked, feeling your forehead in mock concern. You swatted his hand away, laughing.
“I know, but it made me realise some important things! Like how nice chocolate and cologne smell together,” you grinned, burying your face in his neck. He smiled softly, pressing his lips to the top of your head.
“Not as nice as ink and your perfume,” he teased, tickling your sides. You wriggled, giggling.
“Where did you even get ink from that day? I don’t smell like ink.”
Chuckling, he lifted your hands and made you look at the palms. They were splattered with jet black ink.
“Yeah, I have no idea where I got that from,” he said sarcastically, grinning.
“Oh shut up.”

But think about this

Harry teared up about his mom making her ‘g’s the same way he did right? 

WELL you are fucking lying to me if you say that Remus didn’t notice it too while going through his homework. That man’s best friends are dead, and the other one he thinks is a murderer so yea, that man is crying when he notices how Harry and Lily’s ‘g’s look the same. 



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Cursed Child:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part 1, Act 1, Scene 1&2

As of 6/7/17

OK, I just thought I’d point one thing out to the Wolfstar fandom:

There’s no such thing as swearing in Welsh.

At least, there isn’t if you’re not really odd. Most of us use English swear words, but put on a really Welsh accent while we say them. You can bet that Remus Lupin had a mouth like a sailor’s, but not in Welsh. 

You know what we do have an abundant of? Terms of endearment (this will be particularly useful for any fic writers who want to write Remus as Welsh).

We don’t really have a word for boyfriend or girlfriend, so we call them our “cariad” instead, which means our “love”. If imagining Sirius referring to Remus as his cariad in an effort to impress Remus doesn’t make you grin, I don’t know what will.

We have lots of other things to call people, like “blod”, which is short for “blodyn”, which means flower. “Annwyl” means dear. “Rwy’n dy garu di” means I love you, if anyone wants to write about Sirius doing his best to speak Remus’ language and failing miserably.

We also have this very famous thing called a “cwtch”, which doesn’t fully translate into English, but means something in between a hug and a cuddle. You can bet the pair of them used to cwtch in front of the fire after the moon.

(This has nothing to do with Welsh phrases, but can we appreciate the Marauders on an important national day? On the day of a rugby match, they would definitely lead the whole school in a chorus of Bread of Heaven and perhaps some Tom Jones. On St David’s Day, they would charm a huge red dragon onto the walls of the school and tell the first years terrifying stories from Welsh mythology). 

So, go crazy. Wales is awesome and not discussed often enough as far as Remus is concerned.