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Okay so basically we decided that it is Time™ to start writing and drawing and collaborating more, and what better time than the eve of a brand new year (lmao 2017 pls be kinder) to start? So we made a prompt list (under the cut) and we will write/draw for you!

How to participate ?

  • Send one of the following URLs an ask with a prompt listed below the cut
  • Add a pairing yourself (we are all mainly drarry but, we are open to suggestions) (we are also allowed to say no to pairings if we don’t feel comfortable with them)
  • Bold URLs are the ones that write, cursive are the artists, the others are our beta’s and inspirational sources
  • Reblog this post
  • Follow us (okay kidding this is not obligatory but it would be nice)
  • Annnnd, that’s it, really

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okay so the parentstuck au is great, so i have this terrible meme to contribute. dave and karkat are raising anshu, right? but these dorks have no idea how to raise a kid. so when she goes to say her first word, all that comes out is “FUCK” and they’re appalled and proud at the same time. so they’re bringing her over to john and roxy’s house, and during dinner she just repeats “FUCK” and john drops his fork and roxy laughs super hard and jamie repeats it tentatively and everyone’s in tears and the children are swearing thank you and goodnight