shut up little man

Chris Evans dating someone younger would include

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  • not giving a single skittle about what other people think of you 
  • he actually likes being older than you
  • it gives him more reasons to be overprotective
  • he likes being the “experienced” one 
  • giving you cute lil nicknames
  • always calling you “little one” just to annoy you
  • “shut up, old man”
  • him mostly being the big spoon
  • but when he’s feeling sad and anxious, you don’t really mind spooning him
  • “when i was your age….”
  • him laughing because you’re so cute when you’re mad
  • he adores kissing your hands
  • and in winter, when your hands get really cold, he likes to take them in his hot ones, rub them together and give them little kisses
  • always being there when you’re feeling down
  • him being interested in your hobbies and attentively listening to you when you’re talking about the things you love
  • forehead kisses
  • him being ever-so-gently with you
  • because you’re his “china doll”
  • whenever you’re feeling sad about negative comments on your relationship
  • he always takes your hand, pulls you in for a dance as he softly sings “how deep is your love” by bee gees
  • “they all should let us be, we belong to you and me”
  • eskimo kisses
  • when you’re asleep, he loves staying up to look at you and admire your exceptional beauty
  • caressing your skin softly with his fingers
  • thanking universe that he’s alive the same time as you
  • pulling you close to him
  • breathing in your scent
  • “god, i’m so lucky”
  • cishets: look at our little man hanging out with that little girl! they're starcrossed lovers, husband and wife, man and woman in love for life!
  • trans people and gay people: *exist and want to have media representation*
  • cishets: noooo no nononono, that's not appropriate for my obviously hetero masculine son!!!!! stop forcing your LIFESTYLE on my CHILD! that's an ADULT subject, sexuality and gender deviance, that!
  • trans people and gay people: *looks into the camera like on the office*
  • Ki-bo: (running around in panic) 'Momota-kun! Ouma-kun! Where are you?!'
  • Akamatsu: 'Huh? What has gotten into you today?'
  • Ki-bo: 'They just dissappeared! They said they wanted to go to the men's restroom but they never came back!'
  • Akamatsu: 'But they are standing right behind the corner.'
  • Ki-bo: (gasps) 'W-Where?!'
  • Momota: 'Hey!' (waves)
  • Ki-bo: 'Who are you?!'
  • Akamatsu: 'Listen, Ki-bo... Momota-san is right over there. Kokichi-san as well. Might your sensor be broken?'
  • Kokichi: 'Ever since we went to take a shower he's strange like that. It's like he doesn't recognize us at all. Well, I suppose robots can be broken too, nishishishi...'
  • Ki-bo: 'Shut up! You weird little man I don't know!'
  • Akamatsu: 'But Kokichi-san isn't that off with that. If you can't recognize them, then maybe that means your lenses are broken?'
  • Ki-bo: 'That would be absurd. I recognize most people by their smell.'
  • Akamatsu: 'Uhm, they took a shower, so...'
  • Ki-bo: '!!!!'
  • Kokichi: 'Nishishishi...'
  • Momota: 'I'm somehow dissappointed he only recognize me by my smell...'
  • Ki-bo: 'Ok, I'm angry! People, from now on, stop showering! I can't tell you apart if you don't stink!'
  • Kokichi: '.... I'll shower every day from now on. Twice.'
Imagine the TMFU trio at Fashion Week
  • Imagine the TMFU trio at Fashion Week...
  • Illya: No, no, no, you cannot put Gucci belt anywhere near Armani. Is law.
  • Illya: Shut up, little man, I don't care if your name is "Meekhael Kors", this logo mean communism in mother Russia
  • Illya: People credit deese silly designers, but really, designed by Russians
  • Napoleon: Well hello there, tall, blonde, and gorgeous.
  • Gaby: What do you mean that a runway isn't for planes?


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*Another soul of bravery appeared. *Ethan slowly approached Austin, before taking a seat next to him "...Hey. What do you think is worse? Having the people you care about most die in front of you, or...having a horrible family, who sticks with you till the end? Heh. But of course you've kinda had both, huh?"

“Peh, shut up little man!” He lightly punched the kid’s shoulder. “That’s not really something you can chose. It hurt more when we lost mom, no matter how many times I got beat and Marin had to watch and cry, none of it was as painful when mom left.” The young man sighed as he twiddled his thumbs. “So, how about you?”

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  1. So Sad, So Sad - Varsity
  2. mus_LOC_CalRepublic_Day_1Low - Fallout New Vegas
  3.  I’m Movin Out - Fallout New Vegas
  4. mus_BTTL_Lp_Good4_Rural_Full
  5. mus_DNGN_Eight_1Low
  6. Come On Up By Red Light District (Good Co Remix) - Good Co
  7. Genius of Love (Tom Tom Club) - Talking Heads
  8. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage - P!ATD
  9. scars - Dandelion Hands
  10. Putting The Dog To Sleep

im in the middle of packing for thescon and i stopped to do this just for you so you better be happy

Day 12: 1920′s Mafia

“A-aren’t I a little young to be smuggling alcohol, Rick?”

“…Shut up, Morty.” 

Man, I had a shitty ass day and I wasn’t gonna draw, but I’m glad I did. I’m happy with how this one turned out, and it put me in a better mood. 

Oh oh. I was tagged by the lovely @xionin the other night to do the music shuffle tag. I totally forgot but better late than never. I’ve already done one of these (which you can find here) but I love this sort of stuff and I love being thought of, so I’m going to do it again. In my first one I did songs from my Isak x Even playlist, this time I’m going to do songs from my Favourite Fan Videos playlist. I’ll write the song and who/what the fan video is about. There’s also a link to the fan video if you’re curious. (:

i wouldn’t mind - he is we
enzo x caroline (from before bonenzo was all i cared about)

lost along the way - john nordstrom
crixus x naevia 

shake it off - taylor swift
katherine pierce

losing your memory - ryan star
band of brothers

shut up and dance with me - tanner patrick
maya x lucas

little lion man - mumford and sons
miles hollingsworth

road to joy - bright eyes
zig novak

can i be him - james arthur
isak x even

flowers for a ghost - thriving ivory
eli goldsworthy

youth - daughter
aaron x ross (i love robron but in an alternative universe… just maybe?)

Club Fun (Requested)

Thanks for requesting! Requests are open :)

A/N: I don’t write smut so I just did an imagine. Sorry but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)

Brett watched with an amused smirk as Hayden Romero yet again dismissed Liam. He chuckled as she threw the money at him and stormed away. Liam trudged back to him in obvious defeat.

“Aw, don’t feel bad Liam.” Brett set a hand on his shoulder. “I just don’t think she likes you very much.”

Liam glared at the taller boy and slapped his hand off. “Shut up Brett.”

Brett grinned. “I’m trying to be helpful little man. To be honest, I don’t even know why you’re wasting your time. She obviously hates you and she’s not even that cute.” 

He looked around the club looking for a pretty girl. He struggled to see past the colored strobe lights and the processed fog until he finally spotted someone. Someone gorgeous. Someone that put Hayden Romero to shame. 

“You need to find someone like her.” Brett pointed across the club. 

Liam followed his finger and his eyes widened at the beautiful girl before him. She was tall with long legs and she was standing alone. He took a step forward, ready to go introduce himself.

“Whoa there buddy.” Brett grabbed his arm, yanking him back. “She’s mine. Go find someone for you. See you later.”

With that, Brett strutted off and stopped right in front of the girl. He shot her a smile. “Hey.”

She gave him a bored expression and set her drink down. “Hey.”

“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N).” His eyes focused on her perfect lips but he quickly moved them back up to her (Y/E/C) eyes.

“I’m Brett.” He stuck out his hand.

She gave him a confused look but took it anyway. “I didn’t realize this was a formal introduction.”

“Well it is now,” He said smoothly. “You want to dance?”

She shrugged. “Sure.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him out to the dance floor. They migrated through the sea of people until they got to the middle, underneath the disco ball. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him slightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him.

Brett couldn’t help but notice Liam’s jealous expression from the corner of the room. 

She looked up at him and back down at his hands. “What am I, a nun? Put your hands somewhere else.” 

He slid his hands down until they were on her butt and she leaned into him more. The music pounded in their eyes, the disco ball rotated above them and the strobe lights flashed, making their bodies light up on the floor. Brett was starting to get a little bothered and he swallowed hard, trying to suppress himself. He almost jumped for joy when she asked, “Do you want to go somewhere more private?”

He didn’t answer her. He took her arm and pulled her from the dance floor. He led towards the back of the club, separated by the curtains. He took her through the curtains and sent a wink towards Liam. Boy, was he getting lucky tonight.


The documentary Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure has really got it all, you guys: our dream-friend Daniel Clowes, audio verite, and the music of the Magnetic Fields all make appearances. It’s about the sprawling history of an art project that commenced when two cute ‘80s alterna-guys started secretly recording their elderly, drunken neighbors fighting. It made me cry at the end and it’s streaming on Netflix. GO.

- Amy Rose