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Things the Haikyuu!! Fandom Wants
  • a beach episode 
  • an episode where they go to the beach 
  • shirtless crows at the beach 
  • karasuno playing beach vball 
  • tanaka and noya being body guards of kiyoko and yachi at the beach 
  • kageyama almost drowning due to not admitting he cant swim 
  • a beach episode 

As someone who occasionally scrolls through the Yandere Simulator tag for shits and gigs, I feel like there isn’t enough love for our Devpai, so I decided to make a quick post to remedy that. 

Please note: I understand that there are two sides to this fandom - the side that loves Alex, and the side that’s out for his blood. I’m proudly in the former category, and this post ISN’T an invitation for you to tell me everything the guy’s ever done that could be seen as wrong in his life. Whatever your personal opinion is, our Devpai works very hard, and without him, we wouldn’t have this awesome game. Also, this isn’t a complete list of why we’re lucky to have Yandere Dev so feel free to add on.

  • Call me crazy, but I feel like YanDev “has” to apologise too much. Very complicated and time consuming feature not ready on time? Apology. Latest video not uploaded yet because he was too busy working on the game? Apology. Newest build so much as ten seconds late? Apology. I find this sweet but also sad. It’s great that he cares about his fanbase so much, and wants to stick to his promises, but these things happen, and I like to think that at least most of the fandom can respect that. 
  • Dude works his ass off on the game, but still somehow finds time to implement things just to make us happy. Easter eggs, mission mode, you name it. Yandere Sim already has incredible replay value and it’s not even done yet. 
  • YanDev often goes through social media and acknowledges work done by fans of the game. He doesn’t need to, and could easily be forgiven for not bothering, given how insane his schedule is; but somehow he finds the time for it, and that’s pretty cool. He treats fanwork like the compliment it is and is appropriately kind about it. 
  • He’s not one of those developers who asks for input and then ignores it. You see it time and time again with people who ask others for their opinion, then disregard completely pet peeve right there. YanDev has his own view for the game and that should be respected, but whenever he puts out a poll or something, he always takes the results into account when deciding what to do next. It’s nice to be listened to.
  • He’s forever taking time to stop and acknowledge the rumours and controversy surrounding YanSim, and himself. It must be a total pain, but it’s very mature of him to do.
  • He referenced Jay in a stream (I think it was? The video was on YT), and anyone who also watches Kubz Scouts is OK in my book. Just saying.
  • I’m not going to pretend that he’s the most perfect human in the world because I don’t actually know him personally and therefore can’t make a judgement on what kind of human he is, but Alex is still our Devpai, and he’s still worked tirelessly to give us something very fun, so TL;DR:

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B L A C K  M I R R O R

Black Mirror released on Friday.  I’ve only watched Nosedive.  But I’m here to say: what the actual fuck you guys.  This show deals with suicide, society, binge eating, mind fucking realities, and the horrors of humanity.

And all I see is Season 3 Episode 4?  Like, are you fucking kidding me right now?  The only thing tumblr can take away from this fucking show is two girls falling in love?  While that is fucking GREAT I really think most people are missing the whole fucking POINT of the series overall.


Let’s talk about this a little bit.

Episode 1:  The National Anthem

After the kidnapping of a Royal Family Dutchess, the Prime Minister of the UK is contacted by an anonymous group, stating that the Dutchess will be put to death if he does not comply with their requests.


The request that they make is less than appetizing, of course.  The PM, attempting to retrieve the Royal Highness to safety, must have sex with a pig on national television.  Contingencies in place and all.  Appalled, the PM, naturally, does everything in his power to find the Dutchess before his date with ~destiny~ (that’s what I’ve named the Pig).

Moral of the Episode:  All government members should fuck pigs because that’s what they are.

Episode 2:  Fifteen Million Merits

Out of all the episodes, this one has stuck with me the longest.  In a future (no unlike our own) where people must cycle on exercise bikes in order to obtain Merits (which is a virtual currency), which allows the rider to customize their avatar, purchase new games, watch new shows, and most importantly skip ads, and where the only thing that matters is the information the media is feeding you, Bing struggles.

Obese and overweight people are considered second class citizens in this utopia, acting as the janitorial staff for the riders around the complex.  Inheriting Fifteen Million Merits from his recently deceased brother,  Bing, weighs his options on how to use them.  He can use his merits for his own gain and remove himself from the endless cycling of his every fucking day life–or he can use his merits and gain a much needed X-Factor pass (worth every merit he has) in order to move up as a celebrity or reality show contestant.

Then he meets her.

Moral of the Episode:  We all live in a plugged in society, where we gaze through the rose colored lens of facebook and bitcoin and all the useless bullshit that the tabloids and the media says is important.  This episode is one of the most impactful.  It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

Episode 3:  The Entire History of You

The title itself reads like Welcome To Night Vale.  In this alternate future, each person has a small little “grain” implanted in their heads for perfect recall in all things.  They can reexperience every little sensation with this “grain”.  Fall in love for the first time again.  Know what it’s like to break your hand in excruciating detail.  Remember the birth of your child as vividly as yesterday.

After a meeting goes very poorly at work, Liam attends a dinner party with his wife and a few other friends.  Upon asking how his meeting went, they all want to rewatch the whole thing (known as a re-do) to help Liam and give him advice on what he might have done wrong.  With his wife’s intervention, they don’t put his humiliation up onto the screen for everyone to see.  Instead, a girl starts talking about being brutally attacked and how she much prefers being “grain-free” now, since the assault ruined her “grain.”

Moral of the Episode:  Be careful what you wish for–memories are hell.

Season 2

Episode 1:  Be Right Back

Recently moved to the countryside, Ash, a social media addict, and his wife, Martha (UHM HAYLEY ATWELL????) seem to be living the perfect life.  Until Ash doesn’t come home one night.  Killed in a tragic accident while returning their moving van, Martha spirals deep into depression.

Well her sister convinces her to join this new social media site that allows you to talk to your dead loved ones.  It’s a computer algorithm made to mimic people based off of their social media posts.  Comforted by her husband’s face online presence, Martha slips further and further down the rabbit hole.

Moral of the Episode:  Death is hard, but what does it mean to be you?  If an algorithm can emulate you after you die, does that mean you live forever?

Episode 2:  White Bear

Waking up with no recollection of who she is or how she got in the apartment she currently occupies, Victoria wanders through a world where everyone is obsessed with simply recording her.  Confused and begging for help, Victoria is ignored by the new found voyeurism that has swept society since her suicide attempt.

When demanding for people to stop recording her, she is set upon by a strange man wearing a strange mask (embued with a weird Symbol) and fired upon with a shotgun.  Confused, Victoria must survive the assault, or die trying.

Moral of the Episode:  Don’t ask a stranger for help–mob mentality is real and society revels in spectacles and violence.  To survive you must fit in.

Episode 3:  The Waldo Moment

Jamie, a severely depressed and washed out comedian, plays the role of ever popular TV sensation, Waldo–a blue bear that interviews politicians and authority figures on TV (like a late show).  Thinking to capitalize most on Waldo, the producer decides that Waldo should run in the upcoming election against real politicians.

Hesitant to go into the world of politics, Jamie eventually agrees to this hairbrained scheme and launches his campaign of lies, slander, and backwater politics–all headed and encouraged by the producer.  What we get is a very familiar election campaign–hello Trump.

Moral of the Episode:  A bear who is completely CGI is more real than any political authoritative figure.  And people are more than willing to listen to him.  What does that say about us?  Spoon fed ideals and concepts and we take it all at face value.

In Conclusion

This show is more than just girls kissing and LGBT rights.  Stop pandering to 3x4 and instead actually watch the fucking series.  It’s important, it’s wholly mind shattering, and as a result you will find yourself looking at the world through different eyes.  Black Mirror is fucked.  It’s beautiful.  It’s horrifying.  But it’s all very real.

Do yourself a favor and challenge yourself.

I’m so sorry...

A while back (like a week or so) I asked for prompts because I didn’t have many fic ideas. Many of you sent in requests and I am so grateful!! However, lately I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and write any of them. 

I feel so crappy about it, and I’m sure one day I’ll get slapped across the face with a way to write them but I just wanted to let you know why it’s taking me so long  to get them done. 

Hope you can deal with me and have patience about this. 

…on the plus side, I’m less than 10 away from my next 100. Which is crazy since I just hit 600 at the beginning of this month.. So thanks for liking my stuff and tolerating the swarm of emotions that has colonized in the creative parts of my mind. 

i don’t mean to be rude or anything but i’ve been annoyed by how the refs/league favors crosby for so long and now people are finally talking about it. crosby is a phenomenal player and i don’t want to take that away from him but he definitely knows what he can get away with. i’m sick of the league favoring him (and maybe others i’m sure it’s not just him) and “turning away” when they do something that they should get a penalty for.