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Faerie Bath Recipe/Spell

Add the following to your bathwater in however small/large portions you wish:
2 parts rose petals and/or hips
2 parts lavender
2 parts hibiscus
1 part dandelion
pinch of sea salt
4 parts Moon water (i used about 1/4cup because it’s all i had left)

To take this from simple relaxing bath to a spell to call upon the Fae and/or realign your energies through them, simply light two or three candles (a white and then whatever other colors you feel relate to what you need at the moment), and a handful of the stones you are closest to or you feel can help (I used rose quartz, howlite, petalite, botswana agate, fluorite, and amethyst just to name a few).

Extra: I added a bit of lavender epsom salt and a Rose Queen bath bomb I had laying around to my bath tonight because I felt like pampering myself; feel free to add your favorites as well to make this bath work for you even better!

I just realized what I need in my life:

A modern day Rumbelle Au where teenage Baelfire and Emma set Rumple up a dating profile and find this girl who’s nearly a perfect match in their eyes and they set up a date and make Rumple go and he meets Belle and Belle ends up telling him that her friends set up her account and she really had no idea what was going on and he admits that his son and his son’s girlfriend set his up and they laugh awkwardly about it and then he starts making horrible pick up lines involving condiments and just

I need this.

But I can’t write it well enough I think.

I just need it.

Just for shiggles I wanted to see how closed I could get my corset. So far, I’ve only been able to close it to 36", which is only a 2" reduction from my natural waist. This is a 32" corset.

However, in this picture, I’ve managed to get it closed to 35"! Which is a 3" reduction, and I’m super freaking excited! I love the shape I get from my corset, which I’m sure will be much more comfortable to wear once I start exercising and stuff which I’m planning to do this summer.

So, yay!

thecorsetauthority reblogged my photo from earlier and holy crap there’s a kinda influx of notes on it (it’s probably not just because of the reblog, but wow)

part of me wants to make a dress where my corset is on the outside of it even though my corset is just for waist training. it’s a pretty corset

and it makes me feel like I’m wearing armor.



I have had this song on repeat for nearly the past week… I don’t know what’s being said (where I know some Korean and can understand some songs, I have no knowledge of Mandarin), but there’s just something about this song…

It keeps me in a neutral mood. There’s so much emotion in Rainie’s face and her voice, that when I feel too much emotion or not enough, watching this video or hearing this song just… brings me to an equilibrium.

It’s beautiful.

My Rumple (a very dear friend of mine) is at Dragon*Con this weekend, along with two of our other friends. I was supposed to go, along with one of my roommates, but we both got denied being off work.

Anyway, I got a text earlier saying that another Rumple cosplayer gave her a live rose to “give to her Belle.” (that would be me)

So, I just kind of went “awwwww” and about damn nearly cried.

god damn it

now i’m sitting in my room contemplating more Pokemon!Rumbelle while playing LoZ: A Link Between Worlds and listening to the fucking Russian 404 page remembering when my Rumple and I danced around her room to these fucking songs like idiots when we were still obsessed with the Avengers and I was Tasha listening to these songs and saying things in a horrible Russian accent.