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Faerie Bath Recipe/Spell

Add the following to your bathwater in however small/large portions you wish:
2 parts rose petals and/or hips
2 parts lavender
2 parts hibiscus
1 part dandelion
pinch of sea salt
4 parts Moon water (i used about 1/4cup because it’s all i had left)

To take this from simple relaxing bath to a spell to call upon the Fae and/or realign your energies through them, simply light two or three candles (a white and then whatever other colors you feel relate to what you need at the moment), and a handful of the stones you are closest to or you feel can help (I used rose quartz, howlite, petalite, botswana agate, fluorite, and amethyst just to name a few).

Extra: I added a bit of lavender epsom salt and a Rose Queen bath bomb I had laying around to my bath tonight because I felt like pampering myself; feel free to add your favorites as well to make this bath work for you even better!

yo. how about, as witches, we stop fucking pushing other witches into the ground, hmm? because really, no matter the craft, we’re all practicing something that fills us with energy - cosmic, kitchen, cottage, bath, beauty, general - it’s all magic and we all deserve to do with it what we wish

so stop making people feel like they shouldn’t post things or do things related to their practice just because someone else does similar shit. especially in relatively new practices (cosmic, for example), because hey - there’s gonna be similar shit because we only know about so many stars and we only have nine planets (FUCK YOU PLUTO IS A PLANET), and we only have so many astrological signs, and so many phenomena in space that we can use to enhance our magic.

how about that.

fucking let it be.