shut up it's a bullet wound

Replaced Twice

Request ~ “Could you do an imagine where the reader and Jason were a thing but after his death you became really close to Tim.”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader   Tim Drake x Reader

 You sat comfortably in front of the Bat Cave computer watching over Tim as he drove over to an abandoned ware house which he suspected was a hide out for a dangerous gang that had access to high tech weapons.

“We have a problem.” You heard his voice through the link.

“What do you mean, everything seems fine?” You clicked onto the camera footage near him and saw nothing remotely threatening.

“I’m being watched.” Tim whispered, you stood up from the computer and walked over to your motorcycle.

“I’m coming, be careful.” You hopped on and drove out the cave following his coordinates. After the death of Jason you were devastated and decided that you would stop training and fighting along side Batman. Yet Tim came along some how being able to discover all of your secret identities, quickly taking over the mantle of Robin. At first you and him didn’t get along, you felt as if he was replacing Jason, but you both grew close due to you training him and spending countless nights working on cases. Tim had become your shoulder to lean on and you his.

“(Y/N) stay, please.” His voice quivered.

“What, Tim? You know what never mind I’m on my way.” You shut off his link and continued your drive there. You arrived to his coordinates parking the motorcycle and hopping off. You walked around the perimeter searching for Tim, as you got closer to the warehouse you heard clashing and gun shots. You quickly jumped in through a window, glass littering the floor. Your eyes widened as you saw Tim and a another figure fighting.

“Robin?” You shouted at him as you aided Tim in fighting the other figure. It was dark you couldn’t quite make out the face of the opponent, a few lights still intact in certain areas. As if he read your thoughts the person appeared under one of the lights.

Your mouth dropped open, “Jason?” You dropped your grappling hook, Tim stepping defensively in front of you.

“So he replaced me with two sidekicks?” Jason snickered as he walked closer to the two of you.

“No that- Jason it’s me.” You pushed Tim out the way, peeling of your mask. Your eyes trained on him, he backed up a bit.

“(Y-Y/N)?” He stuttered his gun lowering down, “You replaced me too?” His voice became stern, fueled with anger.

“No Jason, that’s not what it is, come with us we can explain.” You pleaded, Tim’s eyes switching back and forth from the two of you.

“The old man replaces Robin, then you replace our relationship. Did I mean anything to you?” He sneered, the atmosphere getting thicker.

“Jason it’s not like that, please come home we can help you.” His gun raised up again aiming at Tim.

“No, its too late for that now.” A shot rang through the warehouse, as Jason slipped away. You pushed Tim out the way receiving the bullet into your chest.

“(Y/N) NO!” Tim screamed as he caught your limp body, blood spewing from your wound.

“It’s o-okay T-Tim…” Your eyes shut close, Tim quickly picked your body up bridle style, hopping onto his motorcycle, you sitting in front of him so he could drive while still holding your body.

Jason watched from afar, his eyes hidden behind his helmet, tears lingering in his eyes.

My Treasure (Sam Drake X Reader) fluff

Title: My treasure

Pairing: Sam Drake/Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2215

Authors note: I watched Stardust recently and the scene where Yvaine confess her love to Tristan and the scene where Tristan says he heard her when he was a mouse really got me inspired to write this…its attempted fluff but its came out as a sappy little love scene…I need to practice more with fluff…ah well I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Your voice felt delayed when you shouted. Everything was going in slow motion as you watched Sam’s body fall to the floor. A bullet through the shoulder, but from your angle it looked like his chest.

You grit your teeth in anger and come round from the wall and fire bullets into any figure you see. Your vision was blurred, a red mist melted over your sight, you just kept firing. It took a few seconds for you to take your finger of the trigger; the only thing that took you out of this rage was the voice of Nate behind you grabbing your shoulder. Your anger-furrowed brows soon turned to worry as you turn to him, instantly stopping the fire from the gun.

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