shut up idk what is this

do y'all realize… that you don’t have to look androgynous to be nonbinary ?? did you know that ppl can “pass” as one gender and still be nb ?? because i’m sick and tired of nonbinary ppl being expected to have a great fashion sense and look androgynous all the time… let me wear makeup and do “girly” things but also let me be “manly” and don’t think anything of me other than what i am. nonbinary.

boy group aesthetics
  • exo: shiny stuff, glass vases, sky high
  • bts: fire hydrants, not voting, kate kane
  • shinee: white birch trees, revamping old abandoned buildings, musicals
  • monsta x: sledgehammers, teeth, secretly preferring dnce to the jonas brothers
  • super junior: dress shoes, cool teachers, being out of milk
  • seventeen: 2000s disney channel movies, pop art, good puns
  • got7: watercolors, dogs drinking out of puddles, loose change
  • day6: life is good shirts, happy vibes, your coworker's significant other not remembering who you are
  • astro: bad puns, liking cats and dogs equally, father & son improv groups
  • vixx: the vampire diaries, belts, instagram

“Are you wearing my jacket?" 


"Are you wearing only my jacket?" 



Some fan art I did for @princedeadend and their fic Don’t Break Connection, Baby. This scene is just so funny and cute and so typical of Lance lol. Please go check out this fic cause it’s amazing and give the author some love as well

We all know that the Galra have sentries

These guys^^ And they’re basically just robots who act as guards or fight in an army. That seems.. pretty unfair to the Voltron team considering that they only consist of 7 people. But the Alteans had their own sentries!

RIGHT THERE, in S2EP7 the flashback that the Black Lion gives Shiro shows these guys in the background. I know it’s hard to see but their designs look pretty similar to

The gladiator bot that the castle has, and I think that the sentries the Galra have can also double as training bots just like the Altean one can. But this raises a bunch of questions like: Do Galra children practice with these bots? Do all alien species have their own bots? Can the castle mass produce these guys, or is there only one in the castle? Do you think Coran can make more? 

  • y'all: omg imagine shane, garrett and drew as the ghostbusters!!
  • me: but what if the ghostbusters were them instead
  • y'all: what
  • me: can you imagine bill murray seeing a ghost and being like "YES BITCH. I AM L I V I N G FOR THIS." or like---
  • y'all: ....
  • me: ok sorry i'll go home