shut up i'm excited ok

so @eccentric-bag-of-bones is at my house rn and even tho we were both tired as heck today (she more than me bc ya know, a 12 hours flight is not a walk in the park) we already had SO MUCH FUN

she downloaded mario kart and I’m unexpectedly good at it??

expect updates/pics of her visit in the next days, she’s staying for 13 days so we’re gonna do a lot of stuff haha

  • NO BUT–
  • I JUST–
  • Actual potential storyline for Dean and for Dean only???????????
  • Dean being praised????????????
  • Dean being told he’s worthy?????????????
  • Dean being his badass motherfucker self?????????????
  • Dean?????????????
  • Help????????????//?
  • ?????//?????//////??

And here again the same old lines.

“The words that he couldn’t say,”

“The feelings I couldn’t accept”

“Now, I’m going to listen to them”

Finally, she’s going to face Shishio and clear her feelings; she’s going to listen to him properly, and accept what he has to say. About time. It’s official.

But to go to my actual point, there’s another line that is missing, the final one:

“The hands that didn’t touch”

“The hands that didn’t touch”

Mazume forshadowing there. It’s confirmed.

(1) The words that he couldn’t say, he’s going to say them (Shishio),

(2) The feelings she couldn’t accept, she’ going to (Shishio’s feelings, she’s going to hear him),

AND (3) the hands that didn’t touch (Suzume’s and Mamura’s, which will eventually will be touched, if it follows the same narration as the previous ones). So their hands will be touched, they’re going to reunite.

I’m SO happy :“))))