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I really hate when a professor walks in and you can instantly tell they’re in a terrible mood but you’re the only one who caught on and its one of those days the class won’t shut up.

EXO as High School Seniors

김민석 // Minseok Kim ° Xiumin
¤ its been four years but people still call him minSOK
¤ he was born a year before all the seniors so he’s older than all of them
¤ “I have two part time jobs so shut the fuck up”
¤ doesn’t have any really close friends but still has some
¤ wears ear buds EVERYDAY, can’t live w/o them

김준면 // Junmyeon Kim ° Suho
¤ is the class president even though nobody knows who he is
¤ took every AP and Honors class possible from freshman year till now
¤ was on the national honors society every year and got the Summa Cum Laude award (4.0+ gpa ofc)

¤ very nice!!
¤ father friend but not a pushover

张艺兴 // Yixing Zhang ° Lay
¤ he always looks high but has never smoked in his life
¤ nobody knows he can dance hella good but he’s always doing dance moves in the air
¤ “bro , I don’t smoke weed stop asking”
¤ he laughs at people crying
¤ asks dumb questions in class “so is math related to science?” (everyone sighs)

변백현 // Baekhyun Byun ° Baekhyun
¤ a THOT
¤ wears tight pants so he can “enhance his curves”
¤ loud everyday for no reason!

¤ friends with all the janitors
¤ if you see him around chanyeol you know shit is going down (not in a good way)
¤ throws parties but gets drunk ; hooked up with Chanyeol (who follows him like a dog)

김종대 // Jongdae Kim ° Chen
¤ the sensible friend
¤ whines for e v e r y t h i n g, but its cute so cant get mad
¤ can’t never do nothing by himself (people always ruin it for him)
¤ short but strong
¤ has a car and people only want rides
(“youre all SNAKES” he whines)

박찬열 // Chanyeol Park ° Chanyeol
¤ and tall for no reason!!
¤ hangs off of his shorter friends because he “gets tired of walking”
¤ doesn’t know when to stop playing!!
¤ tries to turn in assignments at the last minute
¤ a part of the drumline in marching band
¤ in LOVE with baekhyun, doesn’t care what Baek does to him (“hes my cinnamon apple” he screams)

도경수 // Kyungsoo Do ° D.O
(literally me!!!)
¤ very very average student
¤ grades are good, test scores are qualifying
¤ everybody thinks he’s smart asf when he literally does nothing
¤ pretty asexual (but literally wants to hold jongin)
¤ only in the psychology club
¤ took cooking twice in a row (when he got to put in his schedule)
¤ “why are you looking at me, stop”

김종인 // Jongin Kim ° Kai
¤ “wheres this class again?”
¤ laughs at anything and everything because “its just funny” (with tears in his eyes)
¤ sleeps in class and super grumpy for the rest of the day
¤ acts condescending sometimes
¤ takes 47809678 snaps before sending them to kyungsoo (“omg I look so ugly 😥”)

오세훈 // Sehun Oh ° Sehun
¤ immune to people saying “Oh, its Sehun”
¤ has a sugar daddy, he calls him Lulu (“we wont even meet, he lives in China”)
¤ always absent for some reason too
¤ copies people’s homework and acts surprised when he gets caught

¤ VERY sassy , rolls his eyes 24/7

¤ “oh my GOSH , JUST SEND THE SNAP” (he yells at jongin)

Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Chapter one.

He sits in the back of the classroom with his head on the table and his eyes closed, chocolate curls dancing along his forehead and plump lips curled into the most beautiful frown. Nobody knows why he’s here, or where he’s come from, just that he smokes expensive cigarettes and smells like an adult’s cologne. Sixteen-year-old Richie Tozier has not spoken a word to anybody in the eleventh grade since the first day he arrived—December seventh, Eddie would never forget it.

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OH MY GOD YOU LOVE STEVE HARRINGTON TOO THANK GOD HES A PURE BOY. Anyways, headcanons on dating steve and being a bit younger than him? Thank you for also loving steve harrington boy neEDS SOME LOVING

warning: SEASON 2 SPOILERS AHEAD !!!!!

• after having his heart broken by Nancy, Steve is a little hesitant when it comes to relationships for fear of it ending like it did with her

• but when he meets you and really gets to know you, his fears seem to melt away, and he doesn’t realize he’s falling for you until he’s in way, way too deep

• so he accepts the fact that he’s head over heels in love with you and your sweet smile — and is more than delighted to learn that the feeling is reciprocated.

• Steve feels like he has to protect you somehow; even though he’s only a year or so older than you, he does everything he can; from walking you home to occasionally checking on you during the evenings by sneaking in through your window

• he always, always kisses the tip of your nose before you have to separate to go to your classes. it’s his little ritual, he claims that it “brings him good luck”

• soft, sneaky kisses

• tender, passionate kisses where he cups your face in his hands or holds your waist

• walking hand in hand wherever you go

• after a while, Steve confessing in his fears of you leaving him, of you not loving him, which you gently shut down by doing little things for him to remind him you love him

• sharing whispers of “I love you"s every night, and getting to see the smile light up his entire being

• soft love making, with Steve whispering sweet nothings into your ear the whole time

• Steve being embarrassed and blushing like a dork when the children meet you, with Dustin making comments like “Oh, so you’re the girl he keeps gushing about? He’s making us all sick.” that prompt Steve to go “hey!” and throw small or soft things at him

Now I’ve Got You In My Arms

Pairing: Richie Tozier/ Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: hickeys, lots of hickey talk, implications of oral sex, implied top!eddie, a lot of fluff sorry

they are 18

word count: 2,726

@delicateloser @killerxqueer @richiietozierr

THANK YOU @tastes-like-cherry-coke FOR BEING MY BETA

AO3 Link

Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

It’s just another day in Derry. The Losers are in the hallway grouping up before their classes start. Richie and Eddie are running late. Again.

Just as the warning bell sounds, the two are rushing in toward their friends.

“Where have you guys been?” Stan asks, his eyes immediately adverting to Eddie’s neck, “And what the hell is that?”  

“Richie’s truck wouldn’t start,” Eddie said, initially ignoring Stan’s question before he covers his neck, “Yes, shut up, it’s exactly what it looks like.”

“From who?”

Eddie side-eyes Richie nervously, “S-some girl.. I went out last night.”

“Out?” Bill asks.

“Yeah..” Eddie trails off, remembering the night before.

He and Richie were both shirtless, Eddie in his lap, slowly moving himself around, moaning loudly as Richie attacked his neck like the leech he is.

“Eddie,” Bev calls out while dramatically waving her hand in front of Eddie’s face, “You good? You spaced out for a minute there.”

“Yeah, m’fine. I’ll see you guys at lunch.” Eddie turns and walks away in the opposite direction.

“Not gonna kiss your best friend goodbye?” Richie laughs when Eddie flips him off without turning around.

“Is it me or did Eddie seem really off when he responded to our questions?” Mike asks as the group watched the smallest boy go.

“Maybe it’s because he got fucking mauled last night. Did you see the size of those hickeys?” Ben makes a face and chuckles with Bill.

Richie awkwardly scratches the back of his neck and it must be his lucky day, because before his uncomfortable stance could be sensed by the group the second bell rings, “Yeeaaahh.. I’ll catch you guys later..”

After Richie leaves, the group disbands.

Two periods later, Eddie is in science when his phone vibrates on the desk. He slides it between two books, trying not to get caught checking it.

Richie: what’re you doing  [9:56AM]

Eddie rolls his eyes and types back, ‘im in science. cant skip today.’  [9:57AM]

Richie: you dont even kno what i was gonna ask  [10:01AM]

Eddie: was it that?  [10:01AM]

Richie: ok yeah but this time its different  [10:04AM]

Eddie’s mouth turns into a frown. Different? How? Everytime he skips with Richie they always go get fast food together and only sometimes he convinces Eddie to smoke with him.

Eddie: what do you mean?  [10:06AM]

Within seconds he gets a message back, but this time it’s a picture attachment. He opens it, almost regretting he did (he really doesn’t), eyes widening. Richie had taken a picture of himself- only showing his mouth and below. He’s biting his lip and- Eddie slams his phone down when he sees it- Richie has a hand down his jeans. Eddie’s face is flushed red.

“Mr. Kaspbrak, are you okay?” His teacher turns around from the chalkboard, shooting him a worried glance.

“Yes, fine. Can I use the restroom?”

“Sign out, please.”

Eddie does quickly and nearly runs out of the classroom. He unlocks his phone, Richie’s contact still up, and types out a blatant, ‘where the fuck are you’

Richie: downstairs bathroom, near the music department  [10:12AM]

Eddie narrows his eyes and walks down a flight of steps, turning a few corners, before attempting to pull open the bathroom door. It’s locked. That bastard fucking planned this.

“Open the door, asshole.”

The lock clicks, and the second it does, Eddie is pushing himself through the doorway, locking it again. He faces Richie.

“You’re such a little shit. You know that?”

“What’re you gonna do about it?” Richie challenges.

Eddie shoves him against the sink, “I shouldn’t do anything about it- you’re practically begging me to.”

Richie smiles cheekily, “Hm. I am.”

Eddie pulls Richie’s head back by his hair, lips immediately attaching to his neck, sucking hard. He has his other hand on the boy’s hip, tucking his fingers into the hem of his shirt, yanking it over his head, throwing it on the counter. He marks up Richie’s entire chest.

“Enough marks, I look like a fucking cheetah.”

Eddie gives him one more on his hip just to spite him. He stands back up, cupping his cheek, leaning in to kiss him on the mouth, but isn’t surprised when Richie doesn’t let him. Richie doesn’t do mouth kisses. He thinks back to a few weeks ago when they were sitting in Eddie’s room when he first tried to kiss him.

“No,” Richie had said quietly, “Too intimate. No kissing.”

But Eddie still wants to kiss Richie. No homo, of course, because that’s gay and Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay.

Those thoughts are interrupted when Richie flips him to the counter, kissing down his neck softly, taking off his shirt.

“You don’t always have to be in control, Eddie,” He whispers against the smaller brunettes pale skin.

“I know, but I want to. I like it.”

“Let’s change that..” Richie kneels down, unbuttoning his jeans, shoving the clothing to his ankles.

“Richie-” Eddie tries to protest, but cuts himself off. His eyes flutter to the back of his head and brings one hand to his mouth to bite his wrist, and the other one to pull on Richie’s hair because good god.

The next time The Losers meet up again is at lunch. Everyone but Eddie is there.

“Hey-hey, you guuuys,” Bev sings, setting her tray down. “Anybody want to trade their french fries for my tater tots?”

“T-They’re the same thing,” Bill tells her.

“You’re a fake friend. Everyone knows it’s about the texture.”

Ben rolls his eyes, “Nuh uh, it tastes all the same. You’re so weird.”

“No, you both are weird. Texture is everything, it-”

“I’ll trade with you, Bev.” Stan speaks up. “I understand.”

“At least someone d-”

Mike cuts her off when he sees Richie parading over, bruises covering his neck, “Holy shit. You guys. Horton spots a hoe.”

“That’s not the correct quote.” Richie says while narrowing his eyes behind his glasses.

“Look at this, kids! What do we have here?” Ben pokes one of the many hickeys. Richie hisses in pain.

“Whoever gave you those must have been fucking rough. I mean damn, you’re wincing like a bitch. They’re so purple they’re almost black,“ Mike said with a small laugh before digging into his fries.

“You look like a cheetah.” Ben laughs.

“I told him that.” Richie mutters. If they heard him, they don’t say anything.

“W-Why did you let someone give you all of those i-if it h-hurts? And in s-school?”

“Because, my dear Billy,” Richie slings an arm over Bill’s shoulders, “At the time it felt fucking amazing.” He ignores Bill’s second question, but it’s just his luck that Eddie walks over just as he kisses and tells. Richie winks at him.

“Hey, Ed. You missed it. Richie was just telling us about his new lover,” Bev says, her voice filled with a tone salty enough to season McDonald’s fries.

“Excuse me,” Richie sputters, “You guys were pestering me about my hickeys- I said nothing about a lover.”

“Yeah, because there’s so many,” Ben says, reaching to poke at them again but reviving a slap on the wrist from Richie.

“You should see his chest.” Eddie tells them absentmindedly.

Richie shoots him a look, but it’s too late.

“There’s hickeys there, too? Damn, Richie.. Wait- Eddie, how do you know that?” Bev asks, almost knowingly, that salty tone almost tripled.

Eddie panics, “We have gym together.”

They don’t have gym together.

Mike changes the topic for Eddie’s sake, “Hey, are you gonna eat lunch, Richie?”

Richie looks at Eddie, “Nah, I ate earlier.”

Eddie’s face turns a bright red.

Eddie lays on Richie’s chest, tracing patterns onto his stomach. The other boy had fallen asleep minutes after Eddie snuck into his room. He’s been playing with his hair for merely an hour and his hand is getting tired. He retreats it slowly, resting it on Richie’s cheek, rubbing his freckled skin softly. He pauses his movements, suddenly extremely interested in what his lips would feel like, pressed onto the other boy’s. He doesn’t stop himself from leaning into Richie’s space.

Eddie places his lips onto his friend’s, cautiously, not trying to wake him. He pulls back only to do it again, however, this time he was not so lucky.

Richie’s breath hitches, and his eyes open. He sees Eddie hovering over him, and judging by how close he was, he realizes what he was doing. He sits up abruptly, letting the sheets fall from his body, and Eddie detangle from him. Richie searches Eddie’s eyes, unsure of what he could be thinking.

Eddie tries to speak but Richie touches his face and he closes his mouth.

Richie grabs Eddie by the neck, dragging him closer. His lips ghost over the smaller boys, before pressing his hickey-littered chest to Eddie’s, and parting his lips with his own. It’s not needy, surprisingly. That’s all the atmosphere has been between them, recently. Richie lets himself lay back down, not breaking their kiss.

Eddie gets the hint and crawls on top of him, mouths never leaving each other’s. It’s slow and open-mouthed and really, really messy. But it’s great. Fucking fantastic, actually.

The two kiss lazily until they fall asleep, Eddie still on top of Richie.

“Rise and shine, princess.”

A pillow comes in contact with Eddie’s face. “Did you know that you doing that could have like, killed me?”

“What? Me, kill you? I’d never, Eds.” Richie leans down, kissing him gently.

Oh, okay, so that’s a thing now.

Eddie sucks in a breath when he watches Richie slide on a clean shirt, his back muscles flexing. He shudders and shakes away the thoughts because, Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier are not gay, okay? Especially not together. Just sometimes they kiss and give each other hickeys when they’re alone. (They don’t admit to anyone they’re from each other, but they wear their bruises proudly.) (Okay, so they’re a little gay.) (They’re hella gay.)

“I don’t want to go to school,” Eddie groans and throws his head back onto the pillow.

“You have to, bubba. C’mon, up, up, up.” Richie pats his legs.

“Don’t have clean clothes,” Eddie says.

“You can wear some of mine.”

Eddie picks out a hoodie (it smells like Richie) and a pair of basketball shorts (Richie’s jeans are too long for him- curse that long ass bitch).

They brush their teeth together quickly before heading out.

It takes a few minutes for Richie’s truck to start. They end up having the neighbor help him jump it.

“Think we’re late?” Eddie asks.

“Nah, we should be fine. If not, we could skip first.”

Eddie catches the wiggle of his eyebrow. “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Richie grabs Eddie’s hand, raising it to his mouth, and presses a soft kiss to it. “Kidding, babe.”

Eddie’s heart soars.

“Well if it isn’t Richie and Eddie, almost late. As usual.” Stan gives them a look.

“My truck wouldn’t start this morning, again.”

“Hey, aren’t those Richie’s clothes?” Ben points out.

“Yeah,” Eddie shrugs, “I stayed over last night and I didn’t have any extra clothes with me.”

“Isn’t that s-sweet.”

“Yeah, sure.” Richie rolls his eyes at Bill’s snickering.

After the warning bell goes off, Richie and Eddie had never left The Loser’s so quickly.

Despite Eddie’s whines, they spend all of first period making out in the bathroom.

“You’ve never wanted to kiss me before,” Eddie says into Richie’s mouth.

Richie pulls back, “Mhm, I was missing out, obviously.” He connects their lips back together, weaving a hand into his hair, nudges his head into an easier angle to work with. Richie has his tongue shoved so far down his throat, Eddie feels as if he could choke (not that he’d complain).

But here he was, that feeling coming back again. Eddie groans, pulling away.

Richie notices and trails butterfly kisses down Eddie’s neck, making sure to kiss all of his hickeys.



“S-Stop.. Stop.”

Richie jerks back immediately, his heart about to leap from his chest, “Did I hurt you? What’s wrong?”

“We can’t keep doing this if we aren’t going to address the elephant in the room.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t.. Don’t act so incredulous, Rich.”

“I’m not, I-”

“We can’t keep fooling around if we can’t discuss.. Us.”

Richie swallows and avoids eye contact.

“Look at me.. Look at me, damn it.”

The older boy does as he’s told.

“Richie.. I-  I can’t do this unless.. Unless we can be more. I want more, I want all of it. I want to go on cute dates with you, and I want to hold your hand. I want to kiss you in public. Hell, I want to kiss you all the time. I want you. I want all of this, because I have fallen head over heals in love with you, Richie Tozier.”

Richie stares in shock as his best friend confesses this to him.

“Please, say something..”

Richie is too speechless. Yet the second he tries to, Eddie is backing away. “Forget it. I-I’m sorry.”

Which means, the next few days are really awkward. Eddie ignores Richie in school. He doesn’t go visit him in the middle of the night, and he locks his window so Richie can’t, either.

Eddie has been trying to eat his lunch as quick as possible and get the fuck out of there before Richie spots him.

Today he was not that lucky.

Just as he is throwing his trash away, he turns and bumps into none other than the boy he was avoiding.

“Hey,” Richie grabs at his arm.

“Let go.”

“We.. need to talk.”

“Oh, we already did. Well, I did.” Eddie pulls out of his grip. Richie watches him leave.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!” He calls out. When he doesn’t turn around, he sits on the seat next to Bill.

“W-What did you d-do?”

“Eddie is in love with me.” Richie states.

“Whaaat? Nooo,” Stan said without looking up from his textbook, his voice filled with sarcasm.

“Wait, so you guys knew and didn’t tell me?”

“Not our place.” Ben says, also without looking up.

“Yeah, plus we didn’t know what you guys were doing. You two have been out boning god knows who, because you both are stupid.”

Mike is clueless, Richie thinks.

“You guys.. Eddie and I have been.. Um.. hooking up with each other for the last few months now.. But, we finally kissed. On the mouth. Just a few days ago. And he doesn’t think I want him as.. As my boyfriend. But I do! I just was shocked to even say anything when he told me. Now he wants nothing to do with me.”

His friends are surprised by that (all except Stan), because they didn’t actually think they were with each other like that.

“You fuckass.” Bev rolls her eyes. “Eddie has been leaving school early, so if you go now.. You might be able to catch him.”

Richie has never run so fast in his life, and, obviously, The Losers needed to see this. They’re having trouble keeping up.

Richie is standing in the bed of his truck when he sees Eddie walking in the opposite direction.

“Eddie Kaspbrak!”

This time Eddie turns to look at him. The students around him are looking, too. He rolls his eyes and walks back to him. “What are you doing?”

“I want it too, Eds! I want more, I want all of it. I want to take you on those cute dates and I want to hold your hand and kiss you in public, in private, all the time. I, too, am in love. More specifically, in love with you, Eddie Kaspbrak. I want to give you so much more.. But I think you’ll have to be my boyfriend first.” Richie hops down from his truck and reaches out for Eddie’s face, “What do you say, bug?”

Eddie nods, his eyes brimming with tears he tried to will away, “Took you long enough,” and lets Richie kiss him into oblivion. “I’m so in love with you.”

“And I you.” Richie leans back in, capturing Eddie’s lips in his own, with every ounce of energy he has inside of him. There are stars behind his eyes and honestly, Richie never wants to leave the presence of Eddie’s arms.

Don’t Freak IV

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Steve Harrington x Reader


Requests are OPEN

I guess I lost it before I even had it,” That was the last thing Steve said when they got to his car.  It echoed in Y/N’s head the whole trip home. Then she got to thinking what life with Steve could’ve been like. All the things she did with Jonathan, she imagined doing with Steve, then she imagined more intimate moments like stolen kisses, affectionate hugs and cuddling. She shook her head and turned the volume up to the radio, hoping whatever was playing would drown out the less than sane thoughts going through her head.

After my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray
Watching through windows you’re wondering if I’m okay
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after-

Y/N’s hand slammed on the radio, silencing Cyndi Lauper, then covered her mouth as a sob escaped. Every emotion she felt with Steve in the car finally made its way out. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself, but it just seemed to make things worse.

Y/N parked her car next to her mother’s in the driveway and sat. She turned the key to shut the ignition off, then rested her forehead against the wheel and cried.

She didn’t know what time it was by the time she gathered herself up and trudged into the house. All of the lights were off and the house was silent. Y/N kicked her shoes off on the side mat and hung up her keys.

Y/N walked as quietly as she could down the hall to her room and silently shut the door. She flipped the light switch on and looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It was after midnight.

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i have a small compilation of quotes from my school.
“your plant just relieved itself on my pencil.”
“oh no, they don’t ship it”
“i can’t read, what the f*ck?”
“so i’m NOT allowed to eat an entire box of cheerios?”
“you’re a mashed potato”
“spongebob isn’t real, anthony”
“if i throw a boulder, gravity will bring it down and hopefully it’ll hit you”
“if i catch a squirrel can i have extra credit”
“invisible flying tree monkeys are the cause of gravity”
“i’m sad” “bye.”
*the whole class humming the Jeopardy theme*
“you get an F! you get an F! everybody gets an F”
*very loud shout of “shut up!” from down the hall* “its probably Enrique.”
*someone whistling “all star”* “sounds like Keith”

i have quite a few more written down that i can’t find, so i’ll add on to this eventually.

literally everyone: why doesnt josh get a happy ending he deserves one

until dawn writers, confused: wwait you guys.. want to save josh??? but?? he’s a mentally ill poc??? why would you ?? want to save? him????? we did everything in our power to Literally demonize him??????? did it not work???

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(that was amazing. your ideas are lit. personally I have multiple fidgets but no spinners) Ok picture this: Richie, to preface his radio dj carrier, does the morning announcements at school. no one knows how he hasn't been kicked off yet. He usually calls out his friends like "last night stan was a cHEATER AT MONOPOLY" or rambles on about eddie.

- oh this is where Richie really shines

- he actually goes to school early in order to start announcing the boring stuff early and then get to the ‘good stuff’

- “okay ladies and gents, today’s word of the day is ‘abibliophobia’, the fear of running out of good reading material, speaking of which, shout out to Ben Hanscom! Hope the library hasn’t gotten too boring now you’ve read through it four times bud!”

- the principal would try and censor him but he’d always manage to work his way round it

- “holy shots, it’s prom next week!”

- “good hecking god Eddie Kaspbrak looked cute today”

- and speaking of Eddie…

- he hated Richie’s new job more than anybody at school because Richie had his own special “Eddie’s minute” in the morning where he’d talk pointless crap about stuff he likes about him or that embarrass him just to make Eddie blush in front of everyone

- “Derry high school, did you know that Eddie Kaspbrak puked all over his mother because your dear host fed him a few too many pop tarts? Bet ya didn’t!”

- “listeners! I once gave Edward K a tennis ball sized hickey and his mother threatened to take him to hospital for a rash!”

- eddie forgets Richie isn’t in the room with him and usually ends up shouting at the intercom for him to shut up

- Richie watches the security cameras when the losers club walk down the halls and plays ‘bust a move’ by young dmc as they walk to class to make them feel and look cool

- “I should be a director, cos damn I’m good”

- Richie waits for Stanley to walk into school one day before aggressively hissing into the microphone: “Stanley Uris! This is god speaking, you will be smited down where you stand if you do not apologise to Richard Tozier for your traumatic actions last Saturday evening whilst playing a rather competitive game of TWISTER!”

- Stan just flips off the security camera

- “you cheATED AND YOU KNOW IT YOU LITTLE SHI-“ the principal finally got the mic off of him for a little while after that

The Losers Club As My Professors

Richie: alright i’m just going to shut up and actually let you read it first

Stan: *ice won’t melt in the melting point machine* I AM GOING TO DO VOODOO ON YOU, YOU PIECE OF CRAP

Bill: the lab report is only one page, and if ANY of you make it two pages you are getting an F

Mike: there is no attendance because i couldn’t care less if you guys come to class. you’re paying for it, so who am i to make you come to class?

Eddie: *someone cuts themselves on science equipment* OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I DON’T WANT TO GET FIRED SHIT BE RIGHT BACK DON’T YOU DARE MOVE

Beverly: *comes into 7 am class chugging coffee and slams it onto desk* i don’t want to be here

Ben: i only did organic chem thirty years ago, and it’s going to stay that way

The Three Moments You Shared with Steve Harrington (2)

Word Count: 1,091

AN: a lot longer than last part! two more parts i believe. also the glance they shared in pt 1 doesn’t count!! thank you for reading :)) also i love steve’s hair why does no one else talk about it


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You eyed the red soda can sitting in the bag beside you as you nervously tapped your thigh. This is a dumb idea, you thought. Your brain soared a mile a minute as it went through the possible scenarios of what could happen if you stepped out of the car right now. It’s just a friendly gesture. But he also might think you’re some creep.

Fuck it.

Grabbing the soda can, you let your legs do all the guiding while you sat back and began to regret this decision. But it was too late. You were already standing next to the towering ladder with a one Steve Harrington scrubbing away at the marquee.

For a while, you had no idea what to say. You just stood there, watching as he rubbed the red spray paint away, until you realized that soda was probably getting warmer by the minute.

“How’s the weather up there?” You called out, instantly regretting it.

Steve looked down at you with his brow furrowed, “What?”

Shaking your head as you tried to push the memory out of you. “Nothing, nothing. I was just,” you squinted your eyes as you looked up at him, “driving past and thought I’d give you a hand.”

He blinked his eyes a few times, a bit taken aback at the offer. “Oh. Well-”

“I can always just go if you don’t need the help, I mea-”

“No, no, no. It’s nice of you to ask but,” he gestured at the area around him, “I’m not quite sure how you could help out.”

Looking at your surroundings, you notice one of the employees standing across from you, holding the ladder steady with a few rags hanging out of his pocket. “I guess I can throw up some extra towels up if you need any.” You suggested.

“Go nuts, dude.” The employee tossed the towels your way and left the two of you to clean. You quickly shuffled closer to the ladder, making sure to hold it in its place.

Silence filled the air with the exception of a few cars roaming past. You tried thinking of ways to start a conversation but you didn’t want another ‘how’s the weather’ incident to happen so you decided to keep your mouth shut. It’s what you were known for anyway; the quiet one.

Never speaking up in class a whole lot and only really having to speak during presentations. It wasn’t that you were shy or anything, you just didn’t have much to say and people didn’t pay much attention.

“You’re in my English class, right?” Steve piped up, still scrubbing.

At first, you nodded as a response to his question but you realized he wouldn’t have even seen that. “Yeah, I am. I sit like, a desk away from you.”

“Yeah, and you were that girl at the gas station.” Shit, he saw me. Probably some creep to him now.  “Could you pass me another one?” You grudgingly grabbed a towel from one of the steps and tossed it up to him. 

It went silent again.

You kicked at the pebbles beneath your feet to keep you from staring at Steve. As your mind jumped from school, to humming songs, to what to have for dinner, you didn’t notice Steve climb down the ladder.

“Oh, sorry.” You stepped to the side and looked up at the sign. The marquee still had remnants of the paint speller out ‘LER.’ “What did it say?”

Steve shoved the sleeves of his sweater up and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, some idiot did it.” He mumbled. He pointed to the other side of the ladder and asked to help lift it closer to the corner of the sign. 

You lifted the ladder with ease and stopped till you felt your back against the pillar. Your breath hitched itself in your throat as you lock eyes with Steve again. This time, much closer. His eyes scanned over your face, making your heart pound in both ears. The blood was dry and settled into certain areas near his eyes. He looked like shit.

“Thanks.” Steve chuckled, resting his arm atop one of the ladder’s steps. “Good looks like this don’t just happen.” He motioned to the bloody side of his face.

Confusion replaced butterflies as you tried to connect the dots. Then your eyes widening. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean that, it wasn’t even supposed to come out like that I-”

“Relax, (Y/N). I know I look like shit. I deserved it.”

“You know my name?” You asked (because how self-involved are you, really).

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because whenever someone mentions my name they usually ask ‘Who’s that?’” You scoffed, handing him a new towel.

“Nah. (Y/N) the Wise is what makes class not boring.” He went back to climbing the ladder. You shook the excitement you felt away, you knew better than to mess with someone who’s clearly smitten with someone else.

“Is that your nickname for me?” He nodded. “I had no idea. Now I feel like I have to return the favor. Will King Steve suffice?” You joked, smiling to yourself.

Steve groaned, shaking his head, “Anything but that.” He stopped for a moment, “(Y/N) the Wise and Steve the Idiot. Sound good?”

“Sound great!” The two of you grinned at each other with your newfound identities.

You were able to hold a long enough conversation with Steve until he finally finished scrubbing the paint off. He took all the red-stained towels and began tidying up.

Reaching into your pocket, you realize the can has been sitting in there the whole time. Because of your warmth, it wasn’t anywhere near cold. You scrambled, quickly trying to come up with a solution.

“Um,” you mumbled, deciding to just place it on a ladder step. “It’s not even cold anymore but I meant to give it to you earlier.”

Steve turned around and smiled at the kind gesture.

“You don’t have to do anything with it. You can throw it away, warm soda isn’t even good. I mean, it was supposed to be for your face but I don’t know-”

“Thanks, (Y/N).” He interrupted your rambling.

“You’re welcome, Steve. I’ll see you around.” You waved goodbye before turning the corner.

Steve stared at the soda can with an unknown grin on his face for a while until he grabbed it to place on his face, the aluminium relieving the pain slightly. “Still pretty good.”

So I just……very obliviously went through something big.

Some time back I got an email about some “honor society” and some “induction ceremony” and i was like “alright cool that sounds nice. Honor society is like, one of those things you get if you have goodish academic standing right?”

Well, um

The top 20 students. Of our class. Which is 1,152 students strong. The top 20 out of 1,152. That’s less than 2% admittance rate.

We were inducted at the college president’s house. 

I chatted with him and his wife

They served. the fanciest cheese. I’ve ever had.

What do I do with this information

Anyway I’m a cool Phi Beta Kappa Frat Bro now

Heaven In Hiding

Summary: Nat decides that you’ve been single long enough and decides to set you up with the one and only Bucky Barnes. But what she doesn’t know, will make for an interesting turn of events

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (College-ish AU)

Word Count: 2223 words

Warnings: All fluff! Enjoy!!

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You hear her speak before you actually see her.

“Hey Y/N, you should try online dating.”

You shriek in shock, whipping your head around to see Natasha, millimetres away from your face. She laughs, grinning as she takes a step back.

“Nat, you damn near scared me to death! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” You scold, crossing your arms tightly.

“C’mon, we’ve been trying to get you a date for a year now, the least you can do is try finding somebody by yourself.” She tells you, pulling her curly red hair into a ponytail

You snort, rolling your eyes. “What if I don’t want a boyfriend? Plus, my Tinder bio would be absolute shit.”

“Please?” She whines, dragging the word out as she grabs your shoulders and shakes them back and forth, “just give it one shot-“



“I said no, Nat, now go away and scare, I dunno, Wanda,” You sigh, turning away as you plop yourself down on the couch.

“Fucking spoilsport.” She grumbles, furrowing her brows in deep concentration. She seems to be muttering something along the lines of, ‘who do we know is single, who do we know is single.’

Suddenly, she looks up and flashes a brilliant smile at you, which makes you really damn worried.

“Ya know what? I’m gonna try set you up with Pietro.” She claps her hands gleefully, and you groan in annoyance, shaking your head.

“No way am I dating Pietro!” You protest loudly, flicking through tv channels.  

“Yeah, my best friend cannot date my brother!” A faint cry comes from the other room, and you look pointedly to Nat. She huffs, sitting down next to you and stealing your blanket.

“Fine, I’ll choose somebody else.” She considers, and you should’ve known that she wouldn’t have given up so easily.

After a moment, she blurts out, “Oh my god, I know, I’m setting you up with Bucky.”

“Alright, you do that… wait… did you just say Bucky?!”

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I’m gonna expand on some of what I said in my earlier post. I’m an English major, and as that sits currently, the students are predominately female, while the professors and texts we read are predominately male. It is enough that I get excited every time I learn that I am going to have a woman professor. 

Now, my classes generally range from about 20-40 people. In those classes, there are probably about 3-5 male students. 

Additional side note: my male English professors have largely been quirky, somewhat unprofessional, more whimsical. I have loved them, but have noticed the amount of professionalism and preparedness their female colleagues have in comparison (just yesterday, one of my female professors refused to curse, while I’ve had male teachers curse with us like we’re old friends). But the male professors are respected. They are allowed to be imperfect and ramble etc etc. The professionalism of women in these academic circles is probably, to a degree, necessary. A survival tactic. 

And, in every English class I’ve had, but especially those taught by women, the male students (who make up probably 5% of the class) spend the majority of discussion time talking. I am normally quick to participate, but the dominance of these voices has kept me quiet in multiple classes before. 

Perhaps they feel emasculated in a now female-dominated field, and need to assert their dominance.  Perhaps they don’t even realize they are talking so much, or just think that every woman in class is, coincidentally, quiet. Maybe they think they talk on par with the women who talk once or twice per two hour class. I don’t know. But the fact is they are naturally comfortable taking up space that female students do not. 

And, when these classes are taught by female professors, I have witnessed male students interrupt the professor, or even begin to argue with them in the middle of a lecture. I am in a Shakespeare class right now taught by a woman. Many of our textbooks say on the cover that this edition of the play was edited by her. Yet there are still men who interrupt her, disagree with her over footnotes, or simply restate what she has already said as if it is a bright idea. She knows these plays like they are written on the inside of her eyelids, like they are the first words she learned. And even she can’t escape the scrutiny and disrespect.