shut up i think it's adorable


Keith is not happy with Lance interrupting his puppet play

The Types As MCR lyrics

Okay, let’s just see how this goes…

INFJ: Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favourite scenes - Sunsets over Monroeville

INFP: In a world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams -Welcome To The Black Parade

INTP: Oh how wrong we were to think immortality meant never dying - Our Lady Of Sorrows

INTJ: Promise me that when I’m gone You’ll kill all my enemies - Its Not a Fashion Statement, Its A Deathwish

ENFP: Stand up fucking tall, don’t let them see your back and take my fucking hand and never be afraid again - Our Lady Of Sorrows

ENFJ: Never let them take the light behind your eyes - The Light Behind Your Eyes

ENTP: The doctors and the nurses they adore me so, but its reply quite alarming, cause I’m such an awful fuck - Blood

ENTJ: It ain’t for the money and it sure as hell ain’t just for the fame - I Never Told You What I Did For A Living

ISFP: I think I’d like to die alone. Live and breathe and die alone - Cubicles

ISFJ: If it looks like I’m laughing, I’m really just asking to leave - The Sharpest Lives

ISTP: Shut up and let me see your jazz hands -Na Na Na (na na na)

ISTJ: It ain’t exactly what you planned - Dead!

ESFP: Uh uhuh uh Uh uhuh uh Uh uhuhRIGHT NOW - DESTROYA

ESFJ: Raise your voice every time they try to shut your mouth -Sing

ESTP: Sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts - Sing

ESTJ: gimme drugs, I don’t need them, but I’ll sell what you’ve got - Na Na Na (na na na)

the only thing as annoying as Tumblr Therapists is Facebook Vets 

“Unfortunately, this cute video of a cat that thinks its a horse actually isn’t cute, because I, someone who has never been to vet school but is armed with google, have diagnosed it with cerebral hypoplasia :^)” 

Shut the fuck up Sharon the cats fine its mimicking a show horse, if it had CH it would be falling over and rolling about, not prancing, you fucking moron, and even if it did have CH it would be adorable anyway because CH doesn’t harm the cat, its literally just a balance issue. It makes the cat have zero fucking balance. Wobble cat. 

“Hey, legend,”~s.m.

Not What I Can’t Have part three, I knowww but y’all will get that soon, don’t worry! I gotta make it perfect first <3.

For now enjoy idkhowmanywords of fluff. Hope y’all enjoy :)


“What next?” I murmured, staring at the illuminated screen of my laptop, at the page half filled with pure mumbo-jumbo. 

How about I put….no.

Oh! What about…..God no.

I slammed my laptop shut, groaning. Having my fingers hover over the keyboard while my brain conjured up and immediately denied the next sentence I would write always drove me over the edge. Being a writer was my dream, yes. But I never imagined that it would cause me so much frustration and anger.

I sighed deeply, picked the laptop up, and walked over to the desk opposite my king sized bed. As I set it down, I heard the tiniest of ‘meows’ come from behind me, and I smiled. I turned to face the door, and, sure enough, my orange Tabby Cat, Jimi, stood  there, staring at me with jade green feline eyes, head tilted, ears pointed, face angry as always.

“I’m okay, Jim. Just…fed up,” I shrugged, walking back over to the bed and crawling back on top of it. I patted the empty spot next to me, and he jumped onto it eagerly. He curled his fluffy, twenty pound body into a tight ball and closed his eyes, setting himself up for one of his many deep slumbers. I sometimes looked at him and felt envious.. If only I could sleep as much as he did. My career, unfortunately, did not make life so easy.

I only ever let Jimi on the bed when my husband Shawn wasn’t home. And tonight was one of those occasions.

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bitchin’ loser’s club part iii


theres angst everywhere in this chapter and im not sorry

summary: a texting fic between the it/st kids

pairing: too many

words: also, too many

one , two

the party chat

7:07 pm

madmax: guys… i have bad news

lucasa: what

madmax: my aunt is gonna be taking care of me from now on… since things got really bad with tHe Devil… which means i have to move again

lucasa: :(

will the wise: where? :(

madmax: maine

dustinshat: whAT THE SHIT

will the wise: wait WHAT

micycle: where in maine

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  • Pidge: Why's Keith the color of his lion?
  • Hunk: Lance is teaching him the tango.
  • Pidge: Oh? How's it going?
  • Lance [dips Keith]: You okay buddy? You look a little light headed.
  • Keith [holding onto Lance's arm]: I think I'm dying.
  • Hunk: Are you recording this?
  • Pidge: Shut up, it's adorable and disgusting.
Take The Compliment

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Request: Hi, I love reading your stories and I was wondering if you could do an Ethan x Fem reader where the reader and Ethan are best friend. The reader is super self conscious of herself and every time Ethan will compliment her she always turns them down saying things like “No I’m not” etc. Ethan can get really tired of this and out of no where maybe kisses her saying “Please stop saying you’re not beautiful cause you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” or something like that 😊 Thank you

Summary: Fem!Reader can’t take a compliment. Ethan gets annoyed.

A/N: Let me be real guys, I’ve been going through a dry spell with writing lately. Sorry this sucks, but I hope you enjoy this flaming pile of crap anyway.

Wordcount: 732

Requests are closed for now, sorry!

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bts reacting to their s/o singing/rapping all of hamilton during a road trip w the members (its legit like 2 1/2 hours long😂)

Girl I love me some Hamilton (I almost saw it on Broadway in New York but I saw Wicked instead)

BTS: Reaction to you singing/rapping all of Hamilton 

Jin: He wouldn’t be annoyed until it was time to rest. He grabbed your head and caught it in his arm, kissing all over your face to shut you up. He was very blunt with you too.

“Princess be quiet for a little bit and sleep with me. You’re annoying.”

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Yoongi: He’d low-key think it’s adorable, but he wouldn’t admit it. Ever. Not to anyone. Barely even to himself! So he’d opt to giving you attitude.

“Can you stfu please”

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Namjoon: He was intrigued, mostly because you were able to remember so much and rehearse it with no problems. If he got annoyed he would give you gentle hugs from behind to shut you up.

“Baby you’re so cute.”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Hoseok: High-key turnt and hyping you up. He didn’t understand a word, but when he did understand something, he’d announce it and repeat it to the entire world.

“I know that word! Name!” 

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Jimin: Uncontrollable laughter. Undoubtedly, he’d find you adorable. But when he saw Yoongi getting annoyed at you, he’d kiss you to shut you up, protecting you from the devil himself.

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Taehyung: He was into it. Dancing as you rapped and acting like he understood the words to the song. He’d join in anytime he recognized the lines of the song, considering you’ve rehearsed it for him many times. Hyping you up when you went solo again.

“That’s my baby girl!”

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Jungkook: He was jammin the very second you started. Pursing his lips and bobbing his head. He’d take tons of videos of you, smiling widely the entire time. After a while he was amazed that you were still going, but sat back and just admired you.

“Gosh if only you knew just how adorable you are.”

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stanwasbrave  asked:

h,,hit me with any and all stan headc's u have i need more of this boy in my life n he needs more appreciation pls and ty (ty for REAL tho my man. would appreciate any steddie or stenbrough things u got too tbh)

stanley uris wow okay

first lets start with some facts,,,
-he is an angel
-he didnt deserve to get hurt
-i feel like he was under appreciated by the other losers
-except they loved him most when he almost died
-and thats the tea 🐸☕️

now for the headcanons fjjeieiw

-okay so stan probably has high amounts of anxiety and (definitely) has ocd

-im 96% sure his ocd triggers the anxiety

-when bill notices him starting to freak out about something he stops stan, holds his hands and either hugs or kisses him so his anxiety can chill a little bit

-he noticed eddie did this to richie alot and it seemed to work ????

-he also gets stan to calm down by holding his hand and softly stroking his hand with his thumb, usually stan will focus on that for the time being and he calms down

-stan and bill both are nerds and love art and reading

-bill and stan paint things for eachother all the time

-stan has a bird,,, like a small fat bird that talks

-he named it something really fucking dumb like “leaf” or “billiam” (once stan got drunk and called bill, billiam)

-bill is absolutely afraid of this bird for some reason

-one day the bird can not shut up and starts saying “i love bill denbrough” and ofc bill gets to stans house as his bird cant shut the fuck up

-stan once said beep beep birdy and thats the only way his bird will be quiet

-except today, it keeps going

-bill thinks its fucking adorable that his boyfriend walks around just randomly saying “i love bill denbrough”


-stan is just a tiny bit smaller but not by alot so bills jackets and sweaters are just a tiny bit baggy

-one day bill buys an oversized sweater for himself

-stan literally can curl into a ball and fit his entire body in the sweater like that shits big on him

-joking around stan literally pretends to absorb people with his sweater,,,,

-he just came up behind bill and was like well ur going into the shirt

-they probably make eachother mixtapes wjfndkjs

-i have alot more but theres already alot of headcanons

Off Limits (Part 2)

A Liam Dunbar Fan Fic

A/N: Part 2 is finally up so sorry about the wait! I did something a little different, I hope you all like it.

Warnings: Cursing, sexual content.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

To my fortunate surprise the day went smoothly all thanks to Mason for getting my papers ready. I played it safe and simply introduced myself, went over the syllabus, and tried to get to know each class. Most of the students were nice, some of course could have cared less, and then there was one who stood out. Liam Dunbar. The whole time I spoke during 1st period his eyes never left mine, like he was genuinely listening and interested in what I had to say. The little stunt he pulled before sitting down that first day still rings through my head, he called me hot. His words clouded my thoughts, I had to shake him. Come on get it together y/n. He is a student, you are 5 years older than him. He is off limits.

A week later….

Liam’s P.O.V.

“So the new anatomy teacher, she is really cool and not to mention hot. Definitely a 10.” Stiles said from across the table. My eyes shot up to see who he was talking to. Scott smiled and replied. “Yeah, she is nice and just so happens to be gorgeous. It will be an easy A.” The boys high fived each other. Malia spoke up this time. “I thought you guys already took anatomy?” Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I hated the thought of them talking about her like that, okay so maybe I am jealous. “We did. We are taking her AP course for extra credit and I need it for college.” Scott replied. Oh yeah he was going to be a veterinarian. Makes sense. Stiles is just a nerd wanting extra credit. “Liam don’t you have her too?” Malia asked. “Uh yeah 1st period actually. She is pretty great.” I said trying to play it cool. “Oh come on dude, you know she’s hot. Don’t deny it. You aren’t with Hayden anymore. You can talk about other chicks now.” Stiles said with his trademark grin plastered on his face. “Okay yeah she’s hot. Very hot. “ I finally admitted with a defeated smile. “Scott your little beta is blushing! Look how cute! Liam has a crush on Miss Y/L/N. That’s adorable.” Stiles yelled out while laughing. My blush faded into a scowl. Scott must have felt my chemo signals because he told Stiles to shut up. I wanted to punch him but I knew that would end badly. My anger is seriously my only weakness, well it was now its that along with her.

After finishing up with the pack I decided to head home. Walking on the side walk I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. What if Stiles tries flirting with her and she flirts back? After all he is 18. Ugh why do I torture myself? She has only been here a week and I am already a mess. The sound of a vehicle slowing down beside of me yanked me from my thoughts. I looked over and noticed it was Miss Y/L/N. “Hey Liam, its getting ready to pour the rain. Do you need a ride?” She yelled out through the passenger side window. She was smiling and looked absolutely perfect. I glanced up and noticed the sky was completely grey. “Uhm yeah sure thanks!” I replied while hopping in. I felt myself becoming nervous almost instantly. She was wearing a black dress with a red cardigan over it. Her cleavage was hidden enough to be suitable for school but my eyes were still glued to what I could see. Her hands gripped the steering while and I pictured them wrapped around my di…”So Liam how am I doing so far?” She spoke up. “Wha? What do you mean?” I replied. I barely registered what she had said. “How am I doing in class? This is my first year teaching. I don’t want to be so boring that I am torturing you guys.” Her voice was like a song and I could listen to it all day. Little did she know that just being in the same room was a form of torture to me. “Oh no you are great, really. I mean you are far from boring, the complete opposite actually. I love 1st period. It’s my favorite class now.” I said trying not to sound so desperate but I failed miserably. She blushed like crazy at my response. I made her blush. How was this possible? “Well thank you, I love hearing that. Especially coming from you. I always look forward to 1st period, I enjoy having you in class Liam. “ I couldn’t believe my ears, she was actually saying this. I knew my wolf ears were not deceiving me. Okay I have to calm down. She is just saying that in a teacher to student way, not is a flirtatious way. “Seriously? I mean cause I feel the exact same way, you make me want to come to class. ” I said while looking down to fidget with my hands. “I have to be completely honest with you Liam. I heard what you said on the first day. I’m not mad. You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m very flattered. “ She spoke so sweetly but she had a hint of something else in her voice. My werewolf senses started picking up on a very familiar chemo signal. No way, she is attracted to me….sexually. The scent was intoxicating as it poured off of her. “ I really meant it Miss Y/L/N. You are hot, beautiful, beyond sexy actually.” I spoke lowly, my voice sounded more rough now than before. She was making me crazy. A burst of adrenaline shot through me giving me more confidence. My hand instinctively went to her thigh where I rubbed soft circles onto her exposed skin. Her heart suddenly started to race. I could hear it pounding from her chest. “Liam you are going to get me into a lot of trouble if you don’t move your hand. This is a warning.” She said seductively. She didn’t really want me to stop but I did. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” I let out a breathy laugh. I think I was holding my breath, I really didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. “Its okay, I’m not mad. Trust me. Okay now where do you live? I should get you home, its late.” She spoke now in her teacher tone sounding more professional. I told her which turns to take since she was new and wasn’t very familiar with Beacon Hills. We pulled into my drive way and I was sad that I had to get out of the car and leave her presence. “Okay so this is me, thanks again for the ride Miss Y/L/N. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Just as I went for the door handle she cupped my whole package into her hand. Her grip tightened and I couldn’t fight my now growing erection. “Here’s a little something to help you out later tonight.” She rubbed up and down my cock and moaned while she bit her lip. Then she took my hand, shoved it down the front of her dress and made me cup her bare breast. I almost came in my pants, she felt amazing. Her nipple was perfectly hard, I rolled it between my fingers. Gasping I lunged my hips upward to gain more friction. I had little self control. I wanted her so bad. “Fuck that felt so good Liam.” She called out. Hearing my name fall from her lips was heavenly. I gave her nipple a soft pinch, earning a louder moan this time. “Okay that’s enough. I have to stop. You are driving me insane.” She completely pulled away from me. The loss of her warmth made me mentally frown. “Bye Liam. “ She said as she fixed the top of her dress. I jumped out and gave her small wave as she pulled out of the drive way, she smiled back and winked. I watched her drive away, not caring that the rain was starting to come down harder. My erection was still making itself known and not going away anytime soon. I threw my bag over my crotch and walked into the house. “Hey buddy how was school?” My step dad yelled from the kitchen. “Uh it was fine. I don’t feel so good. I’m going to take a shower.” I replied. “Oh okay well dinner will be ready in about an hour if you feel like eating?” He asked. “Yeah its just a headache. I should be fine after a hot shower.”

I quickly jogged up the stairs and into my bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and threw them in the hamper. I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up. Images of what just happened with Miss Y/L/N were racing through my head. I needed some sort of release. Right now. I hurried in and let the hot water run over me, my hand went straight for my length. Slowly I started moving up and down. I imagined that was her hand not mine as and that she was kneeling down in front of me. I grew harder by the second. All I could see was her face, biting that bottom lip and giving me the heart stopping eye contact that she was famous for. Pumping faster I so close but I needed a little more of a push, I pictured her taking my member into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around and sucking lightly on my tip. That was all it took, I came undone right then. Releasing what I had into my hand I moaned out her name, it sounded more like a growl. I finally caught my breath but still I was thinking about her. Getting myself off didn’t help at all. Fuck I’m screwed, I said aloud to myself. How was I going to get through the rest of the year now? All first period I am going to stay horny and distracted. The only solution was that I had to have her, no matter the risk. I was going to make it happen.

Coran Edition

”Reader saves an alien creature and sneaks it on the ship, they take care of them constantly sneaking around leaving everyone suspicious so they follow them”

Back by popular demand, is my sixth installment of reader stealing tiny aliens to keep as pets, and more honestly bc I couldn’t resist writing about Coran kekekeke~

– Ryan

Lance || Hunk || Pidge || Shiro || Keith || Coran

Coran: “The problem’s got to be around here somewhere, I just don’t see why the quantum reaction chamber would just blow a few circuits.. or why the energy diffuser would suddenly miss a metric unit of piping.” Coran mumbles as you stand behind him, holding the tools and parts required to repair the said mechanics of the castle.

“Without the reaction chamber, we can’t move too close to a star.. and without the diffuser, we have no means of protecting ourselves should Zarkon show up again uninvited.” He frowns as he works from inside a vent under the circuit breaker. You kneel beside him, crouching down to get as good a look inside as you could.

Coran pulls himself out of the opening, dust and oil decorated his face as he fought his puzzlement. “Well, we’re gonna have to rewired the board, then connect the spare pipe we have to the diffuser. It might take a few hours to get this all fixed.”

“That’s fine, I’ll help you to the best of my ability!” You give him an encouraging smile, and Coran chuckles before ruffling your hair. “I know you will, [y/n]. You always do.”

Just as he’d said, it’d taken a good two hours to rewire the circuit board, and with a test, you’d found that the chamber was up and working like a charm. It was when you started working on the diffuser, that you’d run into your problem once more.

Correction, your problem ran into you.

“Wh-what is this?!” Coran exclaims, taking down the faulty pipe, only to catch sight of a small critter running around inside.

About the size of a guinea pig, the creature squeaks out, trying to follow the pipe it was gnawing on, and Coran blinks. “Is that.. A Cogluger?” You feel your heart drop into your stomach, and your eyes widen at the sight of your tiny pet inside all the wiring.

Had… had she eaten all those wirings? Was she the cause of your issues??

“Mimzy, what are you doing out here?!” You exclaim, and quickly pick her out of the wires. Her thin coat of fur shocks you as a little bolt of electricity surges through her, between her tiny wings. She clicks her teeth, enjoying the feel of the shock, and Coran looks at you just as surprised as he was before.

“You know? What’s a Mimzy? This..?” He asks, scratching his head a bit confused.

“During the last mission, she was about to cross the field when the battle was in full action, and she would have been hurt. So I saved her, and I couldn’t let her go.” You say, stroking the rodent’s fur over its small wings. The wings were more as an ornament, and didn’t serve a purpose as far as you knew. She hadn’t used them, at least, not in front of you.

“Well, that certainly explains why everything’s eaten. Coglugers love anything with energy, they feed off it.” Coran stands, patting your pet on the head.

“Can I still keep her, Coran? Pleeeease?” You beg him, and he shuts up, his eyes locked on your adorable pout.

“I.. Um.. Well, if she doesn’t get into the wiring again.. I think there are some old wires that I can give you to feed her.. I don’t, um.. I don’t see why you can’t keep her.” He says, straightening himself up and stroking over his mustache, ignoring his momentary weakness.

You brighten immediately, and hug him tight. “Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou Coran!” You squeal with happiness, “I’m gonna go back and lock her in my room! I’m gonna have to make a cage for her. Ooh, maybe Pidge can help me design something..” you run from the control room, talking to yourself, and Coran calls after you, his face a deep red.

“H-hey, wait, [y/n], we still have a pipe we need to fix!.. Ah, well..” He thinks back to your expression, and smiles endearingly. “At least you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

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if you're still taking prompts, would you consider writing some victuuri (+ yurio) family dynamics? you have this wonderful, comfy way of writing families that I think would be perfect for them. :D if you'd rather not I understand, but thank you either way!!


Yuri is grumbling, and a dark scowl unfolds across his young face every time Viktor (or anyone else in the busy airport) so much as glances his way. He reminds Viktor of an angry pomeranian, and Viktor has to work to school his expression before he speaks. 

“Good thing Lilia isn’t here to scold you,” Viktor says. He’s standing, because there were only two free seats left in this cluster of uncomfortable chairs by the terminal window, and watching the crowd with feigned interest. “She’d have something to say about glaring away all these potential fans.”

“Get lost,” Yuri says waspishly, bristling. “You’re gonna wake him up, stupid.”

That is unlikely. Yuuri is dead to the world with Yuri’s noise-canceling headphones firmly in place over his ears, fast asleep on Yuri’s slim shoulder, stressed to the point of exhaustion. Nothing short of a plane crashing through the window would be enough to wake him now.

But Yuri looks as thought he’ll fight anyone who attempts to move his bitter rival regardless, bright eyes sharp and not in the least bit self-conscious. Viktor thinks it’s adorable. 

“But are you comfortable, Yurio?” Viktor asks innocently. “Our next flight isn’t for another hour. I can trade spots with you, if you – “

“Shut up, old man, I swear to god,” but even that is a quieter bite than usual. Viktor tucks a delighted grin out of sight behind his hand.

Yuuri wakes up on his own halfway through the layover, the snatched sleep doing little to rid his face of its anxious lines. And maybe a year ago, Yuri would have yanked his headphones away and complained endlessly about how inconvenient the older skater was to have around. 

But now, Yuri wordlessly tucks the headphones into the bag at his feet and offers Yuuri one of his earbuds instead. 

“Hurry up, katsudon,” he snaps, with more caring than he’s probably aware of or would ever admit to. “Watch this stupid movie with me.”

Yuuri takes the earbud agreeably. He looks so tired that Viktor wants to scoop him up and hold him and do what he can to push all that unhappy heaviness away – but a moment later, their eyes meet over Yuri’s blond head. The swift smile Yuuri spares him is full of waking warmth and fondness, and no small amount of amusement, and Viktor knows they’re in total agreement. 

For all his bark and bluster, Yuri really can be a cute kid. 

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id honestly love to imagine todoroki as the one who gives the random 2 am thoughts and izuku h a t e s it. It'll just be like "psst, midoriya, do you think flies have feelings" "todo, it's 2:30, please go to sleep, and no." "can animals cry" "honey i love you but if you don't shut up I'm gonna make you" few minutes later "there's-" and izuku just jumps on him and kisses him all over his face and he smiles and says "please, get some sleep, love you" and sometimes it repeats on certain nights

lolol shouto would have the weirdest thoughts in the dead of the night–izuku thinks it’s adorable, but sometimes there are days where shouto just doesn’t stop and shouto we have an exam tomorrow cmon we have to sleeeeep.

however there are days where there’s nothing special going on the next day so izuku just lets shouto ramble and ramble, because shouto would always let izuku go off and it’s only fair that he does the same for his surprisingly talkative bf^^

(but hey izuku would take any opportunity to smooch with shouto and if “shutting him up” is one of these reasons he’ll take it)

Ohmtoonz: sleepover

Ships: cartoonz x ohm/ ohmtoonz
Smut or fluff: fluff
Inspire from derpydoodlez

Ohmtoonz: sleepover

Luke p.o.v:

My eyes lazily looked at my phone, seeing that nothing was going in twitter or Instagram or any of my social media. I sighed as turned off my phone and laid in the coach just looking at the ceiling.

‘I could go to sleep??’ I thought, my mind seemed to agree as soon my eyelids began to droop, letting the comfortable darkness consume me…….


I gave out a sharp gasp as I stood up from the couch and quickly turned my head around to see what caused the noise.

“LUKE PATTERSON! GET YOUR HAIRY ASS OVER HERE!!” I growled as I covered my ears from the yelling!

“BITCH! IM OVER HERE!!” I shouted at ohm, he turned his eyes at me as he began to laugh.

“OH FUCK!! HAhHhahahHaahHha” he laughed as he clutched his stomach. I grumbled as I stood up and crossed my arms.

He wiped some tears from the corner of his eyes,“ oH MY GOd! Hehehhahah- I-I’m so sorry-heheheah- oh my!” As he settled down.

I glared at him but just chuckled.

“Either way, why did you kicked my door open?” I said looking at my door which was wide open, he looked back at my door and soon back at me.

“Well you didn’t lock the door and I knew that you’ll be sleeping you lazy ass bitch!” He said as he shifted his backpack he currently had. I gave him a confused look as I pointed at the bag.

“What’s with the bag?” I asked, he just smiled.

“Didn’t you get the message I sent you? We’re having a sleepover!” I tilted my head as I grabbed my phone as went through my messages and saw I got a new message.
Chubby bun:

'I just had a crazy idea!’
'What if we had a sleepover! At your house,! :D’

I face palmed my face.

“WOW! I am oddly offended!” Said ohm as he looked at me. “How dare you call chubby!” He said dramatically.

I laughed as I ruffled his hair “well you are kinda chubby!” He just giggled, as he pulled his bag.

“Are we gonna have this party or what!?” I said, he cheered as we both went and changed.

*few moments later*

“OH MY GOD!! THIS IS SO COOL!” I shouted as I entered our pillow fort. Ohm was putting the blankets and pillows down inside, I smirked as I crept behind him my hands ready to grab him. I pounced towards him but he just moved to the side making me fall on a pile of pillows.

“When you try to sneak behind people don’t make so much noise!” He said with a smirk as he laid down a blanket. I laughed as I made myself comfortable as I put my arms behind my head, looking on top seeing blankets and some little Christmas light we put to add the mood.

“Move you arm!” Said ohm as he crawled next to me, I chuckled as I put my arms to the side. He crossed his arms as he looked up. We both just laid their silent, embracing the silent.

I soon heard a yawn as ohm shifted to his side. He pulled out a mask that covered his eyes and had his symbol.

“Really? You need those things to make you sleep?!” I said, he giggled.

“Oh shush!” As he put them on, he looked at me and I just chuckled.

“You look just alike how artist draw you!” He shrugged with a goofy smile.

“That’s the point my man! That’s the point!”

We both began chatting about things, letting time past pass and giving each other company. Soon enough I began to feel a little warm and I soon noticed that it was pretty hot in here, I looked over at ohm.

“Hey is it okay if I took off my shirt its getting pretty hot in here.” I said he blushed but nodded. I took off my shirt sighing in relief as the heat finally cooled down. I the corner of my eye I could see ohm just staring at me, I chuckled darkly.

“I hope your enjoying the view over there!” I said as I put my shirt into a ball, he just blushed and tsk,

“Shut the fuck up bitch…..” I laughed at him thinking that his actions were pretty adorable.

“He is sure adorable af, I could just kiss him right now,” I said

“UuUuUuUUUUUUHHHh!!! I-I never th-thought you h-had those fe-feelings for me!!” Said ohm. My heart dropped as a sudden realization hit me, I said that out loud, Infront of ohm!

“W-w-wEll I-i-I ….umMmM W-well yo-you s-s-see I-” I was cut off from a pair of lips making contact with mine and felt a hand behind my head pulling me closer to the kiss, I looked at ohm eyes but they were closed concentrating on the kiss. Soon enough I kissed back as I wrapped my arms around his waist.

We were kissing for a while until both of us needed air so we parted panting. I looked at his eyes as he looked at mine he soon smiled as he pounced at me, hugging me.

“You don’t know how glad I am knowing that you like me back!! Right?” He said. I laughed as I kissed his cheek.

“Of course I love you bitch! Who wouldn’t!” I said as I hugged him tighter, he giggled as our lips met again.


Slowly my eyes opened adjusting the light that was shining through the blankets, i gave out a groan as I tried to move myself to get away from the light but couldn’t since I felt someone on top of me. I looked down at my chest to see a cute sight.

I saw ohm sleeping on top of me cuddling up on my chest, his arms were close to his chest and his legs were curled up close to him. He was slightly snoring.

My heart was melting by the cute sight I am seeing right now. I couldnt’ help myself but hug him eventually waking him up.

“EEKK!! LUKE!” Squeaked ohm, I just giggled as I hugged him close to me, kissing his cheek. Ohm soon enough began laughing as he kissed a great me back.

What a great way to wake up!
And there you have it hopefullly @derpydoodlez you like it and I am soooooo sorry this was late. Hopefully you guys like and and if you do thank you very much for reading this. Bye
June 9, 2017
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ravenwolf36  asked:

Thiam snowed in and having to share a bed. They're on a pack getaway and have to share after everyone else claims the rooms. They end cuddling because Liam is a total octopus. Theo thinks it's adorable, shut up Theo....I am not adorable

Thank you for the prompt! Hope this is what you were looking for.

Also on AO3

Theo can tell Liam is excited. He’s practically bouncing in the seat next to Theo as the two of them, along with Mason and Corey, drive towards Gatlinburg, TN. The Sheriff, Melissa, and Argent are in the car behind them. With the pack all spread out across the country they had decided it would be easier to meet up somewhere as a halfway point and celebrate Christmas there. Lydia had mentioned how beautiful Gatlinburg is and that’s how they wound up renting out a cabin in the mountains for a week.

Theo watches Liam from the corner of his eye, a small smile gracing his lips, “You better save some energy. We still have another 9 hours to go. And I’m not driving the whole way.”

“You have 2 other people in the car that can help drive you know,” Liam says, his excitement still apparent.

“True. And if one of them drives I can stretch out in the backseat since the other will most likely want shotgun.”

“What about me?”

Theo smirks, “Oh, you can ride in the back.”

“It’s snowing!”

Theo’s shoulders shake with silent laughter, “Aw what’s wrong? Little Wolf afraid of a little snow? You seemed so excited for it a few minutes ago.”

Liam pouts, “I like looking at it. Doesn’t mean I want to spend hours out in it with the wind biting at my face.”

“Isn’t that what’s going to happen when we get to the cabin?” Mason asks, sticking his head between the seats to look at Liam.

Liam pushes his head back, “No comments from the peanut gallery.”

Mason leans back in his seat, snuggling back up to Corey, before looking at Theo, “I can drive whenever you get tired.”

“Next time we stop I’ll take you up on that,” Theo says.

“When is that exactly?” Liam asks, “Because I kind of have to pee.”

There’s a collective groan from everyone else in the car before Theo reaches over and smacks Liam lightly on the back of the head, “We stopped an hour ago. Not even an hour ago. What the hell?”

“I didn’t need to go then.”

“And you drank a whole 2 liter of Mt. Dew,” Mason says.

Theo glares over at him, “You didn’t.”

“He did,” Corey says, “I saw him.”

Theo sighs, “Fine. There’s an exit coming up. We’ll stop there. Is anyone hungry?”

“I am!” Comes the collective response of the three other people in the car.

“Then we’re eating too. I don’t want to have to stop again. And text John so that they know we’re stopping.”

Liam does a mock salute and pulls out his phone, shooting a text to the Sheriff. Theo pulls off at the next exit, waving the Melissa, John, and Chris as they drive on. Theo’s barely parked the car before Liam is jumping out, leaving his door open as he runs inside.

“Seriously Liam?” Theo calls after him, rolling his eyes as he walks around to close Liam’s door for him.

Liam just does a little wave and continues inside, leaving the others to trail after him. They get food at the Wendy’s attached to the gas station before getting back on the road. Theo is more than happy to curl up in the back seat and sleep for a few hours. He’s done most of the driving so far so this is a well-deserved break. He’d be worried about letting someone else drive his truck but Mason has proven himself to be a competent driver.

He falls asleep with his head on his pillow, leaning against the door. Liam is doing the same on the other side. Except when he wakes up that’s not the case anymore. Sometime in the last few hours Liam has moved from his side of the car over to Theo’s, practically plastering himself to Theo’s side. His head is resting against Theo’s middle with his arm thrown around his waist and his legs stretched out next to him on the seat.

“At least someone is comfortable,” Theo mutters.

He hears a laugh from the front seat and looks up to see Mason looking back at him. Somewhere along the way he and Corey had switched places and now Corey is driving.

“Jesus how long was I out?” Theo asks.

“About 7 hours,” Mason says, “you two slept like the dead. We made two stops and neither of you even flinched.”

Theo’s eyes widen as he looks down at Liam, “And how long has he been like this?”

“Oh I’d say about 6 ½ hours. He complained about not being able to get comfortable. He tried putting his feet on your lap but you kept pushing them off. Funny enough you didn’t seem to mind when he moved over to cuddle you.”

Theo doesn’t know what to say to that. He can’t exactly say that he minds it. He actually enjoys having Liam this close. He’s not about to tell Mason and Corey that though, they’d never let him live it down. From the looks on their faces when he looks back up, they probably know.

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aaa i know you have lots of fic requests but i just saw this post on instagram where there was a girl and her husband that got into a fight one night. so the girl told the man to take whats his and leave. so the man did as told and picked the girl up and walked out the door. idk its just so cute and i thought maybe you writing a short drabble of it with newt would be just adorable. sorry if you dont have time for this!

“And you think you get a second chance?”

Newt runs a hand through his messy hair. “I didn’t ask for one.”

Tears prick your eyes. “So… what? This doesn’t matter to you?”

“Of course not.”

“Then what?”

Newt squeezes his eyes shut. “What exactly am I supposed to say? What are you expecting?”

“Something. Anything.” You force through grit teeth.

Newt shakes his head, fingers drifting to his lips as he looks at you with a bowed head. He opens his mouth once, then twice, before staring at your shoes.

Your hands tremble. “You don’t have anything to say?”

Newt still doesn’t reply.

“Fine.” You fight back the tears threatening your eyes. “Maybe you should just go if this means nothing to you.”

Newt looks up at you again, eyes hard. “You want me to leave you?”

You could scream with frustration. Why does he have to twist your words so? “That’s not what I said, but if that’s what you think, then fine. Go. Just go.”

Newt doesn’t move a muscle, doesn’t move his gaze from you. “Go?”

You shut your eyes. “Grab your stuff and get out of my apartment.”

There’s no noise, no sound for a moment, then bootsteps lead out of the room you’re standing in, into the bedroom. Tears leak under your eyelids. He’s leaving. He’s really leaving. Oh Merlin, you’d never really thought he’d choose to leave you, not after a year of dating and a couple of friendship. You feel like you’re falling apart, like the world slid from under your feet and you’re dropping faster than possible. You can’t breathe.

Bootsteps reenter the room, and you open your eyes. Newt stands in front of you, suitcase in hand, jacket slipped on. He doesn’t drop your gaze.

You swallow the knot in your throat. “Well, what are you standing there for? Go. Go if I matter so little to you.”

You nearly shout in anger when you notice a small grin cross Newt’s face. He walks forward, straight toward you.

“What are you doing?”

His case thumps against the ground when he drops it. “I’m taking what’s mine.”

Then he sweeps your legs out from under you, catching you before you can fall. He presses you against his chest, smiling down at your teary face.

“Come on, love, you can’t honestly have thought I’d leave the most important person behind?”

You’re still pissed at him, but you can’t help your smile. “I still hate you, you know.”

He grins back, stepping out the front door. “Would a bowl of ice cream solve that?”


So obviously I love them but I don’t know how Jonah is gonna feel. Like we know he has some feelings for Cyrus but will he be ready for it??? After two relationships in a row. I love them but I think Jonah’s gonna pull a move where it’s so close or something but let’s be real it’s disney so

Also can we talk about how if this is real I won’t shut up. Like??? Jyrus is adorable and they need to be protected. But also like when he fell — he straight up called the ambulance like??? For that??? But the way he reacted to andi wasn’t even on compare so???

Its real???

But we all know how Jonah can be so thoughtful and emotional. Like he’ll call out anybody and say “in private” and also understands so many things. As oblivious as he is, he’s the smartest on the show tbh.

Also let’s take a moment to say that their almost polar opposites Jonah bieng a sporty cool kid while Cyrus is nerdy and awkward

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Why the Jet Twins are great

So the jet twins are my favorite characters in all of Transformers, I love them a lot and I wanted to make a appreciation post saying why they are so great and i wish they would stop being ignored so much. 

So lets get started~

  • Jetstorm and Jetfire are the very first flying autobots. They are also the only onscreen combiners. It should also be noted Devastator was planned and Metalhawk was also a possibility to join Safeguard so Safeguard vs Devastator anyone? I would LOVE that.
  • Before becoming jets they were cute lil cars (ill post ref under a cut at the end)
  • Additionally their existence begs many questions about the ‘nameless’ class and if bots are made and just sent out to do a job. Seeing as how the twins are quite athletic and immature and it can be presumed they didn’t choose to be oil refinery bots. Speaking of which…
  • Despite their natural skills, its more shown then told, they are pretty insecure although more on Jetstorms part. Because of their presumed status Jetstorm doesn’t believe they can ever be anything and Jetfire is a little more optimistic. 
  • After they fought (about practically nothing) the pipe they were on broke, however only Jetfire fell. Jetstorm was fine but still was injured in Perceptors lab, I headcannon he jumped after his brother, but you can interpret what you want here.
  • The jet twins are super learners, in the arrival “Survival Skills” Optimus gets his butt kicked by Megatron but that was the highest score, The jet twins learned to fly instantly and defeated everything in their path. The Autobots literally had to throw Starscream’s code at them and they learned how to beat him too. Making them the most powerful Autobots physically in the show.
  • They are very curious, in Metalhawk’s Allspark Almanac entry they mention how they want to learn about organic stuff, also they wanted to play bumblebee’s video game, so they don’t completely agree/listen to Sentinel 
  • I don’t think that it was just grunt work to have the twins fix that generator, they are very smart, however Jetstorm yelling at it was priceless. 
  • “Communications are Okie for Dokie” - Jetfire
  • The Selfie with Blitzwing
  • “Please Sentinel Prime sir do tell us how you make capture of this badness bot” -Jetfire and Jetstorm
  • They really like the circus
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm often (mainly in body language and slight comments) detach themselves from others in stressful situations. Usually with Sentinel being rude to them for example in the comic Jetfire griped his head and shuts his eyes when sentinel tries to get in his face.
  • However they still are genuinely curious and like meeting people.
  • They don’t understand slang and its adorable.
  • Look at them their designs are precious! Complementary colors! Jetfire’s got a aviators helmet for a head its adorable…look at em!!
  • Probably literally read each others minds. Being Split Spark twins and all.
  • Safeguard is their true form, they were one protoform split in half (according to Perceptor)

To wrap it up here basically i think, there’s TONS to work from here, I didn’t even list all the things I’ve noticed but i wanna keep this not too long. Thank you for reading the ramblings of a fangirl with too much time on her hands. I’m considering making one for MTMTE Rodmius too. Reference for twins pre-upgrade below cut.

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Xander: It’s stupid but in a good way.

Brynn: I told you you’d love it.

Xander: I wouldn’t go that far I find it tolerable.

Brynn: Unrelated but are you doing anything for New Year’s Eve?

Xander: Umm not really. I usually just hang out with my sister. Why?

Brynn: Oh Bryony and I were thinking of having a party.

Xander: Because the last event you guys hosted went so well you thought let’s try that again?

Brynn: Shut up! I am trying to make amends! We even are inviting Amelia! You can bring your sister because so far its just Bryony’s work friends, Holden, and Amelia maybe but who knows with her.

Xander: We’ll come sounds like you need some fun guests.