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"FROSTY RELATIONSHIP" please how many times have we had to endure these rumours. benedict is straight up in love with martin and he never shuts up about him and it's so obVIOUS that they ARE friends. at this point their friendship is the only pure thing left from this show tbh.

fully agree!!! 

and remember martin in gn last time

One of my favourite things about Falsettos getting a revival is how different it is from the original production. I mean, fundamentally the plot is the same, but there are little differences that I think improve upon the show as a whole. 

Example: Marvin and Whizzer’s relationship in 1992 was very subdued. They talked about their passionate love affair, and you had no doubt they were together but it just didn’t seem like they had the spark they claimed to have. There were a few moments (the racquetball games, What More Can I Say?, the baseball game) where I could believe it but for the most part I didn’t pick up on it. But in the revival (which I haven’t even seen, by the way, just GIFs and a few clips) Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells are all over each other. They’re just…touching all the time, in the over-stated, passionate way I’d expect from any love affair that Whizzer Brown has. And the same can be said for Charlotte and Cordelia, to a lesser extent. I had no trouble seeing that Charlotte and Cordelia were in love, but it’s more present, more visible in the revival. And other little things too (like Stephanie J. Block saying the word dicks)

My point is that there are differences between the revival and the original production that I think boil down to when they were made. We’re more relaxed with what we allow in our media these days. We no longer balk at the image of two men nearly making out on stage, we don’t titter at the same words we used to (i.e. the word dicks) and we don’t have the same opinions we used to have about…everything. So it gives us a little more freedom, a little more room to push the envelope a little and I think that’s lovely. 


Eva: “Shut up! I would never hurt Wendell, because unlike you, I love him! I don’t know what you’re insinuating, and frankly, I don’t give a fuck! You’re the one who’s hurting him, the same way you’re hurting all of us. You crush everything out of us until we fit your fucked up mental image of a ‘perfect child’! You won’t rest until Lily and Wendell are Macy clones. The only reason you have a problem with Sterling is because he showed me that I don’t have to be like that. He showed me that I’m my own, unique person, and that I don’t have to answer to you! He said that so long as I’m happy with who I am, then no other opinion matters. Guess what, Macy? I’m happy! The last few weeks I’ve been happier than I’ve ever been, because I haven’t had to look at your repulsive face, or deal with your manipulative bullshit! I just lived my life, the way I wanted to, and now I come home to this! Conflict, judgement, and surprise, surprise, more manipulation from the queen herself. Get fucked, Macy. You’ve had me under your boot for years, but I’m free now, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, I won’t go back to that prison!”

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:

literally where would this band be without Ashton he is a shining light and angel and I love him very much

Theatre Kid AUs

-that stage kiss WAS NOT SCRIPTED WTF
- I’m the stage manager and you’re the cocky lead who won’t SHUT UP backstage PEOPLE CAN HEAR YOU
-for closing night bets you slipped me tongue during our stage kiss what the fuck do I do
-we’re not playing the romantic leads but everyone ships our characters and they keep making us take pictures together in costume (I kind of love it)
-we’re in the chorus together and you never know what the notes are so you have to stand impossibly close to me to listen and it just makes me mess up and I SWEAR TO GOD ARE YOU DOING THAT ON PURPOSE
-everyone in the show has to wear makeup I swear I will wrestle you into this chair if I have to
-oh my god you’re doing my makeup and you’re so close and I can’t breathe
-I may have learned your romantic lead’s part and then attempted to take them out the night of the show
-we made out in the light booth
-this is the first time I’ve seen you in costume and holy fuck how do you look so good in that


Anyone ever tell you, all you Feds sound the same? It’s like you all watch the same bad movies together at Quantico. Who are you?

To some people who think Victor and Yuuri aren’t in love because they didn’t outright say ‘I love you’, think again. 

So basically, re-watching the episode for the nth time (with my dad this time because he loves this show now) and he points something out. 

Y’all remember that moment where Yuuri has this inner monologue at the end of the show while he’s running with Makkachin?

“We call everything on the ice love”. 

What’s the title of this show? 
Yuri!!! on Ice. 
What’s or Who’s on the ice? 
Yuuri Katsuki. 
Who said this name?
Victor Nikiforov. 
They’re in love. End of discussion. 

okay so what i loved abt this yoi episode is the fact that yuuri and victor truly do show yurio unconditional love. they don’t resent him when he lashes out, 

are proud of him for his accomplishments, 

and continuously cheer him on (regardless of whether or not he appreciates it). 

like i get that we’re supposed to think that yurio’s grandpa is yurio’s version of unconditional love, but i think that victor and yuri are pretty close contenders, too. they’ve been so supportive throughout this whole process. 

i’m genuinely really interested to see how they develop the relationship between these three, and whether or not yurio ever realizes the agape love that’s right in front of him.

if you’ve got a bunch of teenagers in space w no access to media they are going to start making their own entertainment so i think that we need to discuss team voltron memes

  • “where’s [insert team member here]?” “i mean… *looks out window at the stars, shrugs* space, probably”
  • they keep a tally of every time lance gets rejected by someone and use it to shut him up when he’s getting annoying
    • “okay i’m gonna stop you there, 37 strike outs”
  • whenever an alien does something particularly weird pidge loudly hums the x-files theme
  • lance will do random trust falls “for team bonding.” everyone lets him fall on his ass but shiro
  • drawing mustaches on random objects and talking to them as if they’re coran
  • for like two weeks lance refers to keith exclusively through pop culture references
    • “hey where’s older, angrier Nico Di Angelo?”
    • “scarless Zuko is in position”
    • “ayo young Billy Ray Cyrus come spar with me” 
  • loud acapella renditions of The Circle of Life during training sessions
  • hunk the Hunk™
  • calling shiro dad but only in the context of petty arguments (“daaaaaad, lance won’t stop touching my stuff”)
  • *points at something pidge is tinkering with* “is that a calculator”
  • constant shitting on the castle’s defenses
    • “after that fight, I think I need a drink, and it better be stronger than that particle barrier”
  • there’s a month long campaign to catch shiro in the middle of his morning routine to solve the mystery of whether or not he uses eyeliner. but they can never catch him getting up in the morning?? like one time they pull an all nighter and hide in his bathroom and somehow?? he still evades them???
  • whenever allura enters the room lance yells “everyone act casual” and they all strike ridiculous poses
  • *lance gets into a Situation and asks keith for help* “I’m sorry I… can’t hear you…. I think the connection’s…… breaking up…………”
  • exaggeratingly censoring themselves in front of pidge
    • “oh biscuits and jam I am so darn steamed right now!” “lance shut the fuck up”
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: but why was riz ahmed robbed of his golden globe award? why hasn't his talent been recognised?? where the hell is jake gyllenhaal's nomination for nocturnal animals? his co-star got nominated, why not him as well? why do these award shows continue to sleep on riz and jake's amazing talent?? they worked so well together in nightcrawler and work so well individually, they deserved a golden globe.

Like tbh if Klance becomes canon I don’t want it to be at the very end of the show like with Korrasami, I want it to be maybe like, about halfway through the series or even earlier so that we actually get to see how their relationship progresses and grows and how they go from being Awkward Bfs to Would Literally Fight The Fucking Sun For Each Other. I just wanna see a cute Blossoming Gay Love okay like that can’t be too much to ask right.

Opening Texts in an LDR
  • Me: *Opens Skype with shaky hands* *sees 6 new messages from dominant*
  • Me: *Talking to stuffies* Okay guys, we can do this. I'm gonna read all these messages without getting worked up! *Opens chat*
  • Sir: Hi baby doll.
  • Me: *Shuts off phone screen* *Screeches happily, wiggling about* Gahhh he called me baby doll. *Grabs pillow and hugs it close* *Turns screen back on and continues to read*
  • Sir: I liked that outfit you showed me. You're so pretty.
  • Me: *Shuts screen off again* *Grabs every stuffie on my bed, heart pounding* Lord, I'm such a coward, but I'm gonna need all of you to read these messages. *Opens messages again*
  • Sir: I miss you like crazy.
  • Me: *Screams into my pillow*
  • Sir: I love you to the moon and back darling.
  • Me: *Falls onto bed exhausted and happy before replying with way too many emojis*


Genre: Drama; Smut [The Vampire Diaries AU! Part II] 

Word Count: 4300ish 

I hope you all like this chapter as much as you loved the first one!

@nomoreghostie-anon, there are gonna be a lot more parts for this~ Be prepared!

You stayed in your bed, not moving an inch, not showing any signs of waking up, since Jungkook still had his arms around you. You stared out of the window aimlessly as the sunrays fell on your face, pondering over how long you’d be able to stay like this, your patience already running thin.

After a while you felt Jungkook stir and you shut your eyes immediately in case he woke up, but he only took his hands off you and turned to the side.

Thinking that you were free, you walked into the bathroom and carried out your morning routine as usual but instead of thinking about what you were going to make Jungkook for breakfast, you thought of how you were going to talk to him, what you were going to ask him and most importantly, what was going to happen to your relationship afterwards. Your hands fiddled with the ring on your finger as you continued to ponder over the future…your future.

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