shut up i love this movie ok

ok i know my fav character did some bad shit & should probably be in jail for all of it but if anyone ever talks bad about movie!L, i stg, i will defend that darling with everything i have ok everyone stay away from my bb he actually developed & he deserves nothing but love 

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Can you do a head cannon of Eddie and Richie 'coming out' per se and telling the rest of the gang about their relationship? Thanks, love your blog xoxo

a. it was a lot easier for richie to tell the group than it was for eddie.

    i. but eddie definitely told richie he was gay first.

    ii. richie made a joke about it, telling eddie he was also gay.

    iii. eddie probably got upset, glaring at richie as he told him he was serious.

    iv. richie is just like “so was i.”

b. the group lowkey already knew but pretended they didn’t.

c. richie definitely said something gay asf like “sup heteros, it is i, a gay.”

d. when they were coming out richie did all of the talking while eddie was all flustered and embarrassed.

    i. but once he saw how confident richie was about it, eddie didn’t care as much.

e. the group is so supportive, mainly because they’d already known for a long time.

f. richie 100% has his arm around eddie when telling the group, don’t even fight me on this

g. the only time eddie will speak during the whole ‘coming out’ is when richie says something stupid and eddie tells him to “shut the fuck up.”

h. the group is just like, “ok, cool.”

    i. which clearly makes eddie all like “what.”

    ii. the group probably end up telling them that they already knew.

    iii. which makes eddie so FLUSTERED because was it THAT obvious??

    iv. yes, it was that obvious.

i. just the start of a beautiful relationship. i love my gay babies.

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Hi!! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing! If you're still taking prompts could you write some an analogical fic, maybe where Logan is pining or decides that *logically* they'd make the perfect couple and decides to use logic to persuade Virgil he's right? No worries if it's not your thing tho <3

Logan sat at his desk, hands in his hair and frustration on his face.  He couldn’t even close his eyes without seeing his face.  That cute little smile, the way he covered it when he laughed, the way he chewed on his hoodie sleeve-

“Ughhhh!” Logan groaned and threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing them fervently.  This had to stop!  He had no time to deal with mushy, disgusting, lovey-dovey feelings!  No matter how much Virgil made him want to deal with them.  Gah, this was so not fair!

True, logically speaking, if any of the sides were to be together, it made sense that it would be the two of them, right?  Virgil was very fond of pointing out issues and questions that Logan easily answered and solved.  Logan also kept Virgil grounded, kept him calmer and happier.  Happier enough to see that cute smile - OK ENOUGH!  

The two of them together would most certainly benefit Thomas, Logan believed.  After all, his anxiety working through issues with his logical side makes sense, and the more time the two spend together the less anxious - oh, who was Logan kidding.  Certainly not himself.  When this dumb crush, this infatuation, begun to grow, he was not thinking of Thomas’s health!  Why throw him into this awful mix?!  Logan groaned and dropped his head down, banging it gently on the desk.  He had to get rid of these feelings, restore his sanity and get some peace.  He had to tell Virgil, that was the only way.  With renewed vigor and some excitement in his step, Logan shot up out of his seat and propelled himself toward the door - 

Wait.  What if Virgil didn’t reciprocate?  Or worse, what if Virgil thought he wasn’t serious?  After all, as the embodiment of Thomas’s worry and anxiety, Virgil had a very difficult time with trust.  Many times when one of them tried to be nice and give kind words, Virgil immediately defaulted to “you’re just saying that,” or “don’t lie to me; I know you hate me.”  Logan wasn’t sure at this moment if he could handle hearing that come out of his crush’s mouth.

And, just like that, Logan backpedaled all the way to his bed and flopped down face first.  This was impossible to deal with!  Why him?!  Then, an idea popped in his head.  He could write a letter, a stone-hard, cold and concrete letter of his seriousness.  

Logan snatched up a memo pad from his desk along with a pen.  Twelve cited sources, four Teen Vogue quizzes, and 16 points later, Logan had his essay, properly MLA formatted and ready to send under Virgil’s door.  He produced an envelope and neatly tri-folded the pages, tucking them in.  Logan didn’t lick the envelope closed, finding that utterly disgusting.  Instead he simply tucked the opening inside.

Quick as a flash, Logan darted out his door, down the hall, and threw the letter essay under Virgil’s door.

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  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • everyone i've spoken to since march 24th: yes, you love the power rangers movie, we know, you love billy cranston so much, he's the light of your life, you love the kids so much, you just love them, we KNOW, you love power rangers (2017) you fucking love the power rangers movie ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE THE POWER RANGERS MOVIE. WE GET IT.

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hwiana lives on yall

hwi as a boyfriend is such a concept ;-; i feel like he would be the dorkiest & sweetest bf ever :/// i feel so soft rn & its 3 ampwjrowksla

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Rami & Characters as Parents:


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It’s your children before absolutely anyone else.

He never takes roles if it means leaving your family for too long a period of time.

“Rami we can relocate if-“
“Absolutely not. I’m not uprooting their lives for some role.”

He spoils them rotten, but never lets them forget his humble beginnings and the importance of gratitude and appreciation.

He tries to keep them out of the spotlight, but feels tremendous pride when the paparazzi snap pictures of him doing everyday things with your kids.

He also finds said pictures online and saves them because he loves them so much.

He’s very conscious of online safety, much to the irritation of your kids.
“You should change your password every two weeks, there are so many dangers-“
“Dad, it’s just a club penguin account.”

Your kids love to tease him about his past roles. 

“Be sensible at the party tonight, don’t drink too much and don’t do drugs, please.”

“What, not even morphine? Or a little J? C’mon dad what would Elliot think?”

“You’re grounded.”

“Dad I can’t believe you were in a Twilight movie.” 

“God, you’ve done some digging…” 

He loves when your kids make up little productions together and perform them in the living room for the two of you. Even if the plot isn’t particularly good, his face glows with pride as he watches his children perfect his craft. 

He may or may not have had a large platform built in the yard so that in the summer the kids can put on performances while the two of you sit on the lawn chairs enjoying the sun. 


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Josh is the ‘cool’ dad. Or at least he thinks he is.

He picks your kids up from school in his flashy car with his sunglasses on.
“Hey pornstars! Hop in!”
“Dad that’s super weird please stop.”

He loves to organize unusual holidays and expand your kids’ horizons, but he sometimes goes a little overboard.
“Safari vacation this summer? We can ditch the car and run with the lions!”
“Josh, I’d like to return with all our limbs.”
“Ok well what about storm chasing-“
“White water raft-“
“Josh, I love you, but shut the fuck up.”

Josh encourages your children to follow their dreams and pursue their ideas, whether it’s as small as your five-year-old son’s lemonade stand or as big as your daughter’s fundraiser for mental health centre for young people.

When Josh’s depression creeps out from the shadows he fears that he’s not a good enough father, but your children always seem to sense his insecurity and reassure him with hugs and movie nights.

Your children are what gave Josh the confidence to visit his sister’s graves. With them by his side, he feels unstoppable.


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Snafu is the king of pretend games. He’ll use whatever he can find around the house to set the scene for the game.

In fact its a struggle to get him to stop playing. 

“Wench, fetch me my dinner!” Snafu orders you while wearing a crudely fashioned cardboard crown. You roll your eyes but comply, placing his plate in front of him. Your son watches the interaction with a sparkle in his eye. 

“Wench, fetch-” 

“Don’t even try it kid.” 

“Sorry mom.” 

Your kids never get tired of sitting by the fire with their father and listening to his stories about the war. He tells them of his comrades, his injuries, his brushes with death, but his favourite memories to recount are those of your reunions with him when he came home from battle. 

Snafu is careful to remind his kids to always treat their love interests with respect, especially your sons. He tells them how you taught him the hard way about how to treat a lady, and that a respectful compliment or simply holding the door will go further than any cat call or crude pet name. 

He misses the thrill of going off to war and the adrenaline rush fighting gave him, but Snafu would never again risk his life, for his responsibility as a father was far more important to him than his responsibility for his country. 

In lieu of returning to the battlefields, Snafu teaches your children all he knows about hand to hand combat and survival in some of the toughest terrains. He never lets them forget that behind the sensational stories of heroism and bravado, was a terrifying reality that few survived. 


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Ahkmenrah is a big softie around his kids. He lets them try on his crown and heavy jewellery, he lets them sit on the throne and he lets them play wherever they want in the palace, but screw with his family, and you will know the meaning of the word fear. 

He can be strict, since he is the king and his heirs have a reputation to uphold, but away from the public eye he is just like any other father. He enjoys playing games and sometimes is just as childish as the kids. 

Ahk is a man of the people, and although your children often see his parents and his brother’s side of the family treating their servants and subordinates in a lowly manner, he will not accept such behaviour from his own kids. He is careful to teach them that although they are royalty, all lives are equal and one should treat others how they wish to be treated. 

Your children are brought up unrestricted in who they are allowed to be friends with. You and Ahk are firm believers that class does not matter where friendship is involved. This means that your kids are far more worldly than their higher class peers. 

As your children grow older, Ahkmenrah is enthusiastic to involve them in royal affairs. He explains the art of negotiation and that peace is far more favourable than war. He makes certain they know that other nations have many things to offer and it is in their best interests as potential future rulers to stay on good terms with them.

But Ahk will never let his children become naive, they know exactly how to wage a war that they will undoubtedly win. Because they know that one day they may have to teach someone the meaning of the word fear. 


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Friday I’m In Love by Cure! The more I listen to the song 😁the more reddie song right next to it.

Richie laid back on the front car seats as Eddie hovered above him, sitting on the edge of the car door. Richie closed one of his eyes so the sun was behind Eddie’s head instead of shining down to worsen his already poor vision. He rolled his cigarette to the other side of his mouth and blew smoke past the small gap. They had about ten minutes before they’d have to be sitting at their desks, to meet a prompt early time that wouldn’t get them into trouble. A small shiver seemed to pass through Eddie as he pulled at his jacket. Richie lifted his cig from his lips and put his elbow next to him on the seat, hand put through his steering wheel. He squinted his one open eye and read the patches sewn into Eddie’s jean jacket. Just above his heart read ’Friday I’m in love’ .

Richie, open your eyes before you fall asleep.” Came Eddie’s voice, followed by a sharp kick to the bottom of his shoe that was only half on. He rolled his eyes and sat up so that he was between Eddie’s legs, arm resting on his thigh. Eddie’s eyebrow lifted as he stared down at the cigarette.

“I’d rather be asleep than be at school.” Richie smirked halfheartedly and bit into his cheek. Eddie rolled his eyes and looked back towards the school. 

“Yeah, I just want to get the school day over with.“ He shrugged and Richie fell back to lay down again. This time, pulling his foot and raising his knee so it took his place between Eddie’s legs. Eddie tapped his fingertips against his Jean clad knee. “Because today is Friday, which means I get to pick the movie for tonight.” 

He chuckled as Richie groaned. “Don’t pick anything shitty, please.” He slapped his hands together and waved them in a pleading motion over himself. 

“How about I pick what I want cause it’s my day and you try and complain less?” Eddie proposed with a cock of his head and walked his fingers down Richie’s knee to his thigh, he heard him hum in acknowledgment and sighed. They went silent again, Eddie went back to tapping aimlessly on Richie’s knee. He glanced at the school and back at Richie, who kept inching closer and closer to sleep.

Richie had been rather mute this morning, at least for him. Eddie figured it was because of yesterday. They’d had their first real screaming match of their relationship. It’d been outside his home. Eddie had been steaming because Richie just couldn’t take a damn thing seriously. 

They’d shouted from different spots across his green lawn. He had stood firm on his porch while Richie was inching closer and closer to his driveway, like he was going to storm off but he never actually did. They’d been able to sort it all out not too long after they caught their breath and realized how ridiculous they were being. 

It occurred to him as he picked at the thread of Richie’s pant leg, that the boy was probably feeling guilty. And if he was honest, he felt the same. 

‘You’re so fucking bitchy, Eddie!’

‘I wouldn’t have to bitch so much if you’d just shut your mouth long enough to let me speak!’

He slapped Richie’s leg and the boy sat up again. “Look, you dip.” Eddie grinned and cupped Richie’s cheeks. “I don’t care about what we said Thursday because today is Friday and we’re going to have our shitty movie night and you’re gonna love it.” He teasingly shook his face and Richie chuckled and tugged himself free. 

“You sure you’re ok? I didn’t mean to be-”

“Shut it.” Eddie chuckled and waved his finger at him before turning his body and hopping off the car door. Richie followed after. “I love you, y’know?”

Richie blushed and bumped their shoulders. “You ain’t so bad yourself Kaspbrak, take after your mom-”

Eddie slapped his arm and they launched into laughter. 

brat || henry bowers

a Henry bowers imagine

word count: 1387

ok this is on Wattpad so if you’ve seen it from my Wattpad I apologize. Submit a request!!


I stood in the hallway with Richie, Eddie and Bill talking about a science project we were assigned.

“You g-guys wanna come to my h-house after school? ” Bill asked because we had to create an experiment with directions and all that scientific bullshit. We all nodded.

“Yo where’s your girlfriend Bill?” Eddie teased shoving him and Bill shot him a dirty look. They never told me this type of stuff.

“Who’s his girlfriend? Beverly? ” I asked with a smirk.

“S-shut up Y/n.” He said, his face turning bright red.

I laughed then glanced down the hallway to see Henry Bowers, Vic, Belch, and Patrick walking down the hallway, picking on kids as the passed. Patrick made eye contact and whispered something to Belch and started coming our way.

“Ew what the fuck do they want?” Richie asked rolling his eyes.

“Maybe we should just pretend they’re not there?” Eddie tried to reason and we all shot him a look.

“That is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard from you. Yeah we pretend they’re not there? Then they beat the shit out of us.” Richie said with an attitude, like always. I let out a chuckle and Eddie flipped off Richie in the process.

Then Billy got shoved into the lockers, very harshly may I add, by Patrick.

“Hey loser.” Patrick laughed as Billy picked up all the books he dropped.

“Look who it is, the nastiest who from Whoville. I loved you in the Grinch!” I teased Patrick based on his appearance. I heard Richie and Eddie stifle a laugh. (a/n I really think Patrick does look like he’s from a dr. Seuss movie ok next )

“Shut the fuck up slut.” Patrick said looking down on me. He was pushed right up against me. Henry was staring at me with a blank expression on his face. Henry typically was the one to pick on me and all my friends but for some reason he was all quiet today.

I cringed at the feeling of Patrick leaning up against me.

“Back off , you perv.” I said using all my strength to shove him off of me, which he stumbled into Henry.

“Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? I do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, with who I want.” Patrick said to his friends, including Henry who stood there staring at me.

“Want me to fuck her up?” Victor asked with a smirk.

My friends stood paralyzed with fear. Eddie took out his inhaler and started using it vigorously.

“Nah, Bowers I’m letting you do this one. You seem pretty sad maybe this will cheer you up.” Patrick said patting his friend Henry on the back. I gulped as Henry began walking toward me.

“Fuck off Henry. Don’t fucking touch me.” I said as he came closer.

He still didn’t say anything. He grabbed my waist and shoved me against the locker. He looked super hesitant and was doing this all very slow. He raised his fist and went to punch me but then Richie , Eddie, and Bill threw their books at his head.

“Oh now you wanna fucking do something? I’ll beat your asses.” Henry threatened chasing after my best friends as they sprinted down the hall. I gotta make sure I thank them later for that.

“Damn, what was taking him so long? I’ll just do the job myself.” Patrick paused before raising his fist and punching me in the eye. My head throbbed as it fell back against the locker. I had never been in so much pain.

“Lemme jump in.” Belch said as he kicked me in the stomach, adding a punch to my nose.

I put my hand over my nose and looked down to see my hand covered in blood.

“Our work is done here, let’s go find Henry.” Patrick said leading his friends away. I felt a tear escape my eye, I didn’t even realize I was crying. I had never been in so much pain before. Wishing Eddie was here to clean me up and tell me it was going to be okay, were the only thoughts going through my mind. Unfortunately he or any of my friends were no where to be found.

I felt like I was gonna pass out, so I closed my eyes hoping someone would find me soon. I had little strength to even get up from the floor so I just sat there. Hoping someone would stumble across me , school had ended 20 minutes ago so basically no one was still here.

“You look terrible.” A voice said from above me. I pried open my eyes to see Henry standing  above me.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I said covering my face, hoping I wouldn’t get punched again.

“I’m not gonna touch you. What happened?” He said sitting next to me. I had never had a real conversation with him, the only ones I ever had consisted of insults and curses.

“Your prick friends beat me up, Patrick did the most damage.” I truthfully said as I wiped blood off of my nose.

“Yeah you look like the shit was beat out of you.” He said in his normal asshole voice.

“Wow, you’re so observant. If you’re here to insult me or throw me in the dumpster behind school, can you just get to it? I’m sick of you wasting my time.” I replied with a very snippy attitude.

“Listen, I-I uh I wanted to tell you something.” He began but I rolled my eyes.

“What Henry? If this is that ‘I totally feel bad about bullying you’ bullshit I don’t wanna fucking hear it. You’re just trying to make me vulnerable just before you do something completely cruel.” I was not taking any of his lies.

“No…that’s not the case. I-I want to apologize for being such a dick. I know what I’ve done to you is pretty bad-” he began but I quickly cut him off.

“Pretty bad? You and your friends fucking locked me in a locker for the whole school day, you broke the window to my room, you vandalized my locker with 'slut’ and that’s only just a few of the evil things you’ve done. Save your lies.” I sharply responded.

He sighed and stood up. Thinking he was leaving, I closed my eyes and sighed, leaning against the lockers to rest. But within seconds I felt him grab my waist and throw me over his shoulder.

“Put me the fuck down.” I whined while trying to pull myself out of his grip.

“I’m taking you to the bathroom to clean you up.” He stayed as he walked into the boys’ bathroom with me and put me on the sink.

He began cleaning up the blood off my face and I stared into his eyes. He was attractive. His messy blonde hair and his piercing eyes complimented him so nicely. I guess I had always had a slight crush on him, but it was masked by his nasty demeanor. I know, how could you like someone so scary? I asked myself the same question all the time.

“Stop staring at me.” He said with a smirk and I felt my face heat up.

“Where the fuck am I supposed to look? You’re literally standing right in front of m-” I complained but was quickly cut off with his lips on mine. I immediately kissed back, grabbing his hair. I felt him stand in between my legs and put his hands on my waist. I felt his hands start to go up my shirt when the bathroom door opened.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Richie screamed, his eyes wide with Billy and Eddie mimicking his actions.

“Uhhh I-…” I stuttered for an explanation but I quickly hopped of the sink.

“Are you okay? Why were you kissing him? that’s disgusting.” Eddie said making a grossed out face but looked at me with concern.

“Yeah what Y/n. E-explain.” Bill said crossing his arms and giving me a confused look.

I sighed and pushed the three of them out of the bathroom, ready to explain what happened. Before leaving I glanced over my shoulder and looked at Henry. He sent me a wink and I quickly turned around, blushing like crazy.

“See you later brat!” He yelled after me as I rushed away, thinking about what just happened.

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NOBODY gave a shit about Odette’s father. You realize that??? Dude is a fuckin’ KING. Ruler of some kingdom in some place and he is KILLED by a sorcerer disguised as a beast. Derek holds him as he dies and when he passes the jackass yells Odette’s name and his death is never mentioned. What happened to the kingdom?? Why isn’t Odette ever shown to be upset that her fuckin’ pops got ganked by her kidnapper?? Instead she starts singing about the dude she hated up till that day because wow puberty did ya good and how they’re love transcends time.

I fuckkng love the animated film strange magic okay I don’t care that it got 16% on rotten tomatoes it’ll always have 100% in my heart I love the badass fairy w the intense origin story who’s sworn off love forever n I love the “"ugly”“ (hes fucking hot ok shut up) edgy-ass bug dude w the even more intense back story who got his heart broken n I love that they find love w each other w the most painfully good slow burn romance it’s SO!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • looks like he’d be super confident and flirty but in reality he is very flustered so much so that before he can even lean in to kiss you he has to crack some sort of joke and no no it isn’t because he’s a nERVOUs wreck right now of course not hahaha……
  • keeps sending you photos of dogs he meets on the street
  • thinks you two should invest in a dog in the future
  • when you ask him “what do you mean by the future (-:” mingyu literally throws his phone in the air and screams and wonwoo is like calm tf down bro
  • he is a big fan of long sleeved shirts and so he bought you a couple too but then you started stealing his and he sort of went along with it because hey……you look really cute……..
  • seungcheol jokingly asked you how does it feel to be dating the visual of seventeen and mingyu interject liked oh they love it i mean look at me right but like when u two are alone he keeps bugging you like hey hey….im adorable right… handsome right…..
  • literally texts you the question “am i handsome?” like 5 times a day
  • you once complimented jun’s outfits and mingyu pulled you aside like “ok but if i wore that i would be more handsome right?”
  • he’s basically a puppy who loves getting your attention
  • very pouty when he’s jealous 
  • even though he likes to eat, he always keeps wanting to share his food with you
  • invites you out to check out cool restaurants with him. keeps dragging you around to different foreign food places. likes to take photos of the things you ordered 
  • (also secretly takes cute photos of you eating)
  • ((his background for his phone is a picture of you eating jajangmyeon))
  • sometimes he eats things that are way too spicy and he gets stomach aches and you always end up having to have some antiacids on you and everytime you give him one you’re like “mingyu, i told you not to eat that” and he just sniffles like im sorry…i wont do it again……..but like three days later when he’s all healthy he’s like let’s eat there again and you’re like mingyu please……..
  • loVES giving you spinning hugs
  • LOVES picking you up of the floor
  • big BIG fan of doing the forehead kiss with you
  • gets shy after doing the forehead kiss with you 
  • still wants to do it again though
  • has a bad habit of checking your clothes for stains because he likes cleaning a lot so he’ll get very ver y close to you and look straight at your chest or backside for stains and you’ll be like mingyu,……you’re quite….close…….and then he’ll be like “wait- i see a spec-” and lean in even more and you’ll just be dying like does he not know what he’s doing to you????? (ps: he doesn’t)
  • since he’s left-handed he tried to teach you how to write with your left hand but instead you kept getting ink all over your fingers from the pen so he decided to give up and just doddle all over your fingers and palm instead and you ended up getting a little pen tattoo from your cute oversized child of a boyfriend
  • he’s good with his hands so he sometimes makes you little things when he’s away on tour to bring back as gifts and when you two exchange them all of 17 is just watching and giggling and mingyu is like gUYS stop embarrassing ME 
  • wonwoo likes embarrassing him
  • wonwoo sends youf pictures of mingyu doing embarrassing things like daily 
  • you and wonwoo secretly love teasing mingyu and mingyu is like hOW COuld you tWO GANG up on ME LIKE THis????
  • when you two cuddle mingyu just wraps himself around you like a burrito like his long legs and arms just pull you close and you’re basically lying in a bed of his limbs 
  • usually buries his face in your hair or neck and forgets that his mouth is close to your skin so when he speaks his breathing tickles you and it’s hot and you’re like m…in…..gyu…….
  • speaking of your hair he loves playing with it
  • like ALOT
  • runs his fingers through it, puts it up in various different styles, once asked if he could give you a mowhawk and you literally had to take the hairspray can out of his hand 
  • he seems like the type to be ticklish so if you surprised him by poking his sides he’d probably drop whatever he was holding and scream
  • tickling also works when you’re trying to wake him up because he’s too big for you to drag out of the bed 
  • made you get a snapchat just so he could send you an endless amount of selfies 
  • some of these selfies include him in just like a black tanktop collarbones and all and you’re like mingyu: chill
  • he is very eager with his kisses. he tries to assert dominance and be the one in charge and it means that sometimes his kisses are a little sloppy and his grip on your waist is a little tight because he just wants to get super super close
  • after calming down, he sort of goes into a really good flow of mid-length kisses with a lot of breathing time and his kisses trail up and down your skin
  • sometimes he’ll whisper compliments between kisses and they’ll be cheesy but really sentimental and you’ll be like mingyu don’t do this to me….
  • once you said he looked cute in his basketball uniform from idol sport olympics and now he won’t let you live it down ever 
  • “remember when you said i looked cute in that basketball uniform! that’s the reason you can’t dump me, ok! only i look that good in a basketball jersey, yeah!~”
  • rambles about your dates in the group chat and literally woozi and hoshi are like ‘shut up dude we get it you love them’
  • takes you on dates to the movies a lot and impersonates the actors on screen
  • sometimes he overdoes it and you end up laughing too loud people have to shush you from the back
  • tried to put his arm around you during a movie but then you turned around at the exact moment and he gOT so R E D but thankfully you could not see him
  • changed his name in your phone to ‘visual boyfriend kim mingyu’
  • when you’re upset or crying he sort of gives you some space before stepping in. when he does he sort of holds your hand or even your face and wipes your tears and sincerely asks you to tell him whats going on
  • when he’s upset he tries to play it off as if it’s no big deal, but when you’re stern with him about wanting to know is when he start opening up. usually you and wonwoo are the only two to know about his problems
  • what mingyu doesn’t like most in the world is when you distance yourself from him, he’s a person who needs support and needs to be looked after and with you - when you’re there for him even during what seems like insignificant times - proves to him that you truly care
  • when mingyu says ‘i love you’, he says it with the intent to hear it back from you and although he might be scratching his neck and nervously giggling as each word comes out, you know it’s true and you know that saying ‘i love you too’ makes it all the more better
  • he teases you for not being able to handle super spicy stuff sometimes 
  • sometimes he’ll give you that wolfish smile with his canines showing and you’ll get embarrassed because his smile is so nice and wide and he’ll get confused because “are you getting flustered??? why??” and you’ll just be like not right now kim mingyu ok ok 
  • keeps trying to convince you to cook meat for him because he really wants to taste your cooking skills
  • when you do cook it, even if it isn’t good he eats the whole plate and asks for more because he can quote on quote “taste your love”. mingyu is cheesy as hell.
  • you carry snacks around for him and that’s why he keeps pulling you into spinning hugs like you really are the BEST
  • gets stuff for you off the top shelf but laughs and teases you while he’s doing it
  • is too embarrassed to practice rapping in front of you, but when he sees you at their performances he texts you a thank you because from you he really does gain strength!
  • once you couldn’t see over a crowd of people so he hoisted you up on his shoulders like it was nothing and honestly…..honestly kim mingyu……why are you so fuckging tall
  • loves to hear you laugh and tells you that all the god damn time 
  • kim mingyu is the kind of boyfriend who just wants you to be happy and he’s willing to do anything to make that happen honestly 

check out:
wonwoo here –> (x) // vernon here –> (x) // jeonghan here –> (x)
// woozi here –> (x

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Procrastination fuel: Connor and Evan cuddling while watching a scary movie? and! PLOT TWIST: Connor is the one that gets scared?

Tree bros scary movie
Word count: 161
Sorry it’s short

“We should watch a scary movie.” Connor suggested. His boyfriend, Evan, and him were sitting on Connor’s couch hanging out.

“No I’ll get scared and I’ll yell and ruin the movie.”

“It’s ok babe, I’ll protect you.”

“Ok fine, which movie do you want to see?”

Connor looked through his DVD collection, “Ouija?”

“Sure, pop it in.” Connor did as asked and the movie started playing. A couple minutes it when the first scare happened, Connor jumped up about half a foot while Evan was unphased.

“You’re gonna protect me, but who’s gonna protect you?”

“Shut up,” Connor said as he scooted closer to Evan.

Halfway through the movie, Connor had to turn it off because he was so scared.

“The big bad Murphy couldn’t handle a scary movie, huh?” Evan laughed.

“Shut up.”

“It’s sorta late, wanna go to bed?”

“Nope I’m too scared to sleep.”

“It’s ok babe, I’ll protect you,” Evan mimicked.

“Fuck off.”

“I love you too.”

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Okay but Bucky with sympathy pregnancy symptoms. A mood swing led to ripping the vending machine clear off the wall when his snack got stuck. Crying when its team movie night and Wanda picked Bridesmaids ("that love between best friends you know?" "Buck are you ok?" "SHUT UP STEVE YOU NEVER TOOK ME TO PARIS"), mixing pickles into everything (including his ice cream sundaes) and even down to gaining a little pudge around his mid section which you love to pat softly as he cuddles you.

omg I lost it at the Steve bit 

Daddy Tuesday™

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Could we get a highschool au with Lance x reader? ❤️

You slid into a chair, greeting your friends who sat around the wooden table.

“Soooo,(y/n)” Pidge grinned and you sighed as you looked at her.

“What?” you raised an eyebrow at the short girl next to you.

“How’s your boyfriend?” she grinned, you leant forwards resting your head in your hands with your elbows on the table.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do.” She looked up and grinned as she slid over one chair, leaving the one next to you vacant and nudged you as she moved winking while Lance sauntered over with a huge grin on his face. You glared at her as Lance took the open chair next to you and greeted the people on the table. You had the biggest crush on lance for a while and had told Pidge after a few weeks of relentless questioning from both her and Hunk, telling just those two turned into Shiro and Keith finding out too. Because of this you now faced friendly teasing from all of them and every part of you prayed Lance was oblivious to all of this.

You watched as Lance flirted with every girl he met and never thought of the flirting with you as anything more than a joke between friends, despite every part of you wishing it was more. Even now a few girls were talking to him and Lance flirted with them completely ignoring the group around him. You weren’t jealous, it was his life after all, but you were just upset that you couldn’t tell him how you felt.

“Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later.” Lance winked and the two girls giggled and walked off as he turned back to the table. “Oh (y/n),” he smiled at you, “do you wanna go watch a movie at my house tonight?”

“Yeah, sure!” you smiled, your heart fluttering as you thought of being able to spend more time with him. He had invited the whole group in the end, but you didn’t mind because you would still be with Lance.


You sat on your bed, scrolling through your phone when you got a text from Pidge.

‘have fun tonight, use protection ;)’

You asked her what she meant but every reply was the same.


Sighing you decided to get ready to head to Lance’s house and ignore the cryptic message from Pidge. They would all be there so why would she imply that…


“Hey (y/n)! Everyone bailed for some reason so it’s just us tonight!” he grinned and let you in.

“Oh, are you sure it’s ok just the two of us?” Your suspicions were confirmed, and you were planning how you were gonna get Pidge back for this.

“Of course it is!” he leads you into the living room and you sat on the sofa. “Want anything to drink?”

“Uh, can I have (favourite drink) please.”

“Coming right up!” he smiled and you texted Pidge as you waited.

‘I’m gonna kill you’

'ouch :(’
'I thought you would want some time alone ;)’

'shut up’

'you love me’

You heard lance come in and place your drink on the table and you put your phone away.

“So what do you want to watch?” Lance asked grabbing his laptop and plugging it into his tv.

“(favourite movie), if that’s ok?” you smiled and sat back while you waited for Lance to find it.


You hadn’t realised you were asleep until you groaned and blinked open your eyes, bright sunlight streaming into the room.You sat up a little, seeing Lance fast asleep above you and you realised you had fallen asleep on him last night. You blushed a little and wondered if he had minded, it didn’t seem like it but part of you thought he was just being polite. As you sat up and rubbed your eyes adjusting to the brightness of the room you heard lance stir and looked at him as he sleepily smiled.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” he yawned and you blushed a little.

“Morning.” you smiled back, stretching.

“Have a good sleep? I was gonna wake you but you looked so peaceful.” He sat up fully and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into a side hug and placed his face in your hair.

“Y-yeah.” you stuttered and shuffled into him.

“Do you want any food or anything?” he asked and you shook your head, Lance hummed a little “ok.” and turned slightly pulling you into his chest. You smiled and rested your head on him as he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Hey, (y/n).” you hummed and looked up at him slightly and he smiled, he leant down and pecked your forehead, a slight blush across his cheeks and you felt your face heat up. “I really like you.” he gave you a half smile and your eyes sparkled.

“I really like you too, Lance!” you grinned and snuggled into his chest as he pecked your head again.  

Sorry this is super bad aaaaa

Dare Queen - Moonbyul/Solar

A/N: Original author - kordelicious from Archive of Our Own.

 Solar is the self-proclaimed dare queen; she never backs down from a dare. It causes her trouble when her best friend Hwasa dares her to kiss the bad girl of the school–Moonbyul Yi.

Btw, the Yuju mentioned in this story is not the Yuju from Gfriend. It’s just some random girl. You can imagine it to be whoever.

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Christ almighty very very sorry :< I understand completely!! If it's still okay could I request h/c for paladins reactions to horror movies? (Currently my favorite genre) Thank you :,) (Sry again <33 ur amazinggg)

it’s alright honey bun! i really don’t mind but it’s good to know you aren’t taking it too hard cutie <3 and YES i love horror movies lmao. enjoy!


> He would be so monotone when watching horror movies tbfh like he’s sitting there thinking “I am the CHAMPION, I’ve kicked Zarkon in the NUTS. No movie will scare me.” because let’s face it, nothing non-life threatening can scare him anymore. The man has no fear.

> He wouldn’t be able to handle psychological horror movies whatsoever (especially torture scenes so SAW is a no-go buddy) because it’ll remind him of those not so great times under the galra care so he prefers something else. 

> Out of any sub genre of horror, Shiro loves supernatural horror and zombie comedies. 

> Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead are his absolute favorite movies. He could literally talk about them for six days straight, watch both consecutively, and still want to talk more about each movie and the actors as well. He just loves them so much what the fuck.

> When they all have a day to relax and just hang out as buddies/a team, they all often talk about what would life be like in a movie scenario. Shiro brings up living in a zombie apocalypse every time which then turns into a heated debate if living in space with aliens or zombies tryna munch at ya is better. 

> He’s not a huge fanatic for horror movies as a whole and tends to back off movie nights when it happens to be involved unless it’s Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead. It’s a 5/10 for him.

Originally posted by lotors-saltwife


> He would be all about horror movies like his head is so far up Mike Flanagan’s ass you wouldn’t even believe

> Honestly, when he can’t sleep he’ll stay up late and just watch movies. Most of them are of the horror genre but if it hits too close to home or if he finds it truly disturbing, he obviously wouldn’t watch it because that’d make him want to stay up more instead of trying to get some sleep instead. 

> He doesn’t have a specific sub genre of horror, he just loves it all. His favorite movies are more mainstream but he does happen to like the underground scene a bit more. His favorites include: Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, It, Get Out, Alien, Paranormal Activity (literally all of them), and The Silence of the Lambs. 

> Keith is always the first to make a suggestion for a movie night if the team has one and chooses carefully based on everyone’s personal opinions of horror movies. His suggestion is almost always Jeepers Creepers because he knows it’s so bad that it’s actually funny. 

> Normally, he isn’t one to talk all that much about certain subjects because he knows he’ll lose his temper or find himself uninterested but when it comes to horror movies he won’t ever shut up until someone, anyone changes the subject. But everyone loves seeing him get excited over the movies so they let him babble on until he realizes he’s been talking for a day and a half straight (he doesn’t).

> Keith thinks alien movies are kinda dumb now since they’ve had actual experience with the extra terrestrial so he’s like??? That’s not how they act wtf??? ok i guess. 

Originally posted by peachy-matsu


> Horror isn’t his favorite genre and they scare him pretty easily which isn’t all that surprising for anyone who knows him well enough. Well, despite being able to fight in a giant robot all the time buy ya know. 

> He doesn’t hate it but he doesn’t necessarily love the idea of being scared on purpose but sometimes he does enjoy the thrill of suspense and murder mysteries. 

> Hunk never watches them alone! Never!! He always asks Lance or Pidge or the rest of the team to watch along with him. If he does happen to watch a horror movie alone it has to be something that has more comedy in it than anything else. He bonds with Shiro over their taste in horror pretty often.

> He hates supernatural movies, they creep him out too much and his anxiety makes him feel like there’s always a ghost/demon behind him.

> Most of the time he finds horror movies so frustrating because wHY DID THAT GIRL JUST RUN TOWARDS THE NOISE, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO RUN AWAY???? When a character does a dumb thing in a horror movie, he throws something or yells at the top of his lungs which scares the other paladins more than the movie itself.

> Hunk sometimes enjoys the old cheesy horror movies from the 60′s but he only watches them with Pidge and they talk about the wack ass sciences.

Originally posted by kuronshi


> They wouldn’t necessarily like horror movies like Hunk but not for the same reasons. They would just find them to be kind of annoying sometimes because a lot of them use the same tropes and with how much Keith and Lance love them, they see those tropes way too often. 

> They never turn down a movie night even though they feel this way because they like to have the quality time with the team, it’s like having another kind of makeshift family. 

> They would favor sci-fi the most out of any sub genre of horror and Alien is their absolute favorite movie! They would watch it all the time whether Keith likes it or not. 

> Pidge would mostly be toying with theories of movies rather than actually watching them. They do theory talk the most with Keith when everyone knows they can take a break for a while and relax and what not. The two sit in bed, blankets over their heads, eating gross food goo and coming up with mind blowing theories.

> They don’t like slasher/murder films, they always feel like the special effects go too far and there’s too much used so they tend to stay away from all the fake blood n guts. 

> Pidge isn’t typically scared of horror movies because they like to predict the what ifs and try to figure out the endings (without saying anything to the others of course) but there are times where something truly catches them off guard and they scream bloody murder, hide, and possibly punch the nearest person on accident. 

Originally posted by kattindraws


> The King of horror movies. You name it, he’s probably seen it. There was one summer between getting into the Garrison and normal high school where he just decided to go on a random movie sigh and watch the entire list that they had. It literally took the entire summer but it was worth it.

> For some reason he’s never phased by horror movies and he’s always assumed that it was because he deals with life and death situations all the times in reality. 

> Lance likes any horror movie and for the sake of his friends he lets them decide whatever to watch! He hates seeing his friends (considerably family) uncomfortable so he doesn’t really mind watching whatever. He secretly prefers the more suspenseful movies over anything else and he gets really excited when one gets chosen.

> If he finds a movie too boring he’ll literally just fall asleep in Shiro’s lap or something and the leader just silently dies inside. 

> Lance wouldn’t like to talk theories as much as Pidge and Keith because if he thinks about it too much it’ll make him feel a little too paranoid about everything. He’ll feel like he’s being watched and even thinks he sees things running passed him so he’ll make sure to stay very far away from the theory talk. 

> He loves spending time with the others watching movies but most of the time, when no one else wants to watch them, he’ll coop up in his room with some plushies and popcorn and enjoy some classics. 

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Could you a headcanon for Beverly with a girlfriend?

yes,,,,,,my lovely lesbiab daughter :’)

-beverly’s girlfriend is the pretty girl who works at the flower shop at the end of witcham street

-the first time Beverly saw her she forgot how to form sentences for a solid fifteen minutes bc she was so pretty

-I’m so bad at naming people so ill leave that up to ur guys’ imaginations but bev’s gf is short and sweet and she knows Everything about flowers

-she likes to braid flowers into beverly’s hair before it gets cut and after it does she likes making laurel crowns and daisy chains and she tries to teach Beverly but bev can’t stop staring at her so :/// bad student smh

-their first date they go to a drive in movie and end up curled up together under a quilt laughing at their own inside jokes and calling each other dumb pet names

-Beverly loves tracing lines on her girlfriend’s face and tracing her lips w her thumb it’s beautiful and gay and amazing

-she also can’t ever shut up about her gf?????but it’s ok bc they love each other so much that u can’t rly get mad about it

-bev designing clothes for her and her gf !!!! 

-they always match their clothes Stylish Babes

-they also love just hanging out in fields full of flowers????? just them in a quiet field talking to each other and kissin and just relaxing

I hope those are okay !!!! Thank u for this :’)

GOT7: their s/o is asexual

First things first, I think all of them would accept it and love you regardless. 

Second things second, if you’re considering seeing Dunkirk, DO IT. IT’S SO GOOD. 10/10. MY FRIEND CRIED TWICE. the man in front of us told him to shut up it was hilarious i cried because of that but not the movie but that’s not to say that the movie didn’t make me want to cry because it certainly did it’s just that i am not a crier and omg i haven’t slept in ages


ok, listen. Mark is probably the most understanding out of all the members when it comes to LGBTQ+ because his older sister is openly lesbian and so he obviously knows a thing or two about it. He literally wouldn’t care at all that you didn’t want to have sex and is down to cuddle 24/7. He’ll talk about it with you if you want to talk about it and will comfort you if you need comforting, but at the end of the day, he’s dating you for your personality, not to sleep with you. His outlook and feelings towards you are unchanged. In fact, he probably feels that you talking to him about your asexuality has made you two closer. 

“Y/N, you know this changes nothing, right? I love you.” 


Jaebum doesn’t give a shit about not having sex, ok? He’s sort of guarded emotionally and to him, the most important form of intimacy is being able to show his emotions and talk openly about his problems with his partner. That said, he wants to talk about your asexuality with you to find out what your limits are and how he can avoid making you uncomfortable. He’d probably ask a dozen questions about asexuality itself so he doesn’t hold onto any gross misconceptions and end up offending you or assuming something that isn’t true. But again- he’s happy just to have you near him. He doesn’t need to sleep with you to feel like he’s reached peak intimacy. 

“You don’t have to worry about me not liking you because of this. That’s not going to happen.” 


Jinyoung is more worried about you possibly thinking he would break up with you if you didn’t sleep with him than about you being asexual. He’d assure you about a million times over that it changed nothing and he loved you, regardless, probably while holding your hand and kissing your forehead between every sentence. He’d make absolutely sure that you knew he was dating you because no one made him as happy as you did, not for the possibility of sleeping with you. He’d probably ask extensive questions about your boundaries to make sure he didn’t cross any lines with you and then go off and google a bunch of stuff about asexuality when you’re not looking lol

“Why would this change anything? You’re still the same person.” 


Jackson loves you more than he thought possible, ok? And he tells you this a thousand times when you say you’re asexual because he never wants you to think that he would break up with you for something you can’t control. That being said, he probably doesn’t know a lot about asexuality, so he’ll ask you a ton of questions about what it is and what it means and what your limits are. He doesn’t really care that you don’t want to sleep with him as long as you’re good to sleep beside him, honestly. He loves cuddling with you and kissing you and talking to you about things he can’t tell anyone else and to him that beats sex anyday. Honestly, when you first tell him, he probably just nods and then asks if you want to go get pizza or something, only asking you about it later before bed

“You’re asexual? That’s nice. Let’s go get chicken!” 


Youngjae would actually sort of feel like a weight was lifted off his shoulders upon discovering that you’re asexual. You see, he wouldn’t ever want to make you uncomfortable, so he never attempted to initiate anything sexual, but at the same time he felt like he had to, being your boyfriend and all. But when you tell him that you’re asexual, he realizes that he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore and probably cannot help but smile and laugh a little, relieved. He’ll assure you a million times over that he loves you and nothing will ever change that aside from you becoming a murderer how romantic. He’ll want to talk over boundaries with you so he doesn’t worry about crossing any lines again in the future. 

“Is it bad if I say that makes me a little happy?”


BamBam doesn’t give a shit, he don’t give a fuck I haven’t slept in days I’m sorry. But seriously, as long as you’re happy and comfortable and like him as much as he likes you, he doesn’t care if you don’t feel sexual attraction. He’ll talk to you about it and find out what your boundaries are so he doesn’t make you uncomfortable or make you feel pressured to do things you don’t necessarily want to do. He’s totally fine with cuddling and kissing you all the time, don’t worry. He probably sees your asexuality as like, another piece to the puzzle that is you and seeing as he wants to know and love every part of your personality, he’d treat this particular character trait like any other and would do his best to understand and respect it as much as possible. 

“You thought I’d make a big deal out of this? Honey, you’re not Gucci.” 

a/n: i need. sleep


Yugyeom would immediately pull you in for a hug when you told him you were asexual because he could sense your nervousness and knew that it took a lot of courage for you to tell him something so personal. On that note, though, he feels honored that you felt the two of you were close enough so that you can tell him these things without feeling ashamed. He’d let you know that that sort of intimacy means far more to him than sex ever could and that he wants to be with you for the way you make him feel, not for a potential fuck. As long as you care for him like he cares for you and are willing to cuddle with him while watching movies and dramas and eating way too much popcorn, he’s happy. He’d talk about it with you to establish what your boundaries are and to make sure that he’s not holding any misunderstandings of your sexuality, but after that, he might not mention it again. To him, it’s just not the most important part of who you are and there are a million other things he wants to learn about you, so why waste time on something so trivial? 

“Did you think I’d be mad? I would never be angry about something like this.”