shut up i don't like babies

Starscream was never a newspark, bitlet, nor protoform - he’s cold constructed, not forged nor kindled. His fully-formed and fine-tuned body came off a production line, had a soul shoved in it, and was auctioned off to a military company before he ever even awoke for the first time.

Naturally, I needed to draw him as a baby anyways for r e a s o n s.

As a hatchling, Starscream is very…simplified- he wouldn’t develop many traits until later, like most of his additional armor- even his wings are basically just flappy, unjointed boards that are little more than the basics of a strut system and stored sentio metallico that will continue to develop as he grows more complex.

He’s also very small, just look at the size comparison with that human, but would grow to reach his adult height in about a month, month and a half, given the right diet. He’ll be eating nearly constantly and be eternally hungry, but I mean…that’s all babies. This is why his armor is covered in a constantly-shifting set of seams and exposed “circuitry” formed by nutrient paths for growing nanite colonies.




Cause brothers are like bisycles…? 

I always imagined those treats as big and wide, and you can just snap them into two portions and then put them together again ( I dunno how, magic, but that would be so much fun to play with!)

Yes i know they look like nice cream, shut up they’re not ok

And lazy analogy is lazy

I’ll take this opportunity and announce a bit of a break - I have things I need to do and i won’t be able to post anything till Monday, or Tuesday :(

  • Chuuya: Shut the fuck up or I'll beat ya up so bad that it will hurt for weeks and months!
  • Dazai: Just like the way it hurt you when I left you alone in the mafia?
Here’s a Thing I Believe. Part 1.

An exercise, for the morning. Look here.

Look at that guy. He looks dangerous, don’t he? Never mind the bowl-cut mullet for now. He still has perhaps the most normal hair in the entire history of Yu-Gi-Oh! 

And don’t mind the belts on the arms. I don’t understand those, either.

Focus on his eyes … eye. He’s hiding something. And in the years I’ve spent writing stories about this kid, while I’ve done my best to be an advocate for his redemption, I like to think that I’ve never forgotten the fact that he puts the anti in anti-hero. He can be a rampaging asshole, if you’ll pardon my language.

Something I never anticipated, though, occurred when I started up a new story last year. I wasn’t supposed to start a new story last year. I was supposed to focus on the ones I already had, fan-oriented and original fiction alike. But it was only a handful of days after my birthday, and I usually make irresponsible choices in December just because … well, birthday.

Anyway, this new story I started was the first in a sequence of three AU stories I have planned for 2015, and it taught me something: Seto Kaiba, that dangerous man, that most anti- of anti-heroes, is actually the cutest freaking thing in all of anime.

You just have to give him a chance to prove it.

Imagine a little boy, so flustered on his birthday because someone actually gave him a present that he can’t articulate himself. Imagine that same little boy, learning to swim for the first time because his parents never had the chance to teach him. Imagine that little boy, so scared of insulting someone he respects that he starts crying.

Imagine it. Can you? Maybe you can’t. But I can. And it’s adorable, and heartbreaking, and beautiful, and this man deserved better than he got. Yeah, he’s a billionaire. Yeah, he’s famous. Yeah, he’s a badass.

He still deserved better.

I stand by that. I will always stand by that.