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Well… It’s just that in the future it’s possible that I will have to make money somehow so.. Yes probably I will post things about commissions with raised prices because serious reasons.. Honestly I don’t know what to do but I feel so broken right now. I just want to cry and sit in a corner and never return…

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

How season 3 can redeem the problems with this season:

-Lance and Hunk get to Do Shit and have Actual Character Arcs.

-No more fat jokes. Like it was annoying in season 1 but like at least it was once or twice an episode and far between. This season it was like every 5 seconds just. Stop. It’s not funny.

-Also now that *SPOILER* Haggar is Altean Allura and Coran BETTER get to do more shit too.

-K@llura is completely 100% without a shadow of a doubt platonic.

-Less Shiro and Keith like I love them both 2 death but still this show has short seasons u can’t dedicate every other episode to 2 ppl?

-Bessie is the one who defeats Lotor.

*Me as a woman sports writer on the internet* “Like, I have better things to do with my time than serve as an outlet of frustration for nerds and angry white suburban men.”

“Because I know exactly what is going on here.”

“Sharon, it’s not sexism. OK, maybe a little it is. But some of them genuinely disagree with your writing style and opinions. They’re simply outspoken. Is it just you? How good a writer, are you? Really?”

“I keep getting told ‘Shut up, bitch’ and stalked online  These people have scared my family.They make constant remarks about my appearance. I’m the only girl writer. This is truly about my writing style?”

’”Look , the only black dude on BR gets it way worse than you do.”

“Um, I think that’s part of the problem.”

“Well, he’s a mediocre writer too. No one likes him”

“Yeah, that totally explains all the n***** slurs the mods have to delete every time he posts an article.”

Cards Against Humanity Starters:

“I drink to forget alcoholism.”

“This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot, and full of crippling debt.”

“Dear [NAME], I’m having some trouble with doing the right thing and would like your advice.”

“During sex, I like to think about Mufasa’s death scene.”

“White people like all-you-can-eat shrimp for $4.99.”

“I’ve had enough of your face.”

“Having problems with menstruation? Try shutting the fuck up!”

“The gypsies said my inner demons are how I’ll die.”

“I don’t need luck! I have edible underpants!”

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s daddy issues.”

“My superpower is being a dick to children.”

“Studies have shown tasteful sideboob is good for you.”

“Honey, mommy and daddy love you very much, but apparently mommy loves daddy’s credit card more than daddy.”

“When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50 foot statue to commemorate a tiny horse.”

“The class field trip was completely ruined by puberty.”

“Licking things to claim them as your own will always get you laid.”

“Hope is a slippery slope that leads to a disappointing birthday party.”

“Step one: almost give money to a homeless person. Step two: taksies-backsies. Step three: profit.”

“Me time never fails to liven up the party.”

“Why not spice up your sex life by bringing that thing that electrocute your abs into the bedroom?”

“Ever since the ‘incident’, every time I close my eyes, I still see your sad little naked body.”

“Women get turned on by tentacle porn.”

“Help! My son is farting and walking away!”

“I lost my virginity by pretending to care.”

“I learned the hard way that you can’t cheer up a grieving friend by giving a tumor a cutesy nickname.”

“Thanks to the sharing economy, I can now make money renting out my used panties.”

“Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children a can of whoop-ass.”

“Honey, I have a new roleplay I want to try tonight! You can be shutting the fuck up and I’ll be not having sex.”

“The next Happy Meal toy is pinkeye.”

“My mom freaked out when she looked at my internet history and saw '”

"Can it wait a bit? I’m in the middle of making poor life choices?”

“Remember the old days when you could just slap 'SWAG’ on everything?”

“TSA guidelines now prohibit whining like a little bitch on airplanes.”

mymisstina  asked:

Heellooo! Could I ask a Monsta X reaction to you accidentally hit them in your sleep? Thank you!

No problem, love 💕

Jooheon: “OW! What the hell, y/n-” *notices that you’re sleeping and immediately shuts up cuz he doesn’t want to wake you up*

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Minhyuk: “Huh? Did she just hit me?” *pokes you playfully and keeps whispering to you although you’re still sleeping*

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Shownu: Ok but even if he wanted to be playful about it, I think only a flick on the forehead from him would send you flying across the freaking room 😂 So yeah, he probably wouldn’t do anything about getting hit lol

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I.M: “Ugh why did I have to date someone with such bad sleeping habits…” *still have heart eyes tho*

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Hyungwon: He would probably wake up and just go back to sleep tbh 

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Kihyun: “HUUUUM???!!?! EXCUSE YOU, YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD- oh, oops… You’re  sleeping… My bad…” *sweats nervously, hoping you didn’t wake up*

(Literally his face at the end of the gif)

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Wonho: *just laughs at you without saying anything, and looks at you like you’re the most precious thing in the whole wide world*

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I hate when people say “don’t be so sensitive”.

Because I would legitimately LOVE to be less sensitive in some ways, but HOW. Please explain it to me. HOW do I be less sensitive. Explain it, right now. I’m gonna need charts and diagrams and specific instructions but since according to you I can just STOP, you should have no problem telling me HOW to stop. Right?

(It’s amazing how quickly people shut up when you ask them to tell you how to do the thing they just glibly told you to do. Almost as if it’s NOT that simple. Hmm.)

Prompts (for requests)

1. As soon this is over we should definitely make out
2. This is the most stupid plan I’ve ever heard. When do we start?
3. I’m gonna kiss you now
4. Move your ass over here or I’ll drink all the capri sun without you
5. I have to tell you something
6. We should marry
7. What the hell is your problem?
8. I wear heels bigger than your dick so shut up
9. Sorry I blacked out and tried to kill you
10. I’m not drunk enough for this
11. It’s not the same without you
12. ‘Shut up’ 'Make me’
13. 'Okay but do you like like me?’ 'We’re married.’
14. 'You’re never allowed to drink that much coffee again’
15. The chocolate was empty, I had a breakdown, your lamp had to pay for it
16. Please tell me this isn’t true
17. From now on, we do it my way
18. Is it supposed to be blue?
19. Are you crying?
20. Because I’m PREGNANT
21. Stop talking and fucking cuddle with me
22. Don’t forget your coat
23. What the hell happened to you?
24. Does 'not starting to cry while watching a disney movie’ count as a special skill?
25. We had sex and it was so good that I had an asthma attack
26. Did I just really say that out loud?
27. I can’t let you do this.
28. I can’t let you do this alone.
29. Please tell me you haven’t bought another dog
30. Stop calling me princess. I’m a queen.
31. Just don’t leave me now, okay?
32. It’s an elf thing
33. Looks like someone died here
34. You’re under arrest for being too attractive and ruining my life
35. Just say it already
36. Could you please sing for me?
37. I hate you less than I hate everyone else
38. You woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me this?
39. Stop laughing and get that thing off me
40. Are you going to kiss me or will I have to lie to my diary?
41. You look far too beautiful today
42. Wait- you like me?
43. When was the last time you slept?
44. Just do it already
45. Ha, you wish!
46. I had a nightmare
47. He lost his virginity, I lost my bra. Seems like a fair trade off to me.
48. Now that was… nice
49. I owe you
50. For science!
51. Just try not messing it up for once
52. I can’t breathe
53. How was I supposed to know?
54. I can’t live without you
55. Would you just shut up and say yes?
56. Pretend you’re my boy/girlfriend, quick!
57. We should try adding a third person
58. I taught you how to pick locks and this is how you use that skill?
59. Is there some free guacamole in for me?
60. Let’s just pretend that never happened
61. How?
62. You gave me this nickname that just does things to me
63. Stop being so cute, it’s distracting
64. This is my favourite human. Don’t touch.
65. I can’t stop smiling and it’s your fault
66. I guess I have a problem
67. Are you drunk?
68. It’s time you start calling me babe
69. You’re late.
70. You can cook, I can’t. I guess I’ll have to stick around when I don’t want to starve
71. I live next door and I heard screaming so I came over thinking someone was getting murdered and now we’re both trying to get the spider out of your apartment
72. You’re the closest to family I’ve got
73. Well, we’re about to find out
74. 'Do you believe in aliens?’ 'Go the fuck to sleep’
75. My whole existence is a scandal
76. Just try not setting the kitchen on fire this time
77. I guess my love just wasn’t enough
78. Let’s give it another try
79. When did you become so badass?
80. All I want for Christmas- is you.
81. You came all the way here just to tell me this?
82. The kids wanted me to do it
83. In order not to get imprisoned we have to marry
84. Quick, it’s an emergency! Kiss me!
85. I want to see you again
86. Let me see you one last time
87. You’re the only person I can talk to
88. Help me.
89. Wow I’d sell my soul for this
90. Just the two of us. Against the rest of the world
91. Shouldn’t you be at your wedding right now?
92. You’re too good for me
93. Is this the part where we confess our undying love for each other?
94. Been there, done that
95. You were supposed to arrest me but just couldn’t do it
96. You. Me. Escape Room. Now.
97. No shit Sherlock
98. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous
99. Who did this to you?
100. Well, I guess our only option is to duel

You know what normal healthy people do when they are eating a meal and start to feel full up?


Let’s repeat that; when you start to get full, you PUT THE FORK DOWN.

THAT is the only guaranteed way to lose weight, reduce your calorie intake.

Gluttony is not a disability, and as a physically disabled person myself I resent the implication that having a medical issue is an excuse to give up trying to improve yourself. No matter what problems you may have, you can always do something to lose weight. The first and most important step is REDUCE your Calorie intake; you can still eat what you like, just eat less of it. Moderation is the key.

Oh, but that would mean taking responsibility for yourself and making an effort….it’s so much easier to pretend that it is “genetics” or “conditions” that keep you obese, right fat people?

Or that the only reason people are repulsed by you is they are being brainwashed by “the media”, not the fact that a vast majority of the human beings on this planet find wobbly, cellulite-ridden, stretch-marked flesh hanging out for all to see absolutely revolting. (That’s without mentioning what it says about your character and personality too). If you do not have the will-power to stop gorging yourself YOU are the only person to blame when you are viewed in a negative way.

I have no respect for anyone that has no respect for themselves and THAT is why I will continue to fight fat acceptance.

So, hate me, accuse me of “oppressing the obese”, of being a bigot, of being “ableist” whatever, I could not give a flying fuck. I will not stand idly by while impressionable youngsters are manipulated into committing slow suicide via the use of blatant lies and misinformation, all under the pretense of being encouraged to “love themselves”. I am a parent myself and I will not be silenced. If that hurts some people’s feelings, so be it.

Besides, I would love someone to explain to me how if you really, truly love yourself and your body, why on Earth would you push it to beyond its capabilities by making it cope with extra weight that it is not designed to carry? That doesn’t sound like love, it sounds like abuse…

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A/N: This hadn’t been requested, I just wanted you all to have some Jared Cameron love, bc he doesn’t get enough! Please enjoy, lovelies! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jared Cameron Would Include:

- Shirtless Jared. EVERYWHERE!

- “Have you ever heard of a shirt, Jared?

- “Yeah, but I look a hell of a lot better without one.

- Loads of cuddles!

- Like seriously, Jared’s needy for them!

- Jared getting jealous over any guy that even glances over at you.

- “Do you have a problem?

- “No,

- “Then get focus your eyes on someone else.

- Load’s of movie nights. You guys are movie fanatic’s and pretty much speak in movie language.

- “Can you two just shut up already?” groan’s the pack.

- Teasing each other, in more than one way.

- Sharing chicken wings together.

- Your fridge being cleared by the one and only, Jared Cameron.

- Hugs from behind, especially when you’re cooking.

- “Smells good.

- “Who? Me?

- “No, the food.

- “Gee, thanks.

- A lot of bickering.

- Forreal, you two are a freaking old married couple.

- Sex.

- Morning sex.

- Afternoon sex.

- Sex at night.

- Hot make out sessions on Emily’s couch.

- “Seriously, go get a room!” Paul grunts.

- “We already have one, but you’re welcome to leave.” Sam jeers.

- “Jared…” Sam growls.

- Being spoiled rotten and vice versa.

- Date nights.

- Being the OTP of everyone in La Push.

- The pack teasing the pair of you.

- “We’ve all seen you naked, by the way.

- “What?!?!

- “Yeah, he thinks about you… a lot.

- Being crazy for each other.

- When you fight, Jared always takes himself away from you, he never wants you to be hurt.

- Kim being awfully jealous.

- Jared and you professing your love for one another in cheesy fashions.

- Jared’s family loving you.

- Your family loving Jared.

- Jared always being cheeky with you.

- Getting your bum smacked.

- You smacking his bum.

- PDA.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Like holy mother of pearl, so much PDA!

- “Can you two stop eating each other’s face’s now?” Jacob would beg.

- “I can eat your’s, if want?” Jared would joke.

- “Try it and you’ll be dead.” Jacob retorts.

- Paul and Seth making kissy face’s at you two.

- “Look! The love birds are here!

- “Half of you are just as whipped as Jared, here!

- “I’m not whipped!

- “Yes you are!” the pack would yell.

- Remember PDA?

- “I think we need holy water for our eyes.

- “I can’t unsee that!

- “I think I’m gonna puke.

- The pack trying to mimic you two.

- Sleepovers.

- Like seriously, this boy will sneak in through your bedroom window whenever he can, just to cuddle with you, because he can’t sleep without you by his side.

- Infinite smiles.

- Being his entire world.

- Playing with Jared’s hair all the time: He usually falls asleep.

- “Spoiled brat!

- “Quit talking about yourself.

- Being understanding of what and who he is.

- Being in on the pack’s secret and never telling a soul.

- Loving each other so much, like seriously; you guy’s may seem like assholes to each other, but you love each other so much.

- Jared always protecting you.

- Jared taking pictures of you all the time.

- “Hold it!” he states and runs to get his phone. He takes the picture of you in mid chew of a mouthful of cereal. “Beautiful.

- Being incredibly cheesy, telling terrible puns, having an infinite amount of giggle fits, always being happy around each other.

- Seriously, you’re a sweet couple and everyone loves you two together.

- Hardly ever fighting, unless Jared takes things too far or if you go to see the Cullen’s.

- Being incredibly clumsy, to which Jared carries you everywhere like a princess or bride.

- “Oh, look at that! I just swept you off of your feet again.” he’d grin wolfishly.

- “Hush!

- “Nah, I think you secretly love it.

- “No!

- “Yes!

- “Okay, fine.” you’d grin.

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  • Amedot tag: (thousands of posts detailing hate for the ship, arguments with other users, people saying they prefer a different ship or that amedot "makes no sense", posts that don't even have anything to do with the ship)
  • Me: can i see something else please
  • Amedot tag: sure fam
  • Me, crying softly: i just want to see my lesbians again pleas i'm beggig u

beyond even star wars, carrie fisher helped women in such an enormous way. before her, it was so uncommon to see women speak up about their issues with mental illness or addiction. this woman stood in front of the world and laid her demons bare and gave so many others the bravery to do the same. she could have kept her problems private, but i’d like to think she felt a responsibility to share so others would see that they could share. i’m so fucking sad that she’s gone, but her life has lit the flame in so many women to be brave and not shut up about things that could save lives. what a legend.

An Open Letter To JKR

Dear Mrs. Rowling,

since you apparently do not care all that much for the wonder that is Percival Graves, I hereby adopt him. Thank you very much for birthing a creature this wonderful, but since you repeatedly have not shown adequate appretiation, I ask you to hand him over to people who genuinely love him and will treat him with recognition and respect.

This should not pose any problems whatsoever since you apparently do not want him in your future movies, so I am ready to sign the required papers at any given time to make it official.




Y/N: Carl!
C: what do you want me and Nick have business to attend to.
Y/N: I’m dating someone.
C: how the fuck?
Y/N: and it’s a girl.
C: and?
Y/N: you don’t have a problem with that?
C: nah but I do want to meet this girl my favorite sister is dating.
Y/N: well you’re in luck she’s outside.
C: well let her in idiot!
Y/N: Carl I will clock those cornrows off your head. *opens door and let’s girlfriend in* Carl this is Y/GF/N.
C: sup.
Y/GF: nothing much, you’re Carl, Y/N talks about you a lot.
C: better be good things or I’ll kill her.
Y/N: oh shut up Carl you would never.
C: yeah sure, but on the topic of hurting Y/N you better promise you won’t.
Y/GF: I wouldn’t dream of hurting her.
C: good. Nick she looks good enough for Y/N?
N: *nods*
C: you two have our blessings, now it was good meeting you but I have drugs to sell. Come on Nick. *leaves*
Y/GF: your brother seems cool.
Y/N: babe he’s really not.

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-not my gif

  • Me: Oh look at Mycroft being normal and repeating lines from a movie he's so cute
  • Me: Now fat Mycroft and baby Sherlock have doing some brotherly bonding
  • Me: Okay this is getting a little too creepy now, this has Moriarty written all over it
  • Me: I'm not liking this ghost girl.... it's uncomfortable
  • *Clown appears*
  • Me: *shuts my laptop and leaves the room* I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS ABORT ABORT ABORT
Things I learned from Adulthood so far:
  • Know when to shut the fuck up cause not everything is worth talking about, especially personal details that some people don’t need to know
  • You pick your battles, some things just aren’t worth fighting over.  Sometimes you gotta let people get away with some stupid shit cause it’ll cause more harm to fight over it.

  • You are not your friend’s mother, you are not obligated to be there for them every single time they have a problem, you also do not owe your friends anything (as in don’t let them guilt you into giving them free shit when you don’t want to).

  • Pride will kill you, learn to swallow it.

  • Don’t cover a stab wound with a band-aid and figure it’ll close up overnight.  It won’t, the doctor can’t suture it after like 6 hours of being stabbed so they gotta superglue it shut and that’s even less fun, and you’ll need new sheets.

  • Regardless of where you stand with your parents, they can offer you some of the most sound advice in the world.  They’ve already done this adulthood thing, they made their mistakes and lived with it, and they know you pretty well.  There’s no one who could give better personal advice than a parent (or a really good friend who has their shit together if you aren’t on speaking terms with your parents).

  • It is possible to eat the same thing every day for 3 months but it is highly not recommended unless you want to gag every time you smell that food.

  • You will encounter many, many, MANY people who you hate/they hate you. The best possible course of action is to speak with them about it straight up before y’all stew in it for too long.  If that’s not possible, try not to act on it and ignore them, if you stay out of each other’s lives, you just forget about everything and no one gets hurt.

  • Really though, don’t get involved in petty shit.  You’re an adult now, literally everything you encounter will be stressful, you don’t have the time or energy to deal with unnecessary shit.  So when you’re in trouble, ask for help.  When you’re angry, talk it out and deescalate the situation.  When you seriously fuck up, you gotta admit that to yourself and come up with a logical way to get your shit together.  Cause it ain’t a game anymore, it’s the real thing, and you can’t afford to be prideful and ignore your problems or things will get very bad, very fast.
I think my role is to shut up and listen. A lot of white people should shut up and listen. They really don’t know what the African-American experience truly is. When you have people getting shot in their cars for no reason and being put in fucking jail cells and it’s for profit, we have a serious problem, and the first thing you need to do is get educated. Don’t try to do this, like, ‘Blue lives matter.’ Don’t try to do the 'All lives matter.’ Just shut up and listen to the experience.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong (x)