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I’m playing Skyrim right, and I just married  the orc Ghorbash the Iron Hand and moved into Windstad Manor. 

I think I’ve unknowingly created a polyamorous, interracial couple because the orc, the wood elf steward Faendal and my wood elf all sleep in the same bed on rotation. Despite there being two spare beds downstairs.

Hey, it seems like a healthy stable relationship if I do say so myself. The two kids we have are happy spoilt little brats that keep bringing home mud crabs for pets. They have two expert axe-wielders and an archer as parents, no bandits or giants are killing them anytime soon.

Elrond and Celebrían headcanons:

-Elrond’s kinder nature to dwarves is mostly due to Celebrían; she always enjoyed their loud nature and loved to hold dinners with visiting dwarves at Rivendell

-Before the birth of the twins, they spend a lot of time curled up together in the library. Elrond would read her poetry whilst she played with his hair. After the twins were born they never had enough time to do so again.

-Elrond and Celebrían would always start the Autumn festivities with a dance, wearing orange and browns silks. Before she was attacked by orcs in the Misty Mountains, Celebrían had circlets commissioned with bronze autumn leaves attached to a dark gold frame. They were never worn.

-Every morning on Celebrían’s begetting day, Elrond would make her a special breakfast of imported Lothlorien food. They would then spend the rest of the morning in bed.

-When Arwen was born, Celebrían cut some of her silver hair off to make a doll for her. Elrond did the same, making two matching dolls so that Arwen would never be without her parents.

-Celebrían used to draw, and always made sure that she drew a portrait of her husband every year. Elrond still has all of them all.

I was just playing Fable II and I now have husbands everywhere, all with children.

One in the Gypsy Camp with a daughter

One in the bandit cabin with a son

One in Old Town with a son

One in the Marketplace with a daughter

One in bloodstone with a son

One in a Demon Door with a son

One in Oakfield with a daughter

and one in Fairfax with a son


I can’t sleep because my EDS is giving me trouble, so I naturally find an obscure, subtitled Chinese historical drama and I really really love it now. Shame I don’t speak Chinese, although it doesn’t have much of a fandom really.
And the costumes are beautiful!
I highly recommend it though! I found it on

后宫 甄嬛传 Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan