shut up goat

Uhh so I wanted to mention something about Zim and his scary scary innocent ways

I know people tend to describe Zim as a ‘monster’ in Dark Harvest, and for good reason. Obviously what he does in that episode is horrible in a PRACTICAL sense, but I don’t think Zim actually displayed any evil intention here.

He was stealing organs because he had to go to the nurse. He’d been told that his anatomy would expose him as an alien and he’d be killed. So by Zim’s perspective, although misguided, he was stealing organs out of necessity for his personal safety - and NOT simply ‘because he is evil’.

When Dib confronts him about it he denies claim to doing anything wrong, and tries to deflect Dib’s accusation. Zim never does this when he’s intentionally trying to cause trouble. He’ll defend his actions to the whole class, but never just to Dib.

Zim also asks the hall monitor if he would ‘notice’ a few missing organs.
“Hey, is it okay if I borrow your stuff?”. There is no suggesting that he actually knows humans cannot function when missing vital organs, and he even tries to replace the stolen items. In a way he’s… sort of trying to be nice.


My goat had her kids!! She is a pygmy goat, so they are totally tiny! I might upload some better ones tonight or in the next few days (my stepdad sent these to me from his iphone as they’re not at home) so if you want to see those track the tag ‘livys goats’ (Because I’m Livy and these are my goats)!

One boy and one girl! The top is the girl, and the bottom is the boy. He looks brown here, but he’s actually black.
It was a stressful birth; Rose had to have a caesarean (it was split decision and incredibly messy) and initially the boy wasn’t breathing but after 25 minutes of trying he’s now okay. Weak, but alive. Rose hasn’t accepted them yet, and just as she accepted them both, the girl developed breathing problems and we had to take her away. So they’re currently not feeding, but they’re getting enough colostrum (both bought and milked from Rose), and they look relatively strong considering how everything’s gone down.

We still have another one to go (Victoria isn’t due until the 27th!), but fingers crossed that these little guys stay healthy!

I may even ask for name suggestions (feel free to send some in now anyway) if my stepdad says I can name them!

Kiss me on the forehead like a little child. Ruffle my hair after I do a good job. Tell me you’re proud of me. Rub my shoulders. Sit in a hot bath with me, because we’re both tired to the bone. Read books in a hammock with me. Hold me on a love seat until we both fall asleep. Sing with the crickets with me. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Talk with me. Venture into my mind while I explore yours. Touch me. Hear me. Feel me. Let me be afraid for you, not of you.

Fall in love with me and I’ll fall in right after you. I promise.