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Because of course Sakura is worried

She’s put all her points into Empathy and she Knows when something is up.

So she looks back twice when leaving with Fai, and it’s not until Fai assures her that Syaoran is safe that she finally allows herself to be drawn away.

And again, Fai is actually very good with words when he wants to be, because he doesn’t lie here. A lie wouldn’t work. If he said everything was alright when it so obviously wasn’t Sakura might kick him out the window. (Which, ok, might be unlikely, but I would still love to see it)

Instead he points out that Syaoran is safe, and that’s the part that she connects with. Because, in all their travels, Syaoran is so rarely safe, and even less so when he hides his wounds and never tells her when he’s hurt. So here he is, both talking about his problems with someone AND safe to boot, so Sakura is, for once, satisfied.

And it probably helps that Mokona still has that hat.

do you ever just watch someone and watch their smile and their face and every little thing they do, every little thing about them, and think: holy shit i love you. i am in love with you and everything that you do. you are my entire world and i love you. i can’t stop thinking about how much i love you and i will never be able to stop. i just love you.

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So I cant figure out who is yer fave, Zenyatta or Genji or cant decide? XD

I love both of them, but I think my fav’s Zen. With Genji I went from being like, “OHH HOT CYBORG. YES PLS – oh, fuck, he’s a ninja, he’s just gonna be the weeby bait—sHIT HE’S REALLY CUTE AND ADORKABLE NEVERMIND I CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE HIM.” 

But my true… guilty crush….

Is Reaper. 

I tried really hard not to fall for that trash but in the end my lust for shitty edgelords can’t be denied I guess. My love for Zen is pure, but my guilty pleasure is truly that garbage fire named Gabriel Reyes. 

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“Why are you looking at me like that?” KuroFai please!! :3c

anything for you bae (i may have gotten a little carried away with this one)

It’s been a long night. The girl they had traveled this whole time with is gone, killed in the world of dreams by Syaoran’s copy. Fai knew she was a clone from the beginning–since before the beginning, and he tells himself it shouldn’t hurt this much, and yet…

He stops walking, lets himself take a deep, shaky breath, and swallows the lump growing in his throat. He is in front of Kurogane’s door. He hadn’t meant to come here; he had been walking aimlessly around the castle, trying to distract himself enough to make this night go by quicker. But maybe having company for the rest of the night would be better, he thinks.

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You guys are a masochistic lot indeed. Thank you all so very much for your interest in my assistant post, I have gotten SO MANY APPS. I want to go through them all very carefully, so I apologize if it takes me some time to get back to each one of you! *bows*

missame said: I really really love the blood on hannibal’s fingers. To me it shows how much effort he’s putting into it and just how long he’s been playing with Will. Either that or you just like bloody fingers.

Eeheheee *steeples fingers* I do like bloody fingers, but I’m so glad that somebody noticed that. > u< It was an intentional detail, Hannibal is quite invested…

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headcanon: Kurogane will randomly give Fai cheek kisses when he wants payback for teasing because Fai cannot keep himself composed afterwards. Kurogane's too quick for Fai to ever see them coming, he's defenseless. BONUS: He does this in Nihon during one visit and the entire room stops dead because wtf did they all just see? Kurogane did WHAT? (He's still got a rep as a hardass jerk around the palace)

(sorry if you sent this a while ago I just got home from class)

So many times yes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fai cannot handle romance. Sure, he’ll say that he looooves Kuro-sama all the time, and insists on holding hands at all times, but when it comes to someone giving affection to him, it sends him into a flustered mess. Fai will be teasing and laughing and provoking, and Kurogane knows that Fai gets his laughs from watching him blow up, so instead Kurogane will duck down and give Fai a kiss during the middle of a teasing session and Fai shuts up immediately and turns red and then starts stuttering and trying to brush it off, but Kurogane can see the way Fai trying to hide his smile. Kuro smiles at that too

Thank the lord for Nihon though. So they’re all there, and it happens to be during a time when there are a lot of visitors (maybe leaders/lords from provinces all getting together for some reason) and Tomoyo invites them to join in during the big dinners and such and Kurogane is getting tons of “you look so much like your father!” and Fai is laughing and teasing Kurogane and trying to see if Kurogane will “ninja his way out of the party” and Kurogane, being the ninja he is, is able to once again sneak in a kiss before Fai can even see it coming and the whole room shuts up and Tomoyo wishes that she lived in a world with one of those video recorders that all of the other Tomoyos are blessed enough to have and just ah lovely husbands