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Pinescone prompt: Dipper keeps stealing Wirt's marching band jacket even though Dipper has his own, and struts down the hall like he's wearing a letterman. Wirt is flustered and embarrassed because his name is sewn in that jacket so people know it's his.


Jacket Thief.

Oh, Christ. It was one of those days again.

Dipper had a sudden burst of confidence. It was just one of those days where he’d tell himself, “fuck you, I’ll do what I want and be pretty cocky about it.”

So, of course, he did what he’d always do when these sudden confidence boosts came;

He stole his junior boyfriend’s letterman jacket.

Yes, he knew it had Wirt’s name embroidered on the back of it, plus a few various patches for band, and one for orchestra.

He played a string instrument? Huh.

Dipper didn’t mind though; the jacket was bound to be stolen anyway. It was warm, it smelled like his boyfriend, and it had a mix tape and a couple of notes they’d written to each other in the pockets.

It’s like they shared it.

Dipper, though, didn’t do much as he walked down the hallway with a small smirk and narrowed eyes.

As he reached his locker, his boyfriend approached him.

“My jacket again, Dip?”

Dipper snickered. “Why not? It smells like you. I love it.”

Wirt laughed and leaned in to kiss Dipper swiftly.

“It’s kind of embarrassing, though.”

“What is?”

“You flaunting my jacket like it’s worth a million bucks.”

Dip shrugged and smiled, taking his books from his locker.

“It’s worth a hell of a lot to me, so why not flaunt it?”

Wirt rolled his eyes and grinned.

“You’re totally cool with people calling you Wirt?”

“No, but I’ll tell them my name is Dipper and my cute boyfriend’s name is Wirt.”

Wirt blushed a bit and grinned even wider.

“Fine, fine, whatever. Just– don’t do anything that’d get me in trouble, since you’re wearing the jacket with my name on it, alright, Dip?”

He nodded, standing on his tiptoes to kiss Wirt’s nose.

“Sure thing, Wirt.”

One quick kiss later, they went their separate ways, Dipper in Wirt’s jacket and Wirt blushing like a weenie as people asked why Dipper was wearing his jacket.

Let’s just say that all of Wirt’s blood was in his cheeks by the time school was over.

Stupid lovebirds.

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GoM playing pocky game with their s/o please

Oh my….it got a little longer than intended, but nevertheless I hope you like it. Please be patient reading it. ^^” 


You just came back from the groceries, exhausted. Finally sitting on the couch at home you took out the Pocky you just bought and put one into your mouth. Actually not wanting to share your sweets, you still asked if Akashi wanted any out of politeness, hoping he would refuse. Instead of answering, he put one end of a pocky between your teeth and started to eat the end. Your heart was pounding so loudly that you were almost certain Seijuro could hear that. Your face felt hot but you held still and ate a little bit of the pocky, carefully, not to break it. When your lips touched, you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling of Akashi’s soft, but firm lips on yours. After the kiss ended, you pouted at Akashi “You were supposed to leave about 1cm.”

“I don’t care,” he said in an indifferent ways. “Your lips seemed delicious and I just couldn’t resist.”


Aomine and you were sitting at the kitchen table with dirty dishes on it. “Dai-Chan,” you tried to use your cute voice and looked at him with puppy eyes. “Will you wash the dishes?”

“Hell, no” he said with a smirk and you were almost sure that you had no chance of convincing him.

“Let’s play a game to decide then” you smiled at him and took a Pocky. “Ever heard of the Pocky game?”

“Oh, a challenge?” Aomine raised an eyebrow in interest. Mostly if you challenged him, he would agree, though sometimes he’s too lazy.

“Each of us takes one end of the Pocky in the mouth and eats till the middle. The one who breaks away first loses.” You explained the simple rule.

“Interesting.” He smirked once again. So you placed the Pocky between your lips, holding it, waiting for Aomine to take the other end. Instead of taking small bites, which usually happened, the dark male ate almost the whole pocky. His lips ended up on yours. Instinctively you backed away. “That’s not how it was supposed to be”

“Nope, it’s just you’re too dumb to realize, that you are my girlfriend and there was no way I was going to pull away if I had a chance to kiss your sweet lips.” You felt your cheeks grew hot and you heart raced, both embarrassed but also flattered.

“And you were so dumb, that you were almost cute.” Daiki continued. “Which is why I’m gonna do the dishes.” 


“Ne, ne ______-Chi” Kise looked at you with bright eyes. “Ever played the Pocky Game before?” When you shook your head, the ace of the Kaijo basketball team grinned at you. “Then we should do it now.” He said enthusiastically. You looked at him in confusion, not understanding why he wanted to play that game, but on second thought, it was Kise, there was no way you could refuse his request, when he was looking at you with puppy eyes. Slowly you nodded. Kise seemed so excited when he took out a Pocky. “You’ve got everything prepared huh?” You had to smile at your boyfriend, biting one end of the pocky. Kise did the same and both of started to take small bites and your lips inched closer with every bite. You considered to pull away, but your pride decided against it, but Kise did.

“Ha!” you exclaimed. “You’re the loser.”

“Oh shut up, ____-chi” he said blushing. He actually proposed this game so he could kiss you for the first time in this relationship, but somehow he was too shy, so he ended up pulling away. Still he was determined to kiss you some time soon.


“Tezuya” you mumbled and waved your blue haired boyfriend towards you, you couldn’t speak clearly because you had a pocky placed between your teeth. He looked at you confused, not understanding what you wanted. This made you feel really embarrassed. You turned your face away so Kuroko couldn’t see your hurt expression. Slowly you ate the pocky alone, but then you felt Kuroko’s finger under your chin forcing you to look into his impressive blue eyes. “Tets-..” you couldn’t finish, because he slowly closed his eyes and kissed you tenderly. You could feel his hair brushing against you forehead.

“____-San” Kuroko said, his voice was calm. “If you want a kiss, please just say so.”

Your face was burning. “I-I wasn-..” once again you weren’t allowed to finish your sentence, the blue haired boy silenced you with another kiss.


“Stupid Takao…” you heard your boyfriend grumble. “What happened?” You asked, more out of habit than out of interest.

“He gave me these sweets and told me to play some Pocky Game with you.” He adjusted his glasses and rolled his eyes. “I don’t even know what it is, but he said all girls liked it.” He sighed quietly.

“Well, I don’t know it either.” You answered with a shrug. “We can look it up on the internet though.”

After you looked it up you sighed. “I guess it’s not a game you would play. Doesn’t sound that interesting.” You rolled your eyes. Actually you thought the idea was pretty cute, because it might end up in a kiss, but you were sure Shintarou wouldn’t want to do it.

“You sound interested” he glanced over at you and blushed. “We-we, we could give it a try I think.” He took out a pocky and waited. You looked up at him in surprise, because you never imagined, he would agree to play. Climbing on a chair you gave him a peck on his cheek. Midorima blushed deeply. “Baka, don’t climb on a chair for that.”

You ignored him, simply saying. “You’re so cute, agreeing to this.” Grinning at him you could see his blush turned into an even darker shade.


“No, ____-Chin, these are my sweets.” The giant held up these sweets high above his hand, so no matter how high you tried to jump you could not reach his hand.

“That’s not fair, Atsushi.” You pouted “I want sweets too. Share some with me.”

“No way, _____-Chin, they are all mine.” The giant smirked at you playfully. “Get them if you can.” He challenged you, knowing you had now chance. “I also want some Pocky.” You whined.

“Then play the Pocky game with me.” Murasakibara suddenly requested.

“Eh?!” you blushed deeply.

“If you want Pocky, then play with me.” Atsushi sounded bored but also determined to get what he wanted (if it’s even possible to sound like that).

You sighed heavily. “Okay…let’s play this.”

Murasakibara handed you a Pocky, but instead of holding it between your teeth, you hurried to eat the whole Pocky.

“That’s cheating, ___-Chin,” Atsushi said in a dead serious tone. He bent down and kissed you, using his tongue to roam your mouth and play with your tongue. “Don’t you dare to do that again or I’ll really get angry.” You couldn’t help but chuckle at how seriously your boyfriend treated his sweets.

I bet when Azula is sick she’s super whiny and is like “woe is me, this is the end. Farewell comrades it’s been real” and everyone else is like “u have a cold Azula shut up” and Ty Lee chi blocks her to relieve the aches and pains and brings her medicine and only lets the royal physician near her when absolutely necessary