shut up chaz

okay i’ve held my tongue on this long enough and it seems some parts of the fandom need to stop being toxic motherfucking cunts.

  • YOU are responsible for your viewing on tumblr okay , you. no one fucking else – you. that means if something makes you uncomfortable or it is a goddamn legitimate trigger that fucks with your mental health , make sure you blacklist it. they don’t tag it??? unfollow them. block them. the responsibility falls on you goddammit you are not a child !!!! this is not a child website , this is an adult website where the majority of its users are above 18 and we are not responsible for your wellbeing.
  • the minute you send anon hate – that’s it. you’ve lost all credibility and you are literally on a level with pond scum. when the person you’re sending anon hate to is begging you to stop?? you can go choke because you are the worst.
  • you don’t like a ship / topic someone is writing?? refer to the first point. they have it tagged , blacklist it , otherwise fucking block them.
  • callout culture is bullshit and needs to die in a fire fast
  • if you have a problem with someone , don’t take it out onto the dash. im them , talk to them , see if you can resolve the problem. if you can’t?? fine , never speak again it’s really that fucking simple.
  • btw ‘internalized’ anything is bullshit , just fyi.

in  light  of  what’s  happened,   im  taking  this  to  reaffirm  that  this  is  a  safe  blog  for  those  who  wish  to  divulge  or  come  for  comfort  and  that

  • if  you  do,   make  sure  you  have  other  forms  of  communication  that  can  be  used  if  these  cunts  try  to  hack  your  blog  /  delete  it,   even  if  just  for  people  to  check  that  you’re  okay   !
  • you  offer  support,  not  accusations  and  try  to  be  there  for  the  person  seeking  out  help  and  trying  to  inform  the  rp  community  of  an  Actually  Disgusting  person  with  plenty  of  evidence  just  from  his  blog  and  documented  by  other  amazing  blogs
  • you  don’t  dox !   honestly,  i  get  it,   situations  like  this  get  your  blood  boiling,   it  makes  you  angry  because  it’s  some  cuntwaffle  smearing  the  name  of  an  innocent  teenager,   but  doxxing  is  illegal  and  i  have  no  doubt  one  of  those  slimey  fuckers  wouldn’t  hesitate  to  use  it  against  you.   inform  the  rp  community  and  warn  them  and  contact  the  site  staff,   do  all  you  can  legally.
  • lastly,  you  take  this  time  to  send  a  nice  message  into  @faultsaints​  blog.     the  more the  community  sees  that  if  they  come  out,   they’ll  be  treated  with  love  and  respect,   the  more  comfortable  someone  else  may  feel  into  coming  out  with  their  experiences  of  abuse  in  order  to  warn  against  actual  disgusting  predators.

foxofthe100  asked:

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  • what  was  a  mildly  annoying  thing  that  has  happened  to  you  rp  wise?

ONE  TIME  my  entire  roleplay  blog  just  stopped  working???   i  couldn’t  send  asks,   couldn’t  reblog  shit,   nothing.   i  had  to  remake  it  and  this  blog  was  my  original  remake  blog  so  the  shame  and  annoyance  was  Real

  • have  you  managed  to  stay  away  from  drama?

fdhgjkhdf  sort  of???   there’s  been  a  few  incidents  but  u  know  what,   u  @  me  or  fuck  with  my  friends  then  u  get  my  opinion  binch.

  • what's  your  rp  pet  peeve?

not  roleplaying  with  someone  because  of  the  way  they  format  shit  /   their  icons  look  !!!   stop  it  like  jesus  christ  it  is  the  most  petty  shit  ever

  • what  has  made  you  completely  lose  your  chill?

someone  sending  death  threats  and  just  piling  on  and  bullying  someone  for  such a  minor  thing  such  as  doing  something  they  disagree  with.   you  wanna  disagree  with  someone  or  don’t  like  what  they’re  roleplaying???   fair  enough,   you  click  that  block  button  and  move  on  with  your  shit,   you  do  not  send  anon  hate,   death  threats  or  get  your  fucking  minions  to  jump  on  someone  you  utter  cunt.     i  can’t  stand  it  and  i  will  block  a  bitch  for  doing  this  shit.

  • how  has  tumblr  rp  changed  since  you  started?

okay  so  i  started  tumblr  rp  in  like  2011 / 12  and  boy  it  has  changed  so  fucking  much.   there  are  so  many  self  righteous  people  now  who  think  because  their  asshole  friends  are  their  own  personal  hate  squad,   that  they  can  control  a  fandom  and  stop  people  from  roleplaying  shit  that  they  want.   like  hop  off  of  people’s  dicks.     it’s  also  become  a  lot  more  highly  charged,   people’s  own  social  justice  agendas  have  bled  into  it  and  that’s  not  always  a  good  thing  when  it  can  lead  to  action  without  thought  but  hey,   at  least  the  aesthetics  are  hella  pretty.