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wow y’all i can’t believe Chaos Walking (Doug Liman, 2019) literally killed tom holland rest in fucking peace

Texas gothic

• “Don’t mess with Texas” they repeat. Over and over, you don’t know why or what it means but you don’t question it. You fear what will happen if you do.
• It’s summer again you don’t remember when the last time it wasn’t summer was. It’s getting out of hand your ac is screaming.
• “The stars at night are big and bright” you chant with the others and clap 4 times “deep in the heart of Texas.” When did you learn this? When did anyone learn this? But you don’t question it. No one questions it.
• You pledge to Texas right after the US, you fear what will happen if you don’t. What wrath it might invoke.
• There are bluebonnet on the side of the highway. They weren’t there yesterday. They call you. They beckon everyone to take pictures. You don’t dare pick one, no one does. “It’s illegal to pick the state flower.” Is repeated in whispers. You don’t know what happened to the last person who said it was ok to pick them no one does.
• Homecoming, it’s always homecoming. The mums are everywhere some girls you see are more mun than girl. You fear they are being consumed by the ribbons. You say nothing. “Are you going to the homecoming game?” Of course you are everyone does. Though you don’t understand this tradition, it’s key to not infuriate some sleeping football god.
• Baseball, you don’t play sports, never have. You’ve never even watched a game of baseball but you know all the rules. Of course you do this is Texas.
• There is a gun being passed down in your family, “you will get it next” they repeat “it’s a great honor” you don’t question it. Because you know it will anger the spirits if you don’t continue the tradition.
• There’s a new Wattaburger. you don’t remember it being there before. You don’t remember its construction. It’s always been there hasn’t it?
• You don’t have horses. You’ve never ridden a horse. But you know how. It’s in your blood.
• You don’t remember the last time you weren’t sweating. You swear you would make a deal with a demon for some rain. You almost resort to going to the crossroads. They say it worked last time. You know children who have never seen rain.
• You don’t remember buying cowboy boots. But they’re there in the back of your closet. They always have been.
• You enter the diner, everyone stares at you. The waitress has red lipstick on her teeth. No one points it out. She calls you “hun”
• Everything is deep fried, you begin to wonder if you are deep fried.
• Everything is shaped like Texas. The shape has lost all meaning.
• “Everything is bigger in Texas” they cheer like its a good thing. They momentarily forget about the things that lurk outside your house at night. Those are bigger in Texas too.
• The bugs seek shelter in your home. People say they’re just looking for water. But is that all?
• “Bless you heart!” The old ladies cry. They sound angry, you are embarrassed though you don’t know why. “Bless you’re heart!” Rings over and over.
• There’s another Baptist church on that street corner. Was it always there? Of course it was. But something tells you it wasn’t.

This song is dedicated to the giant orange idiot who’s getting a lot of screen time in the US at the moment.
—  Dan Smith before playing “Power”

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Could I get some headcannons about Kuroo, Bokuto, and Terushima where their fem s/o tries to kiss them in front of the team for the first time and how they react? Thank you, love your blog! <3



Kuroo Tetsuro

- you were always at their practice matches, and it was evident that the team knew who you were

- but you and kuroo didn’t really do any pda around the team during practice

- one day kuroo had been feeling pretty down and you knew a kiss from you would help even just a little

- so you come up to him and he embraces you

- you cup his face and pull him down for a kiss

- Yamamoto cries

- kenma doen’t even care at this point

- lev’s like “Yaku-san! They’re kissing!”

- “Lev shut up!”

- it’s not that chaos but everyone’s secretly jealous of their captains’ relationship

- Inuoka’s pretty bummed out bc “I want a girlfriend like _____”

- so Kuroo’s pretty much pumped up now bc hes really proud that you were his

Bokuto Koutarou

- he would always brag about you to the team and they’re very skeptical about your existence

- “Bokuto-san are you sure she even exists?”


- and everyone would be like “but we havent met her! And she sounds like a perfect human being???”

- so he would stomp off of the gym and pull you from the club your in without context

- “Koutarou wyd????”

- you would be asking him the same question until you reach the gym bc he doesnt answer


- and he kisses you in front of everybody

- and when you pull away you look at the team and like

- “oh hello”

- no one says anything bc they are s h o o k t

Terushima Yuuji

- he would definitely forget about introducing you to the team

- so one day when you go watch his practice everyone starts flirting with you

- but Terushima just walks over with a smirk and kinda just 

- “hello _____,” 

- kisses you 

- you look up at him like yuUJI WYD

- everyone’s silent for a few seconds cause 

- what?

- then suddenly they start screaming like 

- everyone’s really happy cause they were so tired of Terushima complaining about not having a girl

- now, everytime Yuuji playfully smacks his teammates they’re like 

- “Ne, _____! He’s hurting meeee”

Remember who you were before the fame:

Sometimes you cannot help but be concerned for people when they let a glorified number of follows, messages, views, ect go to their head, and they become someone different.

Watching people change into a glory hound and instantly shit on people and the way they do things is just so depressing—whether it’s right or wrong in your view, learn to leave well enough alone. Your follow count or who you’re friends with shouldn’t mean a damn thing at the end of the day—it does not give you power nor does it give you the right.

You’re still a bully, and a part of those fans are probably just looking for gif and image reblogs over your works and don’t care who you are as a person. I’d be careful with who I become and who I choose as my friend; especially on this toxic website as you never know who only cares to use you and your blog as a platform over true friendship.

  • todd: why did you kill my parents, my adoptive parents, your son, all the other women, imprison the women of Haven, commit genocide of the native alien race and then slowly kill off every man that disagreed with you?
  • the mayor:
  • the mayor:
  • the mayor:
  • the mayor:
  • the mayor: i came out tonight to have a fun time and I honestly am feeling so attacked right now
SA2 tag in a nutshell
  • Chao
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  • Petty complaint about something
  • Chao
  • Chao
  • Some other person complaining they can’t do a thing right and it’s the game’s fault for being shitty and not theirs
  • Chao
  • Gamer video with the comment “WATCH US TORTURE OURSELVES” or some other Youtube Poop
  • Chao
  • Chao
  • Chao
  • “I love SA2 It’s my childhood but it’s a shitty game”
  • Chao
  • General assumption that everyone collectively hates a certain aspect of the game
  • Chao
  • Chao
  • An actual picture/gif set of the game if you’re lucky
  • More Chao

[16:23] <Himiko> Wadanohara AU where meikai saves the blue sea by performing a chaos dunk [16:23] <OneLoveOnePurvis> *Now we know what the cast pearl truly is* [16:24] <Himiko> Shit [16:24] <Himiko> I have to draw this

Fic Prompt: Toby gains flashbacks of his past life as Bill, unlocking some of his old powers, then is so overwhelmed to the point he has a mental breakdown of sorts, going crazy and attacking Alcor. (Apologizes ahead of time for the length and all the Zalgo text)

It all started with his eye hurting.

Toby yawned tiredly, rubbing at his eye that quite rudely woke him from his sleep. It was a dull sort of throb, really, nothing excruciating, but it was enough to disturb the twelve-year-old from his dreams. And such nice dreams too. What were they about? Already Toby couldn’t recall, scooting out of bed and heading for the bathroom to find something that could help ease the thrumming. All he knew was that he was happy in them; he could vaguely remember warmth and loved ones surrounding him.

Mumbling incoherent words to himself, Toby flicked on the bathroom light.

And froze.

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More ROTBTD characters in the world of Azeroth ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Flynn as a Subtlety Rogue and Hiccup as a Demonology Warlock

I like to think they were the first two to group up together and wangy dangy dang son was it awkward for the both of them