shut up chaos

This song is dedicated to the giant orange idiot who’s getting a lot of screen time in the US at the moment.
—  Dan Smith before playing “Power”

You ever get a good reputation and wonder how? Like you don’t scam people and stuff, but you don’t interact a whole lot and don’t do that much for others, so when someone is willing to trust you with a coin/to have the money for something no questions/etc. you’re like not that I’m going to cheat you but… Why? Also being told directly that they’ve hear you’re very trustworthy, and you wonder from who because you don’t interact all that much.

have fun thinking about tiny carver hawke reading epic novels about heroes with fancy shields and nice swords and when he’s like 11 pesters his dad to buy him some training gear so his dad gets him a longsword that’s a bit too big and an old shield only to have carver abandon the shield 2 days later and wreak havoc upon the hay training stacks malcolm set up for him by using the longsword (improperly) as a greatsword while leandra complains that malcolm bought him a real actual sword and hawke is just so proud of their baby bro 

I wanna join the derp team

But it’s never open. I don’t even really care about pay I just wanna make derp for people OMG this bugs me so freaking much I just want to cry I want to join the derp team. The Derps I have gotten back site bred the artists clearly get to do more with them than predicts and I want to do that! I want to help the queue. I want to have fun. Why is it the one thing I want to do so much that I can do is never open.


Okay this is exactly what happened…

-can’t sleep-

-gets excited-

-submits GCC thing, following advice to make artist choice genus from small list-

-already knew theme-

-fumbles color stuff, no pattern-

-picks a crapton of artists-

-is excited-

-it’s super early in the morning but keep hoping for someone to grab it-

-forgets the crapton artists, remembers a few-

-twitches every time they see an artist online and think every artist hates them and thinks their thing is crap while also knowing it’s really early in the morning and that they have no clue how this works really-