shut up cereals

So I was at a friend’s birthday party yesterday and there roughly 20 people, half of which I didn’t know at all. But most of them real hardcore nerds probably, mostly Mtg players.

We went out to get some food together and I sat next to a 30 something year old teacher and I was nervous af because of my social anxiety and all.
Suddenly in mid conversation with someone she shouts across the table to some dude, telling him he should just ‘fucking watch Voltron because it’s such a good show.’

My anxiety was gone, I had a topic, I said too ‘yeah damn watch that show its amazing.’ We looked at each other and I asked her if she was done with Season two yet and she said yes it was amazing but she was sad about Keith and Lance not interacting as much after the second half of the season.

I’m like, yeah I hope that will happen in S3 I love them both a lot, she says “oh don’t tell me you ship them”
I’m dumbstruck at first, then tell her the only thing I do is draw Klance fanart recently and I have charms of both of them on my car keys.
She lights up immediately, says “yo same!” and we proceed to discuss characters and analyse the whole show and we ended up scrolling through my art tag and keep talking about the show the whole time, trying to explain to her boyfriend while it’s such a good show.

i dont quite know where i was going with this wall of text, but I was genuinely happy to have met a random person and be able to throw my social issues aside in an instant with geeking out about a show and characters that almost nobody around me irl really cares about all that much and just, it seemed surreal but I was very very happy.

On another note it’s after 2am here and I need to sleep, but I sure as hell really fuckung hope I won’t wake up to Hitler Orange being the new president.

I don’t have the kinda money to buy food rations for four years and build a bomb shelter in my basement.

My fiancé just barged into the living room with shaving cream still on his face and was like:
“Yo, hey, I have a BRILLIANT idea for a Voltron fanfiction. Alright Listen, hear me out.
So, ya know, we all know  the castle is huge and old as shit, and it constantly needs to be renovated and rebooted, alright. And let’s be honest, everyone’s using so much energy, the lions and Voltron itself need so much energy, and space is cold af so there’s probably also a lot of energy and heating going into keeping the castle nice and warm and cozy. Where does all that energy come from? Where does all that MONEY to maintain the coziness come from? I know Allura is like a princess and all so she probably has a shit ton of money but one day, one day she’s gonna run out of daddy’s fortune and all the dudes and gals will have to make money on their own to keep their lavish lifestyle up.
SO. My idea. Cause that’s how it works.
They decide to become porn stars. Lance is trying to become a porn star and his name will be Lance Hardwood.”

On my dad’s last birthday he had an injured foot and couldn’t walk around without pain, so when he asked me to get him a beer from the basement this other guy was like “get one for me too, will ya good girl”.
So naturally, i got two beers, opened them, handed one to my dad and his friend started to thank me for bringing him one too and i looked at him straight in the eyes with a “the hell do you mean, you have two healthy feet don’t you”, clanked bottles with my dad and took a long sip without breaking eye contact and i swear to god the look on his face was utterly priceless.