shut up bts

The talented group never quite blew up in Korea like they deserved to, and their growing momentum was abruptly killed when contract issues with their agency, TS Entertainment, put them on hiatus for almost a year. BTS have since hit the big leagues with a similar sound and style to B.A.P, from covering social issues in their music to being fronted by a gravelly voiced rapper.  It’s turned B.A.P into more of a mid-tier niche act, rather than the BTS-sized stars they deserve to be. It’s a shame, because Rose is one of the best releases of the group’s career. Title track “Wake Me Up” is one of the few B.A.P singles to meld the angst and aggression of their political or socially-charged tracks with an easily digestible dance beat and addictive chorus. With this group, it’s usually one or the other. “Wake Me Up” also has a more personal touch, with lyrics about leader Bang Yong Guk’s battle with depression and anxiety that should touch fans”

I cannot get over this article 

  • Not comparing B.A.P to BTS but putting them on the same level musically
  • praising Rose correctly (none of this “it’s different than what most groups are dropping these days which is okay but not great” type bullshit)
  • Mentions how deep the lyrics actually fucking are 
  • “Wake Me Up” also has a more personal touch, with lyrics about leader Bang Yong Guk’s battle with depression and anxiety that should touch fans

like give this man a fucking award please 

driving in a car 20 years from now
  • radio: *plays old kpop song*
  • husband: honey, i dare you
  • me: *starts singing along*
  • husband: babe -
  • me: *sings louder*
the only categories of kpop smut
  • first time doin the hoodly do
  • you looked at a guy for four whole seconds so i’m jealous af like that’s not okay with me for some reason
  • i just came home after a long time of not seeing you wait what’s that you’ve been horny? oh me too!
  • i know we’ve been homies since we were 5 but you turn me on
  • let’s pay no respect to anyone else in this public area and get it on in a supply closet or bathroom or some other small enclosed space and be loud so everyone can hear us but we won’t get kicked out somehow
  • nothin turns me on like arguin with the bae
  • this show/movie is boring af, i have an idea let’s make beautiful love
Types of BTS stans
  • Namjoon stans: fake deep but extremely aesthetic, the biggest perverts out of all ARMYs, would gladly drown themselves in namjoon's dimples, 50% secondhand embarrassment, 50% proud moms, wives and girlfriends
  • Seokjin stans: almost as fabulous as their bias and they know it, hella sassy, everyone wants to be friends with them, jin makes them either very emotional or very horny, there's no in between
  • Yoongi stans: sarcastic af but also very soft, they think they're savage but in reality they're sweet as sugar, actually really nice but they won't admit it, usually art hoes, yoongi spitting fire is their aesthetic
  • Hoseok stans: 150% chill, 100% sunshine and rainbows, spreading love all around the world, can watch hobi dance 25/8, in love with literally everything their bias does but tbh who can blame them, this guy poops glitter
  • Jimin stans: protection squad hoes even though they sin all day everyday, addicted to sexy/cute jimin videos, not even trying to pretend they're pure but somehow they're actual fluff balls, screamers
  • Taehyung stans: adorable little shits, they say inappropriate stuff without realizing, very friendly and loyal, like to talk a lot about things that make them happy, probably running a sideblog for taehyung's eyebrows
  • Jungkook stans: in constant denial that their bias is an adult now, most likely leather pants biggest fans, they want to fight kook pretty much all the time, legit memes, good puns, either 200% chill or -17462% chill