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He Has A Breakdown~BTS Scenario

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It wasn’t a good day from the start for Jin, he woke up an hour late to an empty bed. He wasn’t able to eat breakfast before practice or show from the dance practice the night before. So it was no surprise when you came home for a long day he was laying on the couch with a worried Namjoon standing above him. “What happened?” You mumble as he walks to you, grabbing his things as you kick your shoes off.

“Fainted, he hasn’t eaten all day and woke up late, and end up being late for practice.” His words made you frown and nod, as you open the door for him.

“Thank you Namjoon.” You smile making him bow.

“Take care of him,Noona.” You nod as he walks away, as you shut the door you hear a graon. Walking to the couch you bend down and cup his face. He looks at you with a frown, his eyes fluttering as he let out a breath. His hand leaning closer to the palm of you hand he starts to shake lightly.

“Oh baby.” You whisper as he rolls to his side. Grabbing onto your arm,your other one foing around him as you kiss the side of his head. “Warm bath?” You whisper making him nod, “Did Namjoon feed you anything?” Again a nod. “Okay, let me get the warm bath all ready for you.

"Thank you.” He whimpers as you let yous lips touch his, a smile spreading on his lips but falling once you left him.

“I’ll be back.” Your words seems to bring him peace as you start to fill the tub. A hum leaving your lips as you hear a groan. Turning around you see a half naked Jin leaning against the doorway. “I could’ve gotten you.”

“Not broken, just tried.” He whispers leaning against the counter of the bathroom. “Can you help me with my pants?” His question made you stand up as you untie them, slolwy pullung them and his boxers down. “Join me?” A amile spreeds across your face as you nod. Slipping out of your clothing you help him in, soon following. Your back pressed agains his chest as you take deep breaths. “I love you.”


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All day, everyday for the past month and half Yoongi has been sleeping at the stuido. Bearly coming home, the comback slolwy taking him from his human life. Of course you understood it, you had too when dating him, work will be number one at times. Most nights, well more like every night, you were with him. Alseep on the couch with Holly on your stomach. But one night you weren’t able to come till late. Which you see now wasn’t the best choice.

Min Yoongi is a patient, and claim guy. But with the stress of the comback, both musically and physically he didn’t think he could do it all. So having you there in the studio helped him. When he panicked or got frustrated he’d look to you. With you slightly parted lips and messy hair somehow helped him. But tonight when he panicked you weren’t there. So when you come in, food in hand and a smile on your face you see his body curled into a ball. His freashly died blue hair a tangled mess, and his eyes puffy and face read. Placing your food down you slolwy walk to him.

“Yoongi?” Your voice made his head snap up, a whimper leaving his body and he throws himself at you making you fall onto your back. His body ontop of yours as his head nuzzled into your neck. Yous hand gripping his sweater as he violently shakes in your arms.

“Yo-you weren’t here.” He whispers making you tighten your hold onto him, “I needed t-to talk to you an-”

“I know, and I’m sorry baby.” You whisper, lips touching the crown of his head. “But I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.”


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The slamming of the front door made you jump from your spot on the couch. Your eyes widen when you saw a pale looking Hoseok. His eyes met yours and tears begin to fall, making you quickly stand up and catch him before he falls to his knees. Somehow your body doesn’t give out as you hold his shaking body in your hands. Slolwy bringing him to the couch as you place him down he grips your shrit. His hand clinging to you as he shakes, making you fall into his lap.

“Shhh…I’ve got you.” You whisper, lips pressed to his temple as you hold him close to you. His hand resting on your back, gripping the fabric that covers you.

“Bad recording day.” He whispers after a few minutes, you nod as you went to move be he held onto you. Keeping you where you say. “Stay here for a little while longer.” He whispers as you look down at him, his chin resting on your chest aa you run your hand through his hair.

“As long as you want.”

Rap Monster

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Being the leader of one of the biggest K-Pop groups is tough enough, but being Rap Monster and Namjoon at the same time as being BTS great leader was harder. He was a people pleasure, loved to make peple happy, to make thwm feel love. But sometimes he’d forget to love himself,leading to him breaking. So it was no surprise to you when walked into your bedroom to see him just laying there. Eyes looking the the ceiling, body wrapped in a sweatshirt you’ve stolen one to many time, and eyes puffy and red. Laying next ro him you two sit in silence, when he opens his mouth. “You know the ancient Egyptians believe in a better life after death and being mummified is the only way to get there. When they die, they would place all of their favorite things with them in their tomb so it would come with them. If an Emperor died it whole court would sacrifice their lives to join him.” He mumbles making you squint your eyebrow as you turn your head to him.

“What the fuck was that?”

“Something I remembered for school..” he sigh rolling onto his side to face you. You body follows as he reaches ovee and cups your face. “Greek God and Goddes-”

“Shut up.” You mumble pulling him into a kiss, “You always put out facts when you get like this.” You whisper making him frown, but a smile rises in his face a second later.

“You always give me back rubs wh-”



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You woke up to his bare back, his eyes having bags under them as he let out deep breaths. You reached forward to touch his back only leading him to jump away from your touch. “Just.. please don’t touch me right now.” He whispers rushing to the bathroom slamming and locking the door.You were left there eyes wide, and your heart beating out of your chest. So you decide to get up out of bed, throwing one of his sweatshrit over you tangtop covered body. His smell wraps around you, walking to the kitcgen you couldn’t help but let your mind go as you cook. Different scenarios about what had gotten Jimin so upset run through your mind. A hand slids across your back making you jump, there Jimin stood, two plates in hand. He nods at you, as you place food on both, taking then to the table you move to sit with him. Sitting in silence, you eat toll his fork just drop as he pushes the food away.

“Jimin?” You question, his body was shaking, his eyes close as a tears fell down his face.

“I shouldn’t have eate-” You stop him by reaching over the table and taking his hand in yours. “Don-”

“Shut up, and tell me what going on?” He lets out a puff as air as he take his hand from me to cover his face.

“I weighed myself…” He whispered making you stand up and walk to him. Arms wrapping around his neck as he grips you arm. “I jusy don’t…I-” he stops as his brrathing becomes rapid as his grip tightens on you. His sobs made hus body shake as he let out small cries of pain. “I need to be a certain weig-”

“No you don’t. ” you mumble making him sigh, “You’re thinner then me….Do you want to do morning workouts togther, since if you need to lose weight then I clearly do t-.” His body jerks around and covers my mouth.

“Don’t even go there.” He grumble glaring at you, “You’re perfect.” He look up at you his hands going around you eaist as your whip the tears from hiss face.

“So are you….but I’m beeing seriou-”

“We are not working out togther.”


“You know why.”


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Laughter filled the air of the studio, your body laying on a couch with your boyfriend Taehyung who has hus hed against your chest. Your hand was going through hus hair whne all of a sudden Suga came in and ask if he could record his part of the song again. Your bodyfriend sighed by got up anyway, his lip tocuing the bottom of your jaw before he left making you both smile as Jungkook gagged. About half hour later Suga came in wih a worried look, you body sitting up in a split second when you hear a slught cry the a crash. You rush past Suga Jungkook trailing behind you wheb you see it. Your boyfriend sitting on the ground, hair a mes and eyes puffy. Looking behind you to see Jungkook wide eyes, it made you break a little. “I got this.” You mumbled to the two boys, they bothe bodded and left. Your bent down to Taes leavel then brought you unto you chest. His body shaking as he hang onto you.

“Why cant I be like the other guy? They all have thrse soft voices then the-”

“Shut up."you mumbled pressing your lips to the side of his face "You make this band have an edge , giving them a base type voicw. Its sext too.” Your words made him smile as he nodded his face hiding in your neck when Suag and Kook come in veiw. “He’s all good.”


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It was abnormal for you thing for you to go to seelp on your own. Jungkook hating you sleeping alone so he always found ways to sleep next to you. So waking up in the middle of the night to an empty bed was a surprise to you. Leaving the bedroom to find Jungkook leanning against the wall made you jump. Faced flushed, hair a tangled mess body shaking as his breath rapid as he let out small sobs. “Jungkook?!” You ask with a gasp as you bend down to touch him making him let out a cry. He falls into your arms as he holds onto you his muscles tense as your lips touch the side of his face. “Baby breath for me. Please.” You whisper as your hand wrap around his head. His hand hanging into your torso. As he slows his brething he starts to speak.

“I didn’t w-want you to sl-sleep alone.” He whimpers making your frown as you sigh.“I was so tried and I just paniced.”

“It’s okay baby if your to tired, and you can’t leave text me. I’ll come to you okay?” Feeling him nod you kiss his forehead making him sigh. “I love you.”

Zack totally teased the two of them (individually) to get together when he found out the feelings were mutual meanwhile Jason is just tired of all the gushing he gets from Kim about the yellow ranger

Jason: “Kimberly Ann Hart, I swear to god if you don’t ask her out, I’ll-”
Kimberly: “What? Ask her out yourself? She’s not into you. Not even into guys in general. What are you going to threaten me with now, Scott? And how dare you full name me.”

Trini reverted back to using earphones so they could listen to music together, but someone always moved their head too much where the other’s bud always came out so she decided to get a splitter so they could still listen together, but have their individual earphones.

Zack and Jason (reluctantly) bet on who’s going to get their ass wiped during sparring between the girls during training each day because (one of them gets a little too sidetracked)

Their study dates are 20% flashcards and 80% ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, Tri!” “that i couldn’t keep my hands to myself after i finally found your ticklish spot which took so long to find but it was so worth it though it may have resulted in a hole in your wall because you tried blindly kicking at me?”

Trini secretly loves when Kim plays with her hair, especially when she’s had a stressful day
she’ll collapse into her lap and let her do her thing, letting her caress her hair and gently scratch at her scalp

Kim watches her girlfriend go from grumpy cat to lazy sleepy content cat (she totally awes at the accidental purr that comes out)
Kim is the only one that’s allowed to unbraid/braid Trini’s hair

Here’s Kim’s words of advice and reassuring comments to Trini introducing herself as her girlfriend for the first time “Breathe. You’re going to do fine. You’ll be great. Just think about something calming, soothing, relaxing.
“Like what?”
“Think about me. Naked.”

Kim willing to fight anyone who insults or harms Trini in anyway and becoming furiously protective

Trini trying to bite back her words of anger and hatred when Amanda and her minions make a harsh snide comment to Kimberly knowing she won’t be able to stop any sort of aggression once it starts

Comforting each other about their
past and current home life

Instead of passing generic notes, they’re either playing tic tac toe, telling one another jokes or Kim drawing mini comics and Trini attempting to continue the story with her stick figures

Kim getting jealous when this new girl starts flirting with Trini and because this oblivious gay can’t tell the difference between a friendly compliment and I’m-trying-to-ask-you-out-on-a-date compliment, she unknowingly flirts back

Trini getting jealous when Jason asks if he can talk to Kimberly in private, when Kimberly cancels their plans because she promised to hang out with him and when Jason let’s it slip that Kim visits him in his room at night to talk about things that are troubling instead of talking to her

Kim volunteering to babysit Trini’s brothers with her
Discussing/”Making Up” stories about the Power Rangers with them
Trading embarrassing stories about Trini
Shyly but trying to act intimidating as they interrogate Kim to see if she’s good enough for their sister
Innocently asking if Kim and Trini are dating
Teasingly throwing the girlfriend word around the girls
Board Games
Movie Nights
Them and Kim getting competitive with one another during video games
Talking about their favorite superheroes as they show her their action figures
Questioning her if she believes in aliens

Kim sitting next to Trini or in front of her during Biology so they can reach under the desk and hold hands, y’know whisper in one another’s ears like losers, doodle in each other’s margin on their notebooks

Sneaking into each other’s rooms through the window

Both calming the other down after a nightmare
Kim stealing all of Trini’s flannels, jackets, hoodies. (Beanies are harder to get though she managed to steal her yellow one and replaced it before she was caught.)

Trini occasionally borrowing one of Kim’s shirts/tops

neck kisses
shoulder kisses
forehead kisses
nose kisses
cheek kisses
stomach kisses

Trini staring at Kim’s lips when she talks
Kim glancing at Trini’ lips when they’re sitting or standing too close

lip bites

Playfully bickering on who gets to be the big spoon always even though they switch it up all the time

Being able to keep up with each other’s snark, wit, sass, and sarcasm
Sly smiles
Knowing smug smirks
Suggestive glances
Amused arched eyebrows
Challenging one another

Trini resting her head on Kim’s shoulder

Kim resting her head atop of Trini’s

Trying out different cafés, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and learning and eventually knowing each other’s orders at all of them

jokes, innuendos, pick up lines, teasing, banter
eye rolls all the time
exaggerated eyelash batting
Kim flirtatiously winking
pleading pouting lips
Fake offended gasp
hugs from behind

Kim leaning her chin on top of Trini’s head or her shoulder

both being easily whipped and persuaded/convinced by the other

whispering sweet nothings before saying something dumb and stupid and playfully insultful to get rid of the cheesy, sappy, sentiment

Trini judging Kim’s music tastes and both of them trying to find a common genre

Finding places with the best views of the town/taking each other on random adventures

Late night car rides with the windows down

They frequent the cliff edge that overlooks the lake (swimming hole?) for a good view of the lights

If Trini can convince Kim to go hike up the mountain together in the morning, they watch the sunrise, but usually they watch the sunset after school/training

Drive In Movie Theater which either results in Kim being totally invested and Trini taking a nap or having a popcorn catching contest

Sharing Milkshakes

They always share the last donut and have a showdown on who gets the last piece

Taking selfies in those In N Out hats when they go out for burgers

Trini finds Kim singing into a hairbrush and dancing around her room one day as she blasts Top 40 Pop Songs
It takes roughly about 15 seconds to get her to begrudgingly join in
But she’s just in awe at the girl’s voice and so is Kim when Trini starts singing
They’re both panicking

Racing one another just for fun (of course where no one will see)

Snowball fights

Behind the bleachers, rooftop, girl’s bathroom on the second floor or in a quiet vacant hidden corner in the library is where you’ll find them alone ditching class and being unusually couple-ish (The janitor’s closet was just downright disgusting and smelled of cheap chlorine bleach and sanitizer even with their superhuman powers, chemicals still had some effect on their body)

Squeezing each other’s hand for comfort or reassurance along with rubbing their thumb over one another’s knuckles

Trusting one another more than anyone

taking turns resting their head on the other’s chest

Trini resting her head in Kimberly’s lap as she’s sprawled out on the couch

Zack giving Kimberly the shovel talk and Jason giving Trini the shovel talk even though they care for both girls
It’s a ridiculously lovable somewhat annoying act

Trini calling Kim “Princess”

kissing one another’s palms and wrists

both being in utter awe that someone as amazing and beautiful wants to date them

rubbing soothing circles on one another’s hands when the other gets nervous/anxious

Kim tracing abstract patterns on Trini’s back when she’s sleeping

long walks or hiking up those mountain trails
talking to each other all night and even when one falls asleep the other doesn’t hang up the phone, lovesick idiots

When Kim asks Trini what she did to get into detention this time, if she isn’t sending a death glare towards Zack and groaning like she’s suffering through hell and back, she just gives a sheepish smile and a nonchalant shrug because she’s not going to admit that she volunteers to go to this and the teacher could care less

Taking photographs

Kim’s mirror is covered in polaroids and Trini has a secret album

Trini finding out that Kim can do an absolutely believable flawless British accent (you figure out the details)

Kim mouthing the lines to movies and tv shows and Trini’s not even paying attention to the screen anymore like always

God forbid, they have hidden poetry/song books about one another that neither of have told them about.

Tickle Fights

Kim complimenting Trini all the time just to see her blush

The only time they will ever carry each other without being a stumbling blushing mess or arguing over the position in carrying is when one of them is injured or asleep

Star Gazing on top of Kim’s roof

They totally had the same idea of kissing in the rain even though they both know it’s a fricking cliche because a) they can’t get sick and b) they’re saps and hopeless romantics even if they won’t admit it

Having a snowman contest

Kim pushing Trini into the pool and Trini pulling her in with her

Kim booping Trini on the nose and Trini is just bewildered

They take turns bringing each other drinks and donuts for breakfast during the school week (Jason scolds them about needing to eat a healthier breakfast)

They meet up before first period then always text each other before their next classes/during passing periods/hallway traffic jam to complain or give them a heads up about things instead of walking one another to class

Stealing from another’s food during lunch
though it turns more into a game of sorts

Whoever gets out earlier from class waits by the other’s locker after school

Let’s just say the Rangers can’t get drunk so they inevitably try to drink themselves to death, but a body shot and a lap dance ensues

“Do you trust me?”
“Not with my water bottle and definitely not over a cliff.”

“If she goes, I go.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s just your way of telling me, you love me. I’ve cracked that code a long time ago, Hart.”

“Will you please just shut up for a second and stop doubting yourself and listen to me! You’re beautiful.”

“Why did we agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven?”
“Did they just tell us to go fuck in a closet?”
“The irony hasn’t escaped me.”

“I hate this town. I hate these faces. I’m just so tired of everything, except you. Never you.”

“You’re not short,you’re just tiny.”

“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember you grabbing onto my hand and squeezing way too hard when we were about to be pummeled to our deaths by a train and in that terrifying second I couldn’t process anything except a single thought which was, “You’re dying just admit you’re gay and pretty girls make you weak.”

“You’ve been shutting everyone out that genuinely cares about you”
“Not everyone, not you.”

“Do you think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this?”

“Let me ask you something. Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect day?”
“A perfect day. Start to finish. When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think it’s possible?”

“We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how we’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps us going, but we’ll never do it. We just use the future to escape the present. Truth is, we’ll never actually be rid of Angel Grove, we’re still Power Rangers and just like any other superhero we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. Unfortunately our home isn’t a city.” “Well, at least it has you.”

“You were not meant to simply be pretty. You were meant to fight back, so get up and face it.”

“What’s inside is what matters. You are so much smarter than they give you credit for.”

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

“I feel lost inside myself.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’m original.”

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.”

“The happiest people, don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

“Perhaps, I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you.”

“My life will end someday and so will yours, hopefully we die roughly around the same age, not that I want you to die ever but I don’t want you suffering of heartbreak like some depressing Hallmark movie so just kiss me anytime.”

“Thank you, for making me feel less alone.”

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

“You are alive. You are not a sad story.”

“I love you, but don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit.
I have never loved myself.
But you
Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Why did you do that?”
“Because I love you.”

“I would never let anybody or anything hurt you.”

“I don’t know for sure what I’m feeling. I don’t think you know exactly what you’re feeling either. This is all new or maybe we’ve felt this way for quite sometime, but refused to acknowledge them. What I do know is that, whatever mutual feelings we have for one another is not going to jeopardize our friendship.We’re not going to let that happen.”

“Just talk to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”
“I’m crazy, remember?”

Kim noticing that Trini has bad social anxiety especially when she’s seated or standing in a public closed in crowd so she always makes it a priority to get seats near the windows in the corner or a seat where Trini’s back is covered
Kim trying to learn Spanish on her own not just to impress Trini (that’s just an added bonus) but to make it easier for Trini’s brothers and dad to communicate with her. She manages to even impress Trini’s mom and manages to have forge somewhat of an acquaintanceship, but she’s still wary.

They’re in love, that’s all I’ve got to say.

The Painting

Hi babes!💘 this is a smutty oneshot about the reader ignoring Tom when she gets an idea for a new painting, and Tom only wanting to gain her attention more! A small argument and sexy time ensues! I hope that you guys like it!👼🏻

The Painting

When Tom had come home, he’d found her with her hair tossed messily into a bun, stains of color smeared across her skin, and standing in front of a rather large canvas dressed in an imbrued art smock. The smock in which his girlfriend sported was backless, and Tom was delighted to find that she was wearing nothing but a pair of sheer, pink panties and bobby socks beneath it. He not only had a clear view of her legs, but her bum as well, and there was absolutely no way Tom thought that he would be complaining about anything when she was in such a state, but, there he was, complaining.
“Baby,” Tom whined, flopping into the nearest chair to her, “pay attention to me. I’ve spent my entire day missing you and now you’re barely even speaking to me.”
She sighed, scrunching up her nose and pursing her lips, scrutinizing the piece of art in front of her. Crossing the room to mix together a concoction of red, pink, silver and white paint to create the perfect rosy tint, she answered Tom. “You know that I’m not trying to ignore you, I love you. It’s just that I think I may finally be breaking through the weird mental block I’ve had for a while.”
Tom nodded, understanding that she supported his artistic expressions, so he would have to buck up and support hers. It wasn’t as if he was unhappy with her painting, in fact, he was the exact opposite. He was thrilled to see her final product, and he loved seeing the spark of imagination light up her eyes, but as Tom said before, he missed her so much. Their time together had always been limited and he was jealous that her painting was receiving more attention than he was, considering that she could spend a million and one hours with her painting at her leisure, but she had maybe 90 something hours with him .
She plopped down into Tom’s lap and kissed him on the cheek, “you can mix the paints if you wanna.”
Tom held the spatula that his girlfriend had handed over to him, and did his best to focus on following her directions, while defying the feeling of his girlfriend in basically squirming around on his lap while she glided her soft, warm lips up and down the base of his throat in between her orders.
“Can I see what you’ve done so far?” Tom asked, curious as to what she was even painting.
Her kisses paused briefly, and then started up again between the words she said, “No! You can only see once I’m finished. I want it to be a surprise.”
Tom groaned, “is this good?” he motioned the colors he’d mixed. When she nodded, she made sure to turn her head to press a heavy, hot kiss to Tom’s lips before she hopped off of him. Sliding a hand down his face, Tom got up to leave the room. If he’d stayed there any longer, the images of her bending over in next to nothing would make him too hard to bare, so he decided that while she painted, he would busy himself with whatever nonsense that he came into contact with.
It had been a day and a half since her art project began, and since then, Tom had learned how assemble both a dresser and a cabinet, fixed every leaky faucet and broken appliance in her apartment, and had perfected a few random recipes he’d stumbled across on the internet. He was going out of his mind.
As time went on, she became even more and more appetizing to him. She was passionate and focused and Tom was, at that point, hard. No matter how many hot showers, cold showers, or even baths he’d taken, it wasn’t enough for him. Tom felt that if he didn’t have the real her soon, he’d burst into flames or melt into a puddle of sticky goo that would stain her carpet.
A few hours later, he heard the pitter patter of her socked feet rushing to meet him in the bedroom. Laying across her bed, Tom rolled over onto his side and peered at her smiling face when she entered the room.
“Tom, I need you.” She said, a blissful expression warming her features.
He quirked a brow at her, “oh yeah? What for, my darling, little love?” He looked her up and down, taking in the paint soils splashed all over her body, the exposed skin of her legs, her lack of bra, and hoped her response would indicate that she needed him to take her.
She rushed forward and knelt down by his bedside, taking his hand in hers, “help me with the painting, I’m just about finished.” She kissed his knuckles and laid her head onto her mattress.
“I thought that I wasn’t allowed to see it until it was all done?” Tom said confusedly.
“I know what I said, but I’ve changed my mind. The painting needs your special touch!” As she got up off the floor, still holding his hand, Tom could think of more than a few things that could use his special touch.
When she finally brought him to a stop in front of her painting, Tom understood why she hasn’t allowed him near it. He could tell that the figures trapped within her canvas were lovers, even though they appeared to be more similar to florets than people. All the colors were soft and romantic, and he could see that she had added a tinge of shimmer to particular images, so the painting looked mystical and otherworldly. Truth be told, if he’d gotten anywhere close to it earlier in the day, he would’ve messed it up.
“Darling,” Tom breathed out, desperately trying to figure out how to express the level of his admiration to her, “I just don’t know how you manage to be so fucking magical all the time. It’s beautiful, I love it, but I’m afraid that me just standing this close to it will ruin it. Unless you need me to lift it, I don’t know how to help you.” Tom bent down and kissed her gently on the forehead, moving to tuck some of her untamed fringe back behind her ear, where he couldn’t help himself but press a kiss to her earlobe as well.
Tugging his mouth back down onto hers, she mumbled in between long kisses, “help me just fill in a few spots, then it’s yours. I read somewhere that if someone helps you complete a task, the task, or in this case, the painting, will make that person think of you.” She broke away from Tom for a brief moment, and Tom heard her airly whisper into the crook of his neck, “I wanna make you think of me.”
Tom’s eyes opened and he guided her body away from his, “what are you talking about?” He was so genuinely puzzled that his confusion took the place of his desire to have her until the sun came up. “I always think of you. Literally, always. Ask anyone I work with, I never shut up about you.”
“Okay,” she said, disbelief laced firmly into her tone. Grabbing a paintbrush, she leaned into Tom to kiss him again.
“No, no, baby. Honestly, do you not believe me?” Tom was growing so perplexed that he was starting to get angry. “I love you, do I not tell you enough or something?” He knew that he was being abrasive and slightly over sensitive, but he didn’t know why she was playing as if Tom didn’t care for her.
Groaning, she walked out of Tom’s reach and back to where she stored her varying paints. “Tom, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”
“Uhm, nope. I’m going to worry about this because I’m pretty sure that this is something most couples in a healthy relationship would speak about.” Tom said, moving to stand in front of her.
“Let’s not do this,” she said, pushing her art smock’s strap back up to it’s proper place on her shoulder.
“No, no, let’s!” Tom declared.
“Tom, no! There is literally no point to this argument, if you don’t want to help, it’s cool.” She stood onto her tiptoes to press a quick kiss to the corner of Tom’s unprepared lips. “See? It’s all good,” she said, going around Tom and back to her mostly filled in canvas.
“Please, can you just talk to me, darling?” Tom wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her body to him as tightly as he could without crushing her. “I love you and what’s important to you is what’s important to me. So please, please clue me in.”
The girl didn’t even need to turn around to feel his puppy dog eyes burning a hole into her back. “Fine,” she said shortly, “when ‘Homecoming’ drops, you’re going to be huge, bigger than you already are. Like you’ve said before, life is going to change and nobody can say for sure what will and will not change, only that there will be changes, and if life makes you go away, at least you’ll have this painting. At least I’ll be remembered as the girl who painted you the weirdly rosy painting.”
Tom was so stunned that he couldn’t think of one appropriate thing to say. “Are you serious? Sounds like you’re pretty sure you know what’s going to happen with us, huh, smart girl?” He knew that getting mad wasn’t going to help the situation, but his feelings were hurt that she thought he’d drop her just like that.
Removing his hands from her body, Tom turned, “fuck it, that is so irritating. I am not leaving you, and unless you plan on ditching me, I think that we’re going to be together for more than a long while, darling.” He sneered, pacing back and forth across the limited space her living room provided. “This is ridiculous, you’re so intelligent, so why you’ve gotten that into your head, I have no idea. I’ve made sure to factor you into nearly all aspects of literally everything I do, now why do you think that is?”
She knew that she was being dumb, but she couldn’t help it. She was so paranoid that Tom would be out one day and he would come across someone shiny and new, and then he’d realize that being with her was not what he wanted anymore. When she started her painting, her only goal had been to give Tom something that would leave an imprint of her in his mind, so that no matter what happened with them in the future, she would still be apart of him.
Her eyes grew glassy and tears threatened to boil over her waterline and smudge her mascara. She was mad at herself for being so insecure, and for possibly ruining her relationship with the one thing she’d meant to sort of bandage over her issues, and she couldn’t come up with a statement to justify herself to Tom.
Tom looked over to her figure, standing in front of the pink canvas, frilled bobby socks and lacy blue panties in all. Even though he was both pissed off and taken aback by her behavior, Tom couldn’t deny the urge to just slam himself into and make her understand she was the only person on the planet for him. Muttering, “oh, for fucks sake,” Tom marched purposefully over to her and smashed his lips roughly down onto hers.
Yanking her hair out of it’s rubber confinement, he broke away from her to watch it tumble down in waves to frame her face. Forcing her to look into his eyes by pressing a finger beneath her chin, Tom practically growled, “I am not going anywhere without you in my life. It’s like they say on that one soap opera that never seems to end, you’re my person. Couldn’t leave you to save my life, I’d come back to you forever.” He looked into her eyes, trying to find better words to make her understand that he was completely and utterly dead serious. “Get it?”
Her lips were puffy and her skin was still soft, despite being nearly every color of the rainbow and Tom was going to rip that smock off her body if it was the last thing he did. He could tell that she was humiliated that she let her paranoia get the best of her, and Tom, for a brief thought thought that she deserved it for thinking so lowly of their relationship. He only stopped once he took into account that if the roles were reversed, he’d be a snivelling mess of a human being because she was an angel among humans. He didn’t deserve her, but then again, surely no one else did either.
Tom’s grip on her calmed and he lovingly pried the paintbrush out of her hand and shuffled her around in his arms so that she too faced her masterpiece. “We’re going to paint this together,” Tom said, as his hands began softly untying the knot of her smock. “I’m going to continue thinking of you always and forever, even though you’re still going to be my girl and I’ll still be undeniably yours. Got it?”
Her eyes fell shut and she gasped when she felt Tom’s mouth press adoringly wet kisses to her exposed shoulders. She arched her back as one of Tom’s hands moved to the front of her body to knead her breasts. Blinking her eyes open, she saw that Tom’s other hand was still clutching the paintbrush and that he was currently dipping its tip into a circle of paint. “Answer me,” Tom ordered, sinking his teeth into her skin.
“Got it, got it, got it,” she rambled out dreamily. “Gonna be your girl forever.”
Maneuvering her slightly so that his view of the canvas would be clearer, Tom began to paint the little empty spaces she’d left for him with long brushstrokes. “That’s right sweetheart, my girl forever.” Switching hands, Tom held her to him with the hand that was also holding the paintbrush, and yanked the closest chair in arm’s reach over to where they stood. Sitting down, Tom guided her around to face him before pulling her onto his lap.
Her cheeks were rosy from a mix of blush and paint and her lips were parted and her chest was heaving. Her gaze flicked up and down Tom’s body so obviously that he had to smirk. Forcing her closer, Tom brought his hips closer to hers and watched as she subconsciously leaned into him, bracing her hands on his chest.
She shuffled a bit further onto his lap, so that she was aligned perfectly with the bulge in his jeans. Letting out a gasp, her hips bucked against him and she bit down on her lip to prevent another louder gasp from escaping.
Tom’s arms constricted themselves around her, one went around her waist and the other tangled itself into her hair. “I think the painting is finished.”
Not even turning to look, she nodded, breathing out a response so faint that Tom couldn’t even make it out. She slid a hand under Tom’s shirt to trace over the lines of defined muscle on his stomach. “I’m really sorry about earlier. I don’t know why my head makes me think things like that.”
Tom kissed her tenderly on both cheeks before placing an even softer kiss to her mouth, “it’s alright, darling. I don’t know why I got so mad before. I honestly don’t know how my head would make me think if our roles were reversed.”
“I’ll love you forever,” she said, rolling her hips onto Tom’s lap.
“I’ll love you for some time after that,” Tom chuckled, his hips beginning to meet hers. “But don’t take my word for it,” Tom began to litter kisses up and down her throat while he reached up to untie her smock, “let me show you how fucking much I love you.”
“Okay,” she said, her lips covering Tom’s as his hands tore the art smock from her body. Their hips collided as their clothes became one with her floor, and the rosy painting in front of them was to be hung and framed in the apartment that they came to share.

“Baby, just go to sleep.”

Isak huffs against Even’s chest—like it was that simple. His eyelids are heavier than his energy, there’s a softness to his thoughts like they’re ready to slip into his subconscious, but–

“I don’t want to miss this,” Isak murmurs.

He likes the way Even’s running one hand up and down his back as he runs the other through his hair. What a fucking miracle that Even has two hands.

Isak is very tired.

Even kisses his forehead, so light Isak wonders if he dreamt it. “Am I awake?” Isak asks.


“Shut up.”

“Go to sleep.”

“I don’t like sleeping when you’re awake. I don’t like missing any time with you.”

“But I’m right here, Isak.”

Yeah, but what if— what if you have a thought?”

“What if?”

“No, but what if you do? And you want to share it, but I’m asleep, so then you never tell me.”

“I promise you’ll know more of my thoughts than you ever wanted to know.”

“Not possible.”

When Isak wakes up, Even’s asleep and too far from his own body.

Isak checks his phone, as excited to see a new text from Even as he was before they got together. He’s yet to find someone he’d rather talk to.

It’s a video. Isak puts his earbuds in to let Even sleep, then presses play.

“Ok,” Even says on screen, holding Isak the way he was when Isak fell asleep a few hours ago. His voice is a whisper: Isak’s favourite sound. “Here’s everything I think while you’re asleep.”

“I’m so relieved that you can sleep again, Isak. You carry too much. You deserve rest.”

“I didn’t take the clothes out of the washer. Don’t break-up with me.”

“I want to try drawing you in a new way, now that I know more of you. I love tracing your shape every night and learning more about who fills it.”

“Maybe we can combine Jonas’s pregame with Mikael’s on Friday? Competing best friends is getting exhausting.”

“Sometimes my thoughts are too much, but you help me pause and sort them, beating the shit out of the ones that nearly killed me. You ground me.”

“I think you’re right. We need to tell our landlord about the noise the freezer’s making before it explodes.”

“If I told you everything I thought about you, I’d never stop talking. I love you.”

As the video ends, Isak’s heart starts for the day.

He rolls over in bed, wrapping one arm around Even and holding his phone with his free hand. He kisses Even’s forehead, cheek, jaw, then turns his phone so it’s filming the two of them.

“My turn.”

Forbidden Love | Pt. 6

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Epilogue

Chuckling sarcastically, Jimin held his phone up in front of your eyes. “Look, you’re precious husband just texted me. He seems really worried about you. Don’t let him wait, you shouldn’t be talking to an useless person like me, Y/N.”

Not glancing at his phone, you tried to reach out for his hand but stopped when you saw how he backed away from you. “No, wait Jimin! I’m sorry-”

“Why are you doing this, Y/N?”

“What am I doing, Jimin?”

“Every time we see each other, you say that it’s the last time you’ve spent time with me. Then, after a couple of days, you come back, lie down in my arms as if nothing had happened and make me the happiest person in the world. Y/N, you make me fly again and then in a flash, you slam me back onto the ground every single time..”

Sadly, you looked into his eyes. He looked hurt, disappointed and broken. Seeing him like that, you wanted to wrap your arms around his body and tell him that you were sorry, that it breaks your heart to see him hurt like that because of you and that you loved him more than he could ever imagine.

“I don’t want to hurt anymore. I don’t want to cry anymore because of you, Y/N. Don’t come to me anymore. Don’t come to me whenever you’re sad or whenever you need someone to sleep with, Y/N. I don’t want to be your replacement anymore..”

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath. “Jimin, I love yo-”

Right before you could end your sentence, you heard someone clapping slowly. Turning your head to the sound, you locked your eyes with your husband and froze the minute you saw him approaching you both with a smirk plastered on his face.

Standing in front of you both, Taehyung glanced from you to Jimin, his hands now tucked into his pockets. “Wow, what a heartbreaking love story! I’m impressed!”

Not knowing what to say, you looked at Jimin and realized that he was looking at your husband with hateful eyes and a clenched jaw.

“Y/N,” hearing your husbands voice, you snapped your head towards him and a shiver went down your spine at the way he looked at you. “tell me, how is he in bed? Is he good? Better than I am? Or would you prefer us both together? Hm? Tell me.”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung!” you heard Jimin hiss through his gritted teeth.

Smirking again, Taehyung turned his head to his best friend. “Why? Do you feel uncomfortable? Poor Jiminie, let me tell you one thing. You’re missing out, my friend.”

You saw how Jimin clenched his hands beside his body. “What the fuck are you trying to say, Taehyung?! Just spit it out!”

Glancing at you once, Taehyung crossed his arms in front of his chest and clicked with his tongue. Turning his head back to his friend, he tilted his head slightly as he smirked at him and said the words that made you feel like you’ve been shot by a gun in the head.

“I must say, your wife is pretty good in bed too, my dear friend.”

Ketch Her If You Can

Title:  Ketch Her If You Can

Summary:  Dean’s not happy when Ketch and the reader start flirting. Ketch seems interested in her, until the truth comes out, then he shows his true colors.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female Reader, Arthur Ketch, Sam Winchester

Word Count:  1795

Warnings:  canon typical violence

Author’s Notes: This was written for @supernatural-jackles Birthday Challenge. My prompt was the gif below. I decided to go a different route and not write demon!Dean. Also, this is smut free. Go figure.

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You Are My Happily Ever After - Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by interwebber

Requested:Hi, i was wondering if you could write an imagine about Harry. Where you are jays younger sister and you went to auradon with the vks but dont feel like you fit in and want to go back to the isle. You go back with mal and run into an old friend and crush, Harry Hook. When the others come you help with ben you and jay get into a fight and you stay on the isle with Harry? Sorry its so long. Thank you if you can write this. i love your imagines, thank you for doing what you do!! :)

A/N I’d like to thank @kaylantus for the request. Hope you enjoy !! (:

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the-dark-is-my-home  asked:

What about a switch??? Jimin is the tattoo artist instead (cuz jimin with tattoos 😍😍😍)and Jungkook is a shy bunny that thinks "i should get a tattoo". Yoongi has connections (cuz i imagine him with tattoos sometimes and its just 😍) then Jk gets scared shitless the last minute but forgets everything when he sees Jm

  • “You would look soooo good with a tattoo right here, Kook” says Taehyung, pointing at the younger’s collarbone.
  • “You know I’m scared on needles!” Jungkook pushes him away laughing.
  • “You’re a grown ass men and you are scared of needles? Awww such a babyyy” teases the other. “I’M NOT A BABY!”

  • A few week later, Jungkook is standing in front of one of the most famous tattoo studios in Seul, cluthing a piece of paper to his chest.
  • “hello, how can I help you?” a blue-haired boy is looking at him with a sharp gaze that makes his stomach twirl.
  • “Uhm yeah… Uh… I want a tattoo…?” oh god, what is getting himself into? Tae I’m gonna kill you if I survive.
  • “Oh, you have to  talk with Jiminie then. I’m the piercier. Yoongi. Nice to meet you…?”
  • “Jungkook.” he shakes the incredibly warm hand of the man.

  • “So, where do you want your tattoo?” a lovely boy asks him. Holy shit. This guy looks way to angelic to work in this place. To be  the owner of this place.
  • “Uh… on my collarbone. See, my friend Taehyung said that they’re my charming point so..” “Yeah, they’re nice, but I think your eyes are way more charming.” wait. Is he trying to flirt?
  • “I’m sorry, I tend to talk too much when I’m nervous” Jungkook plays with the hem of his yellow sweatshirt, such an odd contrast with the black of the room.
  • “No worries, we are not gonna do the tattoo today so you can relax” Jimin is smiling at him from behind his desk, pushing back his orange hair and showing the geometric figures on his arm. “Can I see the drawing you want to tattoo?”
  • Jungkook hands him the piece of paper,feeling the cold point of the other’s middle finger. A spark runs through his back.
  • “It’s nice… did you draw this?” Jimin asked, following with his eyes the delicate lines of the lunar phases impressed on the paper. “Yeah” he answered.
  • “Impressive. Come here next friday at 6 pm. I know it’s late but I’m really excited about this tattoo, so I’m gonna do it after the closing hour.” with that, Jimin said goodbye to a very nervous - and a little whipped- Jungkook.

  • “So you’re an art major? No wonders this drawing is so good” the orage haired guy tries to distract him from what’s about to happen.
  • “Yeah… I really love the moon. I love it so much that I’m getting it tattooed.” Jimin laughed, and that sound made the younger’s heart combust: such a beautiful sound, coming from a beautiful person.
  • “Well… maybe you could work here? Not tattoing but just drawing… you know… easy stuff” Jungkook scoffed “I’m sorry, you probably don’t have the time to do that. It’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a talented hand.”
  • “I’ll take your offer in consideration, Jimin”
  • “Jimin Hyung” corrected said gy, turning on the machine.
  • Jungkook can feel his heart beating so fast it might explode. Or stop. That’s how I’m gonna die, in a fucking tattoo studio so black it seems Marilyn Manson pucked inside here and with an insanely hot guy breahing on my fucking collarbone. Wait what?
  • “Calm down, Jungkookie. I know you can do this” he hears Jimin over the buzzing noise, but most importantly he feels a hand pressing on his chest and a small thumb carressing the skin there.
  • He concentrates on that hand, and not the one that’s holding a very pointy needle (FUN FACT: all the needles are pointy).
  • He can also feel the hand on his chest being lifted. “I’m sorry, I’m a really touchy person. Sorry if I made you unconfortable”
  • “Please, keep it there” Jungkook says before even thinking about it. The hand on his chest is back, and he joins it with his own, breathing deeply.
  • When his heart is back to normality, Jimin positions his hand near the younger’s collarbone, and starts working: the pain is dull, the only thing that makes him frown is that noise that can hear over his thoughts.
  • the sound, however, can’t muffle the feeling of Jimin’s breaths on his collarbone.

  • “Jungkookie! I have a work for you to do!” Jimin yells from his room, and the younger immediately stands up and walks towards it.
  • “yes?” Jimin smiles at him and signales him to take a seat next to him at his desk. Jungkook blushes.
  • “I want…” Jimin lays his head on his little hand covered in rings and looks at Jugkook through his heavy makeup “ to draw a tattoo for me. I could do it… but I like your style better.”
  • “Jimin… I’m flattered but… I don’t know if I can… I mean I-”
  • “I’m not asking. I’m telling you to do it.” The older winks and rufflles the other’s soft hair.

  • “What??? You want me to tattoo it? No way, Jimin. What if I make a mess? What if I ruin your body?” Jungkook is definitely panicking.
  • “You’re thinking too much. Just do it. Trust me, Jungkook.”

  • “I love it” Jimin says while watching a very focused Jungkook tattoing his ribs.
  • “It’s not finished yet. Shut up. Stop talking. Stop breathing, it makes your chest move.” The orange haired laughs at it, almost making Jungkook do a line that wasn’t supposed to be there.
  • “What the fuck Jimin?? I could have make a mistake! and then you would have it for all your fucking life! Listen I can’t do it- he was definitely panicking- I can’t, I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m just an art major, I just draw, Jimin,I can’t pretend to be a tattoo artist I ca-”
  • Something soft landed on his lips and now is pressing on them. 
  • “Can you calm the fuck down?” Jimin says on his lips, breath fanning over them “I know you can do this, baby” fuck it.
  • Jungkook presses their lips together again, earning a smile from the older who’s caressing his collarbone. That collarbone.

  • Jungkook was calm through the rest of the session, focusing on Jimin’s now inked ribs, while the guy stroked his dark hair, both of them smiling and taking breaks from time to time to kiss. God bless Tae and his crazy ideas.
First Time || Peter Parker

this was inspired by JustKiddingFilm’s ‘your first time’ video. it was really interesting to watch and I just had to write something for Peter! I’ll get back to working on the requests that I’ve amassed so far a bit later, just let me indulge in this one quick story ♡♡♡♡♡

for this story, it’s set sometime in the future, where Peter and the reader are in college and are both around 21 years old. 

warnings: SMUT!!! There’s gonna be a lemon, and if you don’t like lemons then I don’t recommend that you read this !!

**don’t repost/plagiarize this plot! reblogs are fine!


When your best friend invited you and Peter to hang out with her and her boyfriend at Starbucks, you didn’t think that their conversation would go into such dangerous territory. 

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REQUEST(S): “Tough AF Brooklyn chick is pined after by Race Higgins” - anon

“Hey could you write something with a badass girlsie who the boys are kind of afraid of? Sorry it’s kind of vague I just don’t see many SUPER badass ones. Maybe she beats up the delancey brothers by themselves and the boys are like WTF?!!! And could it be racetrack x reader? Love you tons your writing is amazing!!” - @impractical-impala

SUMMARY: In which Y/N makes Race nervous

A/N: ayyyye guess who finally wrote something? but seriously, i can’t write fight scenes??? like idk how to do that so sorry if this sucks :( also, i know Y/N isn’t like super super bad ass in this so sorry about that too, i’m not really sure how to write that either. hope you like it though!


Y/N was headed to Manhattan to deliver a message from Spot to Jack Kelly. She’d already finished selling her papes for the day, and Spot trusted her the most out of all the other Brooklyn newsies. It was a simple (stupid, in her opinion) message, but she didn’t mind taking a walk on such a nice day. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and there was a nice breeze.

She’d come to Manhattan a few times before, and if prompted she would begrudgingly admit that, besides Brooklyn, it was her favorite part of New York. It didn’t hurt that she liked a couple of the Manhattan newsies. Jack was enjoyable, Crutchie was too sweet not to like, and Specs was endearing. Then, of course, there was Racetrack Higgins, who flirted with her endlessly. She pushed him away or ignored his efforts every time, but he kept coming back. She found that she didn’t mind too much. She found she also didn’t mind that he - that all of them were a bit scared of her.

When she made it closer to the Manhattan lodge, she could feel eyes on her. On instinct, she took in her surroundings, searching for whoever was watching her. Spot made jokes a lot about how she was like a guard dog, always tense and ready to attack. Slowly, she walked towards an alley, listening to their footsteps as they followed her.

Once they were tucked into the alley, away from all people, she whipped around. In front of her stood Morris and Oscar Delancey, grinning menacingly.

“Wouldya look at that? It’s one o’ dem Brooklyn goil newsies,” Morris spoke.

“Brooklyn? Ya think she’ll put up a fight?” Oscar asked. They were acting like she wasn’t there, but their eyes stayed trained on her. She was waiting for them to move first before she did anything. If she hadn’t already guessed their intentions when they followed her into the alleyway, she sure as hell knew them now.

They both took a few steps toward her and she slowly clenched her hands into fists. The closer they got, the more she tenses up. The second Oscar’s hand brushed her arm, she landed a punch right on his jaw. He stumbled backwards, but Morris came charging toward her. He threw a punch but she dodged it, kicking him in the shin. Oscar was back up and he grabbed her from behind, locking her arms behind her back. She lifted her leg up and swung it backwards, kicking him in the crotch.

He let out a groan and fell backwards, hands covering the area she had hit. Morris came at her again, but she grabbed his suspenders and pulled him down so she could knee him in the stomach before punching him in the head. He dropped to the ground with a bloody nose and wavering consciousness. Oscar tried one more time, but all it took was one swipe at his legs with her foot and he was down.

“Woah.” She looked up to find Crutchie and Race at the opening of the alley, staring in awe at both her and the Delancey brothers lying on the ground.

“Mush came ta get us,” Race explained. “Said the Delancey brudders had followed some goil into an alley and they ain’t lookin’ too friendly.”

“We came to help,” Crutchie clarified, smiling slightly.

“Thanks, but I think I got it handled.” Crutchie laughed loudly, but Race continued to stare at her. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open slightly. If she had been really thinking about it, she would’ve realized he looked a little love struck. “You boys wanna walk me to the lodge? I got a message from Spot for Jack.”

Race nodded quickly, closing his mouth and erasing his previous expression from his face. As they walked, Crutchie stayed slightly in front and Race and Y/N walked side by side. Every so often Crutchie would glance back at the two of them walking in silence, grin, and then shake his head and look forward again. It was no secret to the Manhattan newsies how smitten Race was with Y/N.

When they reached the lodge Y/N was taken up to the roof to talk with Jack, leaving Race staring after her. All the other boys watched him, whispering and teasing.

“I’m gonna do it,” he spoke suddenly. The boys were silenced.

“Do what?” Specs asked nervously.

“I’m gonna tell Y/N how I feel.” His face was set and he was determined to finally tell her. Immediately, there were protests from the boys.

“She’ll punch you if you even try to touch her!” Someone shouted, warning mutters of agreement.

“She could kill you!”

“I heard once that ‘er and Spot got in a fight and nobody’s seen the guy since.”

“No way! I heard they found the body washed up under da bridge.”

“Would you lot shut up?!” Everyone was silenced by Race’s outburst. He looked nervous and he was wringing his hands. “I’m tellin’ her and that’s that, so you can stop blabbering 'bout it!”


A little while later, Race was outside smoking to calm his nerves. The boys had convinced Y/N to spend the night rather than make the trek back to Brooklyn while it was gettin’ dark out. None of them doubted that she’d be able to hold her own, but Crutchie had pointed out that she looked tired and wouldn’t be at her best if something did happen. She had eventually (reluctantly) accepted the invitation.

He felt his heartbeat speed up as he thought of telling her how he felt. The boys were right, if he said the wrong thing he would most likely end up dead or severely injured. Wasn’t that some saying, though? Love hurts? Love. Because didn’t he love the way she could fight better than any boy he’d ever met? Don’t he love that she wouldn’t let anybody control her or undermine her? Didn’t he love the way she rolled her eyes when he winked at her? Didn’t he love how she hadn’t threatened him to make him stop flirting with her like she’d done to Romeo? That had to mean something good, didn’t it?

He whipped around suddenly, startled by a noise behind him. There she stood, an eyebrow and raised and her arms crossed as she looked at him.

“You got some big date comin’ up or somethin’?” She asked, joining him where he was sitting on the curb.

“W-What?” He could feel his hands start to shake slightly.

“You don’t usually smoke this late. Plus, you’re chewing that cigar like you ain’t eaten in weeks.” She wasn’t wrong, but he pleasantly surprised him that she noticed the change in his behavior.

“I actually been meanin’ to talk to ya,” he said, trying to calm his breathing. She nodded for him to continue and he took in a sharp breath. “Ya know how I’m always flirtin’ with ya?” She nodded again, furrowing her eyebrows. He could see the growing confusion in her eyes. “Well, I just - I wanted to make sure you ain’t gettin’ the wrong idea, 'cause I - ”

“I get it,” she cut him off. “You flirt with every goil, you ain’t tryin’ to settle down, blah blah blah.” She rolled her eyes but her words were harsh, and she looked almost angry. He gulped, this certainly wasn’t how he’d planned for this to go. “That all?”

“No.” She sighs and looked at him, absolutely no interest shown in her eyes. “No, no that’s not what I meant. That’s - that’s the idea I didn’t want to give you. I ain’t goin’ 'round flirtin’ with other goils, Y/N. It’s just you.” She wasn’t looking at him anymore, and she stayed silent. He felt his nerves spike up and launched into a quick ramble.

“I just mean that I really like ya, and I mean it’s fine if ya don’t like me - 'cause I really can’t expect ya to. And you know I just wanted to get it off my chest, 'cause it’s real hard bein’ 'round you and pretendin’ like I don’t have feelings for ya. You can punch me now, the boys said you would. Pretty sure that got a bet goin’ in there. Some say youse gonna hit me, other’s say I’m dead, and then, ya know, some of the boys said you had feelings for me to, which is completely -”

His anxious ramble was interrupted by her hand over his mouth. She was smiling slightly at him, amusement written all over her features.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous,” she whispered. “I’m gonna kiss you now, that okay?” He nodded quickly and she leaned in. Their lips met and it wasn’t rough like he’d expected it to be with her. She was kissing him gently, and her lips were soft. He kept his hands folded in his lap, tightly gripping his cigar. He was afraid to touch her without any spoken consent, but she had her hand cupping his cheek.

When they pulled away she laughed at the expression on his face. She looked nice when she wasn’t constantly waiting for someone to attack.

“So, who gets the money if I like you back?” She asked, smirking.

“Oh, um - just Crutchie.” He was still having trouble breathing, but for an entirely different reason. She smiled and let out another laugh at his answer.

“Perfect. He’s my favorite.”

“Not me?” Race joked, finally able to act like his non-nervous self. She grinned at the fake pout on his face.

“Sometimes,” she shrugged. He smiled and haphazardly threw his arm around her, feeling his heart pounding in his chest when she didn’t push him away.

“C'mon, lets go inside.”

What happens in Vegas pt. 5 - Tom Holland

Word count: 2340

Summery:  You wake up after a night in Las Vegas, only to discover you married the one and only Tom Holland

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4  | Part 6 | Epilogue


A/N: Alright! There’s only 2 parts left! I awrote this part over several days, so if something is repeated a couple of times, that’s why. I hope you enjoy it! I had fun writing it, so yeah! Tell me what you think!

The weekend had passed, and if you were going to be honest, you barely remembered any of it. You remembered waking up with your head on Tom’s chest, a part you really wished you could forget. You had a strange tingling feeling in your stomach, whenever you thought about how he had had his arm around you. You tried your best to ignore it, but the feeling just wouldn’t go away.

He had also acted differently this morning. He actually talked to you, and even smiled at you. A different smile then the cocky smile he usually had plastered on his lips. It was kinder. More genuine.

He had decided to join you on set today. He said it was to keep the act up, and that he would seem like a supportive husband. You didn’t like the idea one bit, especially considering you had to film a sex scene today, and you really didn’t want him there. Should you tell him? You didn’t quite understand why it mattered as much as it did, but you really just didn’t want him there.

You were getting really comfortable around your co-actors, and you feared it would just be awkward with Tom around.

“You really don’t have to be here. Not today at least. It’s going to be really boring. You can still just go back home, if you want?” You said, as you entered the set.

“I want to be here. I think we should start spending more time together, and this is a great way to start” He answered, the kind smile still on his lips.

You were starting to wonder what happened in the weekend. Something must have happened, because he acted much differently today. And he suddenly wanted to spend more time with you? Why? Had you said something? You didn’t even want to ask him, scared of the answer.

“Yeah, well. Just not today. We’re kinda filming-a-sex-scene” You mumbled the last part, hoping he didn’t hear it.

“What kind of show is this? First a lap-dance, and now a sex scene? You could’ve warned me, before we got here!” The kind smile was gone, and now looked annoyed instead. What was up with his mood swings?

“Since when do you care?” You asked him. He didn’t get a say. You weren’t even an actual couple, so he didn’t have the right to be annoyed over a sex scene.

“Oh I don’t know. We are married. Don’t you think I should know, when you’re going to sleep with someone else?” He asked harshly. He was really acting weird today. He seemed jealous, but that just didn’t make sense to you. Why would he be jealous?

“I’m not going to actually sleep with him, you moron. And you really need to get a hang of yourself, because I already pretty sick of you” You warned him. You hadn’t even started filming, and he was already a pain in the ass.

“Oh yeah? We’ll excuse me for not wanting to see my wife pretend to have sex with some guy!” Now he was yelling, and people from the crew started starring at you.

“Then go home! I told you not to come. If you’re going to be this much of an asshole, I don’t want you here” You voice was calm, but still filled with anger. You knew he knew that, and from the expression in his eyes, he was more than angry too.

He left without saying a word, and you walked towards your co-actors. The girl, who was starting to become you best friend, shot you a look.

“Trouble in paradise?” she asked, and you gave her a nod.

“Yeah. Let’s just say, that today his personality matches his genitalia. A huge dick” You were still annoyed, but the laughs from the others helped a little on the mood. You chatted for a bit, before you started filming.


When you got back home, you were surprised to find the apartment empty, and just like you had left it this morning. That meant Tom hadn’t been home all day, which made you wonder where the hell he was. You didn’t want to deal with him anyway, so it was fine, but you still wanted to know where he was.

You decided to take place on the couch, and catch up with some tv-shows. Lucifer had just started a new season, and you were already 2 episodes behind. Not to mention Riverdale starting as well, so you had enough to watch.

Halfway through the second episode of Lucifer, Tom stumbled in the door. He couldn’t walk straight. He couldn’t even hold his normally good posture. Even a blind idiot could tell he was way past just being drunk. He was wasted.

“Oh! Darling, you’re home!” His voice was raspy, and he stumbled a bit over the words. “How did… uh. How did the scene go?”

“It was fine. Unlike you. If throw up, you’re cleaning it yourself” You warned him. You were still annoyed with him. He had no right to act the way he did today.

“Does he do a better job than me?” He asked, sounding irritated again. He just kept standing in the middle of the room, swaying a bit from side to side.

“Why do you care?” You asked him bluntly.

“Because we’re married! So excuse me, for not liking the thought of you with someone else!” He yelled, and you rolled your eyes. You wasn’t sure if it was him, or the alcohol speaking.

“Last time I checked, we’re not a real couple, so you don’t get to be jealous!” You yelled back at him.

“You don’t tell me what to do, or how to feel! I took care of you all weekend! And I didn’t ask for nothing in return! And then you just drop the sex scene bomb on me like that!” He yelled frustrated.

“Oh, I get it! You’re mad that I didn’t rehearse this scene with you, is that what it is? If that’s the case, you’re going to stay mad for a long time, because guess what! I don’t want to sleep with you” You snapped at him, as you stood up from the couch.

“We both know that a lie. You want it just as much as I do!” His speech was clear now, and he almost seemed sober, when he walked towards you. As he got close to you, you could feel his hot breath. “And I really love it when you moan my name”

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself, because that’s the only scenario where you’ll actually get some” You glared at him, not letting it show that he was right. You did want him. You blamed it the period hormones, that hadn’t completely left your body. At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself.

“And you’re just so sassy. Do you have any idea, how much your snarky comebacks turns me on?” He whispered in your ear, sending a cold shiver down your spine. “I just want to shut you up, every time. You have no idea what you do to me”

“It’s not going to happen Tom. We haven’t even been on an actual date, so you don’t have the right to be jealous” You gently pushed him away, but even in his drunk state, he was strong. He stayed close to you.

“I just really enjoy us together, and I don’t want someone else taking my place. Like I told your mom, the sex is amazing” He said in a low voice.

“I don’t care, Tom! Sure, the sex is great, but I want more than that! I want an actual relationship, and you’re just not the guy to have that with. You’re an arrogant asshole, who’s also really jealous. You would think that someone with that big of an ego, would be more confident in himself” You pushed him a little harder this time, and walked pass him to the kitchen.

“I don’t have a big ego! And I’m not an arsehole! I want a relationship too, you know. I wouldn’t mind if it was with you, because I would never really have to worry about when to propose and stuff” He said, as he followed you to the kitchen.

“Except you are. You are an asshole to me! And not having to propose is maybe the worst reason to be in a relationship. I just feel so loved, when that’s the reason you bring up!” You turned to look at him, so he could see how mad he made you.

“I didn’t mean to be an idiot, okay! You just make me so… I don’t know! You do something to me, and I can’t explain it! I love it when we fight. I loved it so much, when I shut you up by kissing you. I want to do it every time we fight, and it’s so hard not to” He said with a smirk.

You just stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what to say or do. You hadn’t been able to listen to song anymore, because all you could think of was Tom. You had to admit that he did something to you as well, but you would never admit it to him.

“It’s still just sex. Do you even know anything about me? Like, what’s my favourite colour? Or my favourite food? Something?” You asked him. You did want more, but you knew Tom wasn’t the right guy. You wanted someone who could be there for you, emotionally as well, and you weren’t sure Tom could do that. He didn’t care about you, beside when it came to sleeping with you. Not that you cared about him, of course. Because you didn’t, right? So it made no sense, that the thought of Tom not caring, made you a bit upset.

“You’re favourite colour is red. It’s the colour you wear the most. Your bedsheet is red. Every time you buy something, you always go for the red. You’re favourite food is hot pasta and meatballs. In the past month, it’s the dish you’ve made the most times, and it’s the dish you look happiest eating” He answered bluntly, taking you a bit by surprise. Did he really notice all of that? Did he really pay attention to you?

“I didn’t know you knew that. Or that you even paid attention” You mumbled, looking away from him.

“Well. I do. Much more than you think” He said, almost sounding upset. You looked up at him, to find him biting his lip. You didn’t know what to say. The fact that he paid attention to you, made you happy. Happier, then you could admit to yourself.

“Why? To know something about me, so you can use it to annoy me? If not, then why are you always such a jerk. Like today?” You asked. You couldn’t let yourself believe that he actually cared, because there was no way that he actually did.

“No. Because I… Well. I just don’t know how to act around you. Apparently, we hate each other, but I don’t hate you. I don’t even dislike you. After this weekend, I’m not really sure if you hate me or not. So I don’t really know if I should stop being an idiot or not. It’s really confusing!” He fumbled a bit over the words, and he didn’t look at you once.

You heard what he said, but once again. You couldn’t just let yourself believe that he might actually like you. There was a lot a physical attraction between the two of you, but that was all it was, right? It’s wasn’t really Tom talking, it was just the alcohol. It had to be.

“Tom, stop. It’s just the alcohol. You don’t mean that. Saying that, won’t get me to sleep with you.” You rolled your eyes as you spoke.

“I mean it! I think I actually like you. I mean, I do! You made me realize that this weekend, and that’s really annoying” He said, this time looking directly at you.

“Then tell me when you’re sober. That won’t happen, so we’ll just blame it on the alcohol. Then in just over a month, we’ll get divorced and we’ll never have to see each other again.” You said. You weren’t really sure who you were talking to. Were you trying to convince him to come with some big declaration of his love for you, or were you trying to protect your own feeling from a potential heartbreak.

“Can we not talk about this right now” He groaned.

“Go to bed, Tom. You’re way too drunk” You sighed.

“Fine!” You were surprised that he didn’t even try to argue with you. You were pleased that he didn’t, because you really didn’t want to deal with him right now.

You got him into the bed, and under the duvet, without either of you saying a word. Just as you were about to leave his room, he grabbed your wrist.

“Please don’t go” He said in a low voice, and you looked down at him. His brown eyes were begging you to stay, and you didn’t know how you could turn down those eyes. “Stay. We don’t have to do anything, just please stay. I like having you close”

“If I stay, will you go to sleep?” You asked. You were getting too tired to fight him on it. You would never admit it to him, but you did actually like being close to him as well.

He gave you a quick nod, and with a sigh you went under the duvet. The heat from his body made you relax, and you felt a strange tingling feeling in your stomach as he put his arm around you. Could you really be in love with this idiot?

“Goodnight Tom” You said, as your mind was racing. All the little things he had said. He paid attention to you, he actually cared about you.

“Goodnight princess”

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Harry Hook x fem!reader | Subtle

requested; prompt #49. “ Can I borrow your shirt ?” & #50. “ can I keep it ?”

a|b okay guys so two people had similar requests so I combined them, I hope you like how this turned out ! Waiting for your feed back. Also this wasn’t edited !

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(Y/N) was almost out of her room when her sister’s voice stopped her, “ You’re sneaking out again?” Evie complained

The youngest daughter of the Evil Queen had a habit of always going out during the night, or at least this specific habit started even since she met a very handsome pirate.

“ Evie, I thought you were asleep,” (Y/N) sighed

“ Where are you going? It’s been months since you’re doing this, mom will find out,” Evie asked, completely ignoring her sister’s statement.

“ C'mon, Evie. I can manage this as long as you won’t tell her,” (Y/N) wishpered

“ Who are you seeing anyway?”

The younger girl rolled her eyes, she couldn’t tell Evie because her sister won’t approve of her seeing a pirate, “ I’ll tell you in the morning, I promise. ”

“ Fine, but you won’t get away easily this time, (Y/N).

(Y/N) thanked her sister, then quickly got out of the room, she made her way downstairs and to the basement where was the only door her mother always left open.

Outside the castle, a known figure dressed in red leather waited for her, ” What took you so long, princess?“ Harry asked coming closer to (Y/N).

” Evie caught me trying to get out of the room and I had some explaining to do, sorry I had to make you wait. “

” No problem, (Y/N), I’ll always wait ye,“ Harry smiled grabbing (Y/N)’s hand and dragging her through the dark alley.

The pair headed to one of their special places on the isle, there was this abandoned part in the north where no one really went and the two of them decided to claim the place as theirs.

” Now close your eyes, love. “ Harry smirked, ” Ye can trust me.“

The girl nodded, closing her eyes and guided by Harry put one foot in front of the other and made it near the shore, when she opened her eyes she saw a red blanket arranged in front of her and on top of it were fish and chips, while the only source of light were some small candles.

” This is beautiful, Harry.

“ Just like ye, love. ”

Harry guided (Y/N) to the blanket , so they both could sit down and enjoy the view. It wasn’t much, after all it was a cursed isle, but they were happy that at least they’ve found friendship, love, even in a place like that.

That was their first official date, yes, they’ve been seeing each other for almost half a year, but (Y/N) has been against the idea of her dating anyone else besides a prince, but after spending time with Harry, training with him in secret or causing mischief together, she learned that he might be the one for her.

Their night went well, Harry occasionally making jokes about the stupid things Gil did and (Y/N) making fun of different scenarios she experienced, he always ending up telling her how much she meant to him.

“ Shall we go, love?”

“ I suppose so, it’s almost sunrise,” (Y/N) smiled sadly.

“ Don’t worry love, we’ll have plenty of moments like this one in our future. ”

(Y/N) nodded, getting up with the help of Harry, he intertwined his fingers with her and dragged (Y/N) along the shore.

“ Harry, slow down!” (Y/N) laughed trying to keep her balance, but failing. She stumbled over a stone and fell down, dragging Harry along with her.

“ Aren’t ye just clumsy?” he chuckled

“ Sorry,” she smiled but shortly after (Y/N)’s smile fell when she saw how her blue dress looked now - it was all covered in dirt and ripped, “ Mother’s going to kill me, Harry,” she cried

“ Calm down, (Y/N) , let’s go to the ship and maybe you’ll find something there,” Harry said getting up.

The girl frowned, he lived on a pirate’s ship. What could she find there? (Y/N) wasn’t sure but it was her only hope left, so she wouldn’t have to go home in a dress full of mug.


“ There’s nothing here, Harry,” (Y/N) wishpered

“ That was the last box with Uma’s things . There are no more girl clothes. ”

(Y/N) started to walk in circles around the box. She just needed something that would keep her covered until she arrived home and hide in her bed. The girl sighed looking at her boyfriend, for a second her eyes stoped on his T-shirt. It was gray and a bit ripped, but it was better than everything she saw in Uma’s box.

“ Can I borrow your shirt?” she asked shyly

Harry rose his eyebrows in surprise, he did not expect that, but the pirate would also do anything for that girl, so he took of his red leather jacket and then his gray shirt, handing it over to (Y/N).

“ Like what ye see?” Harry teased when (Y/N)’s eyes didn’t leave his body, “ Oh shut up Harry,” the girl replied taking the shirt in her hands and turning away.

(Y/N) went behind the hammock that was Harry’s bed and changed into his shirt and a pair of pants she found around there, “ So, what do I look?” she asked him after managing to change into his clothes.

“ Even hotter than before,” he growled, grabbing another one of shirts and putting it on, “ It’s such a shame I have to take ye home now princess. ”

“ C'mon, you’ll see me again in a few hours, you know that. ”

Harry smirked, he knew (Y/N) was telling the truth, she couldn’t have her mother suspect anything, so the girl barely got any sleep lately. Not at home at least. After going back from a night spent outside with Harry, she would pretend to be asleep, then one hour later her mother would always wake her and Evie, but (Y/N) would be always the one to offer going shopping, only because she could come and sleep at Harry’s while he would be the one to find all the items she needed to get.

(Y/N) grabbed his hand and started to walk out, both being careful not to be seen, they left the docks and followed the road to the castle.

The walk was quiet, (Y/N) couldn’t do anything but to admire the sea scent that was stuck in Harry’s shirt. It was an unique smell, she totally loved.

“ Here we are, princess. Now should I wait for ye to give my clothes back ?” Harry laughed

“ Actually, can I keep it?”

Harry placed a soft kiss on her forehead, “ Anything for you, love. ”

“ See you in a few hours.

” Can’t wait.


(Y/N) walked on her tiptoes, not wanting to make any sound, but it was a waste of time since Evie was waiting for her anyway.

“ You know, sis, it’s not so subtle to come home with Harry’s clothes. ”

A Trip To The Dentist {Tom Holland}

Summary: You Sam and Harrison went to the dentist with Tom since he was a bit nervous to go by himself, after his surgery was done you guys went into the room..

Words: 1.9k

Warnings: swearing, cute Tom.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/n: I know many people write about this but I really had a lot of fun writing this in my spare time so please give it a read.

“But please Y/n.” Tom begged you, holding on to your hands pulling you out of the door of his house in Montreal.

“Tom I have other things to do,” you reasoned, trying to pull your hand back from his grip but he was too strong.

“Please just one time, you know how scary the dentist is?” He asked, pulling your hand close to his chest before resting them on his pectorals.

You looked around trying to find help, you saw Harrison but all he did was smiled at you. You didn’t want to tell Tom that you were scared of the dentist, since when you were little the dentist was where you had your worse memories.

“Fine but only this time.” You gave in.

“Thank you so much,” Tom kissed your hands. Sam and Harrison got into the car as you two followed. You guys sat in the car for a few minutes before you guys arrived at the dentist. The sight of the dentist have already made you nervous and it got worse when you entered the building.

“How long do we have to wait?” Sam asked, sitting down on one of the couches.

“Probably an hour since Tom is a whinny person.” Harrison said as you and Sam laughed to yourselves quietly.

The smell of the dentist seeped into your noise, bringing back unpleasant memories, mind flashing back to the horrifying equipments and the needles, god. The smell of the doctors silicon gloves pierced through your nostrils, causing you to crunched your nose up. Closing your eyes, you leaned back onto the couch, trying to calm your heart rate.

“You okay, Y/n?” Tom asked, placing his hands on your lower thigh, rubbing small circles. You nodded your head lightly, gulping down the memories.

A few minutes later the doctor came out and called Tom. You guys could see the corridor from where you guys were sitting, before Tom went into the room, he turned to you guys and pouted.

You playfully blew him a kiss causing him to laugh before he took a deep breath and went into the room where the doctor was waiting patiently.

“Do you think he’ll be okay?” You asked Harrison staring onto the carpet beneath your feet.

“Most likely, any minute he’ll realize that it’s not as bad.” Harrison answered.

“I hope so.” You mumbled under your breath, closing your eyes once again leaning back into the couch. The smell of the dentist still gave you goosebumps, everything in the room reminding you of the terrifying memories.

About an hour later the doctor came out and told you guys that he was done with Tom’s surgery for his wisdom teeth. Harrison took out his phone and prepared to film Tom. You guys went into the room quietly trying not to wake Tom up.

But as soon as Harrison sat on the chairs in the room, Tom’s eyes fluttered open, his eye lids were heavy, as he looked through his eyelashes at Sam and Haz. He squinted his eyes to make sure that the boys were real.

He didn’t spot you yet since you were in the corner of the room to the right of his bed, hiding from him on purpose.

He sat up from the bed slowly, balancing himself on the way, before he grabbed his phone with his left hand and an ice pack in the other. “You bastard,” Tom said when he saw Harrison filming. Tom looked down at his slightly spread legs and said, “I think I just gave birth.”

“Where..where’s my girlfriend?” Tom asked later, squinting his eyes once again, looking at Sam and Harrison.

“I don’t know, Sam do you know where she is?” Harrison asked, turning to Sam winking at him.

“Um no, I don’t actually.” He shook his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, trying not to laugh.

“Oh,” Tom mumbled sadly.

He then lifted the ice to his left ear, resting it there for a second, “Hello?” He said bluntly, causing Harrison and Sam to laughed as you stood in the corner, covering your mouth. He waited for a few seconds but there was no respond.

“I feel like you’re going to have to call back,” Haz said. Tom nodded agreeing Harrison.

Tom was trying to get out of the bed but was struggling so Sam had to help him. He was going to help Tom down but decided against it and slowly helped Tom lay down again, putting his hand behind Tom’s back.

In the corner you were covering your mouth from the cutest of the two. Tom then laid there for a few minutes in silence, mumble random things to himself. He brought his phone up to his face, opening the camera, checking his face, “I look… dope.”

Harrison and Sam left to go grab something to eat, leaving you and Tom alone in the room, “These bastards left me and they don’t even know where my girlfriend is,” Tom said to himself, shaking his head on the white pillow. Then he suddenly yelled out of frustration, “GOD DAMN IT!”

“I swear to god if they kidnapped her or if they let anybody touch her I’ll kill them. Everybody in the world knows that Y/n mine.” He said with his eyes closed, “I don’t deserve her but I know how to treat her right.”

You sat on one of the chairs on the corner watching him the whole time, looking at him when he thought that nobody could see him. People would probably think that you were acting creepy, sitting there in the corner. He started swaying his head from side to side humming a song, moving his hands in the air like a drunk man. He cursed when he accidentally punched himself lightly on his right cheeks. “IdoiT.”

Suddenly, a lady walked into room, smiling at you and Tom. Tom leaned up, squinting his eyes at the lady as she collected the equipments. “Are you my girlfriend?” He asked with his low, sleepy voice.

The woman looked up from the desk and turned to look at Tom, she raised her brows at him before shaking her head.

“If you see a pretty girl with (y/h/c) and (y/e/c) who looks like this,” he showed the lady a picture of you and Tom causing the lady to smile wider, “tell her to come to me please.” Tom said before he leaned back down into his bed.

“Is that pretty girl over there your beautiful girlfriend?” The nurse pointed at you.

“Huh?” Tom muttered confused before he turned to the corner you were in. You stood up from the chair and walked over to Tom grinning at him. “She’s the one.” Tom laughed to himself, closing his eyes a bit from the drug that was racing through his blood vessels.

“THANK YOU!” Tom thanked the lady dramatically before he shifted his attention to you, smiling happily. You brought the chair closer to his bed and sat on it, holding his hands kissing them then placing them on your cheek.

Tom stared at you with admiration, his eyes lighting up as he grinned widely with his droopy eyes. His eyes shifted around your face, looking at your freckles and the flaws that were perfect to him.

“Do you need anything?” You asked then remembered that that was the first sentence you said to him two years ago when you noticed him staring at you in one of the small cafe in London on the day you met.

“I need your number,” he said remembering the first sentence he said to you.

“How about no?” You asked him the second thing you said to him.

“How about we talk for the rest of the day and see if you will change your mind?” Your heart swelled knowing that he remembered everything from that day. The memories of that day were particularly tattooed on your guys’ brain. It was kind of weird for you guys to relive that day in the dentist but you guys didn’t care.

“You remembered,” you smiled against his hands.

“Of course I DO.” Tom said puckering his lips on the word ‘do’ and continued to look at you, his eyes full of love. Later Harrison texted you saying that Tom was allowed to leave.

Carefully, you put your hand on his back and your other hand under his knee, slowly lifting his legs of the bed. You let him sit there for a seconds not wanting him to be more dizzy. You then put his right arm on your shoulders as Tom stood up. You walked out of the room as if you were helping a man with a broken leg. Tom shook his head a few times, trying to focus on the things in front of him as the floor swayed under him.

You guys got in the car with you and Tom sat in the back seat. Tom’s head was on your shoulders as he closed his eyes.

“Tom is such a child,” Sam joked.

“I heard that!” Tom yelled, causing you to flinched a bit. Tom brought his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and leaned closer to you, resting his whole body against yours. You looked down Tom who was now a small of sunshine(and have always been) as he was laughing and singing to himself.

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-el-”

“Tom please shut up.” Sam said, glancing back at you guys.

“You can’t tell me what to do. I’M SPIDER-MAN!” He shouted once again with his eyes still closed, he then pretended that he was shooting spider webs at Sam with a small sound affect of ‘pss pss’ every time he pressed the ‘button’.

When you guys arrived at Tom’s house, he went into the living room and sat in one of the chairs. “I WANT MY JUICE BOX! GIVE ME MY JUICE BOX LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN!”

“You little fuck-tard we have no juice box just drink water.” Harrison yelled from the other room.

“THEN GIVE ME  A QUACKSON! OR UNE POMME DE TERRE!” You sat next to Tom as he pouted his lips. You looked at him as he moved his tongue around his mouth before poking it out for you to see, the gauze was on the edge of his tongue before he opened his mouth wider letting it rolled down his tongue and onto the table.

“Thomas!” You said and used your finger nails to pick it up and threw it in the trash. You heard him said 'whoops’ when you were done.

“Je suis Une Pomme De Terre,” Tom said and continued to pout.

“No you’re not, I think Le Fromage would be a better word to describe you,” you joked. (Excuse my French I stopped learning the language many years ago not sure if it’s correct.)

You and Tom then went to the couch, Tom rested his head on your chest and left the rest of his body on the small space on the couch, laying on his stomach, you played with his hair trying to calm him down. After a few minutes he did fell a sleep.

Your felt something wet on your chest and looked down to see to Tom drooled on you but you didn’t mind, you were pretty sure that you drooled on him many times before. You slowly reached for one of the tissue from the coffee table and cleaned the drool off his face and your shirt.

Before you go to sleep, you rested one of your hands on Tom’s head and the other on his back and shoulder before you leaned down and rested your head on the arm rest.

Some dude just asked me why I only shave my legs like once a month, like why am I shoving my feminist agenda in his face? Women should shave their legs because that’s what women do! And I’m like ‘yes, you got me, the reason i dont shave my legs is specifically to make guys like you uncomfortable, I have made this decision about my own body so that people will know that I want to end the gender wage gap, you fucking caught me’. Seriously guys, the truth is that I’m lazy and constantly running late so I don’t have the time or the energy. And honestly? I don’t give a fuck? I like my legs. And even if it wasn’t something as mundane as that who the fuck gave you the right to tell me what to do with my body!? Girls with smooth legs are beautiful. Girls with hairy legs are beautiful. Girls are beautiful. And news flash, they don’t need to shave their legs to uphold your standards of femininity. Sit down, shut up and leave us alone.

Inktober - Day 5: Long

Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki
Rating: T (for language)
Other tags: Manga spoilers, but only about the living situation

Art by Kumi. Words by Red. Read it on AO3!
Please, do not repost anywhere.


Eijirou was beat. Quite literally. His body ached in way too many places to count, and whatever muscles weren’t sore just screamed from an overall feeling of fatigue that kept his shoulders slouched as he slowly made his way back to the dorms.

Training during third and fourth period had been gruelling. Especially for him, since he had had to act as a literal human shield for the “rescue” team as they walked down a long, narrow hallway. It was supposed to serve as practice to see how they would do in a hostage situation in an enclosed space. Thankfully, the rescuers succeeded in aiding the victims and managed to keep the damage to the building to a minimum.

But it was all because he had sustained most of the attacks from the “villains”; specifically, Bakugou’s explosions. Eijirou offered to be the shield himself since he had proved to be immune to his explosive quirk in the past, and they knew Bakugou would charge head first against the hero team.

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Let Me Say It Back - Nurseydex

[I was asked to write “saying I love you for the first time” with nurseydex so here it is! I hope you like it.”]

Nursey knocks on Dex’s door before hearing him say “it’s open” and going in. Dex is on the bed lying on his stomach and working on his computer. The light on the nightstand lamp outlines his profile and the light from the computer shines in his face. It has been almost four months since they started dating and the sight of his boyfriend still takes his breath away. The crease between his eyebrows as he concentrates, mused hair from running his fingers through it, jeans that perfectly show the nice curve of his ass and right now he was wearing one of Nursey’s sweaters that looked so much better on him that it ever has on Nursey.

“Give me a second.” Dex smiles his way for a minute before looking back at his computer, his cheeks hold a faint blush and Nursey knew Dex had noticed him staring.

He puts the pizza he got on the desk, takes off his shoes and shrugs off his jacket before throwing himself over his boyfriend with a sigh of content and pressing his cheek to his back. The sweater is warm and smells like Dex which is a mix of coffee, his shampoo and something else almost minty. Nursey presses a kiss between his shoulder blades and closes his eyes at the feeling of Dex relaxing under him.

A couple of minutes later Dex stops typing, closes his laptop and moves to sit up to leave it on the nightstand. Nursey sits up too and smiles when Dex is suddenly straddling his hips and puts one hand on each of Nursey’s cheeks.

“Hey.” Nursey whispers pressing his forehead against Dex’s.


Dex’s lips are on his in a second, his hands moving from his cheeks to the back of his neck and hair pulling him closer. Nursey wraps his arms around his waist as their lips move softly against each other. His hands slip under Dex’s sweater going over paths and muscles he knows all too well drive Dex and himself crazy. His boyfriend hums into the kiss and bites his bottom lip deepening the kiss while his hands find Nursey’s cheeks again. Nursey remembers how Dex had been shy at first, hesitant even, when it came to kissing and touching but once he was comfortable with it and initiated physical contact, Nursey knew it would be the death of him. Just like in that moment, his wandering hands and lips were making him lose his mind.

They breathe against each other’s lips when they pull away, smiles brushing each other.

“This may come as a shock for you, but I missed you.” Dex pulls back a little to look into Nursey’s eyes as he spoke.

Nursey smirks, “Not shocked at all babe.”

“Oh really?”

“Really.” Nursey brings a hand up to Dex’s hair, a smug smile on his lips, “I know you always miss me.”

Dex laughs before he gazes back into Nursey’s eyes again with a smile and leaves him breathless once again. His smile soft, red thoroughly-kissed lips, flushed cheeks making freckles disappear and a look in his eyes Nursey knows it only his.

He is suddenly unable to look away from the most beautiful man the stars have ever shone on, the one with the misunderstood angry eyes that aren’t really angry if you take your time to know them. Angry eyes that close softly when he’s kissed, that are half lidded when he’s touched, eyes that shine when he laughs, that squint when he’s confused and that tear up when the world feels like too much. There’s so much of him that he loves, he doesn’t know where to start. All Nursey knows is that he loves him and he wants to love everything about him, he wants to love his mind, his eyes, his laugh, their fights, god his body and each detail that makes his Dex, Dex. He knows his eyes are probably screaming I’m so fucking in love with you right now but he wants to tell him, he needs to tell him or he’ll combust.

“You’re right.” Dex whispers as he nuzzles his nose on Nursey’s cheek to bring him back to the present and mostly because he flushed so bad under Nursey’s loving gaze. “I always miss you.”

Nursey’s heart misses a beat at the tenderness of the caress and the kiss that follows and he knows he’s gonna tell him.

“I love you.” Its barely a whisper close to Dex’s ear and they’re so close that he feels Dex’s breath catch on his throat. Dex is silent for a few minutes and Nursey’s brain starts to panic.

“I also brought pizza so you know if you want we can forget I said what I just said and eat that? Or maybe I should tell you that I really do love you and I fell in love with you even before I knew I had and I’m crazy about you or I probably just made things worse? Let’s just-”

Dex chuckles and gives him a soft kiss to stop him from rambling on, “Shut up and let me say it back.”

Nursey realizes that it isn’t panic or awkwardness that leave you speechless when you hear those three words, it’s actually the sudden realization of what those words mean and it’s the feeling of warmth that spreads through your body at the same time a smile widens on your face. So when Dex whispers the three words just as softly as he had, all he can do is press Dex’s back on the mattress and kiss him senseless not helping the smile that plays on his lips all the way through.

“I love you, I looove you.” Nursey smirks pulling away and looking down at Dex.

“You already said that.” Dex smiles up at him adding an eye roll to dismiss his red cheeks.

“I know that.” They both sigh when Nursey nuzzles his nose with Dex’s, placing a kiss on his cheek and another between his brows. He can’t help himself. “I’m going to keep saying it you know, I’m never gonna stop telling you.”

Dex leans into the touch, eyes sparkling as he smiles so happy, so in love. “I know.” He brings Nursey close for another kiss. “So, about that pizza.”

Love Is Not Over


SUMMARY: You are Yoongi’s psychiatrist that helps him through his dark days, but what happens when your days become dark as well?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

chapter one

December 1, 2012

You laid in bed, with your eyes wide open, waiting for your alarm to go off. It was supposed to ring in only five more minutes, but you couldn’t wait that long, so you sprang out of bed and ran to the kitchen to get some coffee. Today was the first day of your career as a psychiatrist. You worked so hard to get to this day, and it had finally arrived. You got ready in less than twenty minutes, and rushed out of the door.

When you reached the building, you realized that the lights were still off and your car was the only one in the parking lot. You sighed, turned the volume of the radio in your car up, and anxiously tapped on your steering wheel, nervous for what the day might entail.

After what seemed like hours, you spotted your new boss’s car approaching the building. You hopped out of your car and waited at the door.

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질투 (Jiltu) (1/2)

Title : 질투 (Jiltu) - Jealousy

Author : Myself

Genre : Drama, fluff, Angst

Words : 4057

Summary : Jinyoung can’t help it. He knows you, he knows your heart, but he can’t help it. 

Part I 

He was fuming. Every muscle was painfully contracted, from his jaw to his toes. His fingers were taping incoherently on the wooden table, feet mimicking the sound on the parquet. He could accept, he could be the chill boyfriend, brushing his worries off because of love, but he wasn’t this type of person.

Jinyoung wasn’t chill.

The fact that you could be close to another man wasn’t something he was against to, because he had friends of the opposite sex. What was enraging was seeing you, hugging, laughing, touching him like you belonged to this guy.

And he couldn’t accept it, not when you certainly didn’t belong to anyone except him.

Yet, here he was, waiting for you to come home knowing you had just met with the annoying enemy. It’s not like he had been following you, but somehow he ended up seeing you with your friend, walking around town and being extremely close.

This had been the last straw, and after a lot of internal conflict, he decided diplomacy was for the weak. Maybe he was blinded by anger, but he didn’t care. If you couldn’t understand on your own, then he’ll make you have a grasp of the situation, no matter how.

The noise of the door being unlocked made him stand up, and the chair made a loud noise.

“Home already?” The voice was light, almost happy. He couldn’t utter a word so he continued walking, instinctively going to the window, hoping the view would make him calm down.

Most of the time, when Jinyoung was annoyed, he’d speak loudly, yell, jump around, eyes dark and lips pursed but he understood he had passed a point of no return. He was beyond angry.

“Oh, you’re here. I’m home.” Your voice made him laugh bitterly to himself. How dare you talk like you were in a good mood when he was feeling like shit.

“Are you okay? You’re so silent.” Your hand went to his shoulder and he shook, taking you by surprise. His eyes met yours and it didn’t even take a second for you to understand that your boyfriend was mad.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

He wanted her to stop acting like she didn’t understand. How couldn’t she link the two situations?

“Are you stupid?” His question took you off guard but you didn’t budge.

“Excuse me?” You went to the couch and let your bag fall on it, before crossing your arms, ready to defend yourself from whatever he was going to reproach you.

“I am asking if you are stupid, or if you are doing this on purpose.” His voice was lower than a whisper and for a moment you thought he was about to combust. He was enunciating the words perfectly, as if you were too dumb to understand.

“Explain yourself and stop going in circle, Jinyoung.” You had learnt how to take him over the years. Jinyoung wasn’t a man you could soften with a cute voice and stupid attitude, and confronting him had become a part of the fighting process.

He scoffed and leaned against the window glass, not believing his ears. If anything, you should be keeping a low profile, right now.

“How was your day?” His falsely sweet voice echoed in the room and you shrugged.

“It was okay, I guess I can’t say the same about yours.” You answered and he didn’t like it, not at all.

“Quiet.” He ordered and you sighed.

“If you’re going to ask me something, I suppose I can answer, right?” You said, taking a seat on the couch next to your bag.

“No, if you are going to act like this, then you can shut up.” He spat.

“Then tell me what the hell is wrong now!” You snarled. If you did something wrong, why couldn’t he say it simply?

“Are you cheating on me? No wait, do you think I’m stupid or something? Am I easy?” Jinyoung asked and you made a face.

“Wh-what? Wait, What?” It was beyond anything. There was no way he was asking that, right?

“You heard me. Answer.” His body moved on its own and he came closer, hands on his sides.

“I’m not cheating on you, why would you say that?”

“Ok, so you do think I’m stupid, then.” He concluded and you got up.

“I’m not! I don’t understand what you’re-” And it hit you. It took a while but you got it. It was about you meeting your friend.

It has always been about him, anyways.

“I guess you understand, now?” He leaned, smile bitter and you blinked.

“Again? Are we really going to fight now?” You tried and he laughed “I think you’re going crazy, Jinyoung.”

“Am I, tell me, Am I? I think I am, yeah.” He said next and you laughed too.

“It’s always the same! I get to meet with him and you go crazy over nothing! No matter how many times I try to convince you, you never listen!” You felt wrongly accused. You had one male friend, one bloody friend who had a girlfriend, with whom you could spend time and he was trying to take him away from you?

“It’s always the same because you always act the same! I tried to make you understand, but you’re the one who never listens!” He yelled, finally letting go of his frustration.

“So what, I’m meeting with him and I’m having an affair? Is that what you really think?”

“I saw you two today, and hell it looked like you were having a good time.” Jinyoung clapped in his hands.

“He has a fiancé, Jinyoung.” Your hand went to your forehead, rubbing it slowly.

“And you have a boyfriend, but it never stopped you, right?” he fumed. “Since when being in a relationship works like a magical barrier?”

“You’re insane! If you have trust issues, you should be seeing a psychologist.” You breathed, tired.

“If not liking the fact that you slut around with a man who is not me means I have trust issues, then yeah I fucking have trust issues!” He continued and didn’t even see how mean he sounded.

You knew Jinyoung. You knew he was soft to a certain extend. He could be the sweetest man, then spit fire to your face like you were the most disgusting worm. Until now you had never found yourself being the target of his ultimate anger, but here you were, putting up with his temper like you were a cheater.

“Are you done?” You knew it was no use trying to sort things out, not when he was in this state.

“I am not done! If you don’t understand something as simple as faithfulness, I’ll force it into your damn brain.”

“Oh and how are you going to do it? You’re going to forbid me from seeing a good friend? Kick his ass? Tell me, you genius.”

You jumped when he slapped the small candle on the table but kept your stance. If it could help him relieve some stress, then so be it.

“It’s him, or me.”

You gasped “Are you serious now?”

“Yeah, do I look like I’m acting?” His irony was infuriating.

“I can’t believe you’re making me chose…” You trailed off, disappointed.

“Is it hard? I’m sorry to spoil the fun, really.” His hand went to his chest in a fake apologetic manner and you wanted to slap his pretty face.

“I don’t understand, what’s making you act this way? I don’t go around kissing him, I never meet him without you knowing, we always go to cafés or around town, we don’t flirt, we don’t do anything that would be considered cheating, what more do you need?” You tried, hurt.

Jinyoung looked like he didn’t care. “Oh don’t make me cry. Hugging, hooked arms, laughing. You would even stand me up because you promised you’d meet him.”

It made you react and you sighed heavily “You can’t go on tour for weeks and expect me to put my life on stand-by! You coming and asking for a date in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean I have to forget everything just for you! How many times was I stood up because of your work?”

“You knew what my job was, don’t try to make it sound like you’re a victim.” He said, finger pointing at you.

“And I never complained, not even when I was left in the middle of the street in winter for two hours because you forgot we were supposed to meet! I can’t be here whenever you need and disappear when you’re busy, and if this is what you want, then you better get a dog now, because humans don’t act this way.” You were annoyed. Until now you were doing everything he wanted, because you didn’t want to put pressure on him and now he was the one asking for justifications? He must have gone crazy.

“This has nothing to do with you giving your ass to the first loser in town! So what, you’re the lonely girlfriend, now? You need somebody to comfort you when the bed is empty? Is it what you’re trying to say?” Jinyoung wasn’t a mean person, this you knew, but now he was making you doubt his kindness.

You refused to retreat. There was no way he was making you cry right now. You tried so hard for a minute, but failed and a tear fell down, salty.

“You’re a horrible person, Jinyoung. I give up, you win.” You could answer back, but you certainly couldn’t be as mean as him, and it hurt knowing he wouldn’t hesitate hurting you on purpose.

You went to the couch and took your bag.

“Where the heck do you think you’re going?” Jinyoung growled but you shook your head, silently.

“I’m out of this. There’s no point in talking when you’re in this state.” You went to the door and your hand took the doorknob but his own one stopped you and you looked up at him.

He wasn’t just angry now, he was also scared.

You laughed “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on slutting around.” You pulled on your arm and released yourself from his grip.

You opened the door and simply heard him whisper your name, deep with regret before closing it softly behind you.

He found himself in the lonely flat and suddenly, Jinyoung didn’t felt so angry. He was worried, pained, hurt.

He missed you already.

You went down the stairs, wiping tears falling from your cheeks and shivered when the cold air hit your body. You should have stayed; you should have stayed because you didn’t deserve freezing to death when you did nothing wrong.

You got yelled at, insulted, stomped on like you were nothing and he was the one staying in the cosiness of your flat.

You didn’t deserve that.

Ever since you met him, you knew. You knew his lifestyle wasn’t easy, you knew he’d be away often but you loved him enough to handle it. Your friends were supportive, and your best-friend was always taking his side, because “hey, that’s what men do!” he always said. Jinyoung was possessive, but until now, except the small fights about your infamous friendship, he never went to the extent of implying you were cheating on him. He always spat a bit over the situation, gave you the cold shoulder, didn’t answer for several days but never once did he accused you of slutting around, or sharing a bed with somebody who was simply a brother to you.

You entered the park next to your building and sat on the nearest bench, trying to process your painful thoughts. When did it come to this?

Jinyoung was conflicted. He was mad, mad at the whole world. Mad at you for not understanding him, and mad at himself for talking without thinking.

He knew you wouldn’t cheat on him, he knew you were faithful, and at first he just wanted you to understand that the whole situation was hurting him, but he ended up telling you horrible things.

And the worst part was that he knew it was bullshit. There was no way you would cheat on him, because if you were about to do this, you’d break up with him. He knew you better than anyone else.

Jinyoung decided not to chase you, and he didn’t know why, but it felt like he’d be spitting even more nonsense if he did so he sat back and waited. He didn’t budge, didn’t smile, didn’t cry, didn’t do anything.

He was worried, worried something might happen to you, and worried you’d never come back. Worried you’d find somebody who’d be here for you, somebody who wouldn’t get mad like he did, somebody who didn’t have to go on tour for a month, or hide instead of dating like normal people.

You deserved somebody like that.

When you came back, it was 2 in the morning. Cold had won and even if it hurt admitting it, you wanted to see him. You had received no messages, no phone calls, nothing from him.

You opened the door and found all the lights off, like he had gone to bed. You scoffed and decided not to wake him up, so you carefully let your bag fall on the floor and took off your coat, before heading to the sofa. You took the plaid, neat on the side and wrapped yourself around it, before letting your body fall like a bag of sand.

“Ow.” You heard when your leg got in contact with someone and yelped, surprised.

Jinyoung was sitting on the couch, in the dark, silent.

“What are you doing here?” You asked. You couldn’t see him, but you could feel him sitting leisurely, legs spread and head leaning on the couch.

“I was thinking.” It seemed like he had cooled down but you knew better than giving in so you got up, the plaid slowly falling from your shoulders.

“I’ll take the bed, then.” You took a step back and felt his arms wrap around your hips, like claws.

“Just a minute.” He said, not even asking but then again, it’s not like he needed permission.

No matter how mad you were, you’d always let him hold you, always.

“Are you done now?” You breathed, not moving and his head connected with your pelvis, nuzzling the cold material of your jeans.

“Yes.” His answer was muffled and you sighed when you finally recognized his sweet voice, the one who was always whispering loving words to your ears.

“Good, I’ll go to sleep now.” You tried, hoping he’d let you go but he shook his head against you, and it almost felt like you were dealing with a child.

“Can we talk?” he said, his head rising and you could barely see his eyes against the dark.

“Now you want to talk?” You scoffed and heard him whine, one of these noises he kept for the most vulnerable moments.

“Yes. I feel like shit.”

“Oh I’m sorry I made you feel like shit. I’m such a mean girlfriend, you see.” Your voice made him tighten his hold around you.

“That’s not what I mean, you know it.” He said, raising his head to meet your annoyed face. You were thankful the place was so dark right now, because it was helping in keeping your anger toward him.

“I’m freezing, and tired.” You explained. You were the one who stayed out in the cold while he was sitting here, regretting his outburst.

“I can feel that. You’re shaking.”

“No, I’m shaking because I’m mad at you, and hurt.” You took a step back, preying your body out of his grip and he grunted.

“You know I didn’t mean any of this…” He tried, his arms going limp on the couch.

“You did. I thought you knew me better than that, but I guess I was wrong.” He looked totally powerless in front of you, shadow moving slowly to get up.

“I didn’t! I really didn’t. Please believe me.” He paused, and you felt his hand softly brushing against your shoulder. You couldn’t tell if he was trying to reassure you, or if he was trying to reassure himself. “I’m sorry.”

“Then you said it on purpose, to hurt me. It’s worse.” You didn’t want to cry again, mostly because it would result in showing your weakness, and you needed to be strong, to hold it in and show him you could be mad at him.

But you failed again, and a quiet sob escaped of your mouth, making him instantly come closer to hold you.

“You’re so stupid, Jinyoung. We were supposed to enjoy the evening, and you had to ruin everything!” You sniffed and he wrapped his arms around your shaking form, hating himself for being responsible of your miserable state.

“I’m sorry. Stop crying. Yell at me, curse, hit me, but don’t cry.” He pleaded. His fingers touched your face slightly and when he could finally get a good grip, his thumbs tried wiping the tears away, but you took a step back, surprising him again.

“This is too easy! I won’t play the push and pull game with you!” It felt good to stand your ground, and for once, you were able to resist his kindness, storming into the bedroom and leaving him alone in the warm living-room.

You violently wiped your tears and decided to head straight to bed. You rapidly took out your clothes and threw them on the floor –Jinyoung hated it- and scoffed, covering your cold body with the heavy comforter.
There was no way you could sleep though.

Jinyoung rubbed his face tiredly and decided to wait a bit before going to bed. Usually, you’d forgive him easily after a small fight, because you knew he loved you, but for the first time you decided not to, and it was scaring him more than he’d admit it.

When he was almost sure you were sleeping, he tiptoed in the now dark bedroom and entered the bed like a thief.

He felt you shift away from him and rolled his eyes. So you were not sleeping, of course not. He knew you were a wreck when you were disturbed by something.

“I’m scared.” He said, looking at the ceiling and the stripes painted by the curtain’s shadows were hypnotizing.

He knew you wouldn’t answer so he continued.

“I’m missing a lot of things and it scares me. You’re doing with him all the things I should be the one making you do. I know this is not your fault, I’m frightened by the idea of you discovering you need someone else. I’m always scared.” He whispered and you shifted.

“So I said things I really didn’t mean. I didn’t do it just to hurt you, I just…said it. I don’t want you to grow out of love because I’m not what you thought I would be. You’re so much better than what I can offer, but I’m so selfish I want to keep you all for me only.” He couldn’t imagine how it’d feel to come back to Korea and find this place empty. He didn’t even want to think about it.

“I get that you’re mad, and you are totally right. But still, I want you to forgive me, if you can. I can’t give you any excuse, I was a jerk and that’s final. There’s really nothing else I could say except that. I’m sorry.”

You knew he was being honest. Jinyoung wasn’t the kind of man who could pull off such vicious game. If he was talking non-stop, stopping from time to time to think and shifting uncomfortably, then he was really pained by the situation. You knew his body language by heart.

But how could he think you’d stop loving him?

“And now I want to hold you, but I’m scared you’d push me away and tell me you don’t want to see my face. So I’m talking and trying to find a way to get close to you, but I can’t find anything.” He laughed bitterly and you smiled to yourself.

You hated when he was being cute.

“I love you. I missed you, too.” He said next and your body started to itch.

You wanted to hold him, too.

“You look beautiful with that new haircut. I noticed you cut your hair.” He should have said that way earlier, you thought.

You slowly turned around and peeked from under the comforter. He was looking at the ceiling, hands on his chest and smiling to himself. His cute wrinkles were screaming at you “kiss us! Kiss us!”

His now sad voice echoed in the room. “I didn’t get to see your smile, yet. I missed it.”

You slowly lifted a hand and brushed his jaw. He looked surprised for a minute, but slowly turned to face you, his arm going under his head for support.

“Forgive me?” He made a horribly cute face and you smiled.

If he was pulling off the cute card, then he must really have no other option.

You acquiesced and he smiled at you. He didn’t come closer, though.

You were the one initiating contact, and your body approached his, bare legs against the soft material of his pants and arms going into his hair, pulling them out of his face.

He closed his eyes and sighed, liking the way your fingers were sinking into his locks, massaging his scalp.

“You’re the stupidest man I’ve ever met, Park Jinyoung.” You whispered and he agreed instantly.

“I know.” He said and didn’t open his eyes when he felt your face coming closer.

“You don’t deserve my kisses.” You trailed off and he nodded again.

“I know.”

You pecked him slowly and felt an arm sneak around your waist, sticking your body close to his.

“Don’t ever say, imply, or even think I’m cheating on you.” You ordered and he nodded again, lifting his head to get more kisses.

“Never. Never never never.” He was way too caught up in the moment to think clearly, but he had understood the parts about not being an ass with his girlfriend.

“I missed you too.” You breathed and he smiled brightly, pulling on your body to roll both of you around and you found yourself on top of him.

“God, I thought you’d throw my luggage out the window like they do in movies.” He said between kisses all over your face and you scoffed.

“I should be doing that, but I’m way too nice to do that. Well, it’s not like you know anything about being nice, right?” You teased and he grunted against your face, still nodding.

“Whatever you say about me, I agree. I’m a bitch.”

“Yeah, you’re a pretty bitch. These are the worst.” You said and he stopped his kisses to look at you.

“Really. I’m sorry. I’m seriously sorry.” Jinyoung was rather surprising tonight. Usually he’d apologize once and move on, but it felt like he was disturbed by something.

“I know. I’m not going to break up with you. And I’m not going to escape with another man. Chill out, Jinyoung.” You sighed.

“I know I know! I’m not saying that-“

“Shut up. I just, need some nice moment right now.” You cut him.

“Anything you want.” He whispered and smiled, his wrinkles showing again and you whined in pain.

“Oh, the wrinkles…I missed them. Show me, show me again.” He laughed and they were even bigger.

You grabbed his face almost violently and your mouth left small kisses all over his face, making him hug you harder against him.

He suddenly felt so happy.

“I’m just going to enjoy for now because I don’t deserve this, but I swear Jinyoung, we need to sort this out.” Your voice was calm again and his heartbeat went crazy with stress, suddenly.

“Everything you want.” He hated himself for being so weak whenever you were close. He felt so fragile sometimes, he who was used to be in total control of the events in his life.

“But for now, give me love.” You concluded and he nodded, ready to heal your wounds with all he had.