shut up bacon

Behind the Scenes of EXO's Lotto MV

SM: Okay now I know we just had a comeback not too long ago, but I heard a lot of other groups are coming back right now, and I want you to go and squash all their successes.

Kai: But that seems a little mean. They all worked so hard and we shouldn’t try to overshadow their achi– OUCH!

Chen: Did he just kick Kai in the ankle?

SM: Does anyone else have anymore protests?

Kai: I can’t feel my leg.

Sehun: No we got you loud and clear.

SM: Good! You know just for that I’m going to give you Kai’s token dance solo. Looks like he won’t be walking any time soon anyway.

Kai:*whimpers* Can someone call the doctor?

Yixing: But I’m a lead dancer too!

SM: And?

Baekhyun: Are we all just going to let the “Someone call the doctor” joke go by?

SM: Shut up Bacon

Baekhyun: Yes Sir.

Xiumin: So what will our concepts be? What roles will we play?

SM: Just be yourselves!

Suho: So I’ll be a caring guy who has a good heart and a hopeful spirit?

Kyungsoo: And I’ll be a mature guy that is focused and passionate?


SM: Kinda…..Suho I will let you “caringly” burn money to the ground and beat people over the head. Kyungsoo, I’ll let you be “focused” on filming a cock fight and smiling like you’re possessed.


Kyungsoo: *mutters to self* and they wonder why I’m so violent.

Chanyeol: So is this MV going to explain Monster and Lucky One, and why Luhan, Kris and Tao are no longer around?


SM: Who?

Chen: The 3 former members of EXO M!

SM: Lol there’s always only been 9 silly.

Baekhyun: Okaaayy I guess “Denial” isn’t just a river in Egypt anymore.

SM: I swear if you say one more word Bake Gun, I’m going to shove a pizza down your throat and make you whistle Artifical Love while you choke.




SM: Anymore questions?

Kai: I’m in pain can someone take me to the hospit—

SM: VALID questions?


Kai: No

SM: Well good meeting guys. I’ll be in Hawaii! Catch you the next time we have to kill another group’s comeback. *leaves*

Chen: What a jerk.

Sehun: ……So am I the only one who is actually happy with how this meeting turne-


Kai: You took my place!

Lay: *coughs*

Sehun: This is my era if you don’t like it you can leave.

EXO: *leaves*

Sehun: Wait!!!! I didn’t drive here!!!

EXO: *leaves faster*

Game of Thrones AU where everything is exactly the same, but the Stark family has never left winterfell
  • Cat: This massage says, that Stannis has declared himself king, too. That's the fourth person now.
  • Robb: Thats so cool! Can I be "King of the North"? One more wouldn't hurt, right?
  • Ned: Shut up and eat your bacon.
  • ...
  • Robb: We got a raven that Renley got killed by a smoke monster.
  • Sansa: Are you sure this is not one of Aryas pranks again?
  • Jon: ...or Theons like when he sent a message that Bran and Rickon died in a fire, even though they sat at this very table at that moment?
  • ...
  • Cat: Apparently someone poisend Jeoffrey at his wedding.
  • Ned: My money is on Petyr Bealish.
  • Cat: Why?
  • Ned: I don't like him.
  • ...
  • Cat: This note says that Tywin Lennister got killed by his dwarf-son while he sat on the toilet.
  • Ned: See kids, thats why we make sure we're an acually well working family. Thank the old and the new gods that we're far away from those crazy people.