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Strip Tutoring // Jeff Atkins // requested

Request : please do a jeff atkins imagine but please dont let him die there iM BEGGIN U

This imagine doesn’t mention his death or the party or anything! Just a regular ‘dating Jeff Atkins’ imagine. Lol

Requests are closed. xx

Warnings : not really smut but… stripping ?…. cheeky!Jeff

Pairings : Jeff x Fem.Reader

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Walking into the library, my eyes scanned over everyone’s faces until I saw my boyfriend sitting with Clay. He looked irritated and pinched the bridge of his nose. Taking a seat at the table, Jeff’s eyes lit up.

“Hey babe.” He smiled. 

I grinned, “How’s he doing, Clay?”

“Depends. Did Abraham Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?” Clay responded smartly. 

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:’) aw thank you so much i loved making those

i think i know exactly what you’re trying to say, coming right up!

(also i’m really really sorry this took so long i desperately need a new laptop bc mine is trash and keeps not working well when i try to write)


SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of

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one of my favourite thigns about homestuck is how the characters type

like karkat is just like:


And then you have jane who’s like

External image

Why I do think I’ll send a quick message over to my dear friend using my beloved computer messaging system.

And then you have john who’s like

hurr durr i maek da words on da keybored

And then there’s hussie

External image


#80 [Kenny Omega]

Requested, #80: “Does he know about the baby?” - with the young bucks and Kenny omega? Like the reader is the young bucks sister who slept with Kenny?. (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is straight up fluff and silliness. And ran long. Ohhh well.

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars

Kenny Omega had come in to your life without preamble.

It felt like one second your brothers, The Young Bucks, were talking about “changes” in New Japan and Bullet Club, and the next you had a two-tone-haired man standing in front of you.

There were very few interactions between the two of you before you realized you had some attraction to him. At first, you’d just assumed it was physical, and had kept yourself from doing anything about it. But the more you were with him, the more you realized it was a lot more than just your body craving his.

Kenny was intelligent. Well-spoken. Funny. Genuine. Passionate. Caring. Trustworthy. Hardworking. Determined.

That last part was what really led to your current situation; you pressed against a shirtless Kenny in a heated kiss.

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Finally Understood - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Sorry to bother you, but could you possibly do an imagine where it’s it starts off with Lydia and the reader meeting in first grade and then it shows their relationship throughout the years. Also if possible could the reader be the Winchesters’ little sister + Sorry to bother you, but could you possibly make it where the reader gets hurt at one point and Scott gives her the bite to save her life - @lydias-girl

A/n I’m not sure if this was what you were expecting but I really enjoyed writing it and hope you like it!

Y/E/C: Your Eye Color

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

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    “Nerd!” Another boy yelled at the little redhead that was using her lunch period to read.    

    Y/n was not only new, but she was very shy for a first grader. Children often tend to be very open but Y/n never was like that for some reason, not until today. The redhead that was getting picked on was the only girl she recognized from her classes and was nice.    

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Catching you

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

Prompt: “Just catch me!”

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Word count: ~620 words

The wind blew through your hair when you adjusted yourself on the branch you were sitting on, resting your back against the trunk.

Your pencil moved across the page of your sketchbook, the sound of the leaves rustling kept your head clear, making it possible for you to solely focus on drawing.

You sat on the tree branch for at least an hour until you noticed someone standing underneath the tree. Klaus had his head tilted back to look up at you, an amused smile playing on his lips.

“What are you doing up there, love?” he asked.

“Just working on something,” you called down.

Klaus shook his head, taking a step back to get a better view of you.

“You should come back down. We have a reservation at the new restaurant you wanted to go, did you forget?”

You quickly snapped your sketchbook shut and tugged your pencil behind your ear.

“No, no. Just give me a second to get down.”

Klaus chuckled at your eagerness when you moved around on the branch, grabbing your sketchbook in one hand and holding onto the branch with your other hand while dangling your legs to reach another branch.

You squirmed around for a while before you glanced over your shoulder at Klaus.

“I think I’m stuck,” you stated meekly.

Klaus threw his head back and laughed, the wind ruffling his locks.

You held tighter on the tree and suddenly your idea to climb on a tree to draw didn’t seem so great anymore.

“Shut up and help me!”

“What do you want me to do, love?” Klaus asked, not even bothering to hide the amusement in his voice.

“It’s not funny, okay? Just catch me!” you instructed.

Klaus nodded, but he had his arms crossed in front of his chest and made no move to actually catch you.

“I swear to god if I fall I’m so going to stake you.”

“No need to be so snotty.”

Klaus seemed content watching you struggle, but you honestly started to panic a bit.

“Please, Klaus? The bark is scratching my hands and I don’t want to die today.”

“I’m not letting you die, love. Neither today nor ever,” Klaus scoffed.

“Do you promise to catch me?”

“Yes, just let go.”

“Are you sure you can catch me?”

“Yes, love. I promise,” Klaus said, now exasperated.

“Okay… I’m letting go now.” You glanced at Klaus again before you let go of the branch and clutched your sketchbook to your chest.

You squeaked when you fell, the fall suddenly seeming far higher than you expected, but it was soon broken by strong arms.

Dazed you blinked up at Klaus, who was casually holding you bridal style as if you didn’t just fall out of a tree.

When you started to squirm in his arms Klaus gently set you down on your feet but kept one hand on your waist.

He pressed a quick kiss on your lips, “Hello there, love.”

“I’m never doing that again, but at least my sketchbook survived,” you said.

Chuckling Klaus pulled a few twigs out of your hair, “Can I still take you to that restaurant or have you any other trees to climb?”

“After I survived that I definitely need something to eat.”

“Shouldn’t you show a bit more gratitude towards your savior, love?”

Leaning up you pecked Klaus’ cheek before you grabbed his hand to pull him towards the car.

“I’m never going to forget your act of heroism, but take me to dinner, would you?”

Klaus obediently followed after you, squeezing your hand, “Your wish is my command, love.”

The Charade

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Four

Master List

Pairing: Misha x OFC / Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1,815
Warnings: language, mentions of domestic abuse
A/N: Here’s part four of mine and Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) collab! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Heartstrung - Part 4

A/N: So…since Voltron season 2 comes out on Friday and is going to take over and break Tumblr, I powered this out in just over two days so it would be done before that happens.

The biggest shoutout to @magerain for dealing with the countless drafts flooding her inbox. And happy early birthday to @msmanga14

This is the big one. The chapter that started it all. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Thank you all for sticking with me and for your reviews. They mean so much to me. Really.

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: M - SEXUAL IMAGERY IN THIS CHAPTER [not overly graphic]

Summary: It’s been said that wherever you have/had a birthmark, is how you died in your past life. A scar that marks the fatal wound that killed you so you could be reborn again. It is also said that when/if you meet the person who killed you, you remember your past life and death and Lucy isn’t a big fan of the pink-haired man she’s run into. Soulmate AU. NaLu.

Link(s): Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

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                          Theory #2: Hours of memories may be relived 
                                     within only seconds of real time.

She’d trusted him.

It had taken her a bit. A lot of fights and a some late night conversations in front of Netflix, but she’d eventually decided he’d earned it.

And he’d betrayed her.

“How?” she whispers, clenching her hands into fists.

Haru scratches the back of his neck, head bowed to the ground. There’s no way he’s meeting her gaze. Not after this.

“I just—”

“How could you do this, Haru? I thought I could trust you,” her voice strains. The muscles in her neck are tense as she swallows down her anger.

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Not A Chance

Author: C. Ford

Characters: John x Reader, Sherlock

A/N: Wrote a short one for @fandomfreak221b, @martinfreemanisababe, and all the John girls out there. Hope you enjoy this! Feedbacks are needed appreciated (and loved).

Special thanks goes to @prettyxlittlexwriter for beta-reading this! Check her blog out for more Sherlock x Readers! ☺️

Summary: John introduces his girlfriend to his flatmate.

Theme/s: Fluff.

Word Count: 1000+

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@justdreamstars @killerofthesouth @loserpieme @lj-laufeypevensieweasley

“You’re so quiet suddenly, not even complaining about my company anymore.” Eric says sarcastically. Normally you kept talking even when he told you to shut the hell up but not this time. He had to admit it was nice for a while but it actually irritated him to no end after a while.

“Yeah I guess so.” You mumble before falling quiet again. The train had broken down when you were on your way outside of the city and now you were sitting in complete darkness. The one thing you were actually scared of.

“You okay?”


“Is that so…”

“I said I’m fine Eric!”

“Clearly not. We have to finish our mission when this train starts running again, so if you’re not feeling well I’ll finish it alone. I don’t need you to get in my way.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be just fine.” You hiss and throw something in the direction you assume him to be.

“You have to be a little more convincing, sweetheart.”

“I’m afraid of the dark, okay?” You yell angrily.

Eric snorts, shaking his head in disbelief, “Are you for real? You’re afraid of the dark?” You rarely heard him laughing but of course the one time he does was at your expense.

“It’s not that funny, everyone’s afraid of something.”

“I’m not.”

“Yeah I bet you just skipped your fear simulation.” You reply sarcastically and roll your eyes even though he can’t see you.

“At least it’s not something childish like being afraid in the dark.”

“Oh just leave me alone asshole.”

“Are you sure? Who knows what might lurk in the darkness?”

“I’m sure it can’t be worse than you.”

“Looks like someone suddenly got her bravery back.” He says amused, “You sure you don’t want me to hold your hand?”

“God I really hate you sometimes, just shut up.”

Eric slides down on the wall, sitting down right next to you and nudges you in the side before he takes his arm around your shoulder to pull you closer, “Alright want to hear what I’m afraid of?”

“Can I make fun of it?”


“Fine, I still want to know.”

“Okay here we go…”

Gag Me

Originally posted by jeffreydmorgn

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 463
Warnings: Oral, NSFW gif
Prompt: “Do you ever shut up?“

Negan Smut Week masterlist

Negan was not exactly having what he’d call the best day. He was forced to deal with idiots, one minute it was hotter than hell, and the next it was down pouring. Nothing was going his way. And now? Now he was listening to you chatter on about something or another. “Do you ever shut up?” He snapped.

You gave him an amused look, not afraid of him in the least. You were sitting back in your chair, your eyes looking over the handsome man. Leaning forward, you put your elbows on your knees. “Well, you could always make me.” Ever so slightly, you smirked, your eyebrow raising for a moment. His tongue wet his bottom lip as his eyes locked on yours. “You seem a little stressed, sir. I’m sure we could kill two birds with one stone.”

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Spend The Night

Originally posted by denimwrappednightmare

Request: Could you do a Dean x Reader where they’re both in the same class at uni and they really hate each other? They make a bet one day that she can do better than him on a test and if she wins he has to do what she says for a week and if he wins she has to kiss him everyday for a week. She doesn’t like what he’s asking for but doesn’t think she’ll lose so she accepts. She loses, and when Dean tries to kiss her she dodges him. Later that day he gets her alone and ends up pinning her against a wall and tries to kiss her. He stops though because she’s shaking and crying because she’s scared of him. He apologizes and she tells him that she got scared because she was assaulted back in high school. He spends all night listening and comforting her and by the end they’re friends? Maybe a future relationship?

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, mentions of prior assault

A/N: More anyone?…

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The Price of a Life (Fallen Angel!Wonwoo)



What truly is the price one must pay in order to survive?

Word count: 3258

Does it hurt..? Looking down at the woman in the crushed car, he couldn’t help but wonder. She looked so peaceful though, as if she was just sleeping. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood slowly permeating the air, he might have been able to tell himself that the woman wasn’t dead, she was simply.. resting. Maybe it didn’t hurt. Death itself might be painless, the act of dying might be the painful part.

“Mister… please.. please help my mom…”

His eyes flickered to the small human in the passenger seat, her own soul only seconds from following her mothers. Yes, dying looked painful. The small girl’s body was rejecting death, he could tell. Every cell was fighting to stay alive but it was almost inevitable.

“I can’t.” He sighed, looking almost bored. Why had he even come? The mother was praying for a god and that wasn’t what he was. The mother wasn’t even alive anymore. But looking at this small child it was unlikely she had been praying to god for her life.

“How old are you?”

The child blinked up at him groggily, as if she could barely even see straight anymore. Her mouth opened but she just whimpered instead of stating a number, obviously too dizzy and disoriented to answer.

“You’re young enough.”

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#222: You Work For Them And He Fancies You


Requested: Yes, but then again, can’t find it 

This one was really fun thank you so much to the anon requesting it, I’m trying to get all my requests done before 2017 (I know already that it won’t happen but hey here’s to new years resolutions) and if you want you can always leave a request in my ask and I’ll try to do it :-) x 

Find my Masterlist here // Read When We Collide here


”You must be a banana because I find you a peeling!” Your head rose up by the sudden words, confusion written on your face when nobody was to be seen in the otherwise large backstage area. “You get it? Because you peel a banana and I find you attractive.” Your eyes landed on the door where Luke was peeking his head inside, a ridiculously smile embracing his face features. “You again with the lame pickup lines.” You hummed and focused back on the paper work in front of you, you didn’t have much time until they had to be on stage and you had promised John you would finish this before the start. “Yes here I am once again trying to impress you yet so far the only thing I’ve gotten is a small glance.” He exclaimed and walked further into the room, taking a seat on the coffee table in front of you. “I am working Luke, in case that didn’t come to your attention. I appreciate the effort but those dumb pickup lines won’t win my heart.” You glanced up shortly to look at him with serious eyes but it only seemed to encourage him even more. “You know I’m only continuing until you actually say yes.” “Well you’re gonna have to try a little bit harder then.” You smiled, enjoying how he was suddenly tensing his jaw and looking down at you with a serious expression. You sincerely hoped that it was enough to make him shut his mouth and your attention went back to the paper work in front of you. “Okay fine let me try another one.” “Nope, okay.” You mumbled more to yourself than him by his announcement and let the pen fall onto the papers. You watched him with a quivered eyebrow as he backed away until he was a few meters away from you and started to walk forward. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” He was purposely looking at you like he was actually trying to seduce you but when there was no reaction he decided to go back again and try all over. What he hadn’t taken notice of during the process was the table with a bowl of fruit standing right behind him, his ass literally connecting into it and knocking down all the content. You watched him with wide eyes as he turned around in reaction with panic in his eyes, mouth agape by the ridiculous move and leaned down to grab them all and put them back into the bowl. “Erase that, erase that, I’ll try again in half an hour.” He rushed to back away and out of the door, accidentally knocking his knee into it and cursing under his breath while hearing you laugh by his clumsiness in the background. “You just try again Hemmings I’ll just sit here and wait.” You hummed, rolling your eyes in amusement and heard as he shut the door with a last curse.


“Remind me again why you won’t say yes to go out with me?” A huge sigh came from your lips by the question he had seemed to ask at least 30 times during the past four days, giving him a short glance over your shoulder before grabbing a microphone stand and placed it in the middle of the stage. “Remind me again of why you keep asking?” Unknowing of where you were heading his eyes suddenly widened by his feet tangled up in some wires from the guitar amp, untangling himself from the mess and hurried towards you by the drum kid. “Because you’ve never given me a proper answer.” Calum argued and leaned his arm on one of the amps, trying to play it casual but it wasn’t really helping on the situation. “I have.” You replied and took a seat down by the bass drum, giving it a few hits and looked down by John to see if he made thumbs up for the sound being perfect. “Saying, and I quote; ‘no way in hell that’s gonna happen’ isn’t really a proper answer if you ask me.” “But I didn’t ask you.” You mumbled concentrated and stood up to head towards the microphones again, grabbing one and connected it to a wire. You had been stressing out all morning because you were late and soundcheck was almost creeping around the corner. You didn’t have the time to talk to Calum but he definitely didn’t understand that and to make you stop just for one second he grabbed the microphone from you and managed to twirl the wire around your waist. His face expression told that he wouldn’t bug, he waited for an answer and wouldn’t loosen the wire around you before. You sighed deeply and rolled your eyes, a hand coming down to touch your hip and pointed at him with your microphone. “I’m your sound tech’s assistant, remind me again of why you’re so interested in me?” A smirk came to his face by your question, deciding to inch his face closer to yours. “Because I like a challenge and with you constantly being near me and being a reject, I crave for more especially with that wonderful attitude of yours. Besides Y/N. I fancy you as hell.” You hadn’t realized how you were suddenly holding your breath as his face inched closer and closer to yours, your noses at the point of almost touching each other. There was no words spoken between you but the smirk on his face was growing knowing that even if you were constantly disagreeing whatever he had to say, now something was working and he had your attention. “I need to get back to work.” The words didn’t come out as convincing as you wanted to and neither did you have that same attitude as before. His eyes lit up by your words and let go of the wire completely, winking at you and leaving you alone on the stage with a grin on his face.


“This is nice.” He commented, eyes closing in pleasure and made sure to drag out the last vocal in the word. You giggled lightly by his reaction and rubbed your hands through his hair, trying to make sure that every single strand had been covered in the black hair dye. “Your fans are gonna die after this, there’s no doubt.” You checked it one last time and watched him look up and smile, nodding his head in agreement, it was the whole reason why he decided to finally color it dark again after having his natural color for such a long time. “Do you prefer it?” He questioned and sat up when you were done with washing it out, settling for a shampoo afterwards and rubbed it between your hands. “What? The dark hair?” You questioned in concentration, putting a bit more in your hand before running your fingers through his locks again. “Yeah.” “I-, I don’t know.” You suddenly widened your eyes knowing what he was up to, the smirk growing on his face as he watched you head towards one of the shelves to grab a conditioner, you were so confused you hadn’t even washed out his shampoo completely. “I don’t know what I prefer.” You said more stern to get a bit of your attitude back but regardless smiled down at him and cleaned out the shampoo. “You know what I prefer?” He questioned like it wasn’t obvious and swung one leg over the other. You looked down at him with curious eyes but also a bored look, he always asked this and he always made sure to annoy you with it despite telling the truth. “Let me guess. A date?” “Oh my god that is such an honor Y/N yes I will definitely go on a date with you!” Rolling your eyes by his excited exclaim you dramatically changed the water temperature from being medium to ice cold, a teasing smile coming to your face when he reacted immediately and flied up from his chair. “Y/N!” He exclaimed with wide eyes and you laughed quietly and shook your head in agreement. “You’ve got shampoo drippling down your cheek.” You giggled, watching him take a seat back and closed his eyes when you turned on the water and found back the right temperature. “As an apology I’ve decided you will go out with me tonight. No complains and no buts just the two of us at some kind of cozy diner.” You opened your mouth once again to say something but just by the glance he was giving you there was no way in hell you could say no. He was sweet, there was no doubt but you just thought it might be a bit awkward considering you were working with him every single day and what if something would go wrong. But then again, you had to take chances sometimes and a smile came to your face just like his. “Pick me up at 8.”


“You’re early.” You commented and looked into the reflection in the mirror, seeing Ashton lean his body against the doorframe to the dressing room and walked inside. “As in really early.” “I think it’s the jetlag kicking. The others aren’t awake yet and I wanted to kill time so I thought why not start out already. It means you will have less stress when the others show up and need to have their makeup done within five minutes.” You smiled softly by his words and sorted a few things out from your makeup bag, watching him in the corner of your eye as he took a seat down and ran a hand through his curly locks. “Well I’m flattered, I must admit.” You smiled and ran your fingers through his hair teasingly and found your primer. Silence fell upon the dressing room in a peaceful manner, the only thing playing out loud was the radio in the background. You didn’t say much but gently put the cream between your fingers and started to smear it out on his skin. “Did you shave?” The question wasn’t supposed to come out as a surprise, yet it did and he smiled softly by your question. “I remember how you said you preferred that because it would be easier to cover up spots and such without the stubble. So I did.” It was almost as if a blush came to his lips because when he thought about it he sounded pretty ridiculous. But it still made you smile and look down at your hands, not really knowing what to say because it was actually really sweet of him, also considering that it was a decision of his. “Hey.” He commented quietly and titled your chin up. “I know that you heard the boys and I talk about you.” You froze completely by his words and stopped from pumping out foundation on the back of your hand, your mouth opening but no words came out. “And yes what I said was true. I wasn’t just fooling around stating lies.” You were so surprised that you only let out a small giggle, shaking your head by everything that came to your mind and looked down at him. “Ashton I appreciate that you like me but we can’t be together.” It was as if he had expected the statement from you because he only leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes when you started to smear the product on his skin. “It’s just-,” You sighed, “It’s just not right.” He flicked one eye open to look at you, the corner of his mouth turning upwards again and he hummed lightly. “Yes it’s right Y/N.” He smiled and opened both eyes to look up at you. “It’s just not right, right now.” Looking down at him by his words you could feel how you were slowly losing your breath but it was replaced with butterflies as he smiled up at you with a soft wink.

Cuz Ya Had a Bad Day

Originally posted by samwinchestersource

Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 1,134
Warnings: Sad Sammy
Author: Brittiny
Request: @elvirateaqueen13 Ok so here a second request for fluffy/ fun, hopefully this will send now! So Sam is having a bad day ( for some reason or another) So the reader goes out and buys Sam new books, some for a recent case they are working on but others for pleasure, then after a while Sam get’s down again so the reader goes into his room, with a lightsaber, and tosses him one, then they make star wars noises and kind of just nerd out together. They end their night drinking tea and marathoning movies.

“Sam?” You yelled down the hall. You hadn’t seen him all day, and were worried. “Damn it, Sam!” You grumbled. You had checked the library, the garage, and the kitchen. No go. Now you were on your way to his room. Sighing, you tapped your knuckles on the door. Nothing. “Sam?” You said, knocking again. “I’m coming in.” You turned the door knob. Seeing Sam just laying there, you walked over and sat next to him on the bed. “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “Just having a bad day.” Sam told you without looking over. You put your hand over his and gave it a slight squeeze.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request scenario where Iwaizumi accidentally groped his busty crush breast in front of his teammate but instead of being angry his crush merely tease him by saying that she won't mind allowing it to happen again if they are dating?


You’d stopped by the gym to bring Iwaizumi his drink - he’d forgotten his at your desk after saying goodbye for the day. You looked in to find only him and Oikawa. You guessed everyone else was changing or late.

“Iwaizumi,” you called, trotting up to his side. “You forgot your water again.”

“Oh, thanks, (  ),” he said smiling, looking a little embarrassed.

“Ooh, Iwa-chan has a girlfriend? And didn’t tell me? I thought we were friends,” Oikawa teased, wiping away a fake tear.

“Oh shut up, Skittykawa,” Iwaizumi replied, reaching for the bottle as he turned toward his friend. Only, he missed the bottle by several inches. His hand ended up on your breast. You had to say, both boys faces were priceless. Once he looked to where his hand was, Iwaizumi looked shocked, his face quickly reddening, but he seemed frozen, hand still on your chest. Oikawa had broken into a wide grin, but he hadn’t said anything yet.

“Well at least buy me dinner first,” you said, more amused than anything.

Oikawa broke, laughing, leaning over and bracing on his knees. Within seconds his eyes were tearing up for real this time. Iwaizumi’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. After another second, he regained himself and retracted his hand. “I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed. “They’re just bigger targets than the bottle! No, wait-” You could almost see the steam coming out of his ears for how red he was. “Shut up, Oikawa!”

You laughed and stepped closer to him. You took his hand and put the water bottle in it. “You know,” you said, batting your eyes at him. “After a couple dates, I don’t think I’d mind you touching them.” His eyes widened. You traced your finger up his throat and tapped his chin. “Think about it,” you said, turning and walking away.

When you closed the gym door behind you, you shot a glance back at them. Oikawa was on the floor, wheezing. Iwaizumi’s mouth was open. All of the skin you could see was flushed, red. You winked at him before retreating through the door.