shut up ashley


TW: mild (?) images of body horror in the ‘FUCKING ART’ slide, possibly the 'villains’ slide too? idk how helpful this is at the end of all the slides tho,,,,

I gave in to the GREAT URGE to do the powerpoint meme for BNHA cus’ MORE PEOPLE NEED TO READ AND FALL IN LOVE W/ THIS GR8 MANGA

also I apologize for the scattered thoughts, it kinda devolved into me just rambling abt what I love abt this manga ah a,,,,,,, , , ,,

anyways, if ur interested in this gr8 read, I’ve been reading the manga on this site, tho it’s on plenty of other sites, such as Batoto, if u don’t prefer that one

also, here’s the lovely piece of art that I stole Syqitten’s quote from

I don’t smoke, don’t really want to (I’ve tried vaping, that’s about it), the smell sort of disgusts me, and I have an allergy to cigarette smoke…

But a lot of my avis on Gaia, as well as my OC’s, smoke.

I wonder if that means anything haha.

(Also, I don’t mind smokers. I’m dating one ;w; And a lot of my friends smoke and yeah)

I just realized how ironic it is that the Free! dub– a dub which removed any and all inklings of queer subtext that was present in the original show– aired around the same time the supreme court ruled in favor of marriage equality

I wish I could see Vic Mcmango’s face right now :^)

Who do I have to sacrifice to try and get my followers to send me asks? I just wanna get to know you guys ya know, you all are cool and I wanna talk fan theories or gush over favorite characters/actors/gamers. I wanna help any of you that arr having any sort of problems, i want you guys to tell me if you need any sorta thing tagged cause of triggers or something. I don’t bite I swear.

So I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this before but this is the second time I got a message like this. I’m not sure what it is but it might be a virus and I just wanted to let my followers know not to fall for it. I’m always up for helping others and testing things for them so I almost fell for this the first time. Do not go to their page and click the link they are talking about. I don’t know what kind of virus it might be or if it’s hackers.