shut up aneesha

ok so i just saw edge of seventeen (spoilers)

and basically, the first 2/3 was a very good representation of how my depression started. like super moody and emotional where everything felt like it was targeted at me. feeling alone and feeling like no one gives a shit, or that no one understands you. where you kinda start to lose yourself and sight of everything. where small things can set you off making you feel depressed or angry. 

what i hated about it though, while nadine was clearly showing signs of depression and even took an anti-depressant, after a speech by her brother showing how hard his life was too she suddenly became enlightened to her behaviour and apologised and magically everything was becoming ok the next day.

like i really wish they had spent more time on the ending and showing the stages and time it takes. and also the fact that no one acknowledged how she was feeling really???? like at the end of the movie its all suddenly her fault.? and also that comment her mum made to her before she stole the car “if your dad saw how you were becoming he would be disappointed” like how messed up is that to say to your daughter who you dont have a great relationship with, preferred her dad, and whos dads 4 year death anniversary is coming up.