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Hello, I see a cute new blog!! 💕 May I request headcanons for Bakugou's s/o when they see him after the recuse from the villain league and how they help him carry on? (Even when s/o is sorta clingy and protective now)

Thank you so much! Well, this is a heavy topic since I just finished reading that part of the manga (I’m speeding through since I got into the fandom recently!) so I hope this is alright for you and that it’s not too much of a downer!

Also, this is in the manga so spoilers for everyone who hasn’t seen it or only watched the anime.

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Bakugou Katsuki + Protective S/O Post-All Might vs All For One Fight

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Sex at 3am.

Hi guys ! It’s Raphaëlle talking ! Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and that, if you have any ideas for imagine, you can always come and ask me !

Disclaimer: Smut. Like hard, pure smut. Oh, and swearing. And a breeding kink.

Words: 2339.


Imagine, you though something happened to him.


The clock on your bedside table was showing 2:34 am the last time you checked. And still no signs of him. You were starting to get worry. He’s been gone since 19h and told you he was supposed to be back between 23h\0h00. Never, never he was that late. And if he was, he would let you know. Send somebody to tell you that something was wrong and that he had to stay longer at the office.

 But tonight, nothing. Not even a text. 

It wasn’t normal.

 Scenarios after scenarios started to create itself inside your head. What if the Bat caught him? What if, right now, he was inside a cell of Arkham? No, that’s impossible, Frost would have come to tell you.

What if they’re all dead? What if the police showed up while they were crashing the mayor’s birthday party and kill them all? Could it be possible? 

Was it how it was supposed to end since the beginning? Him dead and you heartbroken? 

You couldn’t stand it anymore. Reaching for your phone, you call him.

After ten ringing, his voice mail snaps. 

You try again. Three, four, five times. Still the same thing: no answer. 

You could feel the panic raising inside of you. Suddenly, it was more difficult to breath, and the room felt tighter around you. You took off the silk purple sheet off of you. The warm of the room was becoming too intense. You could feel the drops of sweat rolling down your naked back. 

You try Frost’s number. Again, it direct you to his voice mail. You screamed in frustration, you could feel the tears at the extremities of your eyes.

You pitch your cell phone as far from you and run out of the bedroom into the living room. You turn on the TV and put it on the news. You knew that, if Mr. J was dead, they would talk about it. Whatever the time is. 

But you’re welcomed by the fortune lady who’s talking about her tarot cards and how much energy they have. 

You scream, while you let down your tears. And then it hit you. How deep your bond to that man is. How the fact that you don’t have any information can make you sick so rapidly. You needed him to breath, to live. Otherwise you’ll fall into an abyss of eternal darkness. You passed your fingers through your (h\c) hair. Multiples times. And then, you pull. You pull with all your strength. And then, you winced as you feel your hair getting pulled out of your head. You became crazy. Like an addict who didn’t have his regular dose. 

You started to trash. You throw the remote control at the TV, just so the lady would shut the fuck up. Who gives a damn shit about her tarot cards? The couch is flipped upside down. The pictures and paintings on the wall are destroyed. The wooden table in the middle of the room, is now all over the floor. You start to go after the lamps when you’re bring back to earth by the voice you were looking for. 

WHAT THE FUCK, (y\n)?” J screamed. 

You stopped what you were about to do and stand still in the middle of the ruined room. You’re breathing hard and fast, your naked chest moving upwards every time you take an inspiration. 

You’re not dead?” You said, softly, like you couldn’t believe it.

 His purple coat was stained with splash of red, as well as his naked white chest. His green hair, though, didn’t move an inch. 

Dead? Why would you think that? And why would it gives you the right to destroy the living room?” He said, irritated. 

You told me you’ll be here at 23h. Its 3h in the morning J. Nobody came to tell me you’ll be that late.” You told him, you’re chin’s trembling while you’re trying to maintain the sobs inside of you.

I did. I send that stupid trainee.” 

Well he never came.” You stated, exploding. 

You sit down on the floor while your body’s vibrating with all the sobs that’s coming out of you. 

It’s silent for a while in the room. You can only hear yourself crying. 

Frost. Where’s that fucking trainee? Well, when you’ll find that little bitch, bring him to me. I have some words to tell him.

 You can hear his boots on the floor coming towards you. His cold pale hands passed under your arm pit and lift you up off the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to support yourself.

 His big hands go to your naked butt. They caress it gently.

 “Shh, baby, Daddy will make him pay for that, I promise.” He told you, calmly.

He start to walk outside the trashed room and towards your bedroom. Like magic, all of the despair and sobs are gone, as if they were never there.

 “C’mon show your beautiful smile to Daddy.

You take your face out of his neck and show him your teeth. In return, he show you his. 

When you’re inside the dark bedroom, he depose you gently on the silk sheet. He take of his bloody coat and pants, leaving him in only his boxer that had difficulty to maintain all of him inside. 

He come over you, deposing both of his arms between your head and he kiss you. Hard. You can hear the mixing of saliva your tongues are making. He groans, you moan. 

Oh, baby, daddy have been thinking of you all night long. I’ve been hard all night long, thinking about that thigh little cunt of yours.” He says hotly in your ear. 

You can feel his fingers sliding down your body, stopping a while around your bellybutton, to tease you, making you envy him. 

When he puts his finger on your most intimate part, he can already feel the beginning of wetness that he have created by just kissing and touching you. He start to circle your clit and you moan softly. 

Yeah, you like that, hm? Tell daddy, that you like what he’s doing too your little body.”

I like it, daddy. I like it very, very much. Your big fingers make me feel good.” You tell him in an innocent voice.

 You start to hump your waist against his big hand while you put yourself on your elbows to see his fingers on your pinky cunt. 

I’m happy to hear that baby girl.” 

But I’m sure that you’re big cock will help to make me feel so much better.” You state with the same tone of voice. 

You hear him chuckle and see his dick twitch inside of the black fabric. 

You want daddy’s thick meat to fuck your little cunt, baby? Is that what you want?” He asked you.

 He push harder against your clit. He put a wicked smile on his face when he sees you squirm under him. 

Yes daddy, that’s what I want.” 

Then say it, say it. Pretty, pretty, pretty…” 


God you’re so… good.” He said, stopping his circular motion on your clit. 

He lift himself off of you. He stand on his knees on the bed, hovering you, like a king. His chest fall back heavy, and the bulge in his boxer makes your mouth water. You lick you lips. 

Come and take it off.” He ordered you. 

You put yourself on your hands and knees and start to go towards him. When you’re centimeters away from his crotch, you bite your lower lips. You lift your (e\c) eyes towards his face. He does a move with his face to tell you to keep going. 

But before taking the boxer off, you lick his cock. You can feel it twitching incontrollable under your wet muscle. You put your tongue back inside your mouth rapidly and take off his black fabric in a swift movement. 

The long and thick organ that you love so much bobs before you. You could stare at it for an eternity. All of the veins and the perfect mushroomed tip are like a masterpiece coming straight from the gods. 

Open your mouth, little slut. Daddy’s got a lollipop for you to suck on.” He said while taking your hair in his fist and making you swallow all of his juicy meat in one shot. You don’t care, even if your throat burn from the intrusion. 

You dig your cheeks as much as you can and start to bob your head up and down while the tip of your tongue’s playing with his tip. You can feel the saliva coming out of your mouth and rolling down your chin. He was fitting so tightly inside your throat that you could feel every vein popping and pumping with blood flow. 

You could feel your wetness intensely dripping down your legs and on the bed.

You take all of him out of your mouth and start to stroke him with both of yours hands. 

Daddy, I love your cock so much, but it makes my throat so sore.” You explained. 

Well, baby, keep on sucking and you’ll have ointment that will take care of your perfect little throat.” He groan out. 

Deciding to tease him a little, you start to do kitten licks on the head of his cock. You let go of his tip and go lower. Licking both of his balls, you take one of them inside your humid mouth and suck on it. 

His groan are louder now, and his head his facing the ceiling. 

You smile, proud of yourself and go to suck his cock again. 

Sweet little mouth, always so good on daddy’s cock.” He start to rock back and forth inside of your mouth. 

He pick up the pace, fucking your mouth furiously. He doesn’t let you any chance to breathe. 

Suddenly, you find yourself on your back, with him on top of you. He puts his hands on the bad head to help him ram his cock inside her mouth. His groans were more and more frequent now. 

Fucking mouth, suck my cock dry. C’mon, milk it!” He groan out loud. 

You could feel the rush you sticky liquid being pushed out of his cock and running down your throat. 

I’m feeding you, you little cunt. Swallow, baby girl. Swallow it all.” He said, staying inside your mouth to make sure you do. 

When he’s sure all of his cum is now inside your belly, he take his cock out of your mouth. You take a deep breath, filling up your lungs with the air that it needs before you feel his red mouth on top of yours. He force his tongue to enter you hot and humid canal. While kissing each other, you can feel his cock getting hard again. You put your hand on it and depose his big cock in between your dripping folds. He moans, just like you. 

Still need you. Still need to breed your little pussy.” He says, humping your wet organ.

 “Daddy!” You cried as he tore through you, sinking to the hilt inside your small cunt. He gripped your tinny hips between his hands, groaning as he tried to keep your wiggling body still on his cock.

Be still, babygirl, Daddy needs you to be still.” he groaned, as your little cunt kept wiggling around the base of his cock, clenching around his shaft as it tried to suck him all up. Tried to keep him prisoner forever. 

But your tight little hole was too much for his already over excited cock and he couldn’t resist the urge to move anymore.

Oh god.” He grunted, as he pulled back, fighting the suction of your little cunt, that wanted to keep his giant meat inside of you forever, before plunging back between the clasping muscles of your pussy.

The bed was rattling with the strength of his thrust. And he was getting so deep as he rutted into you, that you became like a manufacturer of juice. You were soaking his cock and balls as he pounded your sweet little cunt. You could hear the noise of flesh slapping against flesh. You weren’t going to last much longer. Mr. J neither. 

C’mon Daddy, please, feed my little pussy with your baby making cream. Please, it need it.” At your words, you could feel his cock swelling inside of you, stretching you beyond possible.

He grabbed your tiny ass, pulling you onto his cock, forcing his meat as deep as it could go, jamming the head up against your womb over and over making you cry out. 

He became like an animal, trying to get his cock as far up inside his female and breed her. He couldn’t think of anything else, then his shaft up high inside you and shooting all of the damn cum he could produce. 

C’mon babygirl. Cum. Cum around me, let Daddy feel you milking his cock.

And that’s exactly what you did. You came, screaming around his cock, your small body trembling in extasie. You could feel your wetness dripping down his shaft and onto the bed, where there were already a big wet spot. 

His hips were pounding, ramming inside your young body until big shot of hot and potent cum blasted out of his cock, flooding your cervix and leaking around his rutting cock. 

His body shook as he lifted off you. He groaned as his cock slid from the grip of her cum filled hole with a loud slurp. He watch your cunt with attention, before lifting his eyes towards your face. His sweaty face, was smiling. 

Your little pussy was very hungry. It swallowed up all of my cream.” He told you, smiling wickedly. 

He leaned down and kissed you softly, gently pushing his tongue into your mouth. 

I-I think it’s still hungry, Daddy.”

Title: I’m Lost

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: suicide attempt, mentions of threats, suicidal actions, verbal abuse mention. 

Requested by: @callmecaptainsamdrake

A/N: This was kinda tough to write, but I think it came out okay. I was trying to figure out the ‘sort of’ plot line for this one shot and this is what I came up with.

US Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 (There are also plenty of websites out there if you dislike chatting on the phone.)

UK Suicide Hotline: 116 123 (Samaritans)

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For the drabble challenge. All or any of these. Separate, together, whatever. Thank you! 2. How long have you been standing there? 19. And that's how you ruin a life. Congratulations. 23. I didn't know we were keeping track. 125. Quit moving, I'm trying to sleep. Wait... are you...what?!

(Sorry, I tried to get all four, but only two happened.)


And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.  You have killed me, I’m dead, Molly typed in her return email to Mary.

She opened up the attachments again.

“Lord have mercy,” she said, scrolling to the next picture.  "Look at that arse.  Who even knew he owned jeans?“

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J u n e // I

2AM  - a crash, raised voices bouncing off the walls of the flat. George awakening with a start, a groggy groan - reaching for his phone, 2:17am.  

A screech, a shatter - A brash laugh, taunting.

“Oh, you want some fun, darling? C’mon give us another one.”


A shriek - “You absolute selfish, egotistical, inconsiderate, self fucking absorbed, narcissistic -”

Another shatter - “ - arsehole!”


A mumbled - “Shit.” - George, realising what was happening, stupor of sleep diminishing, hauling himself from the bed. 

Slurred, patronizing - 

Well fuck me, I wasn’t aware that you could use such big words, sweetheart - s’always thought that mouth of yours was only good for one thing -  when it’s wrapped around my - “

George yanking his bedroom door open, blinking a bit as bright light hit his eyes - just in time to witness a glass flying past Matty’s head - cutting him off mid slur, jerking out of the way, a dry chuckle, raising a wine bottle to his lips - glass smashing against the wall behind him. Shards skittering across the floor, mixing with broken pieces of china, plates.

“What the fuck is going on?!” - George, eyes hardening, jaw setting as he takes in the scene before him.

Matty standing - or swaying, more like - behind the couch, nearest to George. Curls tousled - askew, white shirt half unbuttoned, hanging off of one shoulder, lipstick kisses smudging the collar as well as down his neck, dipping into his clavicle. Half empty wine bottle in hand, surely not his first of the night. Lips curved into a devilish smirk. 

You were standing in the kitchen entrance, straight across from Matty. Hair disheveled, face flushed, lipstick smeared. Dress unzipped at the back, straps hanging off your shoulders. Fingers curled around another glass, holding in the air. Set to fire it at him. A snarl.

George yelling out your name, demanding you put the glass down. Now. Matty, a giggle, drawling - “Shut the fuck up George, stop ruining our fun, we’re having fun right, darling? - Gaze shifting back to you, eyes hazy - hooded. “C’mon baby, hit me. Right here. Fucking hit me.”  Guesting to his face, another gulp of wine. Eyes ablaze. Fixed on you.

You hurl the glass, rage, frustration - the same time George hollers your name - “Don’t -”

Matty doesn’t attempt to duck out of the way this time. It misses him by inches, shattering a framed picture instead. A groan, sexualised, slapping his thigh - “So close, darling. C’mon, harder - 

“That’s enough!” - George, an angry shout, crossing them room to stand between you both.

“Oh, oh - looks like George is up for a threesome, baby. You gonna be a good girl for us, sweetheart?” - a low drawl, sly smirk.

Your fingers already scrambling for another glass.

A hiss as a shard of stray glass embeds itself into George’s bare foot. “You - “ Finger pointing towards you, stern tone - “Stop smashing the fucking glassware.”

“And you - “ Turning to Matty - “Shut the fuck up and give me that, you’ve had more than enough.” Holding out a hand for his wine bottle, Matty shaking his head, a pout - clutching the bottle to his chest. 

An exasperated sigh, letting it go - hands rubbing over his face. Gaze flickering between the two of you. Slowly, hands outstretched in both directions, attempting to diffuse the situation - “Okay, now - we all are a bit tired, emotional.. a bit drunk - but we need to - “

“But G, he started it!” - You whine, stomping your foot.

Matty splutters, wine - quipping back “Did fucking not!”

“Stop it!” 

George, suddenly feeling as if he’s babysitting two five year olds. Stubborn, drunk five year olds. And he honestly just wants to be back in bed.

Fucking constant nagging, all night - breathing down my fucking neck,” - Matty, ranting as he begins to pace, eyes clouded, holding yours. “No Matty this and no Matty that, asking me what I’m doing every fucking five seconds, where I’m going - do you want me to give you a fucking play-by-play of all my actions? Well, now babe - I’m walking across the sitting room, I’m sitting down, on the couch, I’m - ”

“ - Going to pick up at Bethnal Green.” - You interrupt, voice barely above a whisper. His eyes flashing, darker. 

George about to tell you both to shut up again when he catches onto what you’re saying. His heart leaps, drops at the mention of the Green, a gasp - genuine shock, eyes narrowing at Matty - “Mate, you didn’t - “

Fucking hell, you sound exactly like her, it was only a bit of weed - shut up.” - He scowls, tilting his head back, draining the end of the bottle. 

George’s jaw clenches, anger being to bubble in the pit of his stomach - because he knew Matty, and he knew Matty’s habits, and he knew Matty didn’t go to Bethnal Green just to pick up fucking weed. It all suddenly made sense, and shit, he didn’t blame you for trying to smash his head open. He felt sick.

“He didn’t,” - you answer, standing beside George now, startling him a bit. “because I fucking dragged him home. Matty, I’m only trying to fucking help you - “

Your voice trembled a bit, George getting a better look at you now that you were closer, realising you weren’t as drunk as he had thought, you were hardly sober, but he understood now,

I never asked for your fucking help,” - He seethes, empty bottle dropping, pushing himself from the chair, approaching. “What makes you think I need you at all - you manipulative little - “

“Mate, that’s enough.” - George, shifting to stand in front of you, glaring down at Matty, a conflicted expression.

Matty scoffs, patting George’s chest, slurred, “George, baby - go back to bed, this doesn’t concern you,” - glaring around his torso, eyes landing on yours again, narrowing. “This is about me and my darling girlfriend here, love of my life that one.” - his tone abrasive, infused with sarcasm. 

George grips onto his shoulders, pushing him back as gently as he could muster - his temper only rising faster at this point. You shake your head, heading for the bedroom, Matty’s dry chuckles ringing in your ears, slamming the door behind you.

“Good fucking riddance.” Matty murmurs, falling back onto the couch, patting down his pockets with a groan. - “G, have you a blunt?”

George just watches, utterly speechless, hands rubbing over his face - a mumbled, “Oh my God.”

“Are you fucking serious? Matty, look at yourself - you’re a fucking joke.”

A dumbfounded expression, blinking up at his noticeably taller friend. - “Why are you so intent on fucking your life up in every possible way? Fucking yourself over, pushing the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to you away - She’s a bloody saint for sticking with you, straight up. She’s saved your ass tonight, again. And this is what she gets? No, no - mate, I’m sorry, I’m not having it, you need to get a grip. Fast. Sort out your proprieties. Because otherwise you will end up alone.”

George finishes, turning for your and Matty’s bedroom. Matty’s laugh stopping him, a chuckle “Man, you fancy her, don’t you?”.

George rolls his eyes, turning back, jaw clenched - loosing his patience. A glare. Matty, getting up from the couch, pupils dilated, staggering toward George, - “Stay away from my fucking girl, I know what you’re doing.”

He can feel Matty’s breath, alcohol infused, he highly doubts Matty knows what he’s doing, Matty was currently having a hard time deciphering what he was doing himself - but after tonight events, George was enraged, and to be quite frank - sick of Matty’s shit. If given the opportunity to hit him, he didn’t think he would be able to hold back. Fists clenching, a snarl - “Mate, I could really fucking hurt you right now - don’t try pick a fight with me.”

With that George turned, walking into your and Matty’s shared room, leaving Matty outside, grumbling to himself.

Confusion, brow furrowing, taking in the packed suitcase, bag sat on the bed. Brown eyes meeting your bloodshot ones, tear streaked cheeks. Looking up at him - an apologetic expression. 

“I’m leaving.”

A/N: Inspired by two or so prompts in which Matty is drunk and being an overall prick so George attempts to straighten him out. Not sure how I feel about this one - but I hope you all somewhat enjoy it at least!

- L xx

2. Matching Footwear

The Not-Quite-Normal but Still-Totally-Awesome OTP Challenge

Day 2: Matching footwear

The Mind Meld Challenge also continues (and sorta fails)- Check out andavs beautiful art here! (WHY IS OUR MIND MELD FAILING SO HARD!?! It’s okay. it just needs time to tune up. I still believe)


“Derek, you have to come out sometime,” Stiles calls from the other side of the door. “You have to. And c’mon, dude, it’s going to be glorious.”

“Shut up.” Derek grumbles. He can’t believe this is happening. That this is his life. That this is what he has been reduced to.

“Deee-reek.” Great. Now Stiles is sing-songing his name. Stiles is the worst boyfriend in the entire world.

Derek glares down at his feet again. It’s just not right. He had made a vow and now he’s breaking it.

“They don’t even fit right, Stiles,” he says. Predictably, Stiles laughs.

“That’s ‘cause you have fat feet!”

“I do not have fat feet,” Derek growls. “I just don’t have scrawny teenager feet. They’re pinching.”

“Aha!” Stiles crones. “So you admit they’re on! You’re ready to go!”

“I refuse.”

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It is finally here~~~~~  I love this volume so much~~~ (because onsen chapter and Tachibana-kun’s mother XD)

That page where they guess the mother’s gender never fails to amuse me =v=

And the colour booklet is so nice too!

Just for fun I am translating the first page of the kindergarten manga. For the rest let’s see if someone else is doing it, or support NAOE-sensei by buying the originals!! I don’t want to ruin my booklet so I am only taking a picture instead of scanning it~

Panel 1:

Narration: This is Aoharu Kindergarten. It is divided into the Toy Gun Gun Group and the Hoshishiro Group.

Panel 2:

Mattsun: Yosh! Everyone go to your seats…

Panel 3:

Mattsun: Tooru-kun, you should not sit on your teacher’s lap…

Yukki: Nah, sensei~ Call me “Yukki~ ♥ “

Panel 4:

Mattsu: Ah! Hey! Haruki! Don’t bully Hotaru…!!

Haruki: Shut up!

Mattsun: If you are not going to stop soon…

BG (right of Hotaru): Please stop!!

BG (top left corner): feeling disgusted

Panel 5:

Mattsun: Ah… That’s why I told you…

It Hurts: Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

A/N: This is super short haha but im just excited about this :) and ive been watching too much new girl so theres some humor amidst the angst LOL

Originally posted by bangts

He placed the basket of fruit on the kitchen counter and slipped off his jacket. 

“Hyung? Jimin? Jungkook?” he called out into the empty dorm. He heard someone in the shower, so he just slumped onto the couch and turn the tv on.

Today was a weird day for Taehyung. He was gonna spend the entire day watching dramas, but he ended up making…kimchi. Weird day.

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Craig: Something wrong?

Tweek: jESUS CHRIST! Don’t sneak up on me like that, dude!

Craig: … Okay.

Craig: I mean. I didn’t. But okay.

Clyde: HEY, look who’s riding the bus today! What’s that?

Tweek: !!!


Clyde: Whooaa, calm down, Tweek. …Wait a second, is that tumblr?

Tweek: Here it comes-

Clyde: -That’s tumblr! You never told me you were a fifteen year old girl!

Tweek: I’m not a-  shut up! This blog is very important business!

Clyde: Nahhh, I bet it’s all conspiracy theories and pictures of coffee with twenty different filters.

Tweek: You know what? This is why I don’t come to the bus stop anymore.

Clyde: Anyway, fill me in.


Tweek: Well, some anonymous entity wants to know what the worse thing that ever happened to me was.

Tweek: But that’s such a loaded question! Implying bad shit ever stops happening to me???

Clyde: Haha, yeah, like that time you almost got kidnapped.

Tweek: Or how about the iron bar through my leg in sixth grade.

Clyde: *shudder* That’s the nastiest scar on the planet earth, I’d avoid those four like the plague after that.

Tweek: You’d think you would. Ohhh, or how about the time I had to take over a speeding semi-truck on the highway? Or the spiked-punch incident, freshman homecoming?! Or-

Craig: Or middle school?


Tweek: Y-Yeah. Yeah, I’ll just put middle school down for worst.

excuse me but this entire episode is precious to me

after knowing this ciel decided he wanted a picture of sebastian taken by this camera

the person being photographed needs to sit still for ten seconds to the picture be taken , and ciel ordered to take the picture without letting sebastian realize

[and of course they spent the whole day trying to take the picture]

at the end of the day, ciel decided to use the last card up his sleeve

in other words he put himself in danger

ordered finny to throw a statue on him

yes, all this just for a picture of sebastian

anyway, it worked

sebastian protected him

putting himself in front of ciel

oh yes, this is surely the right way to make him stop 

i’m lau at this moment

so, they finally take the picture

this is the best picture they could take, ever

this little shit knew it all the time


of course sebastian ordered pluto to ruin everything

and at the end sebastian took a picture of ciel

and i was thinking: maybe who will be transposed in the picture are ciel’s mother and father

but it wasn’t

I'm Scared... (Baekhyun x Reader) Part XXIV

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Baekhyun x You

Summary: How far would you go for the person you love ?

Word Count: 1100

Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV ; Part V ; Part VI ; Part VII ; Part VIII ; Part IX ; Part X ; Part XI ; Part XII ; Part XIII ; Part XIV ; Part XV ; Part XVI ; Part XVII ; Part XVIII ; Part XIX ; Part XX ; Part XXI ; Part XXII ; Part XXIII

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anonymous asked:

sooooo i've been a directioner for a while but i haven't really been completely caught up with everything in the fandom until recently and you're my go to 1D blog. i just wanted to ask, is it true that Larry broke up sometime around last year. i saw this video on youtube and it was explaining how they couldn't talk to each other or stand next to each other and they just got back together this year & thats why they're interacting so much?


First, thank you so much! I’m so glad I’m your go-to I really appreciate it!!

I don’t think they broke up at any point, honestly. Since we don’t really know anything about larry & their personal life, we just have to fill in some blanks. Larry stopped interacting for a looooooong ass time and a lot of people blame it on larry shippers for “ruining their friendship”, other people think they broke up but I think they were forced to stop interacting by Management.

This is a great example, look at the guy in the audience that’s been circled:

He shakes his hands together while Harry watches & then Harry goes to shake Louis’ hand. At the time, Harry had just playfully beaten Louis at a game and Louis was pretending to cry. 

There has been so much in the public claiming Larry aren’t even friends anymore. There have been reports that they weren’t even in the same room to write Perfect together and its 2015! 

Right after ‘Larry Stylinson’ became popular it was shut down sooooo quickly. People were claiming it ruined their friendship and they hated having a “sexuality forced on them”. This is so suspicious to me because Ziam, Narry, Zouis, etc. shippers are pretty hardcore as well, but Larry was the only one shut down. 

I think they’ve been beared and closeted for a loooooong time and forced to stop interacting, but that they’ve always been together & loved each other. Right now, I think they’re allowed to interact again because of their impending break, switch in labels and a change in narrative. 

That’s just my opinion! But I can’t picture them breaking up or hating each other the way people claim, they have so many matching tattoos, Harry has his wedding ring on the gay finger, and RBB+SBB have been around since 2013-2014-ish?(i’m definitely wrong, but its been at least a year). 

Honestly I think people just like the idea of drama + larry breaking up, harry being with xander, etc. but those people need jesus because my Larents aren’t a fanfic. They’re real people and LOUIS LITERALLY GOT THE DAGGER

Here are some videos that make me happy

Man telling Harry to Shake Louis’ Hand

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