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Protect You (Part 1) (TJeffs x Reader)

Summary: You meet him for the first time

Warnings: None its bad tho so…. feedback is appreciated
“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

The first time you met him it was at a fourth of July party at Lafayette’s house. Laf had invited everyone he knew well. Alex, John, Herc, the Schuyler sisters, and you. You didn’t know Thomas Jefferson and his friend would be coming until you arrived. A genius plan in getting your brother to come without complaint. Well until…

“Gilbert Lafayette!” You had been talking with the Frenchman when Alex let out his bellowing yell.

“Thomas has arrived.” He said and soon enough your little big brother walked into the backyard. “Mon ami excuse me will you.” He said putting a hand on your shoulder.

“Good luck.” You said and moved to the picnic tables getting everything ready for the hamburgers that Herc and John were grilling. Eliza and Angelica were in the kitchen cooking everything else. Peggy was sitting by the pool soaking up the last of the day’s rays. You smiled as you moved past your brother and Laf arguing in French. You walked in the elegant sliding glass doors and into the kitchen.

Thomas was standing next to Angelica trying to talk to her. “It must be hard with your sense of direction to find your way to a decent pick up line.” You heard the oldest Schuyler sister say and you let out a laugh. You turned to look through Laf’s cabinets to find the napkins.

“I thought it was good.” You heard him say.

“Too bad you’re not trying to pick up yourself.” Angelica said and you heard Jefferson grunt. “Take these outside and set them on the table.” You found the napkins and turned around as soon as you did you heard the clattering of plastic plates on the floor.

You looked from the ground to Jefferson’s face. “Are you okay?” You asked concerned and walked to him.

“Um uh yeah, I’m fine,” he said and you bent down to pick up the plates, “Oh it’s okay, don’t worry about that please. I can take those too.” He said and gestured to the napkins.

“Oh okay.” You said and gave him the napkins. He got new plates and hurriedly moved outside. You let a small smile form on your lips Angelica looked outside at Jefferson looking inside at you and laughed.

“Oh my god, you made Jefferson make a fool of himself. He’s going to have a headache for days.” She said and you looked at her confused.

“Don’t worry about it,” Angelica said when she saw your expression. “Eliza did you see that? That was hilarious.”

“Angelica you are awful.” You said and shook your head. You took the food that was ready and brought it out to the table that Jefferson was setting. As you were setting down the food you felt him come up to you.

“Uh I’m uh um,” did he forget his name? “I’m Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson.” He said and stuck his hand out for you to shake. You gave a small smile and shook his hand.

“I’m Hamilton, (Y/N) Hamilton.” You said and he looked very confused. He looked between you and your brother.

“Oh that’s not fair.” He blurted out and then apologize and sulked back into the kitchen. You watched him retreat and your brother stomped over angrily.

“What did he say to you?”

“He just introduced himself, calm down.”

“Thas what I’m talking ‘bout. Who ready for food?” John yelled from the grills and that got everyone outside and around the picnic table. Everything was going great until someone brought up the recent discourse on campus. The library making people pay for coffee.

Alex went on a rant on how people were stupid for doing it, Thomas chimed in on how it would encourage people to get jobs to pay for it. Then it turned into an all out yelling match that ended in you telling them to shut up.

“Jesus Christ shut up. Why do you care it’s a dollar fifty get over it. If you would get an actual sleep schedule you wouldn’t need so much. God Alex it’s not life or death.” You rolled your eyes and both of them were silent and everyone else talked. When you’d finished you put you plate up and grabbed the beers.

“(Y/N) a woman after my own heart.” John commented as he grabbed a beer. Laf grabbed one too and soon everyone was talking and laughing and drinking. James and Thomas sat on pool chairs talking in the corner. Thomas kept looking at you and you caught him a few times he seemed tense as you laughed with Herc. What you weren’t expecting was Laf to jump in the pool close to you and soak you with the splash. Which was worse than it normally would have been because of your white American flag crop top.

You took a minute to get over the shock of being soaked. “Mon ami you are soaked.” Laf said and you turned.

“You don’t say.” You said and took your crop top off and your shorts only in your red, white, and blue bikini. “I’m going to strangle you.” You were about to jump in to do just that when John jumped in grabbing your arm dragging you in. Everyone was laughing as you play fought with John and Laf in the pool. It ended in the shallow end Laf and you in a tickle fight.

“I surrender jeez I won’t strangle you.” Laf let go and laughed. He swam to the diving board with John to do tricks. “Alex come help me out.” You said to your brother.

He scoffed,”No way.”

“Why not?” You poured.

“Because we’re siblings I know you.” He said and you rolled your eyes. Thomas did the same and got up to help you. He struggled not to stare at your boobs as he leant down. You grabbed his hand and pulled down bringing into the pool with you. He popped up sputtering and looked at you. You gave him a small smile, he returned it. You were about to swim to him but everyone else started jumping in and you were distracted. He left before you could talk to him again.

“You are so done for.” Peggy said as you wrapped a towel around yourself as you all sat around a fire.

The second time you saw him you were picking up Alex from debate club. Alex prided himself on being one of the top in the debate club. You told him it made him a nerd. He said that it qualified him for everything. You just rolled your eyes.

Today must have run late. You need let yourself go in because of all the nerdiness that must go on in there. You sighed and looked at the clock. It was supposed to be out twenty minutes ago. You had rehearsals in an hour. You had a few minutes to spare. Hopefully you wouldn’t have to stay long.

When you walked in it was a mad house

“When we were on death’s door, when we were needy, we made a promise, we signed a treaty. We asked France for help and they provided. In return, they didn’t ask for land, only a promise that we’d lend a hand And stand with them
If they fought against oppressors and revolution is messy But now is the time to stand!” You shoved your way through the crowd of men and women standing in the strange looking lecture hall. One side had seats and so did the other and there was a place for people to stand around in between them. It kind of looked like a stadium.

“Stand with our brothers as they fight against tyranny. I know that Alexander Hamilton is here and he would rather not have this debate; I’ll remind you that he is not Secretary of State!” When you got to the front you saw who was debating. Your brother and his super hot nemesis.
“He knows nothing of loyalty smells like new money, dresses like fake royalty desperate to rise above his station, Everything he does betrays the ideals of our nation. Hey, and if you don’t know, now you know, Mr. President.” Jefferson finished and you knitted your eyebrows looking at Alex and then Jefferson. There was tension as the taller man let a sinister smirk cross his face. The was not the same adorable man who had dropped plates at the sight of her was it?

“Thank you, Secretary Jefferson. Secretary Hamilton, your response?” George Washington, a history professor said and looked at your brother. It was silent for a moment everyone waiting for his response. Alex always had a way with a crowd since he was young and on the streets asking for money to buy his little sister some food.

“You must be out of your goddamn mind,” everyone shouted at that and you found yourself doing it as well. “If you think the President is going to bring the nation to the brink of meddling in the middle of a military mess, a game of chess, where France is Queen and King-less.” That’s when Alex noticed you and so did Thomas. And the Alex noticed Thomas noticing you and the glare that formed on his face. Thomas’ smirk had fallen when he’d seen you. He looked awe struck and you gave him a small smile.

“We signed a treaty with a King whose head is now in a basket, would you like to take it out and ask it? Should we honor our treaty, King Louis’s head? ‘Uh, do whatever you want I’m super dead!’” And like that it was over and you were being pushed out of there by Alex. “I hate the way he was looking at you.” Alex hissed.

“What with admiration, you know some people find me admirable.” You said as you moved around your car to get into the driver’s side.

“No like he was lovesick, you can’t date. I refuse to let it happen.” Alex said as he got in.

“Yeah yeah, say whatever you like, I can do what I want.” You told him and Alex rolled his eyes.

The third time you saw him was the charm.

You were sitting outside the theater waiting for your director to get there with the keys. It was cold and you had forgotten your jacket. So you sat huddle to the inside of the middle brick column. You could see the Political science building across the street and watched the students roll in quickly.

There was one that truly caught you attention. Tall, dark, ridiculously hot, and supposedly off limits. Thomas Jefferson was walking to his class and spotted you. You blushed when he caught you looking at him. His face knitted in concern when he recognized you. He quickly jogged over his bright purple jacket looking ridiculous.

“(Y/n) what are you doing out here without a jacket?” He asked and was quickly shedding his and wrapping it around you.

“Waiting on the director to get here. I have rehearsals today.” You said and he put his hands on your face. A weird thing for people who were practically strangers. His hands were so warm though you didn’t really care.

“You never stop surprising me.” He said and you hugged out a laugh giving a sardonic smile.

“That me, I’m full of surprises.” You said and moved your cold hands to his. “I’m actually really glad you came over here, I’m a tropical flower I don’t think I could have survived.” He laughed and so did you. His jacket was so warm. So absolutely warm. After a few minutes a silent warming Jefferson cursed at his watch.

“I’m late I have to go, if your director doesn’t come in a few minutes come in the Poli. science building okay. You’re lips are blue.” He said and you nodded. He got up and started walking away.

“Wait what about your jacket?” You asked.

“Keep it.” He said turning around.

“How will I get it back to you?” He smiled and your heart fluttered. He brought out a pen and wrote seven numbers on your arm.

“That’s my number, call me or text me when you wanna give it back.”

13 Reasons Guys- FicBite 1

This is a little list I’ll bring doing frequently from now, and is about how the 13 RW guys reacting to a particular situation. It’s inspired by the amazing @13reasonswhyilovezachdempsey .

At the big game

Zach: looks so relaxed he’s practically horizontal, but you can see that he’s a teeny tiny but nervous under that whole “I rule this shit” demeanor. He gives you a smirk before he goes for a three pointer, scoring of course, because he’s Zach Dempsey and Zach always scores. Plus, he’s 6'3! He can basically just walk up to net lol

Justin: is completely utterly focused on the game. his eyes are always on the ball, and the way he moves is almost predatory as he goes for a layup. you can see that one muscle where he keeps all his tension on his neck go taut, and he’ll be rubbing it for hours later. he doesn’t look at you much, but somehow he always knows where you’re sitting and manages to make all the action happen around there

Jeff: comes in with that amazing smile of his and makes half the room fall for him, but he only has eyes for you and after the game, runs over and puts his arm around your shoulder like ‘let’s get outta this place’

Montgomery: is new to the team but the quintessential show off, and every time he gets near the ball he makes it a point to grin at every girl in the audience. he’s not as good as Justin or Zach, but makes up for it by acting like he’s Kobe

Marcus: Is marcus even at the game? oh yes, he’s at the back with Courtney trying to make himself look good. no-one cares, Marcus

Tyler: he’s taking pictures of everyone, and when you tell him to shut up and actually come sit with you he sighs but does it, reluctantly putting the camera down

Tony: He just joined the team but is chill as hell and scores without even trying. seriously, the guy is a basketball God. he raises an eyebrow at you as he saunters down the court when everyone else is sprinting, and you grin, because tony Padilla cannot be shaken

Alex: groans for ages because he doesn’t want to come to the ‘stupid pseudo-masculine ball chasing activity’ that basketball is but comes when you drag him there. it’s great though, because he makes sarcastic jokes about all of them and you can’t stop laughing

Clay: he’s really quiet when he gets there but you guys really warm up to each other over the game and leave before the end to go hang at Monet’s or wherever. oh, and he lets you ride his bike.

Ryan: you really think he’d come?

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it! Send me an ask or post a comment down below telling me what you want this to be about, and I am happy to write it. Seriously, any situation is good.

Auston Matthews - Part 15

Ya’ll are lucky af that I love you 

I can’t help but peek over my shoulder at Auston as he closes the door behind him. The moonlight glances off his skin, he isn’t wearing a shirt which I think is just a little bit crazy, but I’m also not complaining. I again think that pictures just do not do him enough justice. Auston turns and starts towards the hot tub and before he can see me looking, I quickly turn my attention to my hands under the water. Alex and Breyana giggle beside me and I shoot them both filthy looks.

               Auston jogs to the hot tub, I’m sure regretting his decision to not wear a shirt or rob out. He quickly jumps in, splashing all three of us in the process and getting a splash back from Breyana. I pointedly ignore all of them and focus my attention skyward, only now I can’t focus on a single thing. Stupid fucking boy.

               “Was this your idea, Auston?” I hear Alex ask him.

               “Kinda, I just prodded mom and dad in the right direction. Mitch told me about this place, his family used to come here,” Auston answers and I have never had to fight myself so hard to not look at person.

               “You wanted to come someplace cold?” Breyana asks, without looking at her I know there’s skeptical look on her face. “I hardly believe that, something must have gotten your attention up here.”

               Auston is silent for a moment, all I can hear is the jets of the tub.

               “A new point of view,” he finally says. My eyes snap to his, my mind instantly going to last night when I sang that stupid song in front of him. I open my mouth to say something but I can’t think of a single thing to say, so I just smile and look down at my hands again. I can feel Breyana and Alex staring at me, but I ignore them as usual.

               “Is that a bruise on your shoulder?” Alex asks and I hear Auston hiss in pain and look up in time to see Auston swatting at Alex’s finger as she pulls it back.

               We sit in the hot tub for another half hour before Breyana decides to go to bed, I consider following her but I refuse to get out of the tub in my bathing suit in front of Auston. Breyana climbs out of the tub and exchanged a look with Alex before saying goodnight to Auston and I.

               I get a bad feeling in my stomach as I look at Alex, her eyes darting between me and Auston as she keeps up her conversation with Auston. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later Alex yawns and my stomach plummets. She wouldn’t dare.

               Alex meets my gaze and I shake my head at her, my eyes pleading. She just looks back at me, a stupid grin tugging at her mouth.

               “Don’t,” I mouth at her, still too stubborn to follow her out of the water.

               “I think I’m going to head to bed now too,” Alex says, exaggerating another yawn and stretch before clambering out of the tub. I make a small noise and refuse to look at Auston, silently urging him to go inside as well.

               “Night Auston, Y/N,” Alex says, a funny tone to her voice. She gives me one more look before turning and walking towards the house.

               I suck in a deep breath and press my lips together, suddenly incredibly shy. I pull my legs up against my chest and in desperation to look anywhere but at Auston, I look skyward again, only seeing blurry spots above me.

               “Not gonna talk to me?” Auston breaks the silence and I cringe.

               “I’m not ignoring you,” I murmur, my eyes still up.

               “I didn’t say you were ignoring me, it’s just you haven’t said two words to me since we got here,” Auston counters and moves his hands through the water in front of him. I can feel the rush of water and am reminded how close I am sitting to him, half naked and incredibly awkward.

               “Not used to a girl not throwing herself at you?” I respond without thinking.

               Auston is silent a moment before answering.

               “Actually, not really to be honest. But who says I want you to throw yourself at me?”

               I finally look at him, a skeptical look on my face and he chuckles.

               “Alright, I’ll give you that one,” he admonishes, not even a little embarrassed while I turn scarlet.

               I can feel his eyes on me and I shift under his gaze.

               “Looking for something?” I snap at him, pulling my knees even tighter to me, my only line of defense.

               Auston just laughs and tilts his head back, I try to ignore his now exposed neck but find it impossible.

               “So, sit in silence until you decide to go to bed?” He asks and I scowl at him.

               “Or you can go to bed,” I mutter, he looks back down and I quickly move my eyes to the water at my feet again.

               “Silence it is then,” he says and stretches his legs out in front of him, putting them directly in front of me and moves his hands behind his head. His eyes are closed and I take the opportunity to openly examine him.

               There’s a small cut on his chin from a few games back, along with a small bruise around it. I notice a couple more bruises around his collar bone and the one on his shoulder that Alex poked, I smile at the recent memory of it. Resting my chin on my knees, my eyes move to his arms, still behind his head. I have yet to see a single hair on this boy besides on his face. My eyes slowly move up his arms and back to his face and sigh with relief that his eyes are still closed and I didn’t get caught staring.

               “Looking for something?” Auston says, throwing my words back in my face and I scowl.

               “Excuse me?”

               “I can feel you staring at me.”

               “I am not!”

               “You’re getting awfully defensive,” he replies, his eyes still closed.

               “You’re being ridiculous,” I mutter, thoroughly embarrassed.

               “You can keep looking, I don’t mind,” he adds and I consider splashing him.

               “Shut up,” I reply and a grin breaks across his face.

               I try to find something else to get my attention and my eyes fall onto the controls over where Alex had been sitting. I stretch my legs back out, careful to avoid Auston’s and move silently through the water, switching seats. I lean over the controls and read the options. I can feel Auston watching me but he doesn’t say anything.

               I press various buttons, making the jets more powerful and less, adjusting the temperature and the colors of the lights. There’s one more button near the jets that I haven’t done anything with and when I flip it on Auston grunts and moves slightly in his seat. I glance at him and raise my eye brows as his hands leave behind his head and go down into the water near his shorts.

               “Little warning would have been nice,” he grunts at me and my hand flies to my mouth when I realize what happened to shield my giggle. Auston sees anyway and narrows his eyes at me before laughing as well.

               “Least I know where to go if I get lonely tomorrow,” he mutters and I blush furiously, choosing to ignore him.

               I stare at him a moment as he relaxes back into his seat, now that I turned the switch off again.

               “Are you sore after games?” I ask, genuine curiosity getting the better of me as my eyes stray to his bruises again. He isn’t the only hockey player I know, I was my dad’s helper from the time I could walk, so I know a lot of players around the league, young and old. However, I never actually talk hockey with any of them, or ask them questions.

               Auston doesn’t seem to mind and his eyes fly open again. He glances at the bruise Alex poked and shrugs.

               “Sometimes, tonight I am a little but it was a rough game. Not too sore for other activities,” he adds, an alluring tone in his voice and I can’t refrain this time, my dignity is at stake, so I splash him. He blinks at me several times, wiping at his face.

               “Did you just splash me?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me and I feel everything below my belly clench again.

               “Don’t think so, jet must have got ya,” I reply, refusing to let his stare get to me.

               He shifts forward in his seat, his eyes impossibly dark as he stares at me and his knee grazes my foot which is resting on the seat beside him. He glances down in the water at my leg and doesn’t shy away from sliding his eyes all the way up my leg, torso and back to my face.

               I gulp and shift in my seat, regretting my childish act already.

               “Are you sure it wasn’t you?” He asks again and I shake my head.

               “Nope, not a chance,” I say and put on a bored look, though I am very much the opposite of bored. “You know, I think I might go to bed.”

               “Go right ahead,” Auston gestures his hand towards the house. “By all means,” he adds, his eye flashing down to near my belly again and I curse myself. Talk about backfire.

               I hold his gaze for a moment then can’t actually hold a real yawn back, it has to be after two in the morning.

               “I really do want to go to bed,” I admit. “Alone!” I add, seeing his smirk.

               “Like I said, by all means,” he says again and I scowl.

               I reach for my towel and make to stand up but hesitate.

               “Turn around,” I demand.

               “You naked?”


               “Then why do I have to look away?”

               “Because you’re a pervert.”

               Auston laughs with his reply. “Am I really a pervert if you like it?”

               “I don’t like it!”

               “Like what?”

               “Like you!”

               “Are you sure?”

               “Yes! Stop asking questions!” I start to get flustered, my cheeks heated and I want to kiss the smirk off his face.

               “Then go to bed and I’ll stop asking you questions,” he says simply, putting his hands behind his head again.

               I huff at him and gather every ounce of confidence I possibly can before putting my hands on either side of me and raising myself out of the water. I want to hurry as fast as I possibly can but also don’t want to fall on my face. Thankfully, my legs are long and I easily climb out of the tub, surprised at my own gracefulness. I snatch my towel and wrap it around my shoulders, leaving my legs bare because, well they’re just legs.

               I turn back to face him and his smirk is gone, he’s staring at me with dark eyes again and I quickly take a few steps back.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I say gently, and because I’m now out of the tub and he’s still in it, I let my eyes travel the length of his body with exaggerated slowness. He sucks in a breath and I quickly turn away, walk to the slider and slip inside. It isn’t until I get upstairs and out of his sight that I let my face break into a beaming smile, the adrenaline still pumping through my body.

               I slip into my room and into my pajamas, when I move to the door to flip off the light switch I hear someone coming up the stairs. I pause and listen to Auston walk past my door and wait until I hear his door shut as well, just a few feet from mine. What am I doing?

               I shake my head and flip off the light, laying down in my bed, I hope that sleep will take me soon. But the longer I lay there, the less I feel like sleeping and the more I think about my meeting. I can feel my heart start to beat faster and I feel none of the pleasure of adrenaline that I felt when climbing out of the tub. What am I going to do? I ask myself over and over again.

               I lay there for another half hour, my phone screen tells me so, and still no sleep comes. My heart is still beating too fast and I can feel my blood pressure rising. Stop freaking yourself out, Y/N. You have several days to make your decision. I keep telling myself, chanting it like it’s my lifeline.

Before I realize it, there’s tears streaming down my face and soon there’s full blown sobs. I roll over onto my stomach and shove my face in a pillow, very aware of the fact that Auston is sleeping on just the other side of the wall.

               The sobs are uncontrollable, but it feels so good to cry, like I just turned the tea kettle and the steam is slowly letting itself out. However, while it starts out feeling good, I can’t seem to stop and soon a miserable feeling takes place of the relief. The sobs are painful and I know the pillow is doing little to muffle me.

               After a few more minutes I think I hear a soft tapping on wood, though I can’t tell when it comes from. I compose myself for a moment and look around my room before hearing the tap again. I realize it’s coming from right by my head, from on the other side of the wall. I sniffle and reach out, very softly tapping back. There is a moment of silence and I hear a pattern of taps again. I mimic the pattern back and wait for the next one.

               This goes on just a little while longer and I feel my heart rate going back down and my body relaxes, the sleepy feeling I had before finally coming back. The taps get slower and my reply taps get even slower. Finally, he knocks three incredibly slow times and I try to raise my wrist to tap back, but my eyes shut before I even twitch a finger. 

Jody’s Place

Characters: Jody Mills, Winchester!sister!reader, Winchester brothers, Alex Jones, Bobby Singer (mentioned)

Words: 3400

Summary: You’re spending a few days at Jody’s, who is a mother figure to you who you look to. But things doesn’t go as planned, because there’s things - well people - that you hadn’t even thought of.

A/N: I’m only on season 10 so far (I’m working on it) so I don’t know if there might be a similar scenario in the actual show, and I don’t know the character Alex Jones to well either. This idea just kinda popped into my head, and I used her for it. It might not agree with how she is in the show, but then again, there a lot of different versions of John Winchester, for example, in fanfics, so hopefully I’ll be good. That’s my little ramble, enjoy! Oh, reader is about 19, maybe. I’m guessing Alex is about 17 or so.

Your name: submit What is this?

You sit behind your older brothers in the backseat of the Impala. The Impala slightly careens as Dean pulls up onto the small, gravel road that leads up a hill, towards Jody’s house. Just like you all had been close to Bobby, especially your brothers, you are close to the female sheriff. Jody’s been through a lot of crap, and even despite that, she manages to keep a light hearted yet tough attitude, and she accepts everyone. And you adored that about her.

You grow more and more excited as the car rolls closer and closer to the house. You’ve been looking forward to this the last couple of days. Sam and Dean are going on a hunt a couple of states over, so they thought you could sit this one out and stay with Jody for a few days, knowing how close you two were. And you had been more than happy with that plan.

You spot Jody waiting by the porch, but then you see her. A girl. It’s that Alex, the one that your brothers and Jody rescued a while pack. It was a hunt you weren’t part of, but they had told you about her. You had forgotten it, though. And now, you feel the excitement fade just a little bit once you realize that Jody’s isn’t all yours for these days. Selfish, yes, but true.

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If you're still looking for prompts: Alex/Astra - "I think I'm in love with you."

Fight The Impulse

Rating: T+

“Goddammit, Astra.  Stop moving around so much,” Alex scolded, stepping closer to her and getting a tighter grip on the tweezers in her hand.  The rip in Astra’s jumpsuit extended down her arm, revealing a long gash that wasn’t healing yet because of the Kryptonite in the wound.  It was extremely painful, but Astra bit her lip and didn’t make a sound other than a sharp gasp that reverberated in her chest.  Her anger at Non and his betrayal was still surging in her veins.  The exam room was quiet, and the general closed her eyes, staying still as Alex carefully extricated the last shard of glowing green matter.  Astra hissed and glared down at it, vowing once more that she would kill Non, no matter what it took.

“I know you hate him,” Alex said quietly, eerily aware of Astra’s murderous thoughts.  “But I don’t want you to kill him.”


“Because I want to be the one to do it,” Alex confessed.  “He tried to kill Kara.  And tonight he would have…” Alex trailed off, turning away.  “I know Kara wouldn’t want me to, but–I can’t help it.  I just care about her so much.”

“I know,” Astra said softly.  She shifted, feeling her strength coming back.  She could feel her skin start to knit itself together.  As nearly invincible as she was, she couldn’t always protect Kara.  Not by herself.   

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Tili tili bom

This fic is in honor of my 300th follower, @ameliashepherdisthequeen. I hope you like what I made from it, sweetheart. Thank you for being my 300th follower. You guys mean all the world to me, and damn… This is evil.

OH YEAH. Since angst is my speciality…


It was a clear night above Seattle, one of those they had once a year. 
Many people liked it. Many people didn’t see it.
The people on lincoln road 2583 didn’t see it. The mom and dad were deeply asleep in their room, while the youngest kid of the family, a boy, was happily asleep in his bed, just as the middle child, a girl.

Tili Tili bom,Zakroy glaza skoree,
kto-to hodit za oknom I stuchitsya v dveri.”

The oldest daughter was widley awake. The moonlight had fallen right on her face, through the window, and while she looked out side, she softly sang a russian lullaby her teacher had taught her in school.

“ Tili Tili bom,
krichit nochnaya ptitsa,
on ezhe probralsya v dom k tem,
komu ne spitsya.”

She had no idea what it meant. Her teacher had said that she would get the translation the next week.
The girl had no idea she wouldn’t be singing for a while.

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