shut up ace


Okay but this fucking quote right here. “I think I might be nothing.” He just doesn’t have the word for it and oh my god this is the realest shit, and it was all handled so well, and i’m so happy about it i just want to go sit in a corner and cry for a while.

i know that’s really just me, but i never really thought about ace (and aro!) representation a lot? i dunno, it just kinda felt like as long as i could get my hands on books or movies that weren’t filled with romantic subplots from time to time, that was good enough. i totally get why representation matters so much to so many people, and i do think it’s extremely important to have representation so that people feel included and find themselves in fiction, but i never really thought it was something i needed for myself, if that makes sense?

But y’know what, i was wrong. Having a show i already loved do something like this, it just means so much. i’m so happy about this.

Your honor, this last weekend a movie called “The Last Exorcism: Part II” was released in American cinemas.


The film is a sequel to a previous film, simply entitled “The Last Exorcism”.

If the previous film did indeed depict the last exorcism, then logically there should be no exorcisms left for the sequel to depict!

If anything, the sequel should be called “The Current Exorcism”!