shut up Chrissy

ok perks of dating me

  1. hella cute
  2. no but 5 real i can cook (like order pizza)
  3. sometimes i wear a shirt with no pants and knee socks
  4. i liek cuddling
  5. i literally have no social life so i have time whenever you want
  6. we can make out while the arctic monkeys play in the background
  7. i probably love you a lot
  8. hella rad
  9. did i mention the knee socks
  10. please

an (incomplete) study in laurent

my dash is dead, and i’m looking for new people to follow, so could you please like/reblog if you post any of the following:

-fire emblem (awakening and fates)
-legend of zelda
-xenoblade chronicles/xenoblade chronicles x
-super smash bros
-final fantasy
-bravely default/bravely second
-video games in general

and i’ll check out your blog and maybe give you a cheeky follow? thanks!

That thing that Andy said last night about Chrissie being gorgeous and Robert must be off his head…that’s not…he’s not attracted to men because Chrissie isn’t “hot enough” that’s…just stupid. Andy he’s not straight…it’s not a case of…if he didn’t find Chrissie good looking enough he would’ve gone for another woman…not…a man. It’s just really annoying me because what the hell? That’s not how bisexuality works.

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