shut up Charlie no one likes you

Not to discourse but I just saw someone say that Ross Geller is a Hufflepuff and Ross Geller 

1) literally slept with another woman while being in a relationship. We get it bro “you were on a break!”. Shut the fuck up

2) sabotaged one of his friends’ relationships because he wanted the girl to himself

3) Is openly a dick to people that date a woman that he doesn’t have the guts to tell that he loves

4) Literally said the wrong name on his wedding day

5) Lies to Rachel about having gotten their marriage annulled because he doesn’t want to get divorced again without taking her feelings in the matter into the equation

6) Refused to help his friends when their car broke down because he was bitter about them also being friends with his ex

7) He cheated on several women

Hufflepuffs are fucking loyal and that man doesn’t have a loyal bone in his body

Most annoying songs of 2016
  • Closer by Chainsmokers ft Halsey - i hate that goddamn synth line that hammers 3-4 notes into your goddamn skull
  • 7 Years by Lukas Graham - who fucking cares lukas your voice sucks
  • Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes - goddamn didn’t this song already exist?? with You Belong With Me or It’s Gonna Be Me?? at least those songs had enough personality to become memes, this song is all generic lines sung by a generic singer
  • This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna - the hook is so goddamn boring and they repeat it a million times in the song. at least it feels that way
  • Just Like Fire by P!nk - it feels like there’s several concepts smashed into one song, also Alice in Wonderland 2 was a critical flop and nobody liked it NEXT
  • Me Too by Meghan Trainor - shut the fuck up meghan
  • Any Song by Charlie Puth - shut the fUCK up charlie
  • Literally any Song by 21 Pilots - SHUT THE FU
  • Play that Song by Train - Really?? sampling heart and soul? what’s next, chopsticks?? unforgivable
  • Let it Go by James Bay - ok now this song was released in ‘14 but it kept playing on the radio nonstop this year, at least where i live in Metro Atlanta and i hate this song so much that it deserves to be on this list

so im getting in the car as one does and when i turn it on i expect hamilton to come blasting through the speakers as per usual but it doesnt so of course my dumb ass cranks it up full volume only to get hit with

WAIT FOR IT  (wait for it) 

and so im like hitting the stereo trying to turn it off and let me tell you. i love leslie odom jr. but i do not ever need aaron burr to yell at me ever again. thank you. 

high school!au / prom!au | popular!dean & nerdy!cas

this is only part one !! pt.2 coming soon

I can’t believe you still haven’t found a prom date yet,” Sam said as he pushed the salad on his plate around. “Prom is literally this Friday, Dean.”

“I’m aware, Sammy.” Dean sighed.

Sam started to smirk across the table at Dean, knowing how much Dean liked a certain little nerd. The boys were sat across from each other, alone today, because their other friend, Charlie, had called in sick to school so she could work.

“You could just ask the love of your life, Dean,” Sam ran a hand through his hair. “You know that Castiel would totally go with you. You’re not ugly and you’re sort of smart..well, not really..but still! Besides, even if he thought you were totally gross he’d probably still go with you because no one wants to go alone.”

“Oh, shut up.” Dean rolled his eyes, his cheeks burning. He kicked his brother under the table as Castiel walked by. His eyes followed Castiel across the cafeteria until he finally sat down. He was sitting with his brother and another girl named Hannah.

“What about you? Where’s your hot date, hm? You going to ask Castiel’s brother, Gabe?” Dean smirked back at his little brother before taking a bite of his cheeseburger. The school’s burgers weren’t as good as he had hoped but they were still burgers.

Sam leaned forward, shaking his head. “Actually, I have someone in mind.” He smiled triumphantly, stabbing some chicken with his fork before taking a bite.

“Oh, really? Who?” Dean asked, his eyes still watching Castiel. He saw as Castiel laughed at something Hannah had said and he felt his stomach drop. What if Cas took her to prom? She was fairly pretty and he thought she was funny.

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He wasn’t paying attention, blame that on his relatively short attention span, blame it on the fat that his twitter feed was BLOWING UP.  Enzo turned his back away from her, wasn’t really invested in this conversation from the beginning. “WAH WAH WAH, it’s like on lon an episode of Charlie Brown. You can be the dirty one. You talk too much, blah blah blah blah bha blha shut up becasue I.don’

It’s coming again
I can’t see it but I can sense it
Like a gas leak, but one that only I can smell, because it only affects me
Like bacteria on a door handle
I can feel it now. I don’t have much time left
You should run before the animal takes over (please don’t leave me)
I don’t want you to see me like that
I don’t want you to see my bad angles
It might chase you away, and I need you in my life
Until I transform, that is
Then I won’t remember that I love you and I won’t know that you’re not the enemy (I know that I’m the enemy. You’re too good for me. I’m sorry)
I will say horrible things that I don’t really mean
So please leave (please don’t. I’m scared. I need you with me)
Leave so you can come back when I’m me again
(Stay so I’m not alone when I break. Stay and glue me back together when it’s over)
—  Charlie W

Not so friendly reminder that refusing to use trigger warnings, not because you don’t have the spoon to tag things, but because “real life is full of triggers” is really, really fucking disgusting

People with triggers are very much aware that real life is full of triggers. That’s one of the reasons why we’d very much like to avoid being exposed to them for at least the time that we’re like scrolling through our dashboards

People with triggers are often in need of a safe space, and honestly, by refusing to take five seconds out of your day to tag something that can cause someone to have an anxiety attack, dissociate or engage in harmful behavior, you’re making that safe space unsafe

One time, Eggsy got Daisy a little kitten that’s all white and fluffy and pretty and Daisy the little flower puts a tiny ribbon on the darling thing’s head. And one day Charlie comes over (shut up forever my reluctant frenemyBrotp) and says “Ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them” and Roxy chokes on her tea yeah and Charlie just sniffs and be like “Aristocats, you uncultured swine” and Harry heard it in the background and had to cough into his hand to mask his laughter but Eggsy just howls with it and roxy is just like “Shut up, Marie” to which Charlies says “Likewise, Toulouse”.

“So… i’m Berlioz?” Eggsy chortles. 

(and that’s how the entire Agency taken to call the three of them the Aristocats and sometimes -behind harry’s back and this is all merlin’s fault- calls their Arthur Monsieur Bonfamille)