shut up Charlie no one likes you

Request: Charlie takes a picture of the reader sitting in Dean's lap and puts it on Tumblr. The picture goes viral and everybody is sayin' how cute they look. After Dean sees that he takes selfies with the reader and she also puts it on tumblr!

(Hope you like it; by the way, everyone, I’m going off to camp for two weeks. I’ll try my best to put something up every day, but if I miss one, then you ’ll know why! xx)

Charlie looked up from her laptop screen, which was filled with articles of research for a case, so she could inquire about a certain piece of information that she had found. She quickly shut her mouth again, though, when she saw that instead of looking through the dusty and leather-bound books, you and Dean were whispering softly to each other, laughing quietly every once in a while with adoring smiles on your faces; Sam was blatantly ignoring the show of affection, still focusing on his work.

Dean’s arms were wrapped around your waist so that he could hold you securely on his lap, his green eyes absolutely euphoric as he pulled you closer to him. Your arms encircled his shoulders, and you leaned forward so you could giggle something in his ear that your red-haired friend couldn’t hear from where she sat. He chuckled lightly before kissing your forehead, making your cheeks turn a lovely baby pink.

She was sure that you weren’t paying attention to her, but Charlie was subtle about taking out her phone from her purse and sliding up on the screen so she could access the camera quickly. Pretending like she was using the phone for something else, she stared hard at the screen as she centered you in the middle of it. The picture that she was about to take was entirely perfect, in her opinion: you and Dean were still in the same position as before, but your foreheads were now touching and your mouths were turned up into loving grins as you looked into each other’s eyes. A fraction of a second before she took the picture she abruptly remembered that she hadn’t turned the sound all the way off, so when she hit the button the shutter sounded loudly; she cursed silently when the two of you looked up at her and began to act like she was taking pictures of herself, doing different faces.

“Really, Charlie?” Dean asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Don’t judge me,” she responded defensively. “I actually have friends who are interested in what I’m doing.”

“The Moondorks…”

“Hey, don’t be mean!” You lightly hit his arm. “I remember quite well that you loved dressing up there. You also led the army, if I’m recalling that correctly.”

Dean cleared his throat. “Well…um–let’s not talk about that anymore, alright?”

Letting out a breath that she had been holding, Charlie, now relieved, unlocked her phone and immediately went to the Tumblr app. She scrolled through her dashboard for a couple minutes before realizing that she was being distracted, and started to make a new post. She attached the photo she had just taken to it, typing These two should get back to work before I throw up from how adorable they are. Smiling to herself when she pressed ‘post’ with a swift movement of her thumb, she put her phone back down before turning her attention back to the case, which was still scattered around in bits and pieces on her laptop.

A few hours later, Sam picked up lunch for everyone; when he had given Charlie her burger, she popped a fry in her mouth after a quick 'thanks’ and logged on to Tumblr on her computer. She almost choked when she saw that her activity had skyrocketed, and went to her posts; she actually started to cough when she saw the number of notes that the picture of you and Dean had gotten, and the both of you and Sam rushed over to her.

“Are you okay?!” Sam asked, slightly panicking until she waved him off.

“I-I’m more than okay!” she exclaimed, and after observing your looks of confusion, she gestured for everyone to turn their attention to her laptop. “Look at this!”

“You did take a picture of Dean and I!” you said in surprise, and she shrugged; your eyes suddenly went wide. “It already has more than 4,000 notes?!”

“Yeah!” she replied excitedly, clicking on the notes and scrolling through until she found a bunch of replies and reblogs that had extra text. “Look at what people are saying about you guys!”

I need this kind of relationship ASAP


no they don’t need to go back to work they need to stay that way forever

“So, you’re basically exploiting us?” Dean asked warily, and Charlie rolled her eyes.

“I obviously didn’t know that you guys would get so popular. But seriously, the people love you!”

She saw that she had about twenty new messages, so she clicked on her inbox and saw that it was full of bloggers who were either fangirling or demanding to know what your names were; turning back to you, she put on a pleading face.

Please take some pictures of yourselves!” Sticking out her bottom lip, she waved her phone in your face. “Please!”

“And why would we do that?” The older Winchester was still uncertain about this whole thing, although he did feel sort of great after reading everything that had been said about you and him.

Charlie looked at him as if he had no common sense. “You have to give the people what they want, and what they want is more of you and Y/N!”

You smiled mischievously before taking Dean’s hand before singing, “We have to give the people what they want!”

Thinking for a couple of seconds, he finally sighed. “Fine.

Charlie cheered and Sam looked a bit weirded out as you pulled Dean over to the corner of the library and started to take selfies; the first one was one of you smiling, the second one making silly faces, and the third one kissing. You ran over and handed Charlie her phone, and she instantly went back onto Tumblr and posted the photos, this time typing Their names are Dean and Y/N, by the way.

The four of you waited around five minutes before she checked what was going on, and saw that the three pictures were already gaining notes rapidly.

“Look, they’ve even already made a ship name for you guys!” She exclaimed, showing you it. “I have no idea how they did it, because your names are hard to combine.”

“Are you saying you’ve tried to do it before?” Sam teased, and she nodded, looking completely serious.


“Wait!” you said, and pointed to one of the replies; it was asking, okay, who is that other hot guy?! All of you saw that in one photo, Sam was in the background with a bewildered look on his face. “Sam’s getting some attention, too!”

“Seriously?” he asked, and watched as Charlie went through all of the replies, and raised his eyebrows and most of them. “Some of these Tumblr people can be a bit creepy.”

“No kidding,” Dean mumbled.

“Yeah,” Charlie grinned before shrugging, her green eyes sparkling. “But they’re absolutely wonderful.”

Request: Look Here, Buttmonkeys

Request: Could you write something where the reader is dating Charlie and is the winchesters sister(deans twin&exactly like him with some sam book stuff maybe?) and they’re hunting with Cas but the ghost facers show up and are pissing everyone off (boys protective, reader annoyed) by flirting with the reader so to shut them up Cas pops Charlie there so she can show that the reader is hers and like some super protective fluff from the Charlie and the boys or something please?

Word Count: 817

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks<3

“Guys. Guys!” You hiss, looking at the headlight pulling up outside, “Someone’s coming!”

“What?” Sam looks out of the cracked glass of the window pane, “It’s one in the morning!”

“More hunters?” You ask, looking around. You’re hunting a spirit that lured people into the grasp of the house and slit their throats- a young girl, you think, murdered by family for… well, that part’s missing.

“Cas?” You whisper, already looking for places to hide. “Dean?”

The pair emerge from the other hand of the room, looking considerably dusty.

“Something wrong?” Dean asks, looking around for threats.

Sam shakes his head, “There’s more people here.”

“What? This place is in the middle of nowhere!” He protests, but is cut off from voices downstairs, floating clearly from the cracked floor.

“Set up in here, you two, get cameras set up on every floor- not an inch uncovered! Ed, you with me?”

Dean curses below his breath, and starts for the door. You shoot a confused look at Sam, who rolls his eyes before mouthing the word, ‘Ghostfacers’.

Oh, no. Not these. You’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting the ‘team’ but you’ve sure as hell heard the stories. The three of you follow your twin downstairs, you leading, to see a small group of people seeming to be setting up a table, covered in laptops, tripods- like they’re shooting a TV show.

Aw, crap.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean storms in, pointing his finger at the ones who seem to be leading the group, “You know how dangerous this is!”

The taller of the two sighs, “We’re willing to go through that danger to appease our loyal fans.” He states. You groan, stepping up beside your twin brother- he’s older by four minutes, but never shuts up about it.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” When they don’t answer, you groan, “You were right, Dean, they’re total wackos.”

“Talk about it.” He mutters, but the guys on the other side of the room are just staring at you.

“Hey, you never told us you had a chick on the side.” The shorter mutters. Dean practically growls at him.

“She’s our sister, dumbass.”

“Lies, lies. Nothing that hot could come from your blood.” He chuckles, winking at you.

“Come any closer and I’ll remove your legs.” You hiss, folding your arms.

“Not to mention, she’s vicious when she gets mad.” Sam says, and you nod approvingly.

“I think we’re forgetting the fact that I’m…y’know, taken?” You roll your eyes. “Look, let’s just get this over with. But the promise still stands.” You say warningly, reaching for your salt.

“Fine.” Dean mutters, handing you a canister of salt, “You know what to do. Can you keep them put?”

You sigh irritably, but nod. “Alright. Whatever.”

“Hey, it won’t be so bad!” One of them chuckles. You send him a glare, your eyes glinting threateningly in the darkness, making him shut up.

You draw out the circle, warning them to stay within it, before pulling up a chair. You straddle it, leaning your elbows on the back.

“So, say… once we get out of here, you and me…?”


“Your brothers don’t have to know. Neither does your boyfriend.”


“Wai- what?”

You turn, nodding, “Problem?”

“No. No, definitely not. Are you sure?” He leans forward, as if about to tell you a secret, “I’m a hundred times better than she could be.”

“Leave me alone.”

“I didn’t think a Winchester could be so hot.” One of them muses. You hiss at him.

“Shut your mouth.”

You shoot a silent prayer to Cas- Please, save me from the torture that is the people in front of me. Smite them. Smite me. I don’t care. Please?

Nothing happens, though, and you go back to shooting down their suggestive comments. No, you won’t go look at their poster collection. No, you don’t want to see their special gun. You’re about to shoot them, literally, when you hear a flutter of wings.

“Y/N?” A female voice says. You grin widely, standing up to see Cas and Charlie standing behind you.

“Hey, Charlie.” She comes over and embraces you tightly. “Cas bring you?”

“Yeah, he said some ‘wackos’ were messing with you to the extent that you prayed to him.”

“He wasn’t wrong. Charlie, meet the Ghostfacers.” You say, with massively faked enthusiasm. She raises an eyebrow, and stalks over to them.

“You guys messing with my girl?” She asks- she’s genuinely terrifying when she’s angry.

“Uh… no.”

“Liar.” She glares at them, “Listen up, buttmonkeys. She’s mine, so keep your hands, eyes, and everything else, off.” She says coolly, taking a step back and kissing your cheek. “Capiche?

”Yes, ma’am.” They back off instantly, and you smile gratefully.

“Thanks, babe.”

“No problem. Thank Cas.”

“He’s gone to help my brothers. I think you scare him.” You say, and she laughs.


Not so friendly reminder that refusing to use trigger warnings, not because you don’t have the spoon to tag things, but because “real life is full of triggers” is really, really fucking disgusting

People with triggers are very much aware that real life is full of triggers. That’s one of the reasons why we’d very much like to avoid being exposed to them for at least the time that we’re like scrolling through our dashboards

People with triggers are often in need of a safe space, and honestly, by refusing to take five seconds out of your day to tag something that can cause someone to have an anxiety attack, dissociate or engage in harmful behavior, you’re making that safe space unsafe

high school!au / prom!au | popular!dean & nerdy!cas

this is only part one !! pt.2 coming soon

I can’t believe you still haven’t found a prom date yet,” Sam said as he pushed the salad on his plate around. “Prom is literally this Friday, Dean.”

“I’m aware, Sammy.” Dean sighed.

Sam started to smirk across the table at Dean, knowing how much Dean liked a certain little nerd. The boys were sat across from each other, alone today, because their other friend, Charlie, had called in sick to school so she could work.

“You could just ask the love of your life, Dean,” Sam ran a hand through his hair. “You know that Castiel would totally go with you. You’re not ugly and you’re sort of smart..well, not really..but still! Besides, even if he thought you were totally gross he’d probably still go with you because no one wants to go alone.”

“Oh, shut up.” Dean rolled his eyes, his cheeks burning. He kicked his brother under the table as Castiel walked by. His eyes followed Castiel across the cafeteria until he finally sat down. He was sitting with his brother and another girl named Hannah.

“What about you? Where’s your hot date, hm? You going to ask Castiel’s brother, Gabe?” Dean smirked back at his little brother before taking a bite of his cheeseburger. The school’s burgers weren’t as good as he had hoped but they were still burgers.

Sam leaned forward, shaking his head. “Actually, I have someone in mind.” He smiled triumphantly, stabbing some chicken with his fork before taking a bite.

“Oh, really? Who?” Dean asked, his eyes still watching Castiel. He saw as Castiel laughed at something Hannah had said and he felt his stomach drop. What if Cas took her to prom? She was fairly pretty and he thought she was funny.

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One time, Eggsy got Daisy a little kitten that’s all white and fluffy and pretty and Daisy the little flower puts a tiny ribbon on the darling thing’s head. And one day Charlie comes over (shut up forever my reluctant frenemyBrotp) and says “Ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them” and Roxy chokes on her tea yeah and Charlie just sniffs and be like “Aristocats, you uncultured swine” and Harry heard it in the background and had to cough into his hand to mask his laughter but Eggsy just howls with it and roxy is just like “Shut up, Marie” to which Charlies says “Likewise, Toulouse”.

“So… i’m Berlioz?” Eggsy chortles. 

(and that’s how the entire Agency taken to call the three of them the Aristocats and sometimes -behind harry’s back and this is all merlin’s fault- calls their Arthur Monsieur Bonfamille)


anonymous asked:

what bad radio one thing?

Basically, the radio one place had three exits. Fans waited at all of them. The taxi for D/P swerved/avoided the fans and Dan/Phil left an exit hardly anyone was at. One girl tapped Dan on the shoulder to say hi, he put his hand in her face and said “Can you actually shut up for one second?”. Her friend started threatening Dan and Dan was like “I’ve had enough of this” and got in the taxi. Phil looked at them like “o_o” before following Dan into the taxi.

- Charlie