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sooo.... i see ya rebloging alot of 'the adventure zone' stuff, and i was wonderin what that was???

YES HELLO so The Adventure Zone is a DnD podcast with the McElroy Brothers! (And their Dad!)

And if you don’t know who the McElroys are you might know them from Polygon’s Monster Factory! They also have a lot of other series but Monster Factory is probably their most well known internet thing. (If you don’t know what Monster Factory is it’s a series where they use character creators in video games to create monsters! You can check it out here)

But yeah the McElroy brothers came together to play DND with Griffin McElroy being their DM, Travis playing Magnus, their dad playing Merle, and Justin playing the most amazing wizard I’ve ever seen, Taako. (Pronounced exactly like Taco) And it’s an amazingly funny podcast with a really great story?? Like I went in expecting it to never really get serious but TaZ has made me cry a couple of times.

The McElroy are also super good with lgbt representation! TaZ has one heavily implied lesbian couple, one canon lesbian couple, Taako is canonically gay! And there’s a canon non-binary character too!

So if you like DnD or if you just think you just might enjoy listening to it you can either find it on itunes (under podcasts) or on maximum fun [link]

And if you or anyone else wants some more info on it I am always here to talk about The Adventure Zone (Or just the McElroys in general)

Reasons to date me
  • I make really good smoothies and will always make one for you also
  • I like cooking and baking so I’ll happily do both for you
  • I’ll let you use my makeup (I have a lot) except for like my mascara and eyeliner pen bc of bacteria
  • I love cuddling and I’ll be v cool with spending a night in wearing sweatpants and watching netflix
  • I like wearing cute lingerie and would def wear cute lingerie for you if you’re into that
  • I’ll send you silly selfies throughout the day
  • I’ll screenshot your snapchats bc I’ll love your face so much
  • We could adopt a cat
  • Please date me