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Business and Pleasure - Part 10

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,201

Warnings: Swearing

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The two of you had fallen into silence, both seemingly lost in thought. The appetizers were delicious, but you couldn’t do more than pick at them. You were too distracted by your thoughts to focus on eating.

So much had happened in so little time. Sure, it seemed like you had your best friend back, but who knew how long that would last. He seemed sincere earlier, but there was no way to guarantee that the two of you wouldn’t get into another stupid argument and find yourselves right back where you started.

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The Ache for Home

ao3 |

Summary: Dick goes missing, and Jason looks for him. He wonders, though, why he’s the only one looking.

Happy Birthday to @laquilasse! Thanks for being a wonderful friend <3 (Also, this is only part one. Part two will come along sometime soon)

“Let me go!” Dick cries into the emptiness, straining against his restraints.

His gloves and boots are halfway across the room, and that’s the only reason that Dick hasn’t managed to break out of the leather straps holding him to this table. If his gear hadn’t been taken he’d probably be halfway out of the joint by now. But he’s trapped. He can’t do anything except wriggle uselessly and yell obscenities into the darkness.

He doesn’t even know where he is, right now. Somewhere under the city, maybe in the sewers by the feel of the air and smell of the place. He doesn’t remember how he got here, or even why he’s here. He doesn’t know who has him, or for what reason they’re keeping him here.

The only thing that he really knows for sure is that his mask hasn’t been taken off. The spirit gum is still holding strong, and he knows he’d feel it if the mask had been peeled off and the replaced. It doesn’t make any sense, but Dick’s not an expert on criminals—okay. Well, so he is a little bit. But he doesn’t even know who snatched him this time. The Joker’s never been interested in identities, so maybe this guy isn’t, either.

Still, he needs to get out of here. He doesn’t know how long he’s been here or if anybody’s on their way because he didn’t check in, but even if someone’s coming for him, he needs to at least try to meet them halfway.

Dick pulls against the restraints again, desperate to find a weak spot, but it’s useless. Dick can’t maneuver his wrists far enough either way to find something sharp to cut them with. All he can do is pull, and all that’s doing is rubbing his wrists raw.

Dick yells incoherently, and the sound echoes around him. He lets himself slump back against the table he’s strapped to and wonders what he’s supposed to do now.

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Guys My Age(Chanbaek)

Plot: Baekhyun prefers older guys versus guys his age. Because older guys are more experienced. Chanyeol is very experienced. 

Genre: Sex, age gap, young!Baek, older!Chan, hardcore sex, basically love and smut lmao

Warning: Don’t read if you are uncomfortable with age gaps! I’m telling you right now! 

(based off the song ‘Guys My Age’ by Hey Violet, listen while reading if you’d like!) 

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write something about ace Dex feeling really insecure about his and Nursey's relationship because Nursey is giving up something that everyone seems to think is so damn important, and it feels really unequal because Dex isn't giving up anything like that for Nursey. (Not that I'm projecting really, really hard or anything.)

I just want to say this, anon: if your partner makes you feel like this at all, if they don’t support you, or your asexuality) in your relationship, you need to look out for yourself and leave them. Nothing good can come from it. Also, sorry it took a bit, you kind of caught me at the worst time for this particular prompt.

“Y’all, full disclosure: I miss Jack, like a lot, but I miss the sex so much.” Bitty took another sip of his beer.

There wasn’t any particular occasion for them to be drinking, but they were anyway. Dex thought that getting drunk at 5pm on a Thursday was pretty dumb, but Holster insisted he be there. Team bonding or some shit. He was nursing his second beer, but everyone else seemed just this side of tipsy; somehow the conversation always turned to sex when they were tipsy.

Fuck, he wished Nursey was there. Stupid goddamn evening lab. Only twenty more minutes.

Holster nodded sagely. “Sex is very important in a relationship.”

Bitty and Ransom nodded along, but Tango, the only one who wasn’t drinking, looked just as uncomfortable as Dex felt. “So, um. Why exactly is sex important in a relationship?”

“It’s not,” Dex muttered, and snorted into his beer bottle. Anything that was about to come out of Holster’s mouth, Dex had heard before. Hell, most of the reasons sex was important to a relationship were things he told himself, over and over. Reasons he repeated to himself late at night why he was a horrible boyfriend. Things he used to justify his insistence to Nursey that they should break up.

Dex wanted to believe that sex wasn’t important, he really did. It was hard for him to resolve the fact that he didn’t want sex, he had no sexual attraction to anyone (even his own fucking boyfriend), and the fact that he was going to agree with anything Holster was going to say.

“Look, no offense to you and Nursey or anything, but sex is an essential part of a relationship. It brings a level of trust and intimacy that you just can’t get any other way.”

Dex shook his head, but couldn’t find the words to argue. Instead, he drained his beer, threw the bottle onto the recycling bin, and grabbed another from the center of the table. Tango nodded along, but still looked confused. A confused Tango could only mean one thing: he had a question.

“Okay, but sex just seems like… grunting and sweating and kind of a big mess. What’s intimate about that?”

Bitty leaned forward, sloshing a bit of beer on the table and ignoring it. “Well, you’re lettin’ someone else see you that way, ain’t ya?”

Holster gestured widely toward Bitty. “Exactly! And you have to trust that your partner isn’t going to call you on it, or tell you how your o-face looks stupid, or make a comment about your weird body hair.”

“Got a lot of problems with weird body hair, Holster?” Dex checked his watch again. Ten minutes until Nursey was back. He could handle that (maybe even without smacking someone).

Tango nodded, still with that confused look on his face. “Okay, so why is it no offense to Dex and Nursey?”

Before anyone else could answer that question, because frankly Dex didn’t think anyone could answer that question at the moment without being totally insensitive and horrible about it, Dex intercepted and said, “Nursey and I are dating, and I’m asexual. We don’t have sex. And so when everyone says ‘no offense’, what they really mean is that they don’t think Nursey and my relationship is as valid as theirs.”

Just like he expected, a chorus of voices erupted when he finished speaking. Bitty, Holster, and Ransom’s voices all overlapped.

“Now, hold on a sec-”

“C’mon Poindexter, you-”

“That’s not fair, bruh-”

He stopped them all with a glare. “You can argue about it all you want, but I know that’s what you honestly think. And you can say it to me all you want, but if you decide to pull this shit in front of Nursey, who’s the one giving up such a huge thing or whatever, then I will personally kick every one of your asses. Got it?”

Everyone immediately shut up. Dex knew he looked just this side of too intense, but he was so sick of trying to defend their relationship to everyone. He was sick of everyone implying that what they had was less, when they didn’t even realize that’s what they were doing.

The thing was, he could handle it. He was used to it, and even though he hated to admit it, he even believed some of it. But there was no way that Dex would let Nursey have to be the one to deal with that bullshit. Nursey, who was already giving up so much to be in a relationship with him, who got enough insecurity about having to give up sex from Dex himself, who shouldn’t have to be told that that sacrifice made him less somehow.

The Haus door closing cut through the silence. The stomp of heavy boots and clinking of buckles on his messanger bag let Dex know that his boyfriend was back.

Nursey walked up behind Dex and pressed a soft kiss to his hair. “Got out early. What’s up, babe?”

Dex stood up from his chair and grabbed Nursey’s hand, pulling him away from the crowd. He wished it was next year already so that they would have a room to go to, but it wasn’t and they didn’t. He considered leading Nursey to the basement, which had become something of a safe space for him, but decided that he’d rather go upstairs, to Chowder’s room. Chowder spent more time with Caitlin than at the Haus, anyway.

Once they got behind closed doors, Dex pulled Nursey into a tight hug, burying his face between his boyfriend’s neck and shoulder. He could only be so angry about the casual aphobia before it all fell away and he just felt… sad. And he had used up all his anger.

The feeling of Nursey’s big hands rubbing along his back was equal parts comforting and upsetting. He already gave up so much for Dex, and Dex just kept asking him for more, and more, and more. And what was he giving up for Nursey? A big fat fucking nothing.

He squeezed tighter, sure that it was uncomfortable for his boyfriend at this point. “I’m sorry I’m a shitty boyfriend.”

Nursey pulled back, enough to look at Dex. He unwrapped one of his arms from Dex’s back and cradled his face. “Hey, woah. What’s this all about?”

Dex shook his head, trying to look away, to look anywhere but Nursey’s face. He felt like the open concern and love on his boyfriend’s face was tearing his heart straight out of his chest. He didn’t deserve a look like that.

Nursey tried to catch his eyes, but gave up when it was obvious that Dex wouldn’t cooperate. Instead, he pressed a kiss to Dex’s temple and pulled him back against his chest. Dex could feel him breath a deep sigh.

“You don’t have to talk about it, Will. But I need you to trust me more than you trust the intrusive thoughts about this, okay? You are not a bad boyfriend. You don’t get to decide what being a good boyfriend means to me. Nobody but me gets to do that. And I love you, every little bit of you. Got it?”

Dex nodded. He wanted to trust Nursey, and he would try, but it would take time. The one thing he did know, though, was that Nursey would stick around for as long as it took. And that he was so fucking lucky for it.

You Hate Me, You Love Me

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Sounds great! Thanks my love!

Prompt: “I am craving a little something from Big Red if that’s okay. Something along the lines of April and Casey bring a friend by to help when Donnie gets injured and the turtles accept her into their little group apart from Raph who is a bit of a shit around her but it turns out that’s because he likes her. Something like that work for you sweetie?” @girl-next-door-writes

Word count: 1467

Warnings: Swearing & lots of angst

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d become your routine, to go from your apartment to the lair every morning, regardless of what you were doing that day. You enjoyed the atmosphere down there, and gradually got used to the smell. It was the sewers after all.

Today though, you had to be careful. You had an interview at a new office building that had opened. They salary that came with the shiny new office chair was too good to pass up, but that meant an entirely new wardrobe. If things didn’t go well, you could always return the stuff, but that’s if you didn’t get them dirty. So you didn’t go that morning before the interview, you texted Raph your reasoning quickly, because he was the first one on your contact list under ‘Apple Bottom.’ You were running late, and every second counted, especially in a city like New York.

Hours later, a secretary rang you whilst you stood in a line at the post office, telling you that you got the job, and the grin never left your lips as you basically skipped down the street in your new outfit, with a new job label and a new start. You hated that old office anyway.

Getting to the lair was usually a walk in the park for you, but in the new heels, it was a tad difficult but when you got there you knew you had to make a big entrance.

“Hello!” you beamed, stretching your arms out to reveal your very sophisticated outfit: a deep red dress that matched your satin lips, black heels that were far too overpriced for their worth and a small purse. Your hair cascaded in waves, framing your face and your make up was done. This was the most put together you had ever looked in front of the turtles, usually you’d rock up in sweats and a t-shirt, because they knew you’d change at work.

“Oh, hey [Y/N]… Finally decided to show up?” Mikey drawled. He was probably the most worried and disappointed about your sudden disappearance that morning. He’d made chocolate chip pancakes, and wanted you to try them, but you never showed. Leo was straight up giving you the silent treatment, and Donnie was the only one there to tell you (rather rudely) that they were mad because you never bothered mentioning that you weren’t going to show that morning.

“I left a message with-” you stopped, grumbling and rubbing your forehead. “I left a message with Raph.” You mumbled, the others just looked at you like you were dumb.

You met the guys when your cousin April had brought you to meet them, because you were the only one who April knew who could stitch a deep wound up. Donnie, the resident brainbox, got in the way of an attack on April and sliced his side. You used to work at an underground bar, and stitching people up after fights was your specialty. That was all history now, you and the boys were like family. Except one brute.

“Raphael!” you bellowed, slamming the door of his bedroom against the wall and crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh. You.” He rolled his eyes and went back to his comic book.

“Yeah, me.” Taking a seat on one of the spinning chairs, your legs up against the table. “What the fuck have you got against me?”

“I don’t know, maybe the fact ya feel the need to put yer dirty feet all over my furniture.” He threw a ball at your legs, but obviously you didn’t budge. In fact, you moved on leg and scraped whatever dirt you had on the bottom of your shoe on the table.

“These cost a lot of money, gotta keep them clean.” You smirked, resting your hand on your thigh as you twirled a strand of hair around your finger.

“If this is yer way or seducin’ me, try harder.” Snorting, you crossed your arms over your chest again; the nerve of this guy.

“So, are you going to tell me why you hate me?” Raph glanced up from his comic book and sighed.

You were patient, and it took time, but he gave in “I don’t hate ya.”

“Okay, why do you dislike me.” Rolling his eyes, you could tell he was becoming agitated. One thing Raphael hated more than someone yelling at him and giving orders, was someone who just asked too many questions.

“I don’t dislike ya- An’ can ya stop doin’ that!” You’d been playing with a strand of your hair, and you only realized you were doing it when he snapped at you. A smirk spread on your face, and you continued.

“What?” you tilted your head to the side mockingly, before stretching and standing, walking around his room. He had all kinds of knick-knacks, and some he made himself out of wood. You had to say you were impressed. Raphael eyed you closely s you continued to pick up and look at his stuff. He found himself not really caring. “Are you going to tell me or what?”

“Nothin’ to tell.”

“Yes there is, Raph. I wanna know what I did wrong that’s made you not like me. I mean,” sighing, you put one of the little wooden toys down. “I want to get to know you like I have the others, I’m sorry if I did anything but-”

“Just shut up, and get out.” He grumbled sternly, looking back at his comic. That is when you really got angry.
“Fuck off Raph! I’m trying to fix whatever the hell is wrong with us being friends and you’re making this so difficult!” By this point, Raph had threw his comic on the floor and got close to your face, his hands in fists and rage all over his face.

“Ya don’t speak ta me like that, [Y/N].” He growled, clearly trying to intimidate you but you were too riled up to give a shit.

“I’m going to speak to you however you treat me, Raph! Now tell me why the fuck you can’t stand me!” you growled back, making him take a step back but not faltering his expression.

“I don’t hate ya, or dislike ya, ya stupid bitch!” he yelled, hitting his bedpost with his fist.

“Sure seems like it!” you were ready to leave the room, a middle finger up at him before he stopped you with three words.

“I like ya!” he even stopped himself. What was he doing? “I like ya [Y/N]. I don’t know how ya could ever be with someone like me, so I just, I don’t know, rather have ya hate me than actually care about me. I can’t give ya what ya deserve in life, and it tears me apart. I can’t have ya tied ta me. I don’t want ya ta miss all the things that someone else can give ya. And I don’t want ya ta look at me one day and feel the tiniest bit of like. Regret or pity.” He was sat on his bed, staring down at his mutated hands. You stopped at the door, turning around with tears in your eyes.

“I would never think that!”

“Ya don’t know that, [Y/N],” he picked his head up to look at you with teary eyes himself, “I can’t watch you, wanderin’ around the lair, especially dressed so amazin’ like ya’re today, or see ya naked.” He stopped, chuckling and shaking his head at his hands again. You were stood in front of him, arms down by your sides, “and not be able to feel so much sadness that yer here with me when someone else could have ya, and ya could have such a better life.”

“No. No.” you were crying, your mascara coating your cheeks, “don’t say another word! You made me feel like shit for months, Raphael! You made me feel like I wasn’t good enough, when in reality, I fucking am! I am worth so much more than the pain you made me endure!” And that’s when you said something that you both thought you’d never hear come out of your mouth. “I wish I had never been brought here! I wish I had never met you!”

Cody Christian | I claimed you

Count of words: 474

Warnings: short but I couldn’t do more…

A/N: yayyy our first imagine that is not about Daniel or Isaac ♥♥ Also, I thought it was only appropriate to do something like this since I got sunburned yesterday lol

Requested?: Yes

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a cute cody christian imagine where you are dating him ?

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

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It was no secret that you and your lovely boyfriend Cody were super weird when around each other. It wasn’t a bad thing, really. It was what others loved in your relationship. Everyone envied the way he looked at your eyes, or at your face when you weren’t looking. The also envied the way you took care of even the smallest injury of his, and how you would usually be found wrapped in his back like a back pack. It was pure bliss for everyone to see.

It was currenty a super warm day, you, Cody and some of your friends were at the beach having fun, as much as one could under the horribly hot sun rays. The sound of little kids and parents splashing water here and there, while being embraced from the refreshing water was a sight for sore eyes and made you all crave the cooling feeling as well. So, you did what was the smartest to do, you stripped from your clothes and run to the water, while wearing that little bikini of yours that was hugging your body perfectly, driving every one insane, especially Cody.

It had been a couple of hours of swimming and playing chicken fight when you decided to walk out of the water and and dry yourselves a bit till you went to a restaurant to eat. Every one was joking around and enjoying themselves, engaging in conversations accompanied by some coffee, cold water and laughter. “Come sit on my lap,” you heard Cody yell, calling you and montioning his hand for you to go there, patting his thigh while doing so. Even though you were having a conversation with one of your friends, you took up his offer getting comfortable with his arm wraped around your waist. “So, are you having fun ?” he questioned, looking at your face adoringly. “It’s been good. I’m positive I’m getting a sunburn as we speak but it’s been fun.” You said laughing a bit at yourself, Cody kissing your temple. “I told you you should have put on sunscreen,” he said with a stern face. “Oh shut up.”

As predicted, you got a sunburn, every bit of your shoulders and chest hurting and burning as you kept applying aloe vera all over. “Can you stop giving me that look ?” You suggested a little annoyed at Cody’s ‘I told you so’ face. “Nope, I can’t. I told you to put on sunscreen. Now you are suffering,” he said coming closer to you, applying yet another sunburn relieving cream. As you were paying attention to applying whatever you had in your arm, you felt something wet on your shoulder, soon realising it was Cody’s tongue. “Did you just lick me ?” You asked shocked. “I claimed you,” he said laughing and then placing a kiss on it as well.

You’re Just Tipsy

Summary: After an exhausting hunt and going to the bar, you and your longtime crush Sam end up back at the motel for a movie night. Let’s just say you don’t end up watching the movie. 

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean 

Warnings: Drinking, fluff, a bit of smut, and implied smut 

Word Count: 1,702

This is my first time writing Sam x reader, I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always appreciated! xx

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Dean, Sam, and I were currently making our way back to our motel room after our brutal hunt. It was a small pack of werewolves which wasn’t anything you guys couldn’t handle but this hunt was particularly exhausting since where they were staying was off the radar and it took forever to figure out exactly where we needed to be going. All of us were covered in blood and sweat and were dying to get in the shower and then head to the bar. As soon as we finally were inside Dean immediately called dibs on first shower which caused both Sam and I to roll our eyes and groan. Sam looked at me, “How is that scratch on your side doing?” I looked down and looked through the tear in my shirt. “It stings but it doesn’t look deep enough for stitches or anything. How are you doing?” Sam smiled at me, “I’m okay, just a little tired.” I chuckled, “You and me both Sammy.” Then Dean came out of the shower and I told Sam to go ahead and take the next shower.

 I knew Sam and Dean were most likely going to go out to the bar tonight and I decided tonight I was going to stay home and just relax. So when I didn’t get up immediately to go take a shower the boys looked at me, confused. “You going out to the bar with us tonight (Y/N)?” Dean asked and I shook my head, “Nope I am going to stay here, order a movie off of pay per view, and just relax.” “You sure? I heard this bar has great nachos,” Dean smirked at me knowing nachos were one of my all time favorites. I huffed, “Alright fine, but I am only going for the nachos and then I am coming right back here to relax.”

 I took my shower and as I dried off I put on leggings and one of Sam’s shirts and then walked out and sat down to put on my shoes. “Okay I am ready,” I said eagerly. Sam chuckled and then we all walked out of our shared motel room. As we approached the bar Sam opened the door, “Why thank you kind sir,” I smiled up at the younger Winchester. He returned the smile and then when Dean was about to walk in Sam let go of the door, almost shutting it in his face. I laughed at the swift movement Sam had made. “Thanks bitch,” Dean said and Sam laughed, “Anytime, jerk.” Dean went to get drinks while Sam and I found a booth to sit and I grabbed the small piece of paper that showed what food this place had to offer, food wise. I looked at Sam, “Oh my god, they have jalapeno poppers.” Sam scrunched his nose at me and I laughed, “too spicy for you Winchester? Oh that’s right you only survive on rabbit food.” Sam laughed and Dean came back to the table with three beers in hand.

 We were there only for there for about an hour and Dean already found some girl to go home with and Sam and I were still at the table while I devoured my nacho fries and buffalo wings. “(Y/N), I don’t understand how you can put all that food away.” I sniffled from the heat of my buffalo wings, “Well Sam, you see being a hunter burns a lot of calories. Especially since we are always fighting something. So everyday cheat day,” I said as I bit into another wing. Sam smiled, “You’re a lot cuter with buffalo sauce all over your face, you should wear it all the time.” I laughed and threw my napkin at him and he bursted out laughing. Sam and I had quite a few beers at this point, I think we had drank at least 6 if not 7. “Sam can we leave? I wanna go watch a movie,” I looked at him and he nodded his head.

 When we got back I immediately jumped in bed, getting myself comfortable under the covers. Sam sat at the edge of the bed and unlaced his shoes and got ready for bed too. Sam grabbed an extra blanket and moved to the couch. “Don’t you want to watch the movie with me?” I pouted at Sam. He turned his head to face me, “depends on what you want to watch.” I motioned for him to come lay next to me and we were arguing between Step Brothers and Van Helsing. “Sam come on, Van Helsing is a great movie.” “No it’s not, nothing about that movie is even accurate. Plus it’s just dumb.” I scoffed, “Fine, we can watch Step Brothers. Your lucky I like you.” Sam laughed and I went to reach for the remote and landed on Sam’s hand, he didn’t move his hand, but instead laced his fingers through mine. My heart fluttered, “(Y/N), you going to start the movie?” I nodded and pulled my hand out of Sam’s, I started the movie and then laid the remote on my side and Sam reached over and laced his fingers with mine again.

 I certainly did not mind the sudden affection from Sam, in fact I had a huge crush on younger Winchester. He’s so smart, has a sense of humor, so caring, and incredibly attractive. It must be the alcohol, I thought to myself. I looked at Sam and the jackass smiled at me and back at the TV, he knew it exactly what he was doing. I didn’t move my hand and just watched the movie, Sam shifted to his side and was still holding my hand. So I decided to see what would happen if I moved to my side and disconnected our hands. When I went to move my hand he grabbed it tighter so I couldn’t move. I laughed, “Sam what are you doing?” Sam looked at me, “what are you doing?” and then bopped my nose with his finger. I smiled, “I am trying to move and get more comfortable.” He let go of my and I moved over to my side, putting my back to him. I heard Sam sigh and then reach over my my waist and tucked his hand under my side and pulled me closer into him. I lifted my head off of my pillow and looked back at him, “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” I heard him take a breath, “you’re so pretty and I like you a lot (Y/N).”

I went wide eyed and now my heart was racing, but I dismissed it because we were both tipsy and tired. “Sammy I never pegged you for the feely drunk.” Sam chuckled lightly, “I have a pretty good buzz, but I do like you (Y/N). You’re stunning, smart, and just all around amazing woman.” I turned to face him and stared into his eyes. Sam looked back into mine and then brought his face closer to mine, his nose brushing mine and then our lips connected. When we pulled back I smiled, “I like you a lot too Sammy.” He pulled me closer to him and kissed me again and it was a lot more passionate. I ran my hands through his hair and Sam rolled over so I was on top of him. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and suddenly I was conscious of mine, I broke the kiss and straddled Sam and pulled off my shirt and bra. His eyes raked over my body and then came back up to my eyes, “I like it when you wear my clothes a lot, but I think I like them better when you take them off.” I chuckled and pulled him up to kiss him again.

 The whole night we spent exploring each others bodies, over and over again. Sam rolled off of me and I immediately missed his warmth, so I moved in closer to his body. “Stay here I am going to grab something to clean us up.” I smiled and watched walk to the bathroom, as soon as he was out of sight I put my hand over my face and grinned. I couldn’t believe the man I have had a crush on since the day I met him, just spent the whole night passionately having sex with me. We have slept in the bed together before and I always woke up either draped over him or his arm was wrapped around me. But I never thought he was into me. Sam walked back into the room and cleaned the both of us up, “So are we like a couple now?” Sam got back in bed and put his head on his hand, looking down at me. “Only if you want to (Y/N).” I pulled him back down to the pillow next to me and pulled him into a kiss, “I will gladly be your girlfriend.” Sam chuckled and we decided it was time to go to sleep. Wrapped with his arm around my waist and his face nuzzled into my neck.

 The next morning I heard the door open, Dean was back. I immediately became aware that both Sam and I were naked under the covers and I kept my eyes shut not wanting to hear whatever comment Dean was about to make. I felt Sam stir behind me, “Hey Dean,” he tiredly said. I opened my eyes and Dean made eye contact with me and smiled, “What happened here?” I immediately went red and covered my face, “You two finally got it on? Oh my god I thought this day would never happen.” Sam laughed, “Shut up Dean.” I threw a pillow at him and he laughed. “I’m gonna go outside and give you two a minute to put some clothes on. Then we will head back to the bunker.” As soon as the door shut I rolled on top of Sam and smirked, “we better get up and get ready to go,” Sam’s eyes met mine and rolled me back onto my back, putting his body on top of mine, “yeah, I guess we better.”

Me Writing FanFic
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *writes sentence* yes, that's not bad<p/><b>brain:</b> hmmm,that sentence gives me a great idea for another story<p/><b>Me:</b> shush, I need it in this one<p/><b>brain:</b> but just imagine that sentence in another story<p/><b>Me:</b> no, I've got 7 more fics in the queue after this one...I don't have time<p/><b>brain:</b> whatever, you know you want to write it<p/><b></b> *silence*<p/><b>Me:</b> *cut and pastes sentence into future fics document* I hate you<p/><b>brain:</b> eeeep, it's going to be awesome<p/><b>Me:</b> shut up *types another sentence*<p/><b>brain:</b> Wow, now that sentence is definitely worthy of its own story...<p/></p>

Klaus x Reader

Requested By Anon

“I can’t believe you hooked up with the guy that was trying to kill your sister.” Hayley chuckled as she hopped back in the car.


“Why it’s not we get on that well, plus he was hot and I’m never going to see him again… I wish Kathrine would come back she was cool.” You grinned when Hayley shook her head.


“At least you didn’t go for a Salvatore I guess.” She shrugged and sat back in her seat as you pulled out of the petrol station.

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SHINee Reactions: Their Reaction To Their S/O Being Scared To Initiate/Engage In Skinship

Can I get a shinee reaction to their shy s/o going in for a kiss but slowly backing out and looking away !! or if they are just too shy to initiate skinship in general!!!



Jinki (Onew):

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When you had pulled away from the kiss Jinki would be confused and embarrassed. Baring himself like that, on the first date only for you to pull away. He could feel his cheeks lighting up, surely they had been as bright as Rudolph’s nose. You looked away feeling bad as he had begun to stammer over his words. “I-I-I’m s-sorry did I d-do something wrong?” You quickly shook your head.

“No! No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” You reassure him, snapping your head back in his direction. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry-It’s just that I-I-I’m not used to, I want to-but what if I do it wrong? I don’t want to do it wrong, first impressions and all.” Jinki presses his lips in a firm line, his eyes flickering down to your lips, they were so plump and they looked so soft. He wanted nothing more than to grab the sides of your face and slam his lips against yours, but if he sat his neck out on the chopping board and you decided to hack, he’d be embarrassed the thought of a second date would be the last thing on his mind.

“Oh…okay….” He bows his head and your heart begins to pound against your ribcage, you wanted to kiss him more than he wanted to kiss you. Your nerves were just so heightened, and your paranoia was through the roof. “I’m sorry. Can I at least get a hug?” He holds his arms out and you take a deep breath, reaching out to grab both sides of his face, slamming your lips against his. Jinki turns his head to the side, deepening the kiss. His arms fall and they wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him, needing your warmth in the crisp, cold Winter air. He pulls away from the kiss first, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. You smile as well, and he rests his forehead against yours, noting how your eyes were still closed.

“I’m basking in the kiss.” You giggle, your eyes slowly opening and you have to blink a few times to get adjusted to the sight before you. “I was so nervous for nothing, that was one hell of a kiss.” Jinki pulls away from you, opening the door to your apartment building.

“So, should I be expecting a text from you sometime within the week? With details of our next date?” You walk into the building, waving goodbye to him.

“We’ll see…” You tease, leaving Jinki, leaning on the door, watching you disappear up the stairs with a small smile on his face.


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When you had told Jonghyun about your nervousness to initiate skinship he honestly found it funny.

 "Why are you laughing?“ You asked with a pout, playing with your fingers, trying to avoid eye contact with the still giggling Jonghyun. 

"I swear! I can’t tell you anything!” You push his shoulder, rolling your eyes. “Stop! Stop laughing! I’m serious.

"I’m sorry-” He breaths, holding his stomach, as it began to hurt. “It’s just-it’s just that we’re in a relationship-” He wipes away the tears from under her eyes that had gathered and fell in the midst of his laughter.

 "Yeah and?“ You push his shoulder again. "Why are you such a douchenozzle?” He furrows his brows,

 "A douchenozzle, really?“ You nod your head, stubbornly crossing your arms, 

"Yeah! I’m telling you something personal and you’re laughing at me.” Jonghyun stopped his laughing as he heard the crack in your voice.“Don’t cry!” He goes to wrap his arms around you only to pull back, “I don’t know what to do, we’ve never been here before.” The two of you had been dating for a month, this was actually the first time he had been over to your house.

 "I feel so weird! People should want their boyfriends to hug, to touch them, but it’s so ‘out there’ for me. I feel so weird when I’m being touched…I-I don’t know why.“ You shrug your shoulders, wiping away your tears. "God, you must think I’m a freak.” You look down, playing with your fingers again.

 "No…“ He shakes his head. "I don’t think you’re a freak.” He softly lays his hand over yours, “Maybe we can start out slow?” You nod your head, wiping away the fresh tears that welled under your eyes. “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.”


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Kibum was surprised, at the beginning of your relationship you had been extremely flirty. When the two of you met in the club of the event his group had been invited to, you touched his arm a lot, biting your lip as you ran your foot up his leg, but when the two of you got into a relationship it was like you shut down and Kibum couldn’t understand why.

“Y/N?” Kibum had asked randomly, watching as you continued to sketch whatever you were working on.

“Yes, Key?” You look up, giving him a quick smile, letting him know that you were listening.

“Why don’t you hug me first?” You furrow your brows at him, placing your pencil in your sketchbook, setting it down.


“I said-”

“I know what you said-” You sigh, rolling your eyes. “I mean, what do you mean?”

“I mean I’m always the one asking for a hug, or asking to hold your hand or asking for cuddles?” You run your tongue over your bottom lip, giving him a simple shrug, contorting your features into those of a confused expression. “Why don’t you ever ask first?”

“I don’t know, if I’m being honest, I just don’t.” You pick up your sketchbook again, figuring that was the end of the conversation.  

“I mean, what is it? When I ask, you hold my hand, you hug me, you cuddle with me. All I want to know is why you don’t ask first.”

“Key…” You sigh, dragging out his name. “Can we leave it alone?” He shakes his head. “Why?”

“I just want to know why,”

“Okay, fine.” You put the pencil back in the sketchbook and close it, placing it back down on the coffee table. “I don’t ask first because I don’t want to seem annoying.”

“Wait, does that mean you think I’m annoying when I ask first?” You quickly shake your head no,

“I don’t! I just feel that if I ask to hold your hand or ask for a hug you’re going to get annoyed with me…get mad at me…it’s hard to explain.” You place both your hands over your face peeping through your fingers to see him staring back at you with a small smirk on his face. “Why are you smirking?” You ask, moving your hands from your face.

“Come here,” He pats his lap and you get up from your side of the couch, moving to sit in his lap. “Princess, baby girl, do not ever hesitate to ask me for anything. Anything at all. I don’t care if it’s to hold hands,” He grabs your hands lacing your fingers, “for a hug,” He throws your arms over his shoulder, “for a kiss,” his eyes flicker down to your lips, gently pressing his against yours. “anything.” he repeats with a smile. “You understand?”

“Yeah. Yeah,  I understand.”


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This was it. You screamed at yourself in your head. This is the moment. You were currently staring Minho in his eyes, and you couldn’t help but notice the small smirk graced on his lips. Do it! Do it now! The setting was perfect, rain pouring down on the both of you, your clothes sticking to your skin, and your hair sticks to the side of your face. Your makeup was running down your face but he thought you looked beautiful as ever. “May I?” He brought a hand up, using it to cup your face.

 "Yes…please.“ The both of you lean in for a kiss, and at the very last minute, your lips centimeters apart you pull away. "I can’t! I’m sorry,”

“What? Why? What’d I do? Is it my breath?” You shake your head no,

 "You’re my first kiss,“ You quickly mumble, not wanting to have time to think about the words coming from your mouth. "I want it to be perfect. You know the kiss in the rain kind of perfect.” Minho smiles and cups both sides of your side, 

“Let’s be honest,” He leans in so close that your noses are touching, “No one’s first kiss is perfect, but you have the privilege of having it with me.” You giggle, “So, may I have the honor?” Your eyes linger on his lips, his tongue darting over his bottom lip. 

“Yeah,” Minho presses his lips against yours without hesitation and it was just as they described it in the fanfictions. You could feel sparks, well your body lit on fire and all you wanted was to feel him closer to you. Minho pulls away, the rain beginning to stop. 

“So…how was that?”



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Taemin would be upset you didn’t initiate skinship because he would be too afraid to ask, afraid that you’d find him annoying. Two months into the relationship and the most the two of you have done was kiss…once.

 One day Taemin had gathered the courage to finally ask, after an hour and a half conversation with his hyung, Kibum. Kibum was excited to tell Taemin to take charge, to help teach his maknae the ways. 

“Y/N?” Taemin asked, looking up from his lap, looking you directly in the eyes. It was one of the things Kibum told him was important.

“Yeah?” You ask him, furrowing your brows, wanting to look away but the intense eye contact he had initiated made you have to stare back. 

“Are we okay?”

“What do you mean?” You tilt your head to the side. 

“I mean-we’ve been together for two months and we’ve only kissed…once, it was an amazing kiss but-I just-I just…we don’t even hold hands.”

 "What are you trying to say Tae?“

"Do you not believe in skinship or something?”

 "Of course I believe in skinship,“ 

"Okay, then why do you never initiate it?” You shrug, 

“Why don’t you ever initiate it?” You had caught him, 

“You got me there.” He points to you, breaking the stare, with a tick of his head to the side. “So…what do we do now? We’ll never advance in our relationship if we can’t hold hands. How are you trying to trust me if you can’t even hold my hand?”

“Oh my god Tae, it’s not that serious babe.” You hold your hand out, and he takes it, fighting an eager smile. “Is this good enough for you?” He nods his head, and your hands fall in-between the two of you, the both of you resuming what you were doing before the conversation. 

Auston Matthews *Requested*

Who would have guessed that someone could be so jealous over somebody who is not even theirs, yet here we are. Auston was currently out on the dance floor grinding on some girl he had just met. Auston and I had grown up together in Scottsdale and when he got drafted to Toronto I promised I would apply for the University of Toronto. I really did not expect to get accepted, but I did. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living here with Auston, it’s just at times he gets a little too flirty and well… here we are. I am brought out of my thoughts by an arm being slung over my shoulder.

“Ready to go?” Auston tries whispering into my ear, but it comes out as more of a yell.

“What did she leave already?” I ask looking around for the blonde he was just with.

“No, I just want to leave.” Auston laughs slightly, “Ready?”

I sigh, hopping off the stool, “Well I guess so.”

We are soon out the door and walking to Auston’s car. We walk in a comfortable silence, one that each of us has grown to love. When you’re friends with someone who travels so often and whose life is so hectic, it’s really nice to just slow things down and just enjoy each other’s company.

“The bartender seemed to have eyes for you.” Auston glances my way and gives me a slightly annoyed expression.

“What are you talking about?” I laugh and shake my head.

“He kept looking your way,” he states, unlocking the car.

I shrug and open the door, “He was probably just looking to see if I needed another drink… you know, his job.”

“Whatever you say,” Auston’s snaps and slams his door shut.

“It’s not like you would know anyway, you were just trying to find girls to take home ever since we got there.” my voice suddenly becomes serious.

“This isn’t about me,” he growls, starting up the car.

“How isn’t it, Auston?”

“It just isn’t,” he exclaims, “I just don’t like people looking at you the way everyone was tonight.”

Things begin to settle into place for me… could Auston really be jealous? No, definitely not. Auston just isn’t the type, especially when it comes to his best friend.

I give him a small grin, “Why do you even keep bringing that up?”

“Because I don’t like it! People keep looking at you like you’re just their next project or something,” Auston voice gradually becomes louder with each word he says.

“You look at most girls that way, I don’t want to hear it.” I shake my head and walk into the apartment.

“I do not,” he follows close behind me, “Sure, I flirt with a good amount of girls but nothing else would come out of it.”

“Is that why you left me tonight? To do some harmless flirting with half the girls there?” I question.

Auston scoffs and walks into the kitchen, “Is that what you’re mad about, me leaving you?”

“Honestly, yeah Auston. I don’t know why you even ask me to go with you if you will just leave.” I begin to play with my hands.

“I’m sorry. It’s just complicated.” he moves closer to me.

“I’ve been around your confusing nature for years, try explaining,” his deep brown eyes lock with my own.

Auston takes my hands in his, “You have always helped me with my relationships and feelings, but this time I haven’t been able to talk to you because I didn’t want to ruin anything between us.”

“”I don’t think anything could ruin what we have, we’re best friends.” I joke, freeing my hand and tickle his side slightly, “Plus, I’m used to all of your idiotic ways.”

He gives me an annoyed look, “Never mind. Forget about what I was going to say, I hate you.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” I trail off and begin to walk out of the room.

Auston grabs my arm and pulls me back over to his side, “I was jealous. I don’t like people looking at you the way those guys were because I know they would never treat you right… The way I could treat you.”

“I love you.” I smile and intertwine our hands.

Auston raises an eyebrow, “Really?”

“Why do you think I get mad when you’re with other girls?” I roll my eyes at the confused boy infront of me.

He stares at me, “How did you say that so easily? I tried thinking of ways to tell you that for months and you just take my fire away and it’s out there. Thanks for ruining my big moment.”

“Auston,” I laugh, “Take a deep breath.”

He does as told. We stare into eachothers eyes for a few moments before he decides to break the silence, “Can I kiss you?”

I roll my eyes and place my arms around the back of his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. The kiss feels as if it lasts a lifetime, yet neither of us really wanting the moment to end. After all these years of being friends, I never thought this moment would happen.

“Hey,” Auston whispers pulling away, “I love you.”

I give him a wide grin and shake my head. “Good thing I love you too,” I mumble as I wrap my arms around his waist.

It’s always nice when people tell me that my GED was just the “lazy way out” because school was “getting too hard.”

I scored in the 89th percentile on the PSATs. I dropped out of school because I was surrounded by assholes that put me in a constant state of depression, not because I didn’t know my shit.

I get this all the damn time, and I’m sure others deal with the same thing, so I’m here to tell you this: you are a fucking rockstar. If you dropped out, for whatever reason, and you either got your general educational degree, or are working hard to get it, I am so fucking proud of you. There are going to be people who shut you down, or tell you you aren’t good enough; they’re wrong. You didn’t give up; you pulled yourself together and beat the odds, and that’s badass.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, yours is in no way inferior to others’.

Co Workers (Part Nineteen)

A/N: Surprise! I’ve decided to finally bless you all with a fluff chapter!!!!!!! I know I’ve been screwing your emotions for awhile. I thought I’d let up a bit. (for a while anyway muahahahaha) I even left you with a fluffy gooey cliff hanger

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there is any for once! (heheh)

Word Count: 2.2k

Catch up HERE Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Okay,” she said as she continued to read, “so you said you’d been drinking quite a lot lately?”

“Yeah,” you started, “I just, I needed it.”

“It’s okay, we’ll work on all of it.-” She sat the folder down on the desk and took her glasses off- “but right now, I’m asking because this shows that your hCG levels are about 75,500.”

You squinted at her and crossed your arms, “What’s that mean?”

She looked at you, slightly surprised that you didn’t know.

“It means that you’re pregnant, Y/N.”

You stared at her for a moment, not quite sure how to process what she’d just said. You looked around, finally holding your arm up and pointed to it.

“I-I have the arm thing, it’s supposed to be good for three years!” you practically shouted.

She stood up and walked around her desk and sat in the chair next to yours. You looked down at your lap.

“I-I can’t right now, I just, my job, and Misha, and-” you looked up at her- “I have to call him.”

You’re eyes shot open as the earsplitting alarm clock went off. You groaned and flung your arm over to hit the snooze button. It didn’t shut off. You sat up, leaning over to look at where the damn shut off button was. 7 AM. You rubbed your eyes and swung your feet off of the bed. You’d gotten maybe, three hours of sleep or so. You’d been up most of the night tossing and turning in the uncomfortable bed that they gave you.

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Is the ask box open? I wanna request a scenario with kirishima todoroki and bakugou where they are in a pretty bad fight with their female s/o and the boys end up abruptly running their hands thru their hair in exasperation or sth, idk but the they do something and the reader flinches thinking that they were going to hit them or something, so shes about to leave but the boys apologize, fight forgotten and rlly fluffy end pls?? Sorry if this is a stupid ask !!

No my friend. Just like there’s no stupid question, there’s no stupid ask so don’t worry about it.


“If he’s only a childhood friend why did you act like this in front of him?”

“I can do whatever I want to. And besides don’t you trust me?”

“I do but what you did was out of hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know very well what I’m talking about.” She kept silent and this was driving him crazy. “It’s the way you talked with him and the way you looked at him and you always ran your hands down his arms and chest. There is clearly something going on between the two of you. Even I can tell!”

“Fine. If you insist so much I’ll tell you the truth. Yes we are childhood friends but he was my first boyfriend as well. There you have it.”

Kirishima had a completely desperate and worn out look on his face. “I trust you but it seems you don’t trust me enough to share this little piece of information.”

“It’s your own fault. If you didn’t make such a big fuss out of it, it would’ve never come to this.”

Kirishima had no idea how it really came to this. They never had a serious fight before because he was such a good soul and always agreed with her but this time it was just too much for him to walk pass by it. What made him angry was not that she flirted with that guy in front of him but the fact that he turned back the affection and it seemed she liked it. Damn that wasn’t manly at all. Was he about to lose his girl to this stupid asshole? Just when he thought that he was calming down a sudden wave of anger overflowed him. Without realizing it he pushed all of their pictures together from the near shelf in one swing. When she heard the sound of breaking glass she screamed and ducked. She got up with eyes filled with tears and went straight for the wardrobe. She randomly picked some clothes and stuffed them in her backpack.

“Babe I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She continued to pack her things without paying any attention to him. “Babe please!” He felt tears swelling in his eyes as well. She zipped her backpack and headed towards the door. “Please don’t leave me!” He grabbed her wrist and squeezed it. She made an attempt to escape but she didn’t put much of a fight so he pulled her and when he saw her crying face he remembered how he promised to never make her cry. Breaking his promise was the less manly thing he’s ever done. He hugged her so tight that she stopped breathing for a second. The two of them stayed like this while they cried their lungs out.

“You really are a complete idiot.”

“I know. I’m so sorry. I’ll buy new frames.”

“I’m not talking about this.” He pulled away and gave her a questioning look. “I was flirting with him on purpose. I don’t give a shit about him. He dumped for some whore in the end so I don’t have intention going back to him.” Kirishima was confused and soon steam would come out of his head from overthinking so she enlightened him. “I know you want to become a good hero and all but you were so distant these days and when I asked you to go out you always refused me because you had to train. When I saw him I acted on impulse and hoped you’d get it.”

Kirishima slapped his face. “I’m really a complete idiot.”

“Yes you are.” She gave him a smile and out of nowhere he started to shower her with kisses all over her face and neck. “What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Starting today I’ll make sure to give you all the attention you deserve.”




“Why did you keep this a secret from me?”

“I had no idea how you’d react.”

“But I have the right to know.” She was feeling guilty but not as much as he wanted her to be. He took a breath in to calm himself down but it only helped him to lower his voice. Inside his head there was still a storm raging. “We trust each other, right?”

“Of course we do.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” The anger that was bottled up inside of him was about to burst. He couldn’t believe it. She started going out with him just to get closer to Izuku.

“Shouto, I had this intention only in the beginning but I ended up liking you instead. I swear that’s the truth.”

She sounded sincere but it the end this wasn’t enough to change what he was feeling. He felt betrayed and worst of all used. First his father tried to use him for his own desires and now she did the same but this time was different. She was the love of his life who chose him so there was no way she could possibly do such a thing to him. Or at least that’s what he thought. “Did you have fun toying with me?”

“Do you think I did it just for fun?” She knew it was her fault but his words sounded like accusation and she couldn’t take this. All she wanted was for him to understand she never intended to hurt him; forgiveness could wait.

The tension between them rose up and the sudden silence wasn’t helping. Todoroki was having a fight with himself. He loved her but he wasn’t sure about her anymore. He had no idea what was the right thing to do. He needed time to think but he couldn’t concentrate. All of this was so frustrating. He ran his fingers trough his hair and stopped at the scar. He grinded his teeth and swung with clenched fist in the air. His movement was so unexpected that it made her flinch. Was he about to hit her? After recovering from the initial shock she ran to get her bag and hurried to reach the door.

His face changed in a second and a mild expression appeared on it. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” She tried to unlock the door with trembling hand but she dropped the key. She bended to pick it but when he was standing behind her and touched her shoulder she took a few steps in the opposite direction and collapsed on the floor hiding her crying face in her hands. He froze in one place. “I’m so sorry.” He moved towards her slowly and with caution.

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s all my fault so I should be the one doing it. I even deserve to be hit.”

Todoroki stood there startled with his eyes wide open. Did he look so angry and perhaps scary? He gulped. “I would never harm you.” He sat on the floor in front of her and extended his hand to caress her face. She looked him in the eyes with tears still flowing down her features and hands covering her mouth. She shook her head before throwing herself over Todoroki. She caught him of guard so he couldn’t keep his balance and fell on his back with her hugging him tight.

“I’m so sorry. Will you ever forgive me?”

Todoroki smiled. “I’ve already forgiven you.” He moved his hand soothingly up and down her back. “But after scaring you so much I don’t think I have the right to ask for forgiveness.”

“Don’t be silly! If you can forgive me there’s no way I can’t.” He placed a kiss on her head and wrapped his hands around her. The floor wasn’t really comfortable but he had no intention of getting up.



“Not so rough.” She was taking care of his nosebleed but wasn’t showing any mercy or treating him like an injured person.

“Should’ve thought about the consequences before acting.”

“I got it. Now stop this barbarian attitude.”

“Right after you learn how to control your anger.”

“What was I supposed to do? That guy was getting on my nerves.”

“You can’t solve all your problems by fighting so stop acting like a spoiled brat and start rationalizing for a change.”

He suddenly jumped and pushed down the chair he was sitting on. “Listen here sweetheart, I’m free do whatever I want and I don’t try telling me what to do.”

“I’m not telling you what to do. If you don’t listen to me you’ll continue leaving wrong impressions about yourself.”

“Do you think I give a shit about others? I wouldn’t be standing here the way I am if I cared about the stupid opinion of some useless scumbags.”

“That’s what I’m trying to say. Don’t you think you should try to change your temper a little bit?”

“Shut up! As I told you I don’t give a fuck!” There were sparks coming out of his clenched fists and she got scared so she stepped back. His rage level was high as usual but after she saw him beating that guy so senselessly she couldn’t help but feel scared.

“Bakugou please calm down.”

“Didn’t I tell you shut up!?” He hit the wall next to her and his hand got stuck.

“Don’t you care about me?” She whispered with her trembling and barely audible voice. She was on the brink of tears and couldn’t stand it anymore. “You know what? You’re not angry you’re plain crazy!” After those words she ran of to the wardrobe picking the nearest bag on her way.

“Hey what are you doing?” Bakugou was trying to get out of the trap he accidentally set for himself. “Wait!” She started to pack and he couldn’t just stand there and watch so he used one of his explosions to release his hand leaving a huge hole in the wall. The bag was almost full but as soon as she put something in he was picking it out and this kept repeating for a while. “I said wait goddamn it!”

She stopped and gave him a look filled with desperation before putting her face in her hands and starting to cry. “Can’t you understand? I can’t go on like this anymore. Tomorrow you might miss the wall and hit me.”

He was shocked. He sure said some awful things he didn’t mean and let his anger get the best of him but he’s never harmed her in any physical way and he never would. She was in such distress because of him. “Great job! She’s the only person who puts up with your shit.” This thought crossed his mind and he realized just how important she was to him. He couldn’t risk losing her.

“I’m sorry.”

“This won’t cut it.”

“Do you still love me?”

“I wish I didn’t. Then I could throw it all away without giving it a second thought.”

“Please give me another chance to make it up to you.” She didn’t say a word. “Please I’ll try harder.” There was something odd in his voice so she looked up and saw him crying. He put his hand on her cheek and started to rub circles with his thumb. “Please.”

“Ok but only this time.” He leaned forward and gave her a sweet and gentle kiss for the first time in so long before pulling her into a hug while hiding his face in her hair and breathing in the sweet aroma that came with it.

CEO!YOONGI   ▊ ▏I Have Listened To Every Lie : Chapter 2

The oak doors to Yoongi’s office are pulled open, the heavy wood making a soft shoop-ing sound against the dark blue herringbone tiles. Yoongi stands courteously as Jin strolls in, but forgoes the formal bow given that Jin’s such a familiar face. Doesn’t he usually have briefcase? Yoongi thinks. He gives the man a brief smile and leads him towards the sitting area. His assistant pours them both some herbal tea.

“Jin, thanks for coming.” They are way past honorifics at this point. “No briefcase, I see.”

Jin rolls his eyes and kicks up a foot on the table. “I heard through the grapevine that you’ve done something incredibly stupid once again, and I was prepared to haul your ass out of whatever hole you’ve dug yourself long before you asked for me.”

“I guess this ‘grapevine’ goes by the name Kim Namjoon?”

Jin laughs, and unbuttons his suit jacket. “Of course.” Then his face grows serious and he takes his leg off the table.

“What’s this I hear about you divorcing Nara?”

Yoongi actually starts a little at this. He didn’t tell Namjoon anything, and as far he knew it was only between himself and his wife. “How-”

“How did I know?” Jin rolls his eyes again. Yoongi thinks idly that Jin rolls them one more time they just might roll out of his damn head. “I’ve known you for years and you ask me this? How the fuck do you think I got to where I am today - representing a majority of Seoul’s aristocracy - without knowing shit I’m not supposed to know?”

“Is that why you need a bodyguard entourage too?”

“Don’t even - shut the fuck up.”

They grin at each other. “But seriously, is it true?”

Yoongi sighs. “Yeah. She’s already served me. What can I do but sign it? I mean, I didn’t marry her for love anyway. Just give her whatever she wants. I want it to be quick and quiet. As soon as you can.”

The word ‘painless’ is on the tip of his tongue as well, but he just can’t manage to force it out.

He stands up and walks back to his desk. The bottom drawer contains Nara’s papers, and as he takes it out it feels like the paper is on fire. It practically burns through the yellow envelope and singes his fingertips.

Jin takes them out and quickly rifles through the papers. “Look, it’s all pretty standar-

“Mr Min?” His assistant buzzes in on the phone. “Mrs Min refused to come in person, but I have her on line one.”

They both look to the phone on the coffee table. The red light flashes rhythmically on the sleek black machine. Yoongi walks over to take the receiver, but Jin is faster; he shoots out of his seated position, and his deft fingers snatch the phone up and then puts it back down, terminating the call.

Yoongi’s left eyebrow nearly shoots straight off of his forehead. “What the fuck?”

“Look, look,” Jin holds out a placating hand, “listen to me. 

Jin turns to the assistant and says, “Please tell Mrs Min that Yoongi will see her for dinner tonight at six o’clock at the Aria.”

For an instance Yoongi is livid. Insubordination is something he detests, and always eradicates swiftly, but Jin is his friend, and he has learnt to reign in his compulsive need for superiority around those with intelligence and genius that are comparable to his. He turns to his assistance, who is obviously uncomfortable with orders coming from Jin, and gives her a small nod.

“Move it to 7 o’clock. This might take a while.” His assistant bows and closes the door.

He turns to give Jin a tongue lashing, but the man is already speaking.

“You’re my friend Yoongi, and I know that you rarely change your mind when it comes to matters of business, but as a friend and your lawyer I need you to reconsider this.” Jin speaks with gravitas and a weightedness that Yoongi rarely hears; he usually works like lightning without thunder - fast, brilliant, bright and deadly, but rarely loud or late.

“First I’ll speak as your lawyer. I’m aware that you’ve just sent one of your artists back “home”. Now, I know this means rehab but the public doesn’t, and you know that netizens are crazy as fuck when it comes down to worming out scandals and burying someone so deep their family’s next five generations will have trouble coming out of.”

Yoongi sits back down on the other end of the sofa and lightly massages his temple with the hand he has propped up on the back of the couch. Jin waits until he is done before he keeps speaking; he needs to have his full attention for this.

“We’re still in the midst of cleaning up after her, and even without the public knowing the real circumstances behind her hiatus we have enough on our hands to deal with. Thankfully she’s not a real nutso because though your stock is more prone to falling than it was last week, the numbers haven’t yet moved and we’re doing a quick job of sealing up any possible leaks with the broadcasting companies. 

Yoongi closes his eyes and clenches his jaw. Fuck it all. He didn’t anticipate for the girl to be such a wild card. She could definitely fuck like one, but evidently he made a misstep and let the reigns go for a little too long. He didn’t mind paying for it, but damn it all that it came up right now.

He holds up his hand, silencing Jin. “So you’re saying that we can’t handle the divorce leaking right now?”

Jin sighs, “I’m not saying we can’t handle it, but it’s unsavory news to a conservative public who are prone to perverting even the cleanest of stories. 

He takes a sip of his tea and his dark, almond eyes flicker up to Yoongi. “And I’m assuming that you have some sort of relationship with the girl. If you have I don’t want to hear about it, and I don’t know whether she has anything to do with you and Nara di-”

“She doesn’t.” Yoongi practically grinds the words out with his molars. “She isn’t involved.”

Jin raises an eyebrow. “Okay, my bad. But the timing isn’t great - Min Yoongi announces his divorce from Min Nara just as his star artist turns off the spotlight? Yoongi, the public may be malicious but even that assumption isn’t that much of a stretch for them. Hell even my grandma is young enough to connect the dots to that one. We simply can’t risk the sponsors. I believe you when you say that she’s uninvolved in your marital issues, but It’s too much to lose all in one go.”

Jin smacks his lips and circles the edge of the bronze teacup with his ring finger. “Do you want to hear what I have to say as your friend?”

A sigh. “I don’t have a choice now, do I?”

“No, you don’t.” He barks out a sharp laugh.

“I’ll be straight with you, I think it’s a terrible idea. You and Nara haven’t been married long, you have very similar temperaments, your families get along well enough-”

“Ha. That’s the money talking” Yoongi smirks. The interruption gets him a glare.

“-and, I think this is just your way of escaping your feelings.”

“Feelings? Hyung, what have you been smoking?” Scoffing, Yoongi relaxes in his seat and blinks lazily. “I have no feelings for Nara at all.”

“Don’t be a fucking dimwit,” Jin snaps, “even you know that she has been the perfect wife so far, and she has never so much as even hinted at any sort of disloyal behaviour. Do you think you can get that intelligence just anywhere?”

Now Yoongi is annoyed. Despite meeting her several times at events and of course their wedding, he hasn’t seen Jin exchange so much as a conversation with Nara. How the hell would he know the depths of her personality and wit?

“Intelligence?” His tone drops, and it is hard and flinty and foreboding. “She’s naive, she’s young. She’s hardly intelligent.”

His friend frowns. “Now you’re just being rude. Yes she isn’t lightning quick, but it’s precisely because she is young, and her cleverness hasn’t been trained yet. Anyone with any sense of business can tell that she’s a perfect match for you. The two of you a lethal weapons - she’s just underdeveloped.”

Jin hurries on before Yoongi can bulldoze over his explanation with his usual stubbornness. “I know you care for her. You’re not the one that served her. I know that this was unexpected, and I’m telling you, do not let her leave so easily. She’s the only one I know that can get your goddamn head out of your ass, or from between someone else’s legs. Have dinner with her tonight and tell her you will not sign the papers.”

He holds his hand up to prevent Yoongi from speaking. His friend’s eyes are cold and confused. It’s his signal to leave before things get difficult.

Jin offers one last statement. “You cannot, Yoongi.” He hopes his friend has the foresight to read into his words. Then, he stands and straightens his suit jacket. Yoongi remains sitting, staring at right through him.

Jin sighs. “As your friend I can see that you and Nara have unexplored potential. I know you don’t want to hear it, but too late. For now I’ll advise you as your lawyer, and the same argument goes; she is of importance to your future social connections and our company image. That she is so well presented and well spoken in public is the only thing that is preventing the public from making the connections between you and your previous conquests.”

Yoongi, now on his feet, is eye to eye with Jin. There is a beat of silence, but it isn’t tense, not between these two. Jin can see his friend his taking his words to heart… maybe not so much about the relationship itself but definitely the perks it may herald for the company.

Finally, Yoongi opens his mouth. “Nayeon would be a fool to say no to you, Seokjin.”

At this, Jin’s trademark grin appears and it almost splits his face in two. As Yoongi shakes his friend’s hand, his lips twist up in a small smile. Even after all this time Jin has the exact same foolish grin he possessed as a child.

“Thanks man, I’m pretty nervous, and we’re still months away from the day…”

It sometimes amazed Yoongi how Jin managed to keep his cheerful personality buried perfectly intact under all that lawyer bravado. 

Though born with a shockingly handsome face, and bred to mingle in and amongst the often immoral upper class, Kim Seokjin truly was a man with a heart of gold. He and Yoongi grew up together, and while he tolerated Yoongi’s deviant ways, he never dabbled with trouble of that vein unless it came to him in the form of a lawsuit. Even then he could separate himself from his work, treating each case with the ruthlessness the public knew him for, when in reality it was all a facade created to protect his compassionate heart.

His most admirable quality though, Yoongi believes, above all else is that for Kim Seokjin his private life is exactly that, private, and the goings on in his family are privy to just a few, Yoongi included. In fact, just last week he’d given Yoongi the information that in December he was going to propose to his girlfriend Kim Nayeon, a sweet girl whom he’d been with since his freshman year at law school.

Yoongi watches his friend leave with a strange mixture of relief and something unsettling in his chest.

The atmosphere in the office shifts. For the first time Yoongi is uncomfortable in his own office. The walls seem to close in on him, and the large window that allows him the view over his kingdom seems oddly warped, even fragile. He looks to the clock. It’s almost five o’clock. There’s more than enough time to go home and get a clean suit, but he has a closet here, and he doesn’t think Nara wants to see his face before she really must tonight (he can say the same for himself).

Shucking the usual ‘Prince of the Korea’ demeanor that he usually carries - even when alone in his office -, Yoongi collapses face first on his sofa.

“Miyoung!” He yells.

The door opens. “Yes Mr Min?”

“Did you organise a ride for my wife?”

“Yes Mr Min.”

“Good” he grunts into the damp leather. “Wake me up when it’s time to go. I want that Tom Ford suit pressed and laid out.”

His assistant says something he doesn’t quite catch, and then the door closes with that soft, familiar shoop. The sound seems to suck the air out of the room, instead of enveloping him in the quiet serenity he is used to.

Yoongi’s mind is loud, and he doesn’t know how to silence it.

 Looking at herself in the mirror, Nara feels like she is looking at a woman who is utterly in and of herself. Over the last 24 hours she feels as though she has shed her childish, girlish self and is as tender as a newborn baby. The woman in front of her is very pale and thin, almost swamped by black Givenchy shift dress she is wearing, but there is a light in her eyes and a flush to her cheekbones that makes Nara feel beautiful, courageous. Slightly reckless.

She takes her time with the rouge and lipstick, making sure the curve of her lips is rounded but exquisitely defined before she makes her way downstairs and to the front door.

The driver is waiting. It’s 7:02. Nara’s already late.

Never mind, she thinks, Yoongi will have to get used to this.

Already emboldened, she walks confidently to the beautiful black car that awaits her and slides inside. The driver shuts the passenger door with a gentle tmp and then pulls out of the driveway.

As they leave the gates of the Min mansion, the twinkling glow of the lights at the entrance of the house prompts Nara one more look back. The house stands grand, carved, luminous and cold in the night air. She realises that when she looks at the building, there is no emotion evoked inside of her. No sense of rest or reprieve that blooms in her chest, or really any sort of feeling that the sight of one’s home should inspire.

 Nara turns in her seat, the scarlet curve of her lips a little less forgiving.

“Sir, Madam, your main course has arrived.”

Nara looks up briefly as a waiter places her scallop ceviche is placed in front of her, just has Yoongi’s lamb ragout is place in front of him. His fingers are lightly wrapped around the neck of his glass of 2010 Château Lafite Rothschild Pauillac while hers brings her Didier Dagueneau Pouilly-Fume Asteroide Sauvignon Blanc to her lipsticked mouth.

A small smile flashes past Nara’s lips at the decadence that awaits her. When they had just arrived, she felt the impulse to order the most pungent, indulgent meal on the menu just to irritate Yoongi, but she managed to curb that urge by the time the waiter came to their table. It was a foolish thought to even entertain because after all, despite the frost that was quickly gathering between her and her husband, she was a lady of the elite through and through.  

Making no bones about starting before Yoongi, Nara picks up her knife and fork and begins to make a start at her meal. In her periphery she sees Yoongi pause for a moment before he does the same.

Once the waiters have finished filling their glasses and are out of earshot, they are left with little but the tinkling of glassware and cutlery between the two of them.

Yoongi opens his mouth first.

“Nara, I’d like to discuss the matter.”

A lightning flash of annoyance singes its way through Nara’s veins. She hates how he calls it “The Matter”, as though he is above the dirty words “divorce”. She wants to soak him in the water of their union that he has sullied.

“What about it?” She says crisply, not lifting her head to spare him a glance.

“I won’t sign the papers. 

Nara’s hands still. She didn’t know what to expect, but somehow just not this. She knew that Yoongi had little to no feelings for her, and yet here he was, denying her - denying them of something they both instinctively wanted!


Her eyes are still on her plate. Yoongi’s hand sets his fork down to take a sip of wine.

“Look at me”, he whispers 

She drags her eyes past her plate, past his own, up his jet black suit and pale neck to those pebbly, hard eyes. She hopes that in another dimension another Min Yoongi spontaneously combusts.

Something flickers in those dark orbs, but it is too fast, too fleeting for her to process. It could be hate, it could be lust, hell it could be impatience. But dammit why wasn’t it agreeance? 

His next words plunge her into the cold sea of the Arctic. “I want this to work out. I want to stay married to you.”

Nara feels as though she is breathing sludge. She searches Yoongi’s eyes for any hint of sarcasm, but there is none.

“What are you talking about?” she hisses, “I may not know for sure that you’re cheating on me, but I don’t really care. You and I both know that this isn’t real anymore so why don’t you want out of it just as I do?”

Yoongi shifts. Suddenly aware of her posture - leaning towards him, hands tightly gripping her cutlery -, Nara loosens her shoulders and turns back to her food. “I don’t see how this is advantageous to either of us. Our parents will understand, and since it feels transactional any-”

She stops.

“This is why, isn’t it?” A sharp bark of laughter bursts free. “It’s a transaction. It’s business. You want us to stay together for your goddamn image, your company, don’t you?” Nara spits her consonants with as much loathing as she can muster.

Yoongi cocks his head, and a slight frown appears. “Didn’t you know that from the start? It wasn’t ever real.”

At these words, a wave of something crashes over Nara. It’s far too convoluted to pin it down to one word, but she knows that if she were drowning before at his rejection, then she is well and truly dead right now. Her chest physically hurts, and for a moment lights flash past her eyes so she closes them while she thinks.

He never felt anything towards me. Not even at the start.

Now, Nara knows that Yoongi is practically a stranger, but the emotions she is experiencing at the moment are incredibly confusing to her. She thought she had a clear picture of where she stood with him and yet here she was feeling like she’d been socked in the chest. She thought she’d come to terms with all that he was when she’d handed him the divorce papers - that she’d recognized just how little he cared for her -, but even then she still hadn’t seen the situation for what it was. 

“Dazed and confused” is a pitiful expression for her current state; Nara feels embarrassed, foolish, angry at him and angry at herself for being far too idealistic. She wonders what else her mind is hiding from her heart.

Well, she wouldn’t be staying to find out.

“Fine. We can postpone the divorce, but only on the condition that I move out.” Her voice wavers and the self-loathing chokes her.

Yoongi’s eyes are still locked on her. “Pardon?”

“You heard me.” Now that her anger has ripped off its leash, her mouth knows no bounds. “I want to move out. I also want to go to university. You have connections, I want a full ride into Seoul National University no questions asked.”

Her husband’s mouth is agape, and the wounded beast inside Nara growls with satisfaction.

“University? Move out?” Now it’s his turn to laugh. “Are you fucking joking?”

“No. I have a friend who has a spare room and I’ve organised to move in with her. Don’t worry, it’s a penthouse suite with full security so no one will know that I’m not living with you anymore. I have also organised my own security detail to guide me to and from campus should I need it.”

Another, much longer beat of silence. Yoongi sighs, and his chest deflates slightly. “You’ve really thought about this, haven’t you?”

“Of course I-” Nara almost shrieks, but she gathers herself before anyone can hear her scream. The gall of Yoongi utterly infuriates her. This was a condition in her divorce papers!

Her tone evens out. “Of course I have. I stipulated it in the papers I gave you. 

She watches as Yoongi works his jaw, and unconsciously steels herself for a barrage of condescension. But instead, his voice is soft, and his eyes are fluid.

“Why do you want to go to university?”

Until now, this is a question that even Nara has avoided asking herself. She thought it would have been her mother who would ask it, but not so softly and definitely not with such genuine interest. It is now that she realises that she doesn’t have a good answer other than “because it’s what everyone else my age is doing”. She has no plan, there has never been a plan. She just wants to follow the crowd… is that so evil?

But of course she cannot admit this to her indefeatable husband and so in true Min Nara fashion she blurts out, “To get away from you.”

Immediately the shutters are drawn, and Yoongi’s liquid eyes are granite once more. And although her answer wasn’t totally a lie, Nara can’t help but feel like she has misstepped.

“Fine.” Yoongi resumes eating, spearing his lamb a little too vigorously. “You can move out. Go study. But the moment there are whispers, you come back to me.”

Oh how Nara has wished to hear those last five words come out of a man’s mouth. She thought that they’d be sent like a caress over her mouth, perhaps at a sappy short-term goodbye at an airport, or perhaps by a lover watching her accept a dance from another man.

In her reality though, the words mean something very different. If anything, she wishes she could whisper the same to him with the same meaning, but even then she cannot because she never had him in the first place.

Oh, Nara realises, I really am a fool.

“She said she’d agree.” Yoongi said, exasperated. His fingers loosen his tie as he sits on the end of the master bed. Nara is in the shower, and she’s been in their for a while.

Silence. “That’s it? Surely there’s more.”

Yoongi sniffs a laugh. “On the condition that she moves out and goes to university.” He’s still incredulous.

There is a very long pause. On the other line Jin is so silent that Yoongi can hear his own heart beating in his ears. It’s suffocating.

“What did I say? She’s a lethal weapon.”

Previously: Prologue,  Chapter 1

Next Chapter: Chapter 3

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Something about Rick and his version of comforting you? :D

yeah, thanks for the request! Is it okay if I make this angsty? Sorry if it’s really long by the way, still getting the hang of it. As well as not getting Rick’s personality well enough.

trigger warning: Swearing, Alcohol, mentioned sexual relationship

You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you got into this sort of “relationship” with the man probably more than double your age. If you could even call being dragged into a intergalactic adventure with Morty, listening to him talk along with complain about whatever pisses him off and the occasional hookup with the older man. You knew how he was a self-centered, inconsiderate, and an arrogant asshole who happened to have the smartest brain in the universe. He ruined ailen civilizations for his own selfish scientific experiments and from what you can see, he fucked up his own family. Hell, even knowing him was going to cause you unwanted, stressful trouble. 

Yet you somehow continued to stay.

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Dirty Laundry Pt.4

So sorry for the wait, but rest assured we’re coming to a close soon! Then on to the next twisted storyline I get from a dream lol. This is inspired from a dream I had last night that Happy was my baby daddy. *sigh* a girl can - literally - dream. Hope you enjoy!! Comments/feedback welcome!!


For the last few days, Happy Lowman couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. Truthfully he thought he was getting sick at first, the way everything in his body felt like something wasn’t right a tell-all to impending illness, until he realized he was symptomless. Sure, he couldn’t sleep. Never had been able to get a moment of resolute peace, but now it was worse. He paced and tried to ignore the gnawing feeling in his gut that told him something wasn’t right, tried to ignore the dull throb in his chest that made him feel like all the air was being sucked out if his lungs.

Heartache. He missed Y/N.

He never thought he’d be the type of man to cheat. Honestly the only reason he’d even considered it was that he felt he was lacking care at home. He’d been trying to get Y/N pregnant, and after that proved a struggle for the couple, all their actions were more mechanical than emotional. Vanessa had chased him, said what he needed to hear, and next thing he knew the bitch was hanging off his arm at the club every chance she got. And he wanted to stop it. But Y/N had been avoiding him. And he had needs.

Little did he know all that alone time was simply her dealing with morning sickness and trying to come up with a good way to let him know they’d finally done it. He was going to be a father. He wondered if she’d even give him a chance at this point.

He scrubbed a hand over his face before rubbing at his sternum, trying to take the edge off the throbbing in his heart. He looked to the open clubhouse door and groaned when he saw Vanessa come through.

“Not up for it today bitch,” he grunted, looking down before she turned to face him.

“ I just need to get my shit from your room,” she stated quietly. Her words sounded slurred, and when he looked up at her he audibly gasped.

Someone had broken her nose. Badly. There were dark bruises covering her eyes and her lip was stitched up on one side. Looked like it had been a huge gash. He fought back a smile.

Y/N had done this. He had taught her well. Maybe a little too well. He walked her back to his room, opening the door and gesturing her to clear her stuff out. She scurried quickly, keeping as much distance between them as possible. He then walked her back to the clubhouse door.

To his dismay, it opened right as they reached it, and Y/N stepped in. God, she looked gorgeous. Tight fitting top, short shorts and a scuffed pair of combat boots.

“I was just getting my stuff, I swear,” Vanessa squeaked, hesitantly making eye contact. Y/N glanced at her briefly and nodded.

“Good. It’s a shame what happened to your face. Gonna make it hard to find work for a while, huh?” Y/N smiled cheerfully, a hint of amusement in her voice. Vanessa scurried out behind her, leaving her and Hap alone.

“You crazy bitch,” he couldn’t help but murmur, grinning. “You’re the one that did that to her.”

Y/N sniffed disdainfully in his direction. “Yeah. I did. Sorry if it ruined getting your dick sucked or whatever you had planned today. Bitch had it coming.” She flicked a black card at his feet. “There’s her number though. For when she heals up.”

“Y/N please. Just give me a cha-”

“Not your turn to talk. My turn. So shut the fuck up and pull up a seat,” she grated out, hopping up on the pool table. He moved to a barstool and perched, giving her his full attention.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“I’ve been thinking. About everything that’s happened. I’ve got to say I was completely surprised. Despite all the hours you’ve been logging here I never woulda guessed that meant you were cheating. I guess the jokes on me, but after what your dad put your mom through I never would’ve pegged you for a cheating bastard. People change though. I thought you wanted to settle down with me. Have a few kids. Get married. Do right by each other. I just hope it was worth it.

"I’m sorry you felt like you had to stray. I was trying to spend time with you, but you just kept pushing further and further away. The night I caught you I had planned a dinner. To give you this,” she paused, pulling out a picture. A sonogram.

“I wanted to wait until I had physical proof. That I was pregnant, that I wouldn’t miscarry. So I could show you instead of just telling. And instead I get home, start the laundry and find little miss Vanessa’s calling card. I’m guessing you didn’t realize she slipped it in there.

"But that’s over and done. You made your bed and you can lie in it,” she paused to wipe a stray tear, the only indicator of her pain as her expression remained stoic.

“ I won’t keep you from your child. My baby will never have the chance to say that mommy was the bad one. The balls in your court when it comes to that. But I ask that you give me some time before you come around again. So I can get my head on straight. I think you owe me that much, Hap.”

The throbbing in his chest turned into a burning, white hot flame. It felt as if his heart strings were snapping one by one. She’d let him be a father, but she was done. He took a deep breath but nodded his assent.

“I can do that for you. But I’ll always love you. And I’m hoping one day you might give me another chance to really prove it,” he rasped, throat thick with emotion. She let a few tears fall and nodded. Then she hopped up, gave him a long kiss, and walked to the doors.

“See you around, Hap,” she whispered, sending him a watery smile. Then she was gone, running across the parking lot and into her car. It was only then that she broke down and let herself cry. Long, heaving sobs overtook her as she buried her face in her hands.

Inside, Happy put his head in his hands and did the same.

Flashdrive (Yoongi x OC)

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Oh no I have another high school AU because I’m trash for high school AUs. I actually wrote this ages ago and I’m just now posting it because I was too lazy to actually post this earlier. I actually have like one or two other stories that are finished but I’m just lazy x.x

Summary: School group projects were the absolute worst, and I just had to be paired up with him.

Words: 4,700+
Genre: Fluff because I love fluff all day every day

> Masterlist <

“What do you mean you didn’t do anything on the project?!” I yelled, frowning at the guilty culprit. Who did he think he was?! The project is due tomorrow and we still have so much to do! We agreed that we would work on certain parts then fix it all so that it looked nice and presentable, but thanks to him, we only have half the project done, not including the editing.

“It’s no big deal,” he shrugged as I shot another glare at him, “it didn’t take you long to work on your part, so if you help me it shouldn’t take us-”

“Wait,” I stopped him, “did you think that everything would be okay because I could just do your part for you? Min Yoongi, I cannot believe you!”

He slightly glared at me, “You gave me the harder portion of the project, and I’m not as smart as you are, Miss ‘I have to get 100s on everything’.”

I stomped over to the chair he was sitting in as I made sure my shout didn’t echo throughout the classroom. While the school was mostly empty, I still didn’t want it to travel down the halls.

“It’s not my fault that I actually care… and you’re just too busy sleeping all the time!” I barked back at him, “You could get better grades if you just tried.”

Yoongi sighed and put his feet up in the chair that was across the row from his, right in my way. I frowned and kicked his feet down, pulling him up from the chair he was practically laying in.

“What?” He glared at me as I grabbed his arm, attempting to pull him to the computer lab.

“We have to go finish this project, Min Yoongi,” I spat at him, “I knew this would happen when we got paired up.”

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Not Dead Yet (Part 24)

*HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Have some mild smut!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, mild smut

As the days went by I, and many of the boys, were disappointed for the lack of conflict with the pirates. They just sat out there on their boat not bothering a soul. It was so boring! I was out sitting on the beach watching the ship from the sand and relaxing in the early hours of the morning. I felt a presence watching me.

“I wasn’t thinking anything, just wanted to look at the ship.” I said, “What do you want?”

“The truth.” I whipped around to see it was Felix. “You thought I was Pan.”

“Yeah, he’s the only other one that ever wakes up this early.” I pat the sand next to me, “Care to join me?”

He strolled in front of me not bothering to sit. I stared up at him waiting for whatever it was he wanted. “I want to know what’s going on with you and Pan.”

“Nothing’s going on.” I answered simply.

“I believe that as much as I believe that you two were off in the Enchanted Forest being whores.” he quipped.

“You didn’t believe his story?”

Felix scoffed. “I know Pan and I know you. However you ended up trapped in the Enchanted Forest it wasn’t a choice and it certainly wasn’t because you two wanted some alone time.”

“Okay, you’re right.” I shrugged, “Now what?”

“Now you’re going to tell me how you really ended up there and what happened that you two got all chummy since.”

“Why don’t you ask your best friend?”

“Because I know I can get more out of you. What happened? You should have been dead weeks ago when I caught you coming back from Skull Rock. Instead you and Pan disappear for a week and come back as if nothing ever happened. What are you?”

“A girl.”

“A witch.”

“Same thing.” I stood up, “You wanna know? You already know. You say you know us, then how about you think about the most likely course of action and roll with that? I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

He was silent for a moment, the gears in his brain turning as he figured it out. Then he smirked, a disbelieving crooked smile. “You…” he sighed, “You tried to run.”

“There you go.” I pat his shoulder, “Wasn’t that easy?”

“You, little miss confrontation, got into a battle you had no chance of winning so you fled. Fled like a coward.”

“I was saving my neck.”

“You pushed your limits too far and instead of facing the consequences you just tried to avoid them altogether.”

“What do you want from me, Felix? Want me to tell you you were right? Fine, you’re right! I ran away! I knew that I was gonna die if I stayed here so I stole a bean, pushed Pan over a cliff and ran! He followed me, we tried to kill each other when we landed in the forest, then…things got complicated.”

“Complicated how?”

“We stopped fighting, started talking and it all sort of morphed into this thing that’s happening now.”

“That’s it? You had a talk about your feelings and now everything is sunshine and rainbows between you two?”

“Don’t be so childish. We merely have an understanding.”

“Does this understanding include you two pretending to be best friends?”


“Now you’re being childish.” he shoved me playfully, “Anything happen that you need to tell me?”

“Nothing I’m going to admit to.”


“So, you see me as a Lost Girl again?”

“You’re a secretive, manipulative, cheating, lying, sadistic idiot. You never stopped being a Lost Girl.”

“Awe, Felix,” I held out my arms.

“Don’t get mushy on me, Y/N.” he pushed me back, “If anyone asks we had a fight to amend things where I won but took pity on you nonetheless.”

“How come I don’t get to win.”

“Because we want them to believe us.”

“Okay fine but I’m making it known I got a good hit in.”

“Whatever, give me your best shot.”

“Sure,” I unsheathed my dagger and stabbed him in the leg.

“OW!” he glared at me, “I meant punch me in the face or something!”

“You wanted it to be believable right?”

“Right,” he landed a hard hit to my jaw, “Believable.”

I rubbed my jaw. “Someone’s been slacking off on hand-to-hand again.”

“Shut up.”

“Maybe we can work on that during training today.”

“Shut up, Y/N.” he limped off back into the jungle.

I followed after him. “You should probably get that looked at before it gets infected.” I narrowly ducked out of the way of the rock he threw at me. “Shutting up.”

We got back to camp where Peter was addressing the camp. I sidled up next to Devin and asked what I had missed. Peter apparently decided the time for playing nice with the pirates was over. He made a deal with the mermaids to torment the pirates into coming ashore. Once they were on land then the real fun could start.

Finally! I wonder what Peter could have offered them in exchange to face cannon fire. What am I talk about, it’s Peter. He probably just threatened to dry up the ocean if they didn’t comply.

The boys and I raced to the beach to watch the ship. Peter was standing out on a rock near the shallows. A couple of heads bobbed in the water. The last time I had seen a mermaid they were trying to drown me. Seeing them now I could make them out more clearly. They had beautiful faces but dark dead eyes that reminded me of a shark. The mermaids and Peter discussed a little longer before they disappeared beneath the waves once more.

Peter blinked into the tree I was sitting in. “So,” I peered up at him, “What made you want to torment the pirates?”

“Bored,” he pulled out a pocket telescope, “What’s the use of having new toys if they’re so far away?”

“Permission to kill?” Nick asked next to me.

“Sure, just no mass slaughter. Looking at you, Y/N.” Peter answered.

“Just wanna take the fun out of everything.” I knocked the bottom of his boot with my club.

“Keep it up and I just won’t let you fight any pirates.”

“How ya plan on doing that?”

“You ever been to the Echo Caves, Lost Girl? Inescapable.”

“Ben would break me out, wouldn’t ya?”

“Do not drag me into this.”

“I would contemplate it at the very least,” Devin said, “Sorry, Pan.” he muttered after he caught Peter glaring at him.

“See, Devin’s a real friend!”

“I’ve already gotten into enough trouble because of you!” Ben snapped.

“You were locked in a cage.” I reminded him, “I don’t think he’s ever tried to kill you.”

“I can still kill you, Y/N.” Peter hissed.

“Please,” I scoffed, “When has threatening me ever worked out for you?”

“Can you at least pretend respect me?” he sighed.

“Who says I don’t respect you?”

“Everyone.” Nick said.

“You stay out of this.” I jabbed him in the ribs.

“Hey lovebirds,” Devin piped up, “If you’re through squabbling I think you’d like to know that the mermaids are attacking the ship.”

“Devin, I swear to–wait, what?!” I snatched his telescope and aimed it at the ship. He was right. It was difficult to make out but from the way the ship was rocking and the distant sound of cannons, the mermaids were giving the pirates hell.

“A good start but how about we make things a little more interesting?” Peter grinned to himself.

Dark storm clouds started to roll in across the sky. A fierce wind that bent the trees caught us all off guard. I clenched to my branch as rain began to pour in sheets. The entire island grew darker only to be lit up by the blinding crack of lightening. The waves rose to heights I had never seen before.

I pulled myself closer to the trunk of the tree and glared up at Peter. “Problem, pet?”

“A little much, don’t you think?” I shouted over the rumble of the storm.

“I say not enough.” his smirk grew wider.

“Peter, don’t you–” Another powerful gust of wind shook the trees. My grip in the smooth trunk of the tree slipped and I fell from my perch.

“Watch it.” Peter blinked down below and caught me, “What’s with you and falling out of trees?”

“What’s with you being an arse!” I bit back.

“Don’t yell at me.”


“Cause then I’ll be forced to shut you up.” his face got closer to mine, “And I don’t think you want the others to see that, do you?”

“Sometimes I really hate you.”

“I know.” he had set me back on my feet but hadn’t let go of me. If anything he pulled me closer. “I also know that I am really liking seeing you soaked.”

“Have you any shame?”


“Well good for you.” I shrugged his arms off me, “I am going to find a cave to hunker down in and try and dry off.”

“Or we could kill some time before the storm lets up.” he whispered in a hot breath in my ear.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, that’s why I suggested it.”

“Eh, I have nothing else to do until the pirates are here.”

“That’s my girl.” he grabbed my wrist and the next instant we were standing somewhere in the jungle.

Peter grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I mentally rolled my eyes as I kissed him back open mouthed, tongues tasting each other. His lips moved against mine with an increasing roughness I had come to expect.

Rain poured down our faces and slipped between our lips. The rainwater mixed with anticipation proved to be a heady combination. By this point my clothes were so soaked I couldn’t tell if he was touching my bare skin or not. My hands rested on either side of his face keeping him close and raking my fingers through the wet tangle of his hair. We pulled back for air and I blinked rapidly trying to keep the rain out of my eyes as I took in the boy in front of me.

The naked want in his dark green eyes staring right back at me made me falter. He smirked at me before backing me up into the trunk of a tree. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this.” he pressed his body closer until I felt something hard resting against my thigh. I froze in my spot. He wasn’t expecting me to–to– “Relax,” he whispered in my ear, “It’s not what you think.”

“Then what is it?”

My answer was the roll of his hips against mine. My breathing hitched and saw his smirk widen. My face burned so hot I was worried the rain would turn to steam against it. “If this is making you uncomfortable then all you need to do is say so.”

I shook my head. “It’s not…bad.”

“Not bad, hm?” he pressed into me again. My hips bucked against him on instinct. He let out a small moan in my ear. I was biting down hard on my lip and he continued to grind up against me. Was this really happening? Things had gotten a little frisky before when we made out but never to this extent. I liked it.

“Stop that,” he planted his mouth back against mine prying my lips open again. My breath came in quick huffs, senses overloaded with the delicious vulgarity of what was happening right now. “I want to hear you.”

He gave another slow scorching thrust and I moaned against his lips. I could feel him smirking but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to leave this position for anything. His mouth left mine to nuzzle my neck kissing and sucking every inch until he found the sweet spot that made me moan again. He was enjoying this far too much.

I brought my lips down to his own neck and clamped down hard on his own sweet spot. He grasped me tighter as I drew out a long moan from him. “You learn fast.” he mumbled in between breaths.

“And you talk too much.” I mashed his lips back to mine. A part of me felt that maybe I should be a little ashamed of how quickly I just gave into him. How I gladly let him grind against me like some kind of animal all the while panting and moaning and bucking my hips right back at him. Maybe I should have been a little embarrassed, but I’ll be damned if even the entire camp walking in on us could have moved me from that spot.

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Steve Rogers x Aria

Word Count: ~3200

Warnings: Language, Angst, SMUT, Dom!Steve

Summary: Bucky and Natasha take it upon themselves to ease the tension between Steve and Aria… by locking them in a room together. 

A/N: Just a little background: So the other day, I was angry for pretty much no reason. I channeled that anger into the first part of this. I will admit I was expecting this to go a slightly different direction. That’s to say the dom/sub thing was not technically supposed to happen but whatever. It’s here now. Have fun.

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

It’s been ten minutes. I’ve been banging relentlessly on this door since Natasha shoved me into the room.

“Let me out of here, Natalia!”

“You can scream and beg all you want, but I’m not letting you out.”

I groan, kicking the door and stomping away from it. I hear the whirring of the mechanical lock, but before I can rush the door, Steve is shoved inside and the door is slammed shut again.

“Oh hell no!” I shout, quickly returning to my assault on the door.

“Give it up, doll.” Steve sighs, “They had FRIDAY seal the door. They’re probably long gone by down.”

I turn on my heels to face him, “Was this your idea?”

He scoffs, crossing his arms over his chest, “What makes you think I would choose to be locked in a room with you?”

“Hell if I know, Captain. Maybe you’ve got some weird kind of fantasy you’re trying to live out. Then again, you’re such a fucking prude, something like this is probably way out of your league.”

At first, he looks shocked. Then shock turns to anger as his nostrils flare and he slowly lets out a deep breath that punctuated with a growl-like sound.

“What’s the matter, Stevie, cat got your tongue?”

He pinches the bridge of his nose, speaking through clenched teeth, “Will you shut the fuck up?”

“Woah.” I gasp, feigning shock, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Do you ever stop talking?” he shouts, “All you ever do is run your mouth, and it always gets you into trouble. The funny part is you only argue with me. If Natasha or anyone else gives you an order, you’re quick to do whatever they ask of you, but God forbid I try to give you an order…”

“You wanna know why I don’t listen you?”

“Enlighten me.”

“I don’t like you. In fact, I kinda hate you.”

“You hate me?”

“I hate that ‘holier than thou’ attitude you seem to have. You treat everyone else but me like an equal. I know I’m young. I know I’m new, but I’m just as qualified to be on this team as anyone. It seems like you don’t fucking see that, but why would you? The great Captain America can do no wrong, right? He’s the leader of the Avengers, the Star-Spangled Man with a goddamn Plan.” I heave a deep sigh, throwing my hands out in defeat, “I don’t feel good enough to be here, and that feeling makes me hate you because I blame you.”

“Aria…” he takes a step toward me.

“Don’t!” I shout, taking a step back, “You don’t get to pull that sympathetic tone with me.”

“Look. I don’t mean to treat you that way, but you said it yourself. You’re young. You’re new, and the risks you take on missions are not worth it.”

“This risks I’ve taken have saved lives on this team more than once.”

“But you’re no use to us dead.”

We stare at each other in a heated silence, the tension is the room practically tangible as it surrounds.

“FRIDAY, I need you to open the door.”

“I was instructed_”

“Just open it. Please.”

The mechanical sound of the lock sliding free is like music to my ears. I turn away from Steve and go to the door, wrenching it open. Bucky and Natasha are leaning against the opposite wall, and they both look guilty, like they know they messed up.

“Aria…” Natasha speaks, her voice laced with the hopeful effects of the oncoming apology I don’t let her finish.

Instead, I scoff, dismissing her with a wave of my hand and walking away. I go straight for my room, bypassing and ignoring the concerned stares of my teammates. I collect my gym bag and head for the workout room to beat my frustrations into a punching bag or two.

I don’t know how long I’m in that room.

A layer of sweat covers my body. I’ve had to change the wraps on my hands and feet at least four times. I’ve got three bag set up around me: two hanging and one standing. I can’t hear much over the music that fills the room. I’m somewhere in the middle of “Wreak Havoc” when it shuts off.

“What the fuck?” I groan, dropping my fists and throwing my head back.

“We need to talk,” It’s Steve’s voice that reaches me, “and I mean really talk.”

“I’m done talking. Now turn my music back on and leave.”

“You want to take your anger out on something, take it out on me.”


“I’m the one who caused it, right? You said you hate me so prove it. Come over here and kick my ass.”

I sigh. My hands go to my hips. My head drops, and I look up at him through my lashes. I trail my thumb over my bottom lip, shaking my head and walking toward the mat he now stands on.

I get into my stance, putting my right foot forward and raising my fist to eye level.

“Take your best shot.” He says.

I bring my right fist back, feigning a right hook as my right foot meets his side. He grunts but recovers quickly. When my right fist comes up again, he moves to block my foot but instead takes my fist to his cheek.

“Damn it.”

“You told me to take my best shot.” I chuckle, “Now fight back!”

He lunges at me, but I duck out of his reach. We fight after that, trading blows that probably would have severely injured anyone else, but he’s a super soldier and I’ve been trained to take the pain.

He catches my left wrist in his right hand. My wrap my hand around his wrist and turn to flip him, but he takes the upper hand when he kicks my feet from underneath me. I land face first against the mat. I roll over the get up, but he positions himself over me, his knees on either side of my body. I groan on displeasure, raising my hands to start swinging at him. His expression is serious as he shakes his head and catches each one of my wrists in his hands.

“Aria!” he warns, tightening his grip when I start to fight against him, “Aria, stop!”

I take a deep breath and let it all out at once.

“You’re a great fighter, and I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for this team. I know you think you’re doing some kind of great service by fighting to protect us, but your life is worth protecting too.” He sighs, “I’m sorry I make you feel inferior. It’s not my intention, and I’ll work on that.”

“That’s all I wanted.”

Even though we’re both smiling now, the tension is still there, though not as volatile. He shallows thickly, his smile fading as his tongue passes over his bottom lip. His gaze flickers to my lips and back up to my eyes as if asking for permission. He’s still holding my wrists so I can’t pull him to me. I decide to raise up from the mat, catching his lips in a kiss so heated I can practically feel my body temperature rising.

Then, rather unexpectedly, he gathers both of my wrists in one of his hands and breaks the kiss. He pins my wrist above my head. He breathes heavily through parted lips, his eyes locked with mine.

“You called me a prude.” His whispers, his lips hovering barely an inch over mine.

“I did.”

“Well, I’m gonna need you take that back.”

“Can’t do that, Captain.”

“And why not?”

“Because a simple kiss does not prove sexual prowess.”

His smile is full of mischief. His eyes trail my body, the fingertips of his free hand grazing over my collarbone, over the zipper on my sports bra, down the plain of my bare stomach before teasing them under the waistband of my shorts.

“You know, everyone has it in their heads that I was a virgin before I went under, but they all seem to forget that I was Captain America for years before then. Women threw themselves at me, and while I didn’t sleep with all of them, I enjoyed my fair share of them. I know things, doll, and I would love to show you what I know.”

“Then show me.”

He shakes his head slowly, “You have to earn it.”

“I’ll admit I was wrong. It seems you might have a bit of a dark side.”

His knee presses against my thighs, urging them to open for him. His other knee joins the first, spreading my thighs even further. He turns his hand, fingertips moving further down. I roll my hips into his touch as he teases my entrance. I moan softly as he slowly drags his fingers through my folds and stops at my clit.

“Come on, baby doll, tell me what you want.”

My words catch in my throat as he applies a gentle pressure, the pad of his fingertip moving in slow circles.

“Tell me, doll, or I’ll stop.”

When I don’t answer right away, he pulls his hand away.



“Please.” I whine, “No.”

“Then say it. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to go faster, harder.” I struggle against his hold on my wrists, “I want more.”

“No more reckless behavior.” He says roughly, grinding his hips down against mine.

“I’ll be good for you, Captain. I promise.”


With more roll of his hips, he pulls away completely and rises to his feet.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“We’re not going to do this here.”

“But the others…”

“I’ve already thought about that. We’re going to go back upstairs. I’m going to drag you along as angrily as I can. You can choose how you deal with that, but you can’t look happy about it. I don’t want their suspicion or their scrutiny, so if you give us away, you will pay for it.” He takes my chin in his hand, “Do you understand?”

I nod my head slowly, “Yes, Captain.”

“Good girl.”

Then he takes my hand and pulls me toward the elevator. Once we’re back on the residential floor, his expression falls serious, so serious in fact that it’s almost scary. I bite my lip, trying to look both annoyed and angry. I spare a glance at the others as we pass them. Natasha and Bucky both still wear their masks of guilt. Her expression changes first to one of confusion when she sees the way he holds my hand; then it turns to understanding. Bucky’s expression follows suit while the others seem to remain in the confused state.

I hear Sam’s voice from down the hall, “I’ve never see him so mad.”

“I know what angry Steve looks like, and that’s not it.” Bucky says, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

Steve sighs as he opens his bedroom door and shoves me into the room.

“What did you do?” he asks, practically slamming the door shut before he presses me against it.

“Nothing. Bucky knows you, Steve. Did you really think you could get this past him?”

“You promise you did nothing to give us away?”

“I promise.”

“Good.” His fingers hook around the waistband of both my shorts and panties, “That makes this much easier.”

He drops to his knees in front of me, pulling the tight fabric to my ankles in one swift motion. I step free of it and he tosses it to the side. He hooks one of my legs over his shoulder, sending shivers up my spine as he kisses along my inner thigh. His hands move under my ass, pushing me up and forcing me to put my supporting leg over his other shoulder.

He looks up at me, smirking before flicking his tongue out and running it in a feather-light touch over my hip. My head hits the door as I gasp, his tongue now working its way around my sensitive little bundle of nerves. I try everything to keep from rolling my hips into it, but his movements have me shaking while my hands search for something to grab onto. I fist one of them into his hair while grabbing his shoulder with the other.

I whine, looking down at him when he suddenly pulls his lips away. I bite my lip at the pressure of two of fingers slowly pushing into my slick entrance.

“You ready to take it back?”

“I’ll take it all back if you just keep going.”

My back arches as his fingers slide all the way home in one, swift motion. My soft moans turn to strangled cries of pleasure as his fingers move inside of me.

“Do you wanna come, doll?”

The roughness of his voice brings my gaze down to his.

“Do ya?”

I nod my head furiously, combing my fingers through his hair. My tongue licks over my bottom lip, pulling it between my teeth as his fingers curl up and pass over that sweet spot deep inside. He keeps this movement up as his tongue moves deep between my folds and finds my clit again.

“Cap, baby, I’m so close.”

He moans against me, and the vibrations alone send me reeling over the edge. I choke on the scream that begins to rise so it comes out like a soft squeak. He eases me back to the floor, his hands on my hips as he rises to his feet. My head falls back against the door, my eyes closed and a content smile on my face.

“We’re just getting started, sweetheart.”

First, he grabs the zipper of my sports bra and pulls it down. I let it fall from my body and to the floor. Then he pulls me away from the door, guiding me toward the bed. He lands a sharp smack against my ass as I climb onto the mattress.

He stands at the foot of the bed. A primal hunger brightens his eyes as they scan my body. I watch as he strips off his clothing layer by layer. His muscles flex with every little movement as he joins me on the bed. His touch against my cheek is gentle as he brings his lips down to mine. He raises my leg, my knee notched at his hip. Though lost in his kiss, I am well aware of the slow joining of our bodies. My lips tremble against his as he pushes deeper, every inch of his manhood stretching and filling me in the best way. I hold tight to his shoulders, my grip tightening and loosening in time with the rolling of is hips.

His kiss moves down my jaw when I turn my head, moaning through clenched teeth. He takes my hand from his shoulder and kisses my palm before lacing his fingers with mine and pinning my hand to the pillow beside my head. He does the same with my other hand. He leans away from me a bit, his eyes still on mine. He moves faster, harder; I press my feet into the small of his back to push him deeper.

“Fuck…” he hisses, his head falling forward.

“Cap…” I moan, “I want…”

“Tell me what you want.” He growls.

“Top.” I whimper, “I wanna be on top.”

He shakes his hands free of mine and pulls out, rolling onto his back. I move quickly to climb on top of him. My fingernails dig into his chest as my body readjusts to him. He holds my hips but lets me set my own pace as I roll my hips over his. I start slow, relishing in the sight on him beneath me. His pupils are blown wide, his eyes focused on where our bodies meet.

He groans, throwing his head back. I grab his chin, crashing my lips hard against his as euphoria clouds my mind. The tightening of my walls around him forces him to his own release. The movement of my hips slows as we both come back down.

I push myself up on his chest, smiling down at him. He smiles back, chuckling softly as he runs his fingers through his hair.

“What?” I giggle.

“Nothing.” He taps two fingers against his chest, “Come here.”

I bite my lip as I smile, laying my head on his chest. He trails his fingertips up and down either side of my spine. We stay there like that for a while in silence as our hearts and lungs settle back to normal. He breaks the silence.

“You said you hated me.”

“I did.”

“Did you mean it?”

“At the time.”

“And now?”

“I don’t know.”

His hands stop moving, resting flat against my back. He sighs, pushing me off of him and sitting up. I hug a pillow to my chest, hiding behind it as he finds his clothes.


His back is to me as he pulls on his underwear and jeans.

“Steve, please, will you just listen to me?”

Though I expect to see anger when he turns to me, I only seen pain.

“Did you really expect everything to change just like that?”

“No but I thought it might be a start.”

“How can it be a start when it doesn’t mean anything?”

“Who said it didn’t mean anything?”

I shrink back from the strength in his voice, casting my gaze downward as I whisper, “Did it?”

The bed shifts as he kneels in front of me. He takes my face in his hands, raising my gaze to his, “Of course it did. The question is: did it mean something to you?”

I close my eyes, wrapping my hand around his wrist, “For the longest time, I just wanted you to see me for what I was really capable of, and I hated you for treating me like I was weak.”

“I know what you’re capable of, and I never thought you were weak. You’re behavior in the field just scares the hell out of me.”

I open my eyes to look at him, “I’ll try to do better.”

“And maybe, while you’re at it, you might try to hate me less.”

“Maybe hate was too strong of a word.”

He smiles, pulling me closer to kiss me.

“We should do this again some time.”

“Well, damn Cap, you could at least buy a girl dinner first.”

“That,” He kisses me again, “can definitely be arranged.”

I giggle, tossing the pillow away and wrapping my arms around his neck. A knock on the door pulls us away from one another. Bucky’s voice filters through the door.

“Does this mean we’re forgiven?”

Steve and I look at each other in silence for a moment before rolling over in laughter.