I wonder how many times I’ve seen the person I’m going to marry. Or if I’ve never met them yet. I also wonder if I would’ve gone out one day or stayed in on another if I would’ve met them then. Life is crazy.

before you reblog that horrible “POC SHOULDN’T BE IN EUROPEAN STORIES THEY SHOULD BE IN THEIR OWN STORIES” post i want you to consider why people of color being in “your” spaces makes you so uncomfortable. 

consider why you think the world is divvied up into these neat little boxes with white people on one side and everyone else on the other.

consider the fact that biracial people exist, that poc in europe have been around for a long-ass time, and they all deserve to see themselves too.

non-european stories should absolutely be seen more in mainstream media, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is also important to realize that poc didn’t spring up out of thin air in european countries, that today there are poc in european countries shown that only white people in their culture are the ones worth paying attention to, and they deserve to be acknowledged in history and legends instead of continuing to be systematically erased.