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Me, earlier: “Huh, I wonder if it’s possible for ‘Bendy’ to not notice you if you hide in the little wall-column nooks in Heavenly Toys…?”

Also me, ten seconds later: “NO IT ISN’T NO IT ISN’T OHGOD ABORT ABO RT–

chocolate-mintdromeda  asked:

Have you tried using essential oils or doing yoga? /sarcasm/ I wish I could send you to a magic spa getaway, where you and ETD could tuck up and not worry about furnaces, allergies, or deadlines. It'd probably be a sterile room with hyperallogenic linens and bland nutrition bars, but still... I have a friend who is suffering from adrenal fatigue and when I see what you're going through, I worry about it happening to you.

Oh I’m already well acquainted with adrenal fatigue. I’ve been sick for decades. It’s only the last three to four years I’ve had the freedom and support in place to get help (two since the bone infection in my jaw went nova).

My parents would regularly ignore me when I was sick, or blame me for being a difficult child. It took until I fainted at school for my mother to take me to a doctor (under threat of social work intervention) but made sure to tell the dr I was doing it for attention, and my doctor being a shitheel diagnosed me as neurotic and prescribed sedatives for several years and told me to toughen up. And I believed him because my family are all sick and never got help so I thought this was all normal. I was told by doctors it was normal too.

It was only when I moved far far away from them and ETD saw how sick I actually was, becuase I couldnt hide it anymore, that I was able to get help. Three, four years ago we found out I was going into mild anaphylactic shock one to two times a week from a red meat allergy that had been misdiagnosed as panic attacks, the strain of which was finally shutting down my organs.

It might not seem like it, but I am doing better now. Or rather, I am stable now. Mostly. All of this shit now is trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong and how to fix it. If it can be fixed. And I mean, it’s still a bunch of bullshit and I’m so fucking tired. But hey, I’m still here. Thats worth something.


Sammy “not very popular with the cool kids” Lawrence

“alt-left” is not a thing

Don’t use it, don’t let others perpetuate it. Shut it down. The Alt-right is a self-named, self-identified group that has existed for years. “Alt-left” is a false-equivalence invented and “named” by the Trump administration. No progressive or antifascist group created this identity. This is anti-progressive propaganda. 


another assignment for the class I’m doing! They told us to grab any two characters from a game/movie/series and insert them in another game/movie/series. I first thought of choosing reaper and soldier and adapt them to dark souls because i rly love them but i didnt have any idea on how to adapt soldier and his rifle. And then. I thought of mccree all of a sudden and my friend suggested bloodborne, where you can carry guns! Because reaper isn’t reaper without his huge guns and mccree isn’t mccree without his pistol. So Yep. Mccree and reaper in bloodborne. (open the bigger pic in a new window if u want, it looks better bigger)