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  • Nico: You're not my mom, and you're not her mom! [points at Hazel]
  • Jason: I never said I was!
  • Nico: No, but you certainly act like it!
  • Jason: I don't act that way! Piper, do I act motherly?
  • Piper: Hey. I'm staying out of this one.
  • Jason: What do you think, Percy? Do I act like a mom?
  • Percy: [rubs his eye.] Well. I, uh-
  • Jason: Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!

hey literally the worst way to address a child developing a crush on an adult is to act like THE KID is the predatory one for it. 

like it happens. as a kid, you arent gonna realize just how bad that age gap is until youre on the other end of it. no matter what a child does, the responsibility is entirely on the adult to not reciprocate in any form and shut it down. 

a child/teen having a crush on a teacher isnt a good thing of course and should be highly discouraged, but like… dont act like theyre immoral for it?? explain how its potentially harmful and how that age gap isnt healthy, since most kids and teens dont Really get it since theyre not on the other end of it. dont call them disgusting for it good fucking lord

theopengrave  asked:

Why do you think len has a mental illness?

I don’t mean to say he specifically does, or specifically has any particular definable mental illness. That’s part of why I worded that the way I did: “He doesn’t externalize (his) symptoms of mental illness and neurodivergence” <– putting the “his” in brackets was meant to imply that he doesn’t necessarily have mental illness or neurodivergence, but if he has either, he doesn’t externalize his symptoms in the way that Mick does.

But more generally, I do headcanon/believe he has some mental illness. I think Len struggles with (episodes of) depression, probably some form of an anxiety disorder though maybe not always at a clinical level, and has (had) PTSD from his childhood and upbringing. And I’d say that it doesn’t show that much in part from the fact that he internalizes more than he externalizes, he’s had so many years to work through some of it, and also because he has coping mechanisms (sometimes maladaptive ones) that make it manageable. It also flies under the radar on a show with so many other people with varying levels of mental illness, like Mick, or Rip with his grief and depression, or Sara with her own struggles too.

Some signs of Len’s mental illness come through in his ‘adrenaline junkie’ way of doing things, the way he seems addicted to it and to continuing to up his game, needing more of a thrill and a rush from stealing over time. I’d argue there’s self-worth problems tied up in there, throwing himself into danger, heedless of his own well-being. Addiction in most of it’s forms tends to be due to a persistent lack of reliable social connection (including in the early, like up to 18-20 parts of life) or lack of social support. Survivors of abuse also show issues with self-worth and depression and anxiety pretty commonly, though of course everyone deals with these things differently.

More evidence on the anxiety and evidence of PTSD side? There’s his strict adherence to a plan and timing things to the second, that meticulous need for order when it comes to his work. And then the fact that he literally shot a guy for wanting out without thinking twice, a sort of highly extreme hair-trigger reaction to a reasonable situation. A learned, knee-jerk reaction that came from somewhere. It fits with other signs of hyperviligance we see from him, including the fact that he always knows when Barry shows up, or else knows whenever there’s someone behind him, and often keeps something at his back in a room, even though he doesn’t always. Should also say the way he responds to his abuser (Lewis) is telling.

It’s worth noting, though not everyone will agree with him on this, that most of the positive emotions we’ve seen him express are in the form of sarcasm or sardonic wit, in the middle of a heist and then it’s more exuberance and a rush than actual joy, or else his positive emotions seem far more muted. I would argue he therefore demonstrates difficulty in experiencing at least some positive emotions, if not a larger range of them. And we know he has serious difficulty with trust.  He pulls his weapon on his best friend and other allies when he feels threatened or backed into a corner in any way. Pulling the gun on Sara on the Waverider was an act of panic. And not that it shows, but like killing anyone who wants out, it looks almost like a knee-jerk panic reaction he suppresses and deals with through violence. 


There are a lot of plausible headcanons for Len in terms of mental illness and neurodivergence. These are just some of mine. I know some people see him as maybe having obsessive-compulsive disorder, which seems possible, and is technically an anxiety disorder so fits with how I see him more broadly. Some have headcanoned different personality disorders, which I know less (but some) about and I enjoy those headcanons. 

And more frequently, I’ve also seen him described as on the autism spectrum and I can 100% see it. Stimming with throwing a ball or keeping his hands busy, wrapping his arms around himself in the way he does for physical pressure stimming when he’s overwhelmed or self-protective. His attraction to some of the things he steals could be due to special interests or stimming as well. He demonstrates a difficulty looking people in the eye or looking them in the eye for too long, and an awkwardness with certain types of social situations (but a smoothness when he’s not involved himself, when he’s following a ‘script’ of sorts like when he’s on a job?).

I’ll admit though, I know a bit about autism but people who are actually autistic can speak much better to headcanons on that, which is why it’s not something I typically discuss on this blog in too much detail. I will say though that I’ve been trying in my latest fic to write him more on the autism spectrum, but I don’t know if I’m having any success. 

Of course, everything here is a headcanon because canon never gives explicit diagnoses for any of it’s characters, we just get to conjecture.

no offense but… if an autistic person sees themselves in a character and realizes that mayb that character is just like them… please let them. its rly important when we pick up on that stuff it means a lot even if its never openly said in the show/movie/etc. and like. seeing a character u love acting and reacting the same way u do is emotional n important


i see around a lot that jack is confirmed bisexual but iirc the only time she talks about being involved with a lady is when she was with that couple, and i inferred that they were abusing her (”the ‘helped’ me alright, right into their bed,” or something similar). I may have forgotten something as it’s been a while since i’ve played the game, but she pretty pointedly shuts femshep down and says she’s not interested in women. she needs that mshep dick to cure her sad sad heart, as it were.

it’s gross but i still dont think it’s really fair to say that bioware doesnt give a shit bout lgbt people. compared with other AAA games they are really, really trying, and i think it’s important for lgbt fans to continue to give them feedback in a way that is constructive and not immediately dismissive.

the truth is, and idk if a lot of people remember this, but after ME1 came out there was a HUGE media shitstorm about the lesbian scenes in the game. like, there was a smear campaign about this game, where it was described as being a virtual sex simulator where you designed characters to your specifications to watch them have gay alien sex. like, this was in mainstream news. this game got really, really bad press for including the liara/femshep love scene, and this was when they were a relatively small studio with a tiny production team that had yet to be swallowed up by EA. it could have sank them.

They took an enormous risk putting that in the game and saw bad backlash from it, which i imagine is why all of the “love scenes” in ME2 were so tame.

Like, games don’t grow straight from the writers’ keyboards to production. This is something I think about a lot tbh – the people writing these games are professional writers and incredible conworlders. There are a lot of little details hidden in codices and background dialogue and early concept art that suggests that the mass effect that exists in the developers minds is way more progressive and groundbreaking than anything that we will get to see, because it all has to make it through every stage of production, into something that EA thinks will market well to adolescent boys. ANY bit of gay content that exists in the game was probably fought for tooth-and-nail by someone to keep it off the cutting room floor, and in doing so was likely warped into something unrecognizable from its original intention

that doesn’t make it okay. that doesn’t make it hurt less to see half-assed, embarrassing, and often offensive representation when you’re starving for any of it. but it’s also worth remembering that most games don’t do this at ALL, so i think it’s kind of important for fans to say “hey we see that you’re trying but you really need to do better,” so the developers know that it MATTERS when they try, and that it’s important for them to stick to their guns and keep doing better if this is something they want to be part of their stories (and not to mention a huge demographic with fistfulls of cash ready to throw at the first property that gets it right)

i dont want to let them off the hook too easy when i truly believe they’re capable

The more I write about Mei’s cryostasis the less sense it makes.

Like, in who-knows-many years no one ever bothered to check up on these guys? 
They were six scientists, all presumably with families, friends and colleagues outside the Ecopoint. Not one of them ever thought “Hey, we haven’t heard from our son/sibling/spouse/friend in a while, what’s up with that?”

When Overwatch was shut down by the Petras Act the UN didn’t check if all their facilities followed the protocol? Like, the Ecopoint was active in at least one way - housing six cryogenically frozen people - not to mention they had six Overwatch agents unaccounted for, who were indirectly still working for Overwatch.

And if they were presumed dead, again, why did no one check? The Ecopoint wasn’t exactly hidden, it was an international project in the fields of climatology, everyone knew where it was. No one - not families, not the scientific community, not the UN - sent anyone to retrieve the bodies/figure out what actually happened?

Shut down (temporarily) all social media except my Tumblr for now because I can’t handle anything not even myself and I’m drained and I just don’t know what to do anymore ?


“Total coverage? That was absolute bullshit.” Faye shut the television off. “I wasn’t even there. Sonny and Violet didn’t get any questions asked. What about everyone else? This was so freaking stupid.”

She looked at her phone that lay on the bed side. Did her dad even bother calling her to check up on her? What about her mom? When her phone vibrated, she hurriedly grabbed it. She was hoping it was Tom, but was surprised by another number.

“Nope. Not today,” She whispered. She placed the phone back where it was and crawled into the bed. Sim Star Chef was over. Everyone had to return back to their lives. Everyone but her and her dad who had to face intense scrutiny from the media and the public. Lucky for her, she could turn it all off by shutting her phone down. Though, that alienated the one person she wanted to see. Tom.

But, it was over. Sim Star Chef was finally over. Maybe now her dad would get what he deserved. Who knew what would become of the others? It would be no shock to her if Bella, Dorsey, and even Shen got jobs in famous restaurants. The others had big lives ahead of them as well. She was sure of it. The alumni who returned would go back to the established lives they were living. Sonny and Violet would get the recognition they deserved.

It was finally over. The charade was up, and as the walls fell down she started to see what was really there. Carson, a past that she would have to face eventually. Tom, a future she may never receive, and her father, a present she could only hope would get better.

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

this is my family

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