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When you compliment the Zodiac Signs

Aries: “Shut up. *aggressive blushing*”
Taurus: “Oh. *internal debate over responding     with ‘I know’ or ‘thank you.’*”
Gemini: “Thank you. Where is that coming from?     What brought that to mind? *curious Gemini is curious*”
Cancer: “No, you [returns compliment]! *giggle     galore*”
Leo: “Hahahaha no. *rejects compliment, but     is secretly super flattered*”
Virgo: “Alright. *moves on with life*”
Libra: “Aww, ya really think so?” *secretly     hopes for more compliments*
Scorpio: “Oh, is that so?” *violently blushes,     while suspicious as to what other person is trying to do*
Sagittarius: “Do you really mean it?” *happy 5evar*
Capricorn: “Thanks.” *isn’t surprised*
Aquarius: “Well, I may or may not agree with you,     but I appreciate the sentiment regardless!” *tries to decide if they agree     or disagree*
Pisces: “Oh! You are too sweet! Thank you so     much!” *gently blushes and hides face in hands*

The Signs as Musicals

Aries: Rent

Taurus: The Producers

Gemini: Chicago

Cancer: Sweeny Todd

Leo: Cabaret

Sagittarius: Wicked

Libra: Hamilton

Virgo: Once

Scorpio: The Phantom of the Opera

Aquarius: Mamma Mía

Capricorn: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Pisces: Les Misérables

Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
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the signs as things i have said pt. 4
  • Aries: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAAAS IIIS a girlfriend
  • Taurus: i'm sun-butterphobic
  • Gemini: (flips up collar of polo shirt) now i'm an 80s band reject
  • Cancer: (reading question off of art test) "The zentangle method is a metaphor for what?" i don't fucking know, ponies or some shit
  • Leo:
  • my cat: (walks into my room)
  • me: well look who decided to come in. captain furryballs mcfucker
  • Virgo: hello, do you have the time to worship our lord and savior amedot
  • Libra: (puts on a fedora and stacks a second fedora on top) now i'm twice as euphoric
  • Scorpio: welcome to massachusetts, don't be an ass-achusetts
  • Sagittarius: sometimes i forget that kansas is actually a state
  • Capricorn: lamb to the slaughter sounds like a darker version of mary had a little lamb. mary had a little lamb, then she got married, then she killed the lamb, and then she killed her husband with the lamb
  • Aquarius: (to a girl with pink and blue hair) have garnet hair
  • Pisces: as much as i wish it was, this isn't the spongebob history class

Cry it all out alone:

Pisces, Cancer

Vent to friends:

Leo, Taurus

Sleep them away:

Aquarius, Sagittarius

Shut them in:

Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn

Eat them away:

Virgo, Gemini, Libra

The Signs as Beatles Songs!
  • Aries: Helter Skelter
  • Taurus: Blackbird // Yer Blues
  • Gemini: Get Back
  • Cancer: Let It Be
  • Leo: Here Comes the Sun
  • Virgo: Girl
  • Libra: Twist and Shout // Help!
  • Scorpio: Why Don't We Do It In the Road // Don't Let Me Down
  • Sagittarius: Ticket to Ride // You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
  • Capricorn: Yesterday // Eleanor Rigby
  • Aquarius: Maggie May // Yesterday
  • Pisces: Across the Universe // Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
The Signs as Undertale Ships

Sans x Toriel:Aries

Sans x Grillby:Taurus

Papyrus x Mettaton:Gemini

Asgore x Toriel:Cancer

Chara x Frisk:Leo

Gaster x Asgore:Virgo

Sans x Frisk:Libra

Alphys x Undyne:Scorpio


Frisk x Asriel:Capricorn

Asriel x Chara:Aquarius

Flowey x Asriel:Pisces

Do you think that like. Scanlan, just after his mother died he was just a kid and he suddenly no longer has any family or a house and one day he’s sitting in a back alley somewhere with a stolen piece of bread and he tries to hum a lullaby his mother used to sing to him, but nothing comes out. He can still play his flute, but his mother’s brutal murder was so traumatic for him that it left him completely unable to speak. He’d never been so scared in his life, how was he supposed to live without a voice?? (im sorry this got so long im. more under the cut ^^;; )

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Black Mirror Episodes for the Signs

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Aries -Shut Up and Dance

Taurus - White Bear

Gemini - The National Anthem

Cancer - Be Right Back

Leo - The Waldo Moment

Virgo - Fifteen Million Merits

Libra - Nosedive

Scorpio - The Entire History of You

Sagittarius - Playtest

Capricorn - Man Against Fire

Aquarius - Hated in the Nation

Pisces - San Junipero