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“wow keith and lance sure have been training a lot lately!”-poor and unaware shiro, who does not deserve this

anonymous asked:

what made you ship chiharata? and did you watch the anime first or read the manga?

I’ve never really thought about why I shipped it, but thinking about it now I shipped chiharata from episode 1. I mean did you see little Chihaya defending little Arata from the bullies and then the next episode she was so proud of Arata’s karuta skills and she was like “ARATA CAN TAKE ALL OF YOU HE’S REALLY AWESOME” 

and Chihaya was the first person Arata can open up to about Karuta and she was his first friend. And Arata stuttering when he called her by her first name for the first time oH MY GOD THE WHOLE FLASHBACK WAS JUST PRECIOUS

It intensified with the whole bike reunion scene that was the most shoujo scene ever I swear to god i mean are you seeing this

BASICALLY I SHIPPED THEM because the general flow of the story keeps setting them up. and the fact that Chihaya is such a hyper active sports anime heroine, she shuts up and becomes starry eyed whenever Arata comes into the picture. and now their feelings are mutual and im just— i’ve been on this ship for four years now i’m in the nth layer.

and hello yes I watched the anime first before reading the manga. I saw it being promoted on Animax and then I thought “eyy wow look at these beautiful characters” and then there. I read the manga while I waiting for more episodes to come out during season 2 i’m such trash–


we are currently looking for sound engineers for starry expanse, and asked that any applicants send us a demo of some of their previous work.

this guy (Gary Coughlin) did a five-minute reel of recreating sounds from the original riven, and…we think it speaks for itself.