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Can I ask for Sakurai falling for a senpai who's always been kind to him, but she's taller and way more mature, so be begs to support from his teammates on how to confess to her?

i think more will come out of this if I just write it out headcanon style.

  • he’s a shy baby so it takes him some time to get the courage up to ask his teammates but when he does their responses are…their responses
  • Imayoshi: Is she a g o o d girl, Sakurai?
  • Susa: I say you go for a traditional approach, Sakurai. Calm, cool, and collected-
  • Aomine: *yawns loudly interrupting Sus, while sitting up from a  power nap* Wack. What’s her bra size so you can email her bralettes you’d love to see on her? *wiggles eyebrow*  
  • Wakamatsu: Shut up you narcoleptic creep.
  • yeah…not many great ideas at first
  • BUT of course things eventually work out once Coach Harasawa Katsunori hears Sakurai’s troubles and butts in
  • everyone’s shocked because he doesn’t usually pitch in, in the midst of the buffoonery unless it interrupts practice
  • with Coach Chiseled Cheekbones involved, Sakurai feels a bit less worried—like 0.05% less worrisome—and counts on the team to answer all of his questions on how to sweep his senpai off their feet
  • okay so they’d end up sticking to the traditional choice like Susa suggested (honestly Susa is probably always right in this group but OFC NO ONE LISTENS TO HIM)
  • Leave a note in your senpai’s locker, Sakurai.”
  • “W-W-What type of note, Susa?”
  • A note confessing your undying love for them.”
  • *sighs* “Imayoshi, can we be serious for one moment please?”
  • he’d end up leaving note in his senpai’s locker with the sweetest 10-line poem that he’s written himself (idk something tells me Sakurai is secretly a romantic) signed as “secret admirer” at the bottom
  • the same day he leaves flowers for his senpai before class starts, making sure he gets there extra early so no one will see him
  • okay quick headcanon I imagine everything that the Touou basketball team plans together ends up going horribly lol
  • don’t ask me why just know it fits
  • in this case, Sakurai’s senpai would have an allergic reaction to the flowers causing them to be escorted out
  • Sakurai would feel so horrible that he’d immediately go to apologize after class, exposing himself as the secret admirer
  • instead of being mad, the senpai smiles with watery eyes and a runny nose, takes Sakurai’s hand and asks gently “Sakurai-kun…do you like me?”
  • his reddening cheeks with answer for him
  • When the basketball team sees Sakurai walking past the gym afterschool instead of into it, they all peek their heads out to see him still holding hands with his senpai
  • coach lets him off easy for practice that day

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dont listen to those anons theyre being gross and should respect you

Thank you Anon for this message! ; w ; I’m going to block the next ones who try and start something, thank you for being really sweet. This blog is only a joke one after all so I wanna keep things as Happy-Lappy in here as possible. Which means creeps shut up forever. 

-Mod Peridot

padme’s ghost at some point, probably: “luke! i did not die for you have a crush on your sister! stop that!” 

rinlen to fuel my energy :D

also, i would like to thank my amazing online friends that i made this year. to be honest, i didn’t think my twitter experiences would be  good without you guys. though i may seem quiet in twitter its because i enjoy stalking you guys in silence (shut up you creep). its an honor to be in the sin squad :3

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dean telling crowley to "go fuck himself" and crowley going "i'd rather be fucking you" and dean just immediately shuts up and a blush creeps up his face.

You sending me headcanons is seriously one of my favorite things.

I can sooo see this happening. Then a huge smirk would spread over Crowley’s face, and he would step closer, never looking away from Dean. “What? No zippy comeback?” He would let Dean stumble over his words for a couple of seconds, then would grab him and kiss him.

And of course that wouldn’t be the last time Dean tells Crowley to go fuck himself, and Crowley’s response never changes - the only difference is Dean is a lot more honest about how much he likes Crowley’s alternative.



Second loaf of Genosonic bread… #cough - first page 

it’s still going ! ah i’m a bit further so i’ll keep posting more and more idk at what frequency but yeeess… 

1 : Sonic is silent while leaving.
2 : Genos, following him “Man, Slow down for fuck’s sake, you’re gonna-”
3 : Sonic “GTFO” so pissy-
4 : Genos “I just want to-”
5 : Sonic “JUST QUIT IT”
6 : Sonic grumbles
Genos “give you some–”
7/8/9 : Banana event, S falls in silent pain.
10 : consternation from G.
11 : G “man I knew you’d fall.. “
S “HHnnnGghhnnnn———–ffuuck offff”

A snake is a semi-sentient meat sock. It’s autonomous, it likes to lick the air a lot, and maybe it will spit venom in your eye if you try to charm it at a sideshow. Who’s to say? In general, though, it’s just a tube with a face on it and people seem to fear them. Imagine that. Imagine feeling cold dread in your gut when you see a sock or a loose condom. In fairness, my heart does skip a beat when I see an errant road condom, because I’m struck with the paranoid-yet-unreasonable belief that, somehow, a wind will lift it up and get it on me. Like it will just twist into the air and splat, oozey opening first, right against my lips, right at the corner where no matter how hard I try to squeeze my mouth shut, a little will creep in. And the absolute worst part will be identifying some kind of passion fruit-flavored lubricant and a cold, salty, oily something. And no amount of puking and washing will ever make it go away.

Fears aside, the issue with a snake is, due to its design flaws, it has nowhere to hide or even try to manage unsightly physical ailments. Like if I start growing a parasitic Adam Brown on my thigh, uncomfortably close to my junk, I could start wearing baggier pants and walk slightly hunched over to disguise my ailment while secretly making tiny Adam wrangle my wiener whenever I say so. Sound gross? Well, he’s my parasitic twin, so I’ll be the judge of what’s gross or not in our relationship. Point is, I could manage. Snake can’t manage. Snake’s a tube.

Being a tube means when you have an issue like constipation, you suddenly take on the aspect of a bonbon, all thick in the middle and flappy at the ends. It’s a lot like the way a snake looks when it’s well-fed, which is equally revolting when you think about it. This tube just stretches and bulges around whatever the hell is inside. 

5 Common Disorders That Turn Cute Animals Into Nightmares

  • Me: *organs slowly shutting down as hypothermia creeps in to smother the air from my lungs*
  • Me: I'll take an iced coffee please extra ice

Gajevy Week Prompt 6 - Song

A big thank you to @fairytailpeach who wrote the song I used in this oneshot! Thank you!! 

The familiar sound of a guitar being tuned sounded through the house as Levy was picking up the mess of toys scattered throughout the living room. ‘That’s something I’ve not heard in awhile,’ she thought to herself as she dropped a handful of toy soldiers into the toy box. As she continued picking up the aftermath of the storm that was her son, she also picked up on the distinct laughter of said little boy mingled the deep, hearty singing of her husband.

Tossing the last of the toys into the box and shutting the lid, Levy began creeping down the hall to get a better earful of the mini concert going on in Knox’s bedroom. The tune her husband was signing was a familiar one; one his own father had taught to him many years ago and the same tune he had often sung while Levy had been pregnant with their first born.

“Don’t ask me why the sky is high, a blue so true you come unglued. For if you take but one step more, you fly and dive and soar…”

As Levy rounded the corner to their son’s bedroom she hadn’t meant to interrupt the song, but

interrupt she did.

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