shut it

Για την εξωτερική μου εμφάνιση μπορούν να λένε ότι θέλουν.
Έτσι και αλλιώς η γνώμη τους δεν είναι αντικειμενικη,δεν γίνεται να είναι.
Για τον χαρακτήρα μου όμως,ούτε κουβέντα.
Ξέρω ποια είμαι,δεν θα μου μάθετε εσείς.

When Swan Queen fans critic Captain Swan: “It’s such a toxic relationship, Emma saved his life by making him a dark one. Now as a dark one, Hook emotionally manipulates her”.

Me: Remember the time Robin was dying and Regina begged Emma to save him, because the sword was enchanted, just like Excalibur. When Regina emotionally manipulated her by saying “I’ve lost love before, I won’t do it again” just like Emma, and basically saying she’d become evil again if he died, which was the exact reason Emma became the dark one in the first place. When Emma saved his life, she could have become the dark one right there for all Regina cared.