shut it

as soon as dan outright said he suffers from clinical depression, my heart stopped. saying that so clearly is so hard to do, and he’s so brave for doing so. the entire video showed that depression was always there, regardless of his appearance in collabs and at events and the life he’s been given. I’m honestly so proud and close to sobbing because I’m so happy that he had the courage to share his story for such an amazing cause. his advice, like seeing a therapist and speaking to people you trust about how you feel, is so important and should be talked about and shared so much. dan howell, you’ve done a wonderful thing. i love you.

Srlsy tho like the Blade of Marmora appear for 5 minutes in one episode of season 3 and now they show up again and Keith is suddenly a Marmora Padawan despite having not interacted with them at all since season 2 like???? This Isn’t How You Tell A Story.

Skipping stuff like reunion scenes or Lance unlocking his sniper is one thing, but this is a MAJOR PLOT POINT THAT AFFECTS KEITH AND THE WHOLE TEAM. Like imagine if The Last Jedi just began with Rey already being a Jedi master and Luke said like 2 sentences about training her before moving on with the plot. It would be lazy there and it’s lazy here.

This is what I mean when I say Voltron needs longer seasons, because they keep trying to shove too many subplots in at once without taking time to properly explain them.