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Random headcanon (clown baby edition)

Joker and Harley learned not to stand too close to Batman while holding the baby because he always ends up chewing on Batman’s cape

I’m trying to go to sleep but the ideas…

K so Rhett and Link spend their first night in this strange house and Link finds he can’t sleep, every noise he’s not familiar with startles him until finally he hears a noise he recognizes, the sound of Rhett traveling down the hall to get a drink or something so he gets out of bed, too, and they meet up in the dark and it’s so dang dark, there’s a step he didn’t see and he stumbles into Rhett.
“Woah, there, buddy, I didn’t mean to wake you up,” R
“You didn’t, I couldn’t sleep. I’m not used to sleeping alone and this house makes weird noises.” L
“What, are you afraid of the dark?”
“No, I’m afraid of what’s in the dark, because it’s so dang dark up on this hill without all the city lights, I’m not used to it.”
“So dang dark, so dang dark… Those sound like catchy lyrics, man. I’m gonna write that down.”
And they stay up late writing and brainstorming scary things that could be hiding in the dark that are also absurd and giggling of course, just like when they were little boys, and fall asleep draped over each other (on your surface of choice, someone take this from me)

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Im loving keiths design so much because as someone who uses charcoal a lot thats literally how i look when im finished drawing. I cant tell you how many times ive smudged my face and clothes because i forget my hands are covered with it.

lol same :D charcoal is a mess and I hate to work with it but I adore artists who are able to create masterpieces with it! 

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your sense of fashion is so ON POINT I LOVE IT SO MUCH/// i'm really looking forward to painting bridges i love all your art and i'm so excited to see more!

*Me remembers a girl in middle school who told me my fashion sense sucks*


Thank you very much ♥ 

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Tbh, I really don't like the MC(s) as characters. ;_; I don't find them very interesting plus they kinda defeat the purpose of the players being themselves in Otome games. I personally like the idea of the MC(s) being blank slates for the players' imaginations more, I hope that's okay!

OF COURSE! It is completely fine. Everyone has their own preferences :3

I feel the same! To me, the MCs as characters make me feel a bit awkward but then again that is just me. I am the definition of awkward. But, I have come to accept the default MC in the CGs lololol Her beautiful eyeless featureless face <3

I do much prefer MC to be a blank slate. It is much more interesting to see how differently everyone’s MC interacts with all the characters. BECAUSE they could be anything from a shy cutie to a bike riding millionaire ^o^ Also this is YOUR game! You are the MAIN CHARACTER.

 “The Main Character always comes last.” Am I right or am i right? lol Also I like to pretend I am as pretty as MC ToT

I love headcanons with Keith crushing on Lance back at the Garrison because it implies that he was just pretending not to recognize him in episode 1 to make him mad and it worked better than Keith thought it would and he probably thinks about how Upset Lance was about it all the time.
Alibaba Pictures Takes Film Rights to Warring Cats Book Series ‘Warriors’
Alibaba Pictures Group, the movies division of Chinese e-commerce giant, has acquired film rights to “Warriors,” a series of books about four clans of warring feral cats. The deal was sealed at the…
By Patrick Frater

If ya’ll didn’t believe me before, here’s a Variety article about the Warriors movies c:

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omg the Nordics reacting to finding their s/o singing in the shower pls

Norway: He’d open the bathroom door quietly, and once his s/o got to the chorus he’d join in. Probably making his s/o jump out of their skin, but he’s good nonetheless.

Iceland: Would fluster himself later begging to hear his s/o sing to him.

Denmark: He’d record it & show everyone and tell them how good his s/o is at singing! Eventually he’d show them, and he’d get into a bit of trouble..

Finland: He’d find it sweet and most likely mention it later to them. He’d ask if they’d like to do karaoke with him at some point in time.

Sweden: He’d sit and listen, not mentioning it to them later. Eventually it’d become some sort of routine for him, he’d sit by the bathroom door listening to his s/o sing and have to act like nothing happened once they got out. Maybe they’d find out one day.. Maybe..

i think my longest lasting “LARPing as various animals completely alone because i had few friends as a child” story involved me pretending to be a monitor lizard/dragon hybrid and there was a really long complex storyline that resulted in months of me running around in the woods, completely alone pretending to be a lizard involved in a conspiracy to usurp a tyrannical lizard king. this was in like 3rd grade