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about the shit that @sixpenceee pulled today

Ok, so, i have a lot of problems with the “sixpenceee heals” shit and im gunna try and write it all down. this is gunna be a long post so heads up.

1) its called sixpenceee heals. This gives the impression that she is going to fix EVERYTHING. She is not going to just help you, but she is going to fix all of your problems too. That is a horrible mindset. People already have an expectation that she would never be able to live up to. If that post really happened to take off, she would cause a lot of harm to a very large amount of people.

The ‘heals’ also gave me the impression that was trying to heal past damage done to those with a mental illness. Like she wanted to make it ok that she was exploiting mentally ill people, only this time we pay her to do it

2) the number of people she said she was going to help. She said 10 auto 15 (originally I stated 15 to 30, and now I have been corrected). She fully expects to be able to take on all of these peoples life problems and give them detailed answers. She has no grasp on the emotional energy that can be needed to help people who are in as low as a place as she was aiming for. She has no idea what she was undertaking. My own therapist, WHO IS TRAINED TO DO THAT EXACT THING, has told me that there are days where she did not have the emotional energy needed to help people. that was that woman’s JOB. how are we supposed to expect a collage student to be able to do the same thing?

3) she was doing it out of compassion and empathy. Then she turns around and charges $30 for it. This is exploitive. there is no way around it. You do not care about those people’s problems because you care, you care about them because you are getting money.

4) the thing that pisses me off the most has to be that if i didn’t know any better, i would have done it. I used to be a HUGE fan of hers. I didnt know any better. I LOVED her blog. At the time, i was literally preparing to try and off myself. If this came out then, i would have payed her. I would have expected her to ‘heal’ me, and me to get better. She would have gotten people like that, i know there are more people like that out there. That pisses me off the most. 

Now for her apology. 

She calls herself naive and i’m glad she does. But that is about the only thing that she actually does that i agree with. 

The rest of her apology is as follows:

“I know it won’t make up for what came across as exploitive and greedy, but what matters to me is that those that need help can come and seek it.

If you have more resources I can add to this list let me know!”

She does not actually apologise, she apologises for how she came across. That is not an apology. that is throwing the blame for this whole situation on people like me who were trying to stop others from being exploited by her.

A bit before this was ‘resources’ that can be found through a quick google search. This shows that she did not actually do any in depth resource for ‘resources’. The ones she listed are helpful sure, but they are all the same thing being repeated.  An actual mental health professional, or anyone with a background in mental health issues, would have added links to coping mechanisms, possibly dbt exercises, and distractions. That told me how little she actually knew.

Finally was the fact that she reblogged and posted a couple passive aggressive things on what is going on. She doesn’t care about who she hurt, or who she could have possibly hurt. She just apologised to save face. She doesn’t mean it, and yet she feels that we owe her our forgiveness. 

Overall, this whole situation was horribly shitty. The best thing now would probably be for @sixpenceee to step back from their blog and ACTUALLY reflect on the criticism that she has received over the years.

If i missed anything, or you wanna add your own thoughts on the situation feel free.

i don’t know what kind of phase i was going through from 2015 to 2016 but it was Embarrassing™

I’m reenrolled for school in the fall and I apply for my courses in a few weeks and I’m honestly so excited to go back to school I know it sounds dumb but I miss it and I’m happy to be going back to finish my undergraduate

hey thanku everyone who stopped by my table at anime north yesterday and today I had a lot of fun!! I’m feeling so dead tired rn but it feels pretty worth to meet ppl and I’ll be working hard to restock stuff for tomorrow!! table number is A9 btw last day tomorrow LEGGO

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PSA: If you’re my friend/mutual that I’ve grown close to I apologize if I havn’t said hello in a while I promise I still love you it’s just been some DIFFICULT days and I’m getting by with support from my partners but don’t have energy to do much else outside of there forgive me

Lots of people talk about how they feel like they’re missing something by being aromantic but for me it’s just not something I feel like I’m missing?? I don’t know, it just feels like romance is just one of those bizarre social conventions that I missed out on. Like, you know, I like the concept of romance but it just doesn’t matter to me that it’s not something I ever want to have