shushing squad

The Team as Squad Members

Allura is the Squad Leader, AKA the one who actually knows what she’s doing. Usually the one with a plan, money, and a car. Doesn’t send the ‘I’m here’ text because she expects you to sense her presence, and you do.

Shiro is the Squad Parent, AKA the one who is in cahoots with the Squad Leader for everything. He usually packs a first aid kit and never dresses correctly for the weather. The first to shush the squad if they start getting too loud in public, but will also turn his friends loose on someone if he hates them.

Lance is the Squad Embarrassment, AKA the one who gets MERCILESSLY roasted in the group chat at every hour of the day. He sends the ‘you up?’ text at 3am which everyone ignores because no, Lance, no one is up. It’s 3am. Will try to pick a fight only to get absolutely destroyed. Is the source of all the group memes because someone else is always present when he McFucks Up.

Pidge is the Squad Child, AKA the youngest of the group so everyone collectively decided to raise them. Usually viewed as a Pure™ child, especially by the Squad Leader and Parent, everyone else thinks they’re literally the devil. The one most likely to sell you out for a corn chip.

Hunk is the Squad Angel, AKA the best person in this squad. When he succeeds everyone else is so proud. Everyone has his school photo on their fridge because he is such a beautiful person, in body and soul. The squad member with the good karma and better hair. A delight to be around. Sends out the nicest vibes.

Keith is the Squad Rebel, AKA the squad’s ‘problem child’ who everyone says ‘KEITH, NO’ to which he responds, ‘KEITH, YES.’ The squad member most likely to have had a YouTube AMV channel, but Keith refuses to confirm or deny the rumors. Looks like he would key a car, and he would, but the other day he was caught looking at cat videos. He likes the one where the kitten plays peek-a-boo.

It was a mere oneshot we here at Dungle Drags did for the anniversary, but I’m still gonna sit here and think abt how much it meant to Dion– half-angel gone astray Dion– for better or (certainly) worse, to be stood amongst the Gods he so likely disappointed and be told he held an old soul that could become a god. That he could be a god.

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